"Counter-Clock Incident, The." Animated Series episode #23. Written by John Culver. Directed by Bill Reed. Stardate 6770.3. First aired in 1974. While transporting Commodore Robert April, the U.S.S. Enterprise's first captain, and his wife to Babel, the Enterprise plunges through a nova and into an alternate universe where everything is backwards, and the crew begins to grow younger at an accelerated rate. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant, April, Captain Robert T. and Karl Four; Nichelle Nichols as April, Dr. Sarah and Karla Five. SEE: Amphion; April, Captain Robert T.; April, Dr. Sarah; Arret; Babel; Beta Niobe; Capella IV; dead star; Enterprise, U.S.S.; Karl Four; Karla Five's ship; Karla Five; Minara; reverse universe; Spock; transporter; universal translator.

Amphion. The Amphion nova on Karl Four's star map.

April, Captain Robert T.. Commodore Robert April on his way with his wife to retirement on Babel.

April, Dr. Sarah. Dr. Sarah April, Robert April's wife.

Arret. Karl Four's star map showing the location of Arret in the reverse universe, the same location as Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Babel. Kirk tells Commodore April he may still get to Babel as they set course for Minara.

Beta Niobe. The Enterprise reaches the Beta Niobe nova.

Capella IV. Sarah April holds a dying flower from Capella IV. In the reverse universe it reverts to full bloom before becoming a seed

dead star. Karla Five's ship towing Enterprise towards a dead star in the reverse universe with enough positive matter armament to ignite it.

Enterprise, U.S.S.. The Enterprise is tugged into the Beta Niobe nova.

Karl Four. Karla Five introduces her son Karl Four in his laboratory.

Karla Five's ship. Karla Five's ship pulls the Enterprise towards the Beta Niobe nova.

Karla Five. Karla Five offers Kirk the use of her ship so the Enterprise can return to the normal universe.

Minara. The Enterprise returns to the normal universe through the Minara nova.

reverse universe. The ship's chronometer showing time going backwards in the reverse universe.

Spock. Spock predicts they will become younger in the reverse universe.

transporter. The transporter is used to revert the very young crew to their original ages.

universal translator. Uhura reports that the universal transporter shows that Karla Four is speaking the universal language backwards.

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