"Practical Joker, The" Animated Series episode #21. Written by Chuck Menville. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 3183.3. First aired in 1974. While trying to escape from three Romulan battle cruisers, the U.S.S. Enterprise passes through a gaseous cloud that affects the Enterprise's computer and turns it into a dangerous practical joker. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant and Search party crewman; Majel Barrett as M'Ress, Lieutenant and Computer voice; Lou Scheimer as Romulan commander; Norm Prescott as Romulan crewman. SEE: asteroid; cheese-on-rye, grilled.; energy field; Enterprise, U.S.S.; food slot; gravity control computer; Kirk, James T.; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.; nitrous oxide; Rec Room; Romulan battle cruiser; Romulan commander; Scott, Montgomery; Spock; Sulu, Hikaru; Uhura.

asteroid. The Enterprise approaches the final asteroid on it's mission.

cheese-on-rye, grilled. The grilled cheese-on-rye ordered by Scott starts the avalanche from the food slot.

energy field. The Enterprise enters the energy field when first pursued by the Romulan battle cruisers.

Enterprise, U.S.S.. The energy field turns into a large replica of the Enterprise after it has vacated the ship.

food slot. The food slot after it has delivered Scott's order.

gravity control computer. Kirk and the crew floating on the bridge after the energy field has turned off the gravity control.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk discovers his clean uniform has KIRK IS A JERK on the back.

McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.. In the trap in the Rec Room set by the energy field after McCoy had said it was just what the doctor ordered.

nitrous oxide. Spock says that the air is having nitrous oxide pumped into it.

Rec Room. The energy field turns the Rec Room into a maze just after Sulu says they might get out.

Romulan battle cruiser. The Romulan battle cruisers pursue the Enterprise into the energy field after being fooled by the large replica Enterprise.

Romulan commander. The Romulan commander when the battle cruisers are in the energy field.

Scott, Montgomery. Scott vacates the computer room when the energy field turns the gravity off.

Spock. The energy field gives Spock two black eyes when he uses his binocular viewer.

Sulu, Hikaru. Sulu after their glasses had leaked over them during a mess room toast.

Uhura. Uhura suggests they find a wall when they are trapped in a blizzard in the Rec Room.

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