"Infinite Vulcan, The" Animated Series episode #2. Written by Walter Koenig. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5554.4. First aired in 1973. On the recently discovered planet Phylos, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew meets Dr. Keniclius, a scientist who survived Earth's Eugenic Wars. The Phylosians abduct Spock so that Keniclius can make a giant clone of him with the intention of forcing peace on the galaxy. GUEST CAST: Leonard Nimoy as Spock Two, James Doohan as Agmar, Keniclius Five, Kolchek and Morgan, Nichelle Nichols as Computer voice. SEE: Agmar; Diogenes; dylovene; Eugenics Wars; IDIC; Keniclius, Dr. Stavos; Keniclius Five; Kirk, James T.; Kolchek; Kzinti; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.; Phylosian ship; Phylosians; Phylos; retlaw plant; Scott, Montgomery; Spock Two; Spock; Sulu, Hikaru; swooper; voder; Vulcan mind-meld; weed spray. In this episode Kirk says "Beam us up, Scotty".

Agmar. Agmar examines Sulu.

Diogenes. McCoy says there used to a story about a modern Diogenes.

dylovene. McCoy injects dylovene when Sulu is found unconscious.

Eugenics Wars. Keniclius Five instances the Eugenics War and the Kzinti when Kirk says there has been peace.

IDIC. Kirk asks Spock Two if he knows the Vulcan symbol called the IDIC.

Keniclius, Dr. Stavos. Uhura finds him on the database.

Keniclius Five. Keniclius Five appears after Spock is captured.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk tells Keniclius Five that imposing peace is in defiance of the IDIC concept.

Kolchek. Kolchek is a science member of the original landing party.

Kzinti. SEE: Eugenics Wars.

McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.. McCoy tells Kirk that his great-great-granddaddy had a weed spray recipe.

Phylosian ship. The second landing party discovers the Phylosian ships.

Phylosians. The original landing party make first contact with the Phylosians.

Phylos. The original landing party's first sight of Phylos.

retlaw plant. The retlaw plant following Sulu.

Scott, Montgomery. Scott says the weed spray dispensers will work.

Spock Two. Keniclius Five reveals Spock Two.

Spock. Spock is dying, mindless, having been cloned.

Sulu, Hikaru. Sulu is poisoned by the retlaw plant.

swooper. A swooper threatens the second landing party.

voder. Agmar points to his voder.

Vulcan mind-meld. Spock Two uses the Vulcan mind-meld to restore Spock.

weed spray. Sulu dispenses the weed spray.

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