"Ambergris Element, The" Animated Series episode #13. Written by Margaret Armen. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5499.9. First aired in 1973. While exploring the planet Argo, Kirk and Spock are made into water breathers by an undersea race, and the venom of a deadly sea snake is the only antidote to return them to their normal selves. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Clayton, Lieutenant, Domar, Cadmar, Lemus and Aquan male voices; Majel Barrett as Chapel, Christine, Rila and Aquan female voices; David Gerrold as Nephro. SEE: ambergris; Aqua City; Aquans; aquashuttle; Argo; Cadmar; Chapel, Christine; Clayton, Lieutenant; Denebian whale; Domar; Kirk, James T.; Lemus; life support belt; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H; Nephro; Ordainments; Rila; Ruling Tribune of the Aquans; Scott, Montgomery; scouter gig; Spock; sur snake; surgo-op; surgo records.

ambergris. McCoy, from the surgo records, says that the antitoxin is similar to the ambergris of Earth whales.

Aqua City. Kirk and Spock discover Aqua City.

Aqua City. First contact with he Aquans.

aquashuttle. The special aquashuttle on the watery surface of Argo.

Argo. The Enterprise in orbit around Argo.

Cadmar. Cadmar (on right) questions junior Tribunes motives.

Chapel, Christine. Nurse Chapel in water tank in life support belt.

Clayton, Lieutenant. Lt. Clayton at the helm of the aquashuttle.

Denebian whale. Spock in the aquashuttle scans the sur snake and likens it to a Denebian whale.

Domar. Domar with Rila on the bridge of the Enterprise in aqualungs.

Kirk, James T.. In the water tank on the Enterprise Kirk shows his webbed hand.

Lemus. Holds the net down over the sur snake so that Kirk can extract the its venom for the antitoxin.

life support belt. Mc Coy in a life support belt prepares to administer the antitoxin to Kirk.

McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.. McCoy scans Kirk and McCoy five days after the their loss in the aquashuttle.

Nephro. Nephro (on left) warns Kirk and Spock about breaking the Ordainments.

Ordainments. Rila telling Nephro they must break the Ordainments.

Rila. Rila tells Kirk there is not enough time to get more venom.

Ruling Tribune of the Aquans. The captured Kirk and Spock are brought before the Ruling Tribune of Aquans.

Scott, Montgomery. Scott on the scouter gig searches for Kirk and Spock.

scouter gig. The scouter gig searching for Kirk and Scott.

Spock. Spock in the water tank showing his webbed hands.

sur snake. The sur snake confronts Kirk and Spock after they have retrieved the surgo records.

surgo-op. Lemus tells the Ruling Tribunes of Aquans that the surgo-op to convert Kirk and Spock to water-breathers was 'excellent'.

surgo records. Kirk picks up the first of the surgo records in the ancient ruins.

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