"Survivor, The." Animated Series episode #5. Written by James Schmerer. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5143.3. First aired in 1973. Patrolling near the Neutral Zone, the U.S.S. Enterprise finds a ship manned by Carter Winston, a Federation citizen who has been missing for 5 years. Winston turns out to really be a Vendorian, an alien species that can transform its shape at will. GUEST CAST: Majel Barrett as M'Ress, Lieutenant, Chapel, Christine and Computer voice; Nichelle Nichols as Nored, Lieutenant Anne; Ted Knight as Winston, Carter/Vendorian; James Doohan as Romulan commander and Gabler. SEE: Cait; Cerberus; Gabler; identity tape; Kirk, James T.; M'Ress, Lieutenant; McCoy, Joanna; Nored, Lieutenant Anne; orientine acid; Rator III; Romulan battle cruiser; Romulan commander; Romulan Neutral Zone; Romulans; shields; Vendor; Vendorians; Winston, Carter; Winston's starship.

Cait. SEE: M'Ress, Lieutenant.

Cerberus. Winston Carter is told that McCoy's daughter was on Cerberus.

Gabler. Gabler finds the shields disabled.

identity tape. Spock asks the computer to verify Carter Winston's identity tapes.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk is rendered unconscious before the Vendorian replaces him.

M'Ress, Lieutenant. M'Ress opens hailing frequencies.

McCoy, Joanna. SEE: Cerberus.

Nored, Lieutenant Anne. Anne Nored confronts the intruder.

orientine acid. Kirk has threatened the extra examining table with orientine acid.

Rator III. The Vendorian posing as Kirk orders a course to be set for Rator III.

Romulan battle cruiser. The Romulan battle cruisers intercept the Enterprise.

Romulan commander. The Romulan commander on the viewscreen.

Romulan Neutral Zone. The Enterprise sets off into the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Romulans. The Vendorian tells Kirk that the Romulans offered him something of value to do.

shields. The Vendorian posing as an engineer disables the shields.

Vendor. Carter Winston tells Anne Nored that he crashed on Vendor.

Vendorians. The Vendorian appears when Kirk has threatened the extra examining table with orientine acid.

Winston, Carter. The occupant of the starship they believe to be Carter Winston's is beamed aboard.

Winston's starship. The Enterprise approaches Carter Winston's starship.

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