"Albatross." Animated Series episode #19. Written by Dario Finelli. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5275.6. First aired in 1974. Returning to a planet where Dr. McCoy headed a mass-inoculation program 19 years earlier, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew find that McCoy is wanted for starting a plague that killed most of the planet's population following that earlier visit. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Supreme Prefect and Kol-tai; Lou Scheimer as Demos. SEE: aurora; Demos; Dramia II; Dramia; Dramian auroral plague; Dramian patrol ship; Dramians; Hall of Justice; Kirk, James T.; Kol-tai; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H; Saurian virus; shuttlebay; Spock; Starfleet General Orders and Regulations; Supreme Prefect; Vulcans.

aurora. The Enterprise passes through the aurora on its return from Dramia II to Dramia.

Demos. Demos is intercepted on his exit from the shuttlebay.

Dramia II. The Enterprise approaches Dramia II.

Dramia. The Enterprise returns to orbit around Dramia.

Dramian auroral plague. Spock finds the Dramian auroral plague on the database.

Dramian patrol ship. A Dramian patrol ship with Demos on board pursues Enterprise on its way to Dramia II.

Dramians. Three Dramians, including the Supreme Prefect and Demos, prepare to bid farewell to the Enterprise landing party after a medical supplies delivery.

Hall of Justice. The Dramian Hall of Justice.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk is told by Spock from sickbay that Kol-tai has contracted the Dramian auroral plague.

Kol-tai. Kol-tai is captured on Dramia II not suffering from the plague for which McCoy was deemed responsible.

McCoy, Dr. Leonard H. McCoy is broken out of jail by Spock.

Saurian virus. McCoy in communication with Spock on the bridge realises that Saurian virus antibodies are the cure for the Dramian auroral plague.

shuttlebay. The Dramian patrol ship prepares to land in the shuttlebay, the doors of which have been deliberately left open.

Spock. Spock searches the database for any clues about the Dramian auroral plague.

Starfleet General Orders and Regulations. Spock in command of the Enterprise has implemented General Order 6 as Kirk and all other members of the crew have contracted the Dramian auroral plague and the ship must be set to sell-destruct in twenty-four hours.

Supreme Prefect The Supreme Prefect of Dramia stops the Enterprise beaming up before issuing the warrant for McCoy's arrest. .

Vulcans. Vulcans are immune to the Dramian auroral plague which Kirk has contracted.

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