"Time Trap, The.". Animated Series episode #10. Written by Joyce Perry. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5267.2. First aired in 1973. Caught in an ion storm, the U.S.S. Enterprise and a Klingon battle cruiser are drawn into a time warp called the Delta Triangle and must cooperate in order to escape it. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Gabler, Bell, Kor, Kaz and Xerius; George Takei as Kuri and Klingon #1; Nichelle Nichols as Devna and Magen. SEE: Andorians; Bell; Bonaventure, S.S.; Delta Triangle; Devna; dilithium; Elysia; Elysian Ruling Council; Gabler; Gorn; Kali; Kaz; Kirk, James T.; Klingon battle cruiser; Klingons; Klothos, I.K.S.; Kor; Kuri; Magen; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.; Orions; Phylosians; Romulans; S-2 graf unit; Spock; Tellarites; Vulcans; Xerius.

Andorians. SEE: Elysian Ruling Council.

Bell. SEE: Gabler.

Bonaventure, S.S.. The Bonaventure in what Kirk describes as a Sargasso Sea, a graveyard of ships.

Delta Triangle. The Delta Triangle as the Enterprise approaches it.

Devna. Devna dances at a reception in the Rec Room.

dilithium. Scott reports that the dilithium crystals are deteriorating rapidly.

Elysia. The Enterprise and the Klothos in their planned escape from Elysia.

Elysian Ruling Council. Kirk and Kor before the Elysian Ruling Council.

Gabler. Gabler reports finding Klingons poking about in the dilithium vault.

Gorn. SEE: Elysian Ruling Council.

Kali. Kali places the explosive capsule in the computer equipment.

Kaz. Kaz questions Kor's willingness to cooperate with Kirk.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk has been warned about the explosive device by Xerius.

Klingon battle cruiser. The Klothos appears to disappear when the Enterprise fires on it. Spock speculates on some kind of cloaking device

Klingons. SEE: Elysian Ruling Council.

Klothos, I.K.S.. The Klothos trying to escape through the time barrier.

Kor. Kor sees the Enterprise has appeared in Elysia.

Kuri. Kuri, commander of the second Klingon battle cruiser.

Magen. Magen detects the arrival of the Enterprise and the Klothos in Elysia.

McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.. McCoy is assaulted by Kor for dancing with Kali.

Orions. SEE: Devna.

Phylosians. SEE: Elysian Ruling Council.

Romulans. SEE: Xerius.

S-2 graf unit. Spock reports that the Klingons' S-2 graf unit is giving depleted readings.

Spock. Spock comes up with a formula to get the two ships through the time barrier.

Tellarites. SEE: Elysian Ruling Council.

Vulcans. SEE: Elysian Ruling Council.

Xerius. Xerius chairing the Elysian Ruling Council.

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