S-2 graf unit. Klingon battle cruiser's equivalent of warp drive. Spock found that the Klothos' unit began to deplete at the same time as the Enterprise's dilithium would be depleted. (The Time Trap. [TAS]).

Salem, Massachusetts. Site of the Witch Trials in 1691. Lucien and the crew of the Enterprise were abducted to the re-creation of one of these trials. (The Magicks of Megas-Tu. [TAS]).

Sarek.* In the alternate timeline he had been ambassador to seventeen planets in past thirty years. After young Spock was killed he separated from Amanda and did not remarry. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Sargasso Sea. SEE: Delta Triangle.

Sasak. Husband of T'Pel and father of Selek. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Saurian brandy.* McCoy likened the nectar that disabled the landing party to this potent liqueur. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]).

Saurian virus. Illness that affected Kol-tai in 2251. McCoy treated him for it. The antibodies were the cure for the Dramian auroral plague. (Albatross. [TAS]).

Scott, Montgomery.* Scott wearing a life support belt was trapped in the engineering core by the malignant alien and had to be freed by cutter beams. (Beyond the Farthest Star. [TAS]). Constructed forcefield box to contain villi transported aboard from inside the cosmic being before releasing them together with planet matter into the ship's engines to sustain power being drained by the being. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]). He was relieved of command by Uhura when the male crew members were affected by the Taurean settler's probe He used the transporter to reverse the ageing process on the four members of the landing party. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]). He beamed the tribble colonies over to the Klingon battle cruiser when Kirk told him to implement emergency defence Plan B. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]). Scott made the handheld weed sprays that the landing party used to kill the swoopers. He diverted all power to the communication system at the risk of depleting the dilithium crystals to communicate with the party. (The Infinite Vulcan. [TAS]). He used a crowbar to gain accessto the gravity control computer. (Once Upon a Planet. [TAS]). M'Ress was attracted to Scott when the crew was under the influence of the love crystals. (Mudd's Passion. [TAS]). He used a life support belt to join Kirk and Spock in the Argo's sea when the search party was unable to communicate with them. (The Ambergris Element. [TAS]). The young Lactran captured Scott aboard the Enterprise, and having learnt all about the Federation, allowed them both to be beamed back to the planet. (The Eye of the Beholder. [TAS]). When Kirk and Spock were located Scott ordered that a landing party be equipped with phaser rifles. (Bem. [TAS]). He released McCoy, Sulu and Uhura from the Rec Room with crowbars when they were frozen in by the energy field affected Enterprise computer. (The Practical Joker. [TAS]). He found the serpent's heads were rotatable as part of Kulkukan's signalling device (How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. [TAS]).

scoutship, Federation. This type of one-man ship was stolen by Cyrano Jones and was destroyed by the pursuing Klingon battle cruiser. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]).

scouter gig. Starfleet craft, registry number NCC-1701/R12, used for reconnaissance on water environments. (The Ambergris Element. [TAS]).

sehlat.* Giant bear-like creature which could be domesticated. Young Spock's pet was named I-Chaya. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Selek. Name of Spock's distant cousin, the son of Sasak and T'Pel. Spock used the name when he returned to the past to save himself from the attack of a le-matya in the desert when he was seven years old. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Sepek. (Keith Sutherland) One of three Vulcan boys who taunted the young Spock with the term earther causing him to attack them unsuccessfully. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Seven Gods. Lara exclaimed "In the name of the Seven Gods, why?" on discovering Tchar's real motive. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

Shakespeare, William.* In remembering Kulkukan McCoy recalls there is a line from Shakespeare which Kirk then quotes. "How sharper than a serpents tooth it is to have a thankless child." The play is 'King Lear'. (How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. [TAS]).

Sherman's Planet.* After suffering crop failures and famine, the Enterprise was escorting two robot grain ship to this planet, their cargo necessary for the survival of the colonists, when they encountered Cyrano Jones and the Klingons. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]).

shields.* The Vendorian became the deflector shields to save the Enterprise from the Romulan battle cruisers. (The Survivor. [TAS]).

ShirKahr. Name of city on Vulcan where the Sarek family lived. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

shuttlebay.* Kirk ordered that the shuttlebay doors be left open which tempted the pursuing Demos in his Dramian patrol ship to 'stow away'.(Albatross. [TAS]).

shuttlecraft, heavy. Starfleet vehicle, registry number NCC-1701/12, used by Mudd to escape from the Enterprise with Nurse Chapel as a hostage. Shattered by a rock creature. (Mudd's Passion. [TAS]).

Sirius IX. Next destination after Ilyra VI where Mudd discovered the love crystals which he sold to one thousand inhabitants making them ill because of their physiology. (Mudd's Passion. [TAS]).

Skorr temple. The Soul of the Skorr was housed in a traditional Skorr temple building that was protected by a time trigger lock that would explode if not opened properly. It also had gravity neutralizer. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

Skorr. Avian race of which Aleek-Om was a member. (Yesteryear. [TAS]). They could breed vast armies until Alar showed them the way of peace two centuries before. (The Jihad. [TAS]). Aleek-Om's race is not mentioned in the Yesteryear. [TAS] dialogue but the race is named in The Jihad. [TAS]

sky machine. Name used by the amusement park computer for starships. (Once Upon a Planet. [TAS]).

"Slaver Weapon, The" Animated Series episode #11. Written by Larry Niven, adapted from his short story "The Soft Weapon." Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 4187.3. First aired in 1973. The shuttlecraft Copernicus lands on a planet to investigate a stasis box from the extinct Slaver race; but Kzinti raiders who hope to find a super weapon in the stasis box capture the crew. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Chuft Captain, Kzin telepath, Kzin flyer and Computer voice; Majel Barrett as voice of weapon, Slaver. SEE: Beta Lyrae; Chuft Captain; Copernicus, shuttlecraft; Kzin flyer; Kzin telepath; Kzinti; life support belt; police web; Slaver Empire; Slavers; Spock; Starbase 25; stasis box; Sulu, Hikaru; Traitor's Claw; Treaty of Sirius, The; Uhura; weapon, Slaver.

Episode Encyclopedia Gallery.

Slaver Empire. This empire was master of the galaxy a billion years ago. One race revolted, war followed and the Slavers and all of their subjects were exterminated. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]).

Slavers. The first known image of a Slaver came from the stasis box that was in transit to Starbase 25 and opened by the Kzinti. They were a green skinned reptilian race. The Kzinti analysed the Slaver flesh in this box and found it to be poisonous to them. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]).

slingshot effect.* Used to free the Enterprise from the orbit of Questar M-17. (Beyond the Farthest Star. [TAS]).

slumber-chamber. Name of the room to which the captured landing party were taken after being disabled by the nectar. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]).

sorcerer-contractor. On Megas-Tu if you require a room, a stable or even a castle your local sorcerer-contractor will conjure one up for you. (The Magicks of Megas-Tu. [TAS]).

Sord. (James Doohan) This member of a large dinosaur-type race was selected for the mission to retrieve the Soul of the Skorr because of its strength and tolerance to extreme conditions. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

Soul of the Skorr. Sculpture made of indurite that preserved the brain patterns of Alar. It was stolen and Kirk and Spock were summoned to be part of the fourth expedition to attempt to recover it. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

Spican flame gem.* Cyrano Jones jokingly tried to bribe Kirk, with this stone. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]). Jones traded these in The Trouble with Tribbles. [TOS].

spiroid epsilon wave. Present on Cepheus and used to generate Terratin's invasion defence system on Cepheus. Used to attract the attention of the Enterprise, it caused the shrinking of all organic material including the members of the Enterprise crew. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]).

Spock Two. (Leonard Nimoy) Twenty-five foot high clone of Spock that Keniclius Five planned to use to bring peace to the galaxy. He remained on Phylos with his creator to recreate the Phylosian civilization. (The Infinite Vulcan. [TAS]).

Spock.* In 2269 Spock erected a low frequency shield around the navigation console to protect it from the malignant alien. He also calculated the required slingshot effect trajectory mentally so as not to alert the alien by using the ship's computers of which it was now in control. (Beyond the Farthest Star. [TAS]). He returned back through the Guardian of Forever into an alternate timeline to find he no longer existed. He had died aged seven while undertaking a personal test prior to his kahs-wan ritual. In this timeline the first officer was an Andorian, Commander Thelin. While he was in Orion's past other members of the history team had been looking at the last recent Vulcan history and thereby altered it. He returned via the time portal to Vulcan's past to restore the timeline passing himself off there as Selek and saved the young Spock . The young Spock had been followed into the desert by his pet sehlat that was attacked and poisoned by a le-matya. 'Selek' disabled the le-matya with a Vulcan nerve pinch that he later taught to his young self. Young Spock's trek to summon a Healer failed to save the pet's life. (Yesteryear. [TAS]). Billy Simpson voiced the part of Young Spock. He established a Vulcan mind-meld with the cosmic being and persuaded it to leave the galaxy. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]). Spock imagined a Vulcan marriage drum when the Enterprise was probed by the Taurean settlers. He aged when the headband fitted by them drained his energy. He estimated that the landing party was aging at a rate of ten years per day but the effect was less on him because of his longer lifespan. After they escaped he returned to use the Opto-aud to locate a communicator to contact the Enterprise. Back on the Enterpise the ageing Spock calculated that the odds against the transporter restoring the landing party to their correct age was 99.7 to 1. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]). The Phylosians used a swooper to abduct him. Having been cloned into Spock Two he was dying, mindless, until his clone Vulcan mind-melded with him. (The Infinite Vulcan. [TAS]). Standing in a pentacle drawn on the floor of the Enterprise he is able to remotely move a Vulcan chess piece using the magic power that exists at Megas-Tu. He was abducted with Kirk and Lucien and the rest of the Enterprise crew and put on trial for crimes against the Megans in Salem, Massachusetts. (The Magicks of Megas-Tu. [TAS]). McCoy injects him with melenex to feign injury and lure the amusement park computer. He is abducted by a hover robot. As a successful conclusion to the reform of computer Spock agreed to continue discussions with it. (Once Upon a Planet. [TAS]). Spock estimated the probability of finding Harry Mudd on Motherlode was 81% + or - .53. He exposed Lora as a Rigelian hypnoid with a burst of phaser fire. When the miners got angry with Harry Mudd he used a burst of phaser fire to create a trench so that Kirk, Mudd and himself could escape back to the Enterprise. He exhibited a delayed reaction to the love crystals when Nurse Chapel touched him. When the drug took effect he insisted on pursuing her and Mudd to the nearby planet declaring he was in love with her. (Mudd's Passion. [TAS]). He made a miniature communicator for Kirk to beam down to Cepheus to see if the transporter restored his height. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]). By touching Kor and Kaz at the conference aboard the Klothos and the Klingons apprehended at the Enterprise's dilithium vault Spock was able to sense they were planning to sabotage the ship. (The Time Trap. [TAS]). He mutated into a water breather with webbed hands in the ocean on Argo. (The Ambergris Element. [TAS]). He used his telepathic senses to judge the Lactrans feelings. (The Eye of the Beholder. [TAS]). Along with Sulu and Uhura he was aboard the Copernicus transporting the stasis box to Starbase 25. Spock broke two of Chuft Captain's ribs in a fight. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]). Selected for the mission to retrieve the Soul of the Skorr because of his analytical mind and scientific expertise. He provided the schematics for Em/3/Green to rewire the Vedala land vehicle to boost its speed. (The Jihad. [TAS]). Spock contracted choriocytosis along with the rest of the crew but in his case it was still a fatal disease. The strobolin cure that was required was eventually obtained. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]). With Kirk had his communicator and phaser switched for fakes by Commander Bem. He strapped two working communicators returned by Bem together to contact the Delta Theta III entity. (Bem. [TAS]). The energy field effected computer played a joke on Spock by extending his viewer with two eye pieces that gave him 'black eyes'. Being a Vulcan he was not affected by the nitrous oxide laughing gas that the energy field controlled computer released into the ship's atmosphere. (The Practical Joker. [TAS]). He was immune to the Dramian auroral plague that the rest of the crew contracted and was put in command. He broke McCoy out of jail so that he could work on a cure. (Albatross. [TAS]). When the Enterprise was trapped in Kulkukan's force globe, Spock devised a scheme to break it free by applying impulse power and the tractor beam in one direction and full warp power in the other. (How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. [TAS]). He found that the ship's chronometers going backwards. (The Counter-Clock Incident. [TAS]).

starbase. *

Starbase 21
. Destination of the Enterprise after leaving Kulkukan. (How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. [TAS]).

Starbase 23. Station that the Enterprise set out from on its mission to survey Arachna. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]).

Starbase 25. Destination of the Copernicus with the stasis box containing the Slaver weapon. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]).

Starfleet Academy.* Fraudulently sold to the populace by Mudd when he was on Ilyra VI. (Mudd's Passion. [TAS]).

Starfleet General Orders and Regulations. *

General Order 1. The wording quoted by
Kirk is 'No starship may interfere with the normal development of any alien life or society'. (The Magicks of Megas-Tu. [TAS]).

General Order 6. The ship must be set to self-destruct in twenty-four hours if all personnel on board have perished from a disease to prevent it spreading to other beings. (Albatross. [TAS]).

stasis box. Slaver artefacts were stored in these boxes in which 'time stands still'. All stasis boxes should have been under the jurisdiction of Starfleet. A stasis box could only be detected by another stasis box. The Kzinti used an empty one to lure the Copernicus to the Beta Lyrae planet. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]).

stasis field weapon. A new Klingon field effect weapon in 2269 that could disable an opposing starship. It however drained its own ship's power. If more than one opponent was targeted the beam could not be sustained. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]).

strobolin. Naturally occurring drug that was the only cure for choriocytosis in Vulcans. Only available from certain planets of which Beta Canopus was the nearest. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

Sulu, Hikaru.* Sulu recognised that the course setting coordinates asked for by the malignant alien are the centre of the galaxy. (Beyond the Farthest Star. [TAS]). Poisoned by retlaw plant, given minutes to live and saved by treatment from the Phylosian, Agmar. (The Infinite Vulcan. [TAS]). Sulu manages to create a beautiful woman with the pentacle on the Enterprise floor. She disappeared when Lucien reappeared. (The Magicks of Megas-Tu. [TAS]). The shrinking helmsman broke his leg. A microscope laser was used to repair it. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]). Along with Spock and Uhura he was aboard the Copernicus transporting the stasis box to Starbase 25. The Kzin telepath concentrated on him as he was the only male non-herbivore. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]). He was ordered to beam back with Scott by Uhura from Delta Theta III. (Bem. [TAS]). With McCoy and Uhura trapped in the Rec Room by the energy field affected Enterprise computer. (The Practical Joker. [TAS]).

Supreme Prefect. (James Doohan) Head person of the Dramian people. (Albatross. [TAS]).

sur snake. Previously unreported amphibian in Argo's ocean. It was likened to a Denebian whale. One destroyed the aquashuttle. One pursued Kirk and Spock after they had retrieved the records containing the antitoxin from the sunken city but it was killed by a seaquake. The young Aquans helped them obtain venom from one and that was used to create a reverse mutation antitoxin. (The Ambergris Element. [TAS]).

surgo-op. Name used by the Aquans for the medical process which turned Kirk and Spock into water breatfhers. (The Ambergris Element. [TAS]).

surgo records. Aquan archive which only showed mutation from air to water breathers. (The Ambergris Element. [TAS]).

"Survivor, The." Animated Series episode #5. Written by James Schmerer. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5143.3. First aired in 1973. Patrolling near the Neutral Zone, the U.S.S. Enterprise finds a ship manned by Carter Winston, a Federation citizen who has been missing for 5 years. Winston turns out to really be a Vendorian, an alien species that can transform its shape at will. GUEST CAST: Majel Barrett as M'Ress, Lieutenant, Chapel, Christine and Computer voice; Nichelle Nichols as Nored, Lieutenant Anne; Ted Knight as Winston, Carter/Vendorian; James Doohan as Romulan commander and Gabler. SEE: Cait; Cerberus; Gabler; identity tape; Kirk, James T.; M'Ress, Lieutenant; McCoy, Joanna; Nored, Lieutenant Anne; orientine acid; Rator III; Romulan battle cruiser; Romulan commander; Romulan Neutral Zone; Romulans; shields; Vendor; Vendorians; Winston, Carter; Winston's starship.

Episode Encyclopedia Gallery.

swooper. Flying plant-based pterodactyl-type lifeform with two spiral tentacles that temporarily restrained the initial landing party and abducted Spock. (The Infinite Vulcan. [TAS]).

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