"More Tribbles, More Troubles" Animated Series episode #1. Written by David Gerrold. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5392.4. First aired in 1973. The U.S.S. Enterprise again crosses paths with Cyrano Jones, who this time has tribbles that do not breed, but instead grow to a tremendous size. GUEST CAST: Stanley Adams as Jones, Cyrano; David Gerrold as Korax; James Doohan as Koloth. SEE; Enterprise, U.S.S.; glommer; grain ship, robot; Jones, Cyrano; Kirk, James T.; Klingon battle cruiser; Koloth; Korax; neoethylene; quintotriticale; Scott, Montgomery; scoutship, Federation; Sherman's Planet; Spican flame gem; stasis field weapon; tractor beam; tribble.

Enterprise, U.S.S.. The Enterprise is on a mission to escort two robot grain ships to Sherman's Planet.

glommer. The glommer flees when it sees the size of the huge tribble on the Klingon battle cruiser.

grain ship, robot. The reduced power Klingon battle cruiser only damages a robot grain ship.

Jones, Cyrano. Scott successfully beams Cyrano Jones aboard with piles of tribbles.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk orders Emergency Defence Plan B.

Klingon battle cruiser. The Klingon battle cruiser attacking the scout ship.

Koloth. Koloth is inundated with small tribbles.

Korax. Korax prepares to blast the huge tribble.

neoethylene. McCoy says that neoethylene will break down the tribbles into safe units.

quintotriticale. Containers of quintotriticale in the Enterprise corridors.

Scott, Montgomery. Scott completes Emergency Plan B.

scoutship, Federation. The scout ship just before it is destroyed by the Klingons.

Sherman's Planet. Two robot grain ships being escorted to Sherman's Planet.

Spican flame gem. When summoned by Kirk, Cyrano Jones wonders if Kirk wants some Spican flame gems.

stasis field weapon. The Klingon battle cruiser targets the Enterprise and both robot grain ships with the stasis field weapon.

tractor beam. The Enterprise prepares to release the tractor beam from the robot grain ship.

tribble. Kirk rolls a tribble from his command chair.

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