"One of Our Planets Is Missing" Animated Series episode #7. Written by Marc Daniels. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5371.3. First aired in 1973. The U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a cloud being that feeds on the energy of the planets that lie in its path. Spock mind-links with the entity and tells it that it is killing life and he persuades it to return to its place of origin. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant and Wesley, Commodore Robert; Majel Barrett as voice of cosmic being. SEE: Alondra; Arex, Lieutenant; autodestruct; cosmic being; Earth; Edos; Enterprise, U.S.S.; forcefield box; Kirk, James T.; Mantilles; Pallas XIV system; photon torpedo; Scott, Montgomery; Spock; Uhura; universal translator; villi; Vulcan mind-meld; warp drive; Wesley, Commodore Robert; Wesley, Katie.

Alondra. The cosmic being engulfs Alondra.

Arex, Lieutenant. Arex says the cosmic being is immense.

autodestruct. McCoy tells Kirk if they don't autodestruct now the people of Mantilles will die.

cosmic being. The cosmic being begins to engulf Enterprise.

Earth. An image of Earth on a bridge screen for the cosmic being.

Edos. See: Arex, Lieutenant.

Enterprise, U.S.S.. Enterprise in the middle of the cosmic being.

forcefield box. A piece of villi is beamed into the forcefield box.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk tells Scott to prepare the autodestruct mechanism.

Mantilles. The cosmic being approaches Mantilles.

Pallas XIV system. The Pallas XIV system on the viewscreen.

photon torpedo. Kirk suggests they could use a photon torpedo to destroy the cosmic being's brain.

Scott, Montgomery. Scott tells Kirk they must stop the power drain.

Spock. Spock tells Kirk he is getting unusual readings from the cosmic being.

Uhura. Uhura asks Spock about the things (villi).

universal translator. Uhura says she can connect the universal translator into the audio system.

villi. McCoy suggests the things growing out of the inside of the cosmic being are similar to villi.

Vulcan mind-meld. Spock mind-melds with the cosmic being.

warp drive. In the antimatter nacelle the warp drive comes back on line.

Wesley, Commodore Robert. Commodore Wesley on the monitor in Kirk's quarters.

Wesley, Katie. On the viewscreen Commodore Wesley tells Kirk that his eleven year-old daughter, Katie, is there with him.

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