Walking Bear, Ensign Dawson. (James Doohan) Relief helmsman on the Enterprise in 2270. He was descended from Earth's North American Comanche tribe and had researched his historical background. He recognised the alien ship as having the form of Kulkukan, the god of the Aztecs and Mayans. (How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. [TAS]).

warp drive.* With power diverted to the shields Scott reported that if the antimatter power indicator fell below two antikilos the engines would not regenerate. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]).

weapon, Slaver. (Voiced by Majel Barrett) This multi-function device was in the stasis box in transit to Starbase 25. It had eight settings. The first is the null position. Further settings were a telescope, a laser pistol, a personal rocket motor and an energy-absorbing device that turned off the Kzinti police web. The Kzinti discovered all of these. When temporarily back in the Copernicus crew's hands they discovered a setting which was total matter to energy conversion at short range making it an awesome weapon. On retrieving the weapon the Kzinti discovered an intelligent computer setting with restricted access. On trying to establish the matter to energy conversion setting from the computer they were advised to return the device to the null position. This activated a final setting, a total disruptor field causing a self-destruct that killed them all, damaged the Traitor's Claw, and destroyed the weapon itself. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]).

weed spray. Substance based on that used by McCoy's great great grandfather and used by the landing party to kill the swoopers when rescuing Spock. All wore masks and it was dispensed by handheld sprays made by Scott. (The Infinite Vulcan. [TAS]).

Wesley, Commodore Robert. * (James Doohan) By 2269 after leaving Starfleet he was governor of Mantilles. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]).

Wesley, Katie. 11-year-old daughter of Robert Wesley. She was not amongst the 5,000 temporarily evacuated from Mantilles. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]).

White Rabbit.* (James Doohan) McCoy again imagined this character but this time it was from Alice Through the Looking Glass. (Once Upon a Planet. [TAS]).

Winston, Carter. (Ted Knight) Wealthy space trader who had amassed "a dozen fortunes" and used his wealth to save Federation colonies including Cerberus. He was missing for five years having crashed on Vendor in 2264. He survived for a year tended by a Vendorian who then assumed his personality and became a Romulan spy to lure Federation starships into the Romulan Neutral Zone. This impostor was "rescued" by the Enterprise in 2269. His routine medical examination was 'a fraction off-normal' which helped to alert the crew that he may not be what he seemed. (The Survivor. [TAS]).

Winston's starship. Carter Winston's one-man starship that crashed on Vendor in 2264. In 2269, damaged by a meteor storm, it carried the Vendorian spy impersonating Winston. It was brought aboard the Enterprise. (The Survivor. [TAS]).

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