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Although not regarded as canon, to me The Animated Series completes the five year mission. Although there were only sixteen episodes in the first season (Voyager had fifteen including the feature length premiere) and six in the second. Eleven of these were by writers who had already penned original series episodes. John Culver, a pseudonym for Fred Bronson, went on to write with Susan Sackett 'Menage a Troi' [TNG] and 'The Game'. [TNG] and Larry Brody provided the story for 'Tattoo' [VGR]. Also Walter Koenig wrote one episode even though Chekov was on secondment elsewhere in Starfleet throughout the series. (my speculation in italics) All the other main actors voiced their own parts and three other actors reprised their roles from The Original Series. In addition the Rec Room in 'The Practical Joker' was a forerunner to the holodeck, people being reduced to Lilliputian sizes in 'The Terratin Incident' was picked up for 'One Little Ship' [DS9] and reverse ageing in 'The Counter-Clock Incident' went on to feature in 'Innocence' [VGR]. It seems to me this brings The Animated Series pretty close to canon. Subsequently in 'The Expanse' [ENT] THE DElphic Expanse has been introduced. The idea bears a striking similarity to THE DElta Triangle in 'The Time Trap'.

When Geoffrey Mandel's STAR TREK STAR CHARTS came out in 2002 I constructed a cross index to the episodes Star Trek Star Charts Cross Index. When I came across VERDANIS (Terratin, Beta Cephei), I thought 'Terratin', The Animated Series. I then wondered how many other stars, systems and planets he had included. With the help of Kurt Danhauser's superb web site Guide to Animated STAR TREK, the Alan Dean Foster Starlog books and the CIC videos I managed to track down Dramia (Albatross), Sirius IX (Mudd's Passion), Cait, Cerberus, Rator III and Vendor (The Survivor), S.S. Bonaventure and Delta Triangle (The Time Trap) and Aurelia (Yesteryear). In doing this research I was inspired to produce this Encyclopedia. It has followed the format of the Okuda's encyclopedia and is a supplement in the same way their Issue 3 supplement was produced.

Further to the mid-2005 revision, in mid 2006 I carried out further revision, expansion and correction and put direct links within entries to other entries in the encyclopedia, matching the bold cross-references in the main book version. In rewatching the episodes I came to the conclusion that the twenty two episodes stand up very well alongside the best twenty two episodes of Enterprise! In December 2006 when the DVDs were released I ran through the episodes with subtitles and corrected certain entries and added some more entries. In 2014 I found images were not working with Windows/Internet Explorer 11. In restoring them I have standardised the heights and enhanced the quality. I have checked all links and done some minor editing. The Gallery pages were added to capture from the moment in the Episode reflecting the Encyclopedia Entry. They show the quality of the individual animation frames.

The short episode synopses and the images, suitably sized, were taken from Kurt Danheuser's site.

HTML page construction was done with Microsoft Word 2000 and subsequent extensive editing was done with Arachnophilia. The files were uploaded with LeechFTP to LCN NT1 Web Hosting.


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