"Terratin Incident, The.". Animated Series episode #15. Written by Paul Schneider. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5577.3. First aired in 1973. While exploring a burnt-out supernova, the U.S.S. Enterprise finds a miniature city called Terratin, and soon discovers that it is a lost Earth colony that has mutated because of the supernova's radiation and that the Enterprise crew is beginning to shrink also. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant, Mendent of Terrain and Gabler; Majel Barrett as Chapel, Christine; Nichelle Nichols as Briel. SEE: Arachna; Arex, Lieutenant; bracelet; Briel; Cepheus; Chapel, Christine; communicator; dilithium; Gabler; gossamer mouse; halo fish; intersat code; Kirk, James T.; Libra; macroscope; Mendent of Terratin; microscope laser; spiroid epsilon wave; Spock; Starbase 23; Sulu, Hikaru; Terra 10; Terratin; titaniumsmith; transporter; Verdanis; xenylon.

Arachna. Enterprise approaches the remains of Arachna.

Arex, Lieutenant. Arex can't conduct visual scans because his eyes don't fit the opticals.

bracelet. Nurse Chapel's bracelet not longer fits closely to her wrist.

Briel. Briel reports that everything in the Main Dining Room seems to enlarged.

Cepheus. Kirk orders Sulu to lay in a course for Cepheus.

Chapel, Christine. Nurse Chapel hands Kirk the microscope laser after rescue from the halo fish tank.

communicator. Kirk with the miniature communicator made by Spock.

dilithium. Scott reports that every dilithium connection is smashed.

Gabler. Gabler shows Scott the tools are too large to handle.

gossamer mouse. McCoy reports that initially the epsilon wave has not affected the gossamer mice.

halo fish. Nurse Chapel reports that the halo fish is as bright as ever.

intersat code. Spock wonders if the intersat code is still operative.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk uses a needle and cotton to rescue Nurse Chapel from the halo fish tank.

Libra. SEE: bracelet.

macroscope. Kirk uses a macroscope to see the inhabitants of Terratin City on the transporter pad.

Mendent of Terratin. The Mendent of Terratin on the viewscreen.

microscope laser. Nurse Chapel in the halo fish tank with the macroscope.

spiroid epsilon wave. An antenna transmits the epsilon spiroid wave.

Spock. Spock about to operate the computer to project their contraction rate.

Starbase 23. Uhura believes they haven't enough power to transmit to Starbase 23.

Sulu, Hikaru. Sulu's broken leg is splinted.

Terra 10. The Enterprise hasn't enough power to escape Terra 10's orbit.

Terratin. Terratin City on the transporter pad.

titaniumsmith. SEE: bracelet.

transporter. The transporter returns Kirk to his normal size when he is automatically beamed back from the planet.

Verdanis. Spock tells the Terratins they will be at Verdanis in ten days.

xenylon. Everybody's uniform made from xenylon still fits.

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