"Magicks of Megas-Tu, The" Animated Series episode #9. Written by Larry Brody. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 1254.4. First aired in 1973. While exploring near the centre of the galaxy, the U.S.S. Enterprise stops at Megas-Tu, a planet where magic and witchcraft are the norm, and their guide is Lucien, who is Lucifer of Earth mythology. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Lucien; Ed Bishop as Asmodeus; George Takei as voice of Megan. SEE: Asmodeus; Earth; Kirk, James T.; love philter; Lucien; Lucifer; matter-energy whirlwind; Megan; Megas-Tu; Milky Way Galaxy; Rhadamanthus; Salem, Massachusetts; sorcerer-contractor; Spock; Starfleet General Orders and Regulations; Sulu, Hikaru.

Asmodeus. Asmodeus at the crew's trial.

Earth. The Megans eventually found themselves on Earth.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk throws light bolts in his magic duel with Asmodeus.

love philter. Kirk asks if the Megas-Tu women use a love philter.

Lucien. Lucien says the abductees must return to the Enterprise.

Lucifer. Asmodeus likens Lucien to Lucifer.

matter-energy whirlwind. The matter-energy whirlwind accelerates the Enterprise.

Megan. Lucien shows images of Megans.

Megas-Tu. Lucien welcomes the abductees to Megas-Tu.

Milky Way Galaxy. The Enterprise is on a mission to investigate the creation of matter at the centre of the universe.

Rhadamanthus. Lucien projects the Enterprise using the name of the son of Zeus.

Salem, Massachusetts. The crew arrives in Salem, Massachusetts.

sorcerer-contractor. A sorcerer-contractor creates a castle.

Spock. Spock moves a chess piece while standing in a pentacle.

Starfleet General Orders and Regulations. Kirk quotes General Order 1.

Sulu, Hikaru. Sulu creates a beautiful woman.

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