T'Pel. Wife of Sasak and mother of Selek. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Tasmeen. Name of a Vulcan month. When Spock was young it was on the twentieth day of Tasmeen that he was saved by 'Selek' from the attack of a le-matya in the desert. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Taurean settler. When their own system was dying, they relocated to Taurus II and built an advanced civilization. But a local life-draining force caused the women to develop a glandular secretion enabling them to survive and manipulate certain areas of the mens' brains, influencing their emotional senses, draining them and causing them to weaken and die. Regeneration was then needed every 27 star years and a probe then lured other males to the planet. Uhura guaranteed that a starship with an all female crew would return to relocate them to another planet. On relocation it was estimated that they would return to normal in a few months. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]).

Taurean system. Area of space where Federation, Klingon and Romulan starships had been disappearing every 27.346 star years. The Enterprise was sent to investigate at the next time-slot. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]).

Taurus II. * Planet settled by refugees from a dying star system. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]).

Tchar. (James Doohan) He was known as the hereditary prince of the Skorr and Master of the Eyrie. He stole the Soul of the Skorr to provoke his people back to war-like ways. When unmasked the Vedala undertook to heal him of his madness. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

Tellarites.* There was a Tellarite on the Elysian Ruling Council. (The Time Trap. [TAS]).

temple sentinels. Mechanical birds used to defend the Skorr temple where the Soul of the Skorr was housed. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

Tempter. SEE: Lucien.

Terra 10. Original name of the colony established by a missing scientific expedition from Earth. Time changed it to Terratin. The spiroid epsilon wave shrank them to one sixteenth of an inch and it became part of their descendents genetic makeup. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]).

"Terratin Incident, The.". Animated Series episode #15. Written by Paul Schneider. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5577.3. First aired in 1973. While exploring a burnt-out supernova, the U.S.S. Enterprise finds a miniature city called Terratin, and soon discovers that it is a lost Earth colony that has mutated because of the supernova's radiation and that the Enterprise crew is beginning to shrink also. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant, Mendent of Terrain and Gabler; Majel Barrett as Chapel, Christine; Nichelle Nichols as Briel. SEE: Arachna; Arex, Lieutenant; bracelet; Briel; Cepheus; Chapel, Christine; communicator; dilithium; Gabler; gossamer mouse; halo fish; intersat code; Kirk, James T.; Libra; macroscope; Mendent of Terratin; microscope laser; spiroid epsilon wave; Spock; Starbase 23; Sulu, Hikaru; Terra 10; Terratin; titaniumsmith; transporter; Verdanis; xenylon.

Episode Encyclopedia Gallery.

Terratin. Word occurring twice in the radio transmission from Cepheus. It turned out to be the name used by descendents of the Terra 10 colony when discovered by the Enterprise in 2269. The Mendent of Terratin declared the Enterprise crew honorary Terratins after the rescue of the miniature colony. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]).

Theela. (Majel Barrett) Head female of the Taurean settlers. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]).

Thelin, Commander. (James Doohan) Andorian First Officer of the Enterprise throughout the five-year mission in the alternate timeline. He wished Spock success on his mission to restore the timeline. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

"Time Trap, The.". Animated Series episode #10. Written by Joyce Perry. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5267.2. First aired in 1973. Caught in an ion storm, the U.S.S. Enterprise and a Klingon battle cruiser are drawn into a time warp called the Delta Triangle and must cooperate in order to escape it. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Gabler, Bell, Kor, Kaz and Xerius; George Takei as Kuri and Klingon #1; Nichelle Nichols as Devna and Magen. SEE: Andorians; Bell; Bonaventure, S.S.; Delta Triangle; Devna; dilithium; Elysia; Elysian Ruling Council; Gabler; Gorn; Kali; Kaz; Kirk, James T.; Klingon battle cruiser; Klingons; Klothos, I.K.S.; Kor; Kuri; Magen; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.; Orions; Phylosians; Romulans; S-2 graf unit; Spock; Tellarites; Vulcans; Xerius.

Episode Encyclopedia Gallery.

Time Vortex planet. Focus of all the timelines in the galaxy and location of the Guardian of Forever. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

titaniumsmith. Metal worker who made a bracelet for Nurse Chapel on Libra. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]).

Toltecs. Mexican civilization that flourished from AD 900 to 1200. It had a god similar to Kulkukan called Quetzalcoatl. (How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. [TAS]).

tractor beam. * Used to temporarily tow the second damaged robot grain ship. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]).

Traitor's Claw. Name of police vessel used by the Kzinti. Damaged when the Slaver weapon killed its crew. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]).

transporter.* Used by Scott to reverse the ageing process on the four members of the landing party by using the stored patterns when they first beamed down. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]). To keep track of Kirk on Cepheus the transporter was set to automatic return. He materialised on the planet back to his correct height and on return to the ship. The whole crew were restored using the same technique. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]). The transporter was used to restore the personnel on the Enterprise to their correct ages when they returned to the normal universe. (The Counter-Clock Incident. [TAS]).

Treaty of Sirius, The. Treaty that restricted the Kzinti to no weapons and only police vessels. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]).

tribble.* In 2269 Cyrano Jones trafficked in a pink coloured breed of tribble that was supposedly safe. Instead of breeding many individual young when overfed, these new tribbles were colony creatures, creating dozens of tribbles within their expanding bodies. When McCoy treated them with neoethylene they burst and spilt out the individual tribbles. Scott beamed the tribble colonies over to the Klingon battle cruiser when Kirk instructed him to implement defence plan Plan B. The Klingons burst the tribble colonies with disruptor fire, but that did not make them safe. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]).

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