"Pirates of Orion, The" Animated Series episode #20. Written by Howard Weinstein. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 6334.1. First aired in 1974. Spock contracts a disease that is fatal to Vulcans, and Orion pirates make it difficult for the Enterprise to rendezvous with the S.S. Huron, a freighter that is carrying the only known antidote. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant, O'Shea, Captain, Orion commander, Transporter Chief and Orion Ensign; Majel Barrett as Chapel, Christine and Huron First Officer; George Takei as Orion lieutenant and Huron helmsman. SEE: Academy of Science; Arex, Lieutenant; asteroid; Babel Conference; Beta Canopus; choriocytosis; Coridan; Deneb V; dilithium; Huron, S.S.; Kirk, James T.; Number One, S.S. Huron; O'Shea, Captain; Orion commander; Orion lieutenant; Orion ship; Orions; Orion; Potemkin, U.S.S.; Spock; strobolin; Vulcans.

Academy of Science. The Enterprise en route to the dedication of the new Academy of Science on Deneb V.

Arex, Lieutenant. Arex reports there's dilithium on the asteroid.

asteroid. The surface of the asteroid the Orion commander planned to explode.

Babel Conference. Kirk says that Orion's neutrality is in dispute since the Coridan planets' affair and the Babel Conference.

Beta Canopus. The library computer reports that the nearest source of choriocytosis is Beta Canopus.

choriocytosis. The sickbay monitor shows the effect of choriocytosis on Vulcans.

Coridan. SEE: Babel Conference.

Deneb V. Spock hopes the pick up of the strobolin won't affect their arrival at Deneb V.

dilithium. The Orion commander with the explosive dilithium device on his back.

Huron, S.S.. The Huron on its way to rendezvous with the Enterprise.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk with Orion commander when they are transported to the Enterprise.

Number One, S.S. Huron. The female Number One on the Huron gives the ETA at the Enterprise rendezvous point.

O'Shea, Captain. O'Shea on the bridge of the Huron.

Orion commander. The Orion commander considers Kirk's offer of dilithium for the strobolin.

Orion lieutenant. The Orion lieutenant comes up with the suicide plan.

Orion ship. The Orion ship on the viewscreen of the Huron.

Orions. The Orion lieutenant and an ensign realise their commander has been captured.

Orion. SEE: Orions.

Potemkin, U.S.S.. The Enterprise receives a report that the Potemkin has already picked up the strobolin.

Spock. Spock collapses with choriocytosis.

strobolin. The Orion commander carries the strobolin on the surface of the asteroid.

Vulcans. McCoy tells Kirk choriocytosis is fatal to Vulcans.

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