Queen of Hearts. (Majel Barrett) Malevolent character from Alice Through the Looking Glass. She sent six playing cards armed with halberds after McCoy. (Once Upon a Planet. [TAS]).

Questar M-17. Planned destination of the Enterprise beyond the galaxy on a star-charting mission. It turned out to be a source of radio emissions and Spock described it as a negative star generating hyper-gravity and analysed it is as imploded matter. It drew the Enterprise into its orbit. (Beyond the Farthest Star. [TAS]).

Quetzalcoatl. The winged serpent god known to the Toltecs. (How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. [TAS]).

quintotriticale. New seed grain succeeding quadrotriticale. The cargo from the first disabled robot grain ship was beamed aboard the Enterprise. When cargo storage bins broke open during combat the tribbles grew fat on the spilled cargo. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]).

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