"Lorelei Signal, The." Animated Series episode #6. Written by Margaret Armen. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5483.7. First aired in 1973. Investigating a sector of space where starships have disappeared every 27 years, the U.S.S. Enterprise finds a race of beautiful women who survive by drawing the energy from the male members of the ships that they have lured to their planet. GUEST CAST: Majel Barrett as Chapel, Christine, Theela and Taurean female voices; James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant and Carver, Ensign; Nichelle Nichols as Dara, Davison and Computer voice. SEE: Carver, Ensign; Chapel, Christine; cortropine; cusec; Dara; Davison; headband; Kirk, James T.; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.; nectar; Opto-aud; Saurian brandy; Scott, Montgomery; slumber-chamber; Spock; Taurean settler; Taurean system; Taurus II; Theela; transporter; Uhura; urn; Vulcan marriage drum.

Carver, Ensign. Carver asks Kirk if he wants the routine readings.

Chapel, Christine. Nurse Chapel locates Spock after he telepathically communicates with her.

cortropine. The aging McCoy says cortropine could help.

cusec. When Kirk, McCoy and Carver are seen drowning, Theela says the nearest accumulation of water is many cusecs away.

Dara. Dara prepares to throw an object at Spock.

Davison. Uhura contacts Davison for an all-female security team.

headband. The original landing party awake each wearing a headband.

Kirk, James T.. An aging Kirk in the urn.

McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.. An aged McCoy asks Spock what the transporter is the key to.

nectar. As McCoy loses consciousness he says the nectar may be as strong as Saurian brandy.

Opto-aud. The Opto-aud shows the Enterprise.

Saurian brandy. SEE: nectar.

Scott, Montgomery. Scott confirms to Spock that the transporter has been reprogrammed.

slumber-chamber. Kirk awakes in the slumber chamber.

Spock. Spock uses the Opto-aud to locate the communicators.

Taurean settler. The original landing party meet the Taurean settlers.

Taurean system. Kirk orders a course to be set for the Taurean system.

Taurus II. The architecture on Taurus II.

Theela. Theela orders the landing party be taken to the slumber chamber.

transporter. The rejuvenated crew members return to the Enterprise via the transporter.

Uhura. Uhura assumes control of the Enterprise.

urn. The all-female security team blast the urn to save Kirk, McCoy and Carver.

Vulcan marriage drum. Spock experiences audio-visual suggestion of a Vulcan marriage drum.

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