So where did it all go wrong? Some people will say with Voyager. NO! Voyager was a logical extension to explore the Delta Quadrant in the 24th century. Long before Enterprise was formulated I felt that Star Trek should go forward several centuries. This would have given the writers a scientific challenge, would have given greater opportunities to use of the latest CGI techniques and now the Sony Plus8Digital cameras, and allowed for contact back to 24th century characters.

By going back Enterprise NX-01 looks like a Next Generation starship, not the DY-500 class ship expected, and the introduction of Klingons in the first episode surprised and disappointed me. Some exploration should have been done before the first encounter. By the beginning of the third season Rick Berman and Brannon Braga withdrew from their creative roles having introduced the Xindi and the Delphic Expanse (similar to the Delta Triangle in the animated series "The Time Trap") and left a season long arc to their lieutenants. Season four and enter Manny Coto. He made a brave attempt to do what should have been done in the first two seasons, but there was never likely to be enough material to sustain a full seven-season run.

A new crew needed to be introduced by changing the thrust to a different era. Star Trek has shown that it is always difficult for a series to sustain more than three main characters. Deep Space Nine did succeed in introducing some rich recurring characters. Garak, Brunt, Martok to name a few. These would all have been good opportunities to pick up in stories set beyond Voyager. To me the biggest mistake was in casting a recognised actor from another space/time series. I am afraid to my eyes and ears Scott Bakula is... Scott Bakula.

Will we now have a moratorium or is it really "Star Trek" R.I.P? Time will tell.

2009 - The advent of Star Trek: The Movie (XI) and the 'convenient' parallel universe element means that a new canon has been established and, for me, it will never hold the same fascination as the 800 hours of storytelling covered in the pages of this website.

2013 - Despite the fantastic 3D effects, to me, the new cast did no more than impersonate William Shatner & Co. playing Kirk & Co. Part way through I said about 'Harrison', the villain, "Oh, no! Not Khan!!" Surely producers and writers can be more creative. I wonder where Star Trek would be today if Michael Piller was still with us. Definitely STAR TREK R.I.P.


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