"Yesteryear" Animated Series episode #3. Written by D.C. Fontana. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5373.4. First aired in 1973. Spock emerges from the Guardian of Forever to discover that history has recorded that he died at age 7 undergoing the kahs-wan ordeal. Spock travels back to 2237 to save his own life. Spock is successful in restoring the proper timeline, however this time his pet sehlat dies during the ordeal. GUEST CAST: Mark Lenard as Sarek; James Doohan as voice of Guardian of Forever, Healer, Thelin, Commander, Aleek-Om, Erikson and Bates, Ensign; Billy Simpson as Young Spock; Keith Sutherland as Sepek; Majel Barrett as Amanda and Grey. SEE: Aleek-Om; Amanda; Andorians; Bates, Ensign; desert flyer, Vulcan; desert soft-suit, Vulcan; earther; Erikson; Grey; Guardian of Forever; Healer; I-Chaya; kahs-wan; Kirk, James T.; le-matya; Llangon Mountains; Lunarport; Orion; Sarek; Sasak; sehlat; Selek; Sepek; ShirKahr; Skorr; Spock; T'Pel; Tasmeen; Thelin, Commander; Time Vortex planet; Vulcan nerve pinch; Vulcan's Forge.

Aleek-Om. Aleek-Om on the mission to the Time Vortex planet.

Amanda. Amanda with Spock.

Andorians. SEE: Thelin, Commander.

Bates, Ensign. Bates on the Briefing Room monitor reports on his research into Spock.

desert flyer, Vulcan. The desert flyer arrives with the Healer.

desert soft-suit, Vulcan. Spock in his desert soft-suit.

earther. Spock hears himself called an earther.

Erikson. Erikson reports he can't find anything in the timeline that would affect the future.

Grey. When they return to the Guardian of Forever Grey reports they were scanning recent Vulcan history.

Guardian of Forever. The Guardian of Forever on the Time Vortex planet.

Healer. The Healer opens his door to Young Spock.

I-Chaya. I-Chaya confronts the le-matya.

kahs-wan. Spock watches while Sarek talks to Young Spock about the kahs-wan.

Kirk, James T.. Kirk returns through the Guardian of Forever from a trip to Orion's past history.

le-matya. The le-matya chases Young Spock.

Llangon Mountains. The Young Spock sees the Llangon Mountains.

Lunarport. Bates says Amanda died in an accident at Lunarport.

Orion. McCoy tells Kirk and Spock that while they have been running around all over Orion's creation they're the only two outstanding annual physicals.

Sarek. Sarek finds Spock posing as Selek.

Sasak. Spock tells Sarek that he is Selek a humble cousin of Sasak and T'Pel.

sehlat. Young Spock with his pet sehlat, I-Chaya.

Selek. SEE: Spock.

Sepek. Sepek tells Young Spock he can never be a true Vulcan.

ShirKahr. The Vulcan city of ShirKahr.

Skorr. SEE: Aleek-Om.

Spock. Spock posing as Selek bids farewell to Sarek when leaving on a visit to his family shrine.

T'Pel. SEE: Sasak.

Tasmeen. Spock tells the Guardian of Forever that wishes to get back thirty years to the month of Tasmeen.

Thelin, Commander. Thelin comes into the Transporter Room to find Spock.

Time Vortex planet. The Enterprise enters orbit of the Time Vortex planet.

Vulcan nerve pinch. Spock nerve-pinching the le-matya.

Vulcan's Forge. Young Spock confronts the dangers of Vulcan's Forge.

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