"Slaver Weapon, The" Animated Series episode #11. Written by Larry Niven, adapted from his short story "The Soft Weapon." Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 4187.3. First aired in 1973. The shuttlecraft Copernicus lands on a planet to investigate a stasis box from the extinct Slaver race; but Kzinti raiders who hope to find a super weapon in the stasis box capture the crew. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Chuft Captain, Kzin telepath, Kzin flyer and Computer voice; Majel Barrett as voice of weapon, Slaver. SEE: Beta Lyrae; Chuft Captain; Copernicus, shuttlecraft; Kzin flyer; Kzin telepath; Kzinti; life support belt; police web; Slaver Empire; Slavers; Spock; Starbase 25; stasis box; Sulu, Hikaru; Traitor's Claw; Treaty of Sirius, The; Uhura; weapon, Slaver.

Beta Lyrae. Beta Lyrae when Copernicus goes about to investigate the presence of a second stasis box.

Chuft Captain. The Chuft Captain introduces himself.

Copernicus, shuttlecraft. Copernicus approaches a planetary system in Beta Lyrae.

Kzin flyer. The Kzin flyer about to be propelled by the hand-held rocket setting.

Kzin telepath. The Kzin telepath when his suit is punctured by the out-of-control Kzin flyer's rocket.

Kzinti. The Kzinti watch the landing party on the ice planet.

life support belt. The landing party wear life support belts.

police web. The landing party in the police web.

Slaver Empire. Uhura relates her researches into the Slaver Empire.

Slavers. The Kzinti discover a picture of a Slaver in the stasis box.

Spock. Spock kicks and breaks two of Chuft Captain's ribs.

Starbase 25. Copernicus en route to Starbase 25.

stasis box. The stasis box begins to glow when it detects another stasis box.

Sulu, Hikaru. Sulu is told by Spock to think of only a raw vegetable if he senses the Kzinti telepath reading his mind.

Traitor's Claw. The Traitor's Claw lifts off through the ice.

Treaty of Sirius, The. After they are captured Spock explains the Treaty of Sirius.

Uhura. Uhura is stunned having escaped from the police web.

weapon, Slaver. The Slaver weapon in its original setting in the hands of the Chuft Captain on the planet's surface. It has nine other settings. SEE below

weapon, Slaver, 1st setting. After glowing the first setting does nothing.

weapon, Slaver, 2nd setting. The second setting is a telescope.

weapon, Slaver, 3rd setting. The third setting is a laser which does not intimidate Sulu.

weapon, Slaver, 4th setting. The fourth setting is a hand-held rocket which whirls the Kzin flyer uncontrollably.

weapon, Slaver, 5th setting. The fifth setting is an energy absorber which turns off the police web.

weapon, Slaver, 6th setting. The sixth setting is a globe which does nothing.

weapon, Slaver, 7th setting. The seventh setting causes total conversion of matter to energy.

weapon, Slaver, 8th setting. The eighth setting is a reasoning computer.

weapon, Slaver, 9th setting. The ninth setting is a disruptor field which, when the Chuft Captain uses it, it destroys the Traitor's Claw.

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