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I have been unable to attribute real or broadcast Star Trek references to these planets or stars. One such star or planet is Fedrick-M. However in starting to assemble the credits for Star Trek Nemesis I spotted 'Scenic Artist - Monica Fedrick'. I was also intrigued by Heathercrist. Could this be referring to somebody called 'Heather Crist'? There are several entries for the surname Crist in the Internet Movie Database. The one with a Star Trek association is 'Paula Crist - Crewmember' in ST: The Motion Picture. In 2009 on Facebook Heather Crist and Monica Fedrick are friends. Both these stars or planets are in the distant reaches of the Alpha quadrant and I speculate these are personal acknowledgments by Geoffrey Mandel.

LNCo Qu Page Clasf Coor Ty Sc Ma Entry Episode
U,3 b II OOS F,D Deep Space 6. [zzz]
a III U,V s G +5 Fedrick-M [zzz]
b 60 A,X b M +7 FGC-983 [zzz]
a I Y,D s A +7 Heathercrist [zzz]
I m Norpin IV. [zzz]
N,1 b SPH Taurus Nebula [zzz]
a III SPH Z,X Tendaras Cluster. [zzz]

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