Uhura.* In 2269, in order that Spock could Vulcan mind-meld with the cosmic being, Uhura suggested that the universal translator be connected the ship's library computers. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]). She relieved Scott of command because the probe by the Taurean settlers affected all the male crewmembers. She led the all-female rescue party and undertook to return with an all-female crew to relocate the settlers. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]). After capture she was prevented from operating the amusement park computer by two hover robots. She joined her rescue party in persuading the amusement park computer to reform its ways. (Once Upon a Planet. [TAS]). Along with Spock and Sulu she was aboard the Copernicus transporting the stasis box to Starbase 25. She was knocked out of the police web by the Kzin flyer when the Slaver weapon, in its rocket motor setting, was propelling him uncontrollably. She attempted to escape but after being recaptured by the Kzinti she stated she used to run the 100 metres in record time. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]). Temporarily in command when Scott was on the landing party she ordered him and Sulu to beam back to the ship when Kirk and Spock lost contact, insisting that the proper procedure be observed. (Bem. [TAS]). With McCoy and Sulu was trapped in the Rec Room by the energy field affected Enterprise computer. When the climate changed to a blizzard she suggested that they move in one direction until they found a wall and then follow it round until they found its exit. (The Practical Joker. [TAS]).

universal translator.* In order that Spock could communicate with the cosmic being via a Vulcan mind-meld. Uhura suggested that the universal translator be connected to the ships library computers. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]). The universal translator was able to determine that Karla Five was the same universal language but backwards. (The Counter-Clock Incident. [TAS]).

urn. The aging landing party hid in an urn in the garden and was on the point of drowning due to heavy rain until Uhura rescued them. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS])

Ursinoid. Male and females members of this bear-like species were among the mining community on Motherlode. (Mudd's Passion. [TAS]).

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