O'Shea, Captain. (James Doohan) Captain of the Federation freighter S.S. Huron. He needed surgery aboard the Enterprise after the Orion pirates attacked his ship. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

Omega Cygni. Mudd declared to Nurse Chapel that he had once sold their own oceans to the inhabitants of this planet even though it was as inhospitable as the one to which he had abducted her. (Mudd's Passion. [TAS]).

"Once Upon a Planet" Animated Series episode #17. Written by Chuck Melville and Len Janson. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5591.2. First aired in 1973. Arriving at the "amusement park" planet for some relaxation, the U.S.S. Enterprise finds that the planet's keeper is now dead and the untended machinery is constructing dangerous images from the crewmembers' thoughts. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant, White Rabbit and Gabler; Majel Barrett as M'Ress, Lieutenant and Queen of Hearts; George Takei as voice of amusement park computer; Nichelle Nichols as Alice. SEE: Alice Through the Looking Glass; Alice; Amanda; amusement park computer; amusement park planet; Caretaker; cat, large; Enterprise, U.S.S.; Gabler; gravity control computer; hover robot; Kirk, James T.; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.; melenex; phaser bore; pterodactyl; Queen of Hearts; Scott, Montgomery; sky machine; Spock; Uhura; White Rabbit.

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"One of Our Planets Is Missing" Animated Series episode #7. Written by Marc Daniels. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5371.3. First aired in 1973. The U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a cloud being that feeds on the energy of the planets that lie in its path. Spock mind-links with the entity and tells it that it is killing life and he persuades it to return to its place of origin. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant and Wesley, Commodore Robert; Majel Barrett as voice of cosmic being. SEE: Alondra; Arex, Lieutenant; autodestruct; cosmic being; Earth; Edos; Enterprise, U.S.S.; forcefield box; Kirk, James T.; Mantilles; Pallas XIV system; photon torpedo; Scott, Montgomery; Spock; Uhura; universal translator; villi; Vulcan mind-meld; warp drive; Wesley, Commodore Robert; Wesley, Katie.

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Ophiucus VI. When recording his confession back in custody on the Enterprise, Mudd recalled swindling miners out of two years supply of dilithium crystals with fake Federation vouchers on this planet. (Mudd's Passion. [TAS]).

Opto-aud. Mind controlled computer system used by female Taurean settlers. Used by Spock to locate the communicators and other equipment taken from the landing party. Destroyed by them before their relocation. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]).

Ordainments. The Aquans drew up these laws to stop a return to an air-breathing existence on the surface. After the seismic activity on the planet was stabilised new Ordainments were proposed to allow a return to the surface by young Aquans. (The Ambergris Element. [TAS]).

orientine acid. Kirk used this powerful compound to threaten the Vendorian in the form of the extra examination bed in sickbay. Only the crystal material forming the bottle could contain it. (The Survivor. [TAS]).

Orion commander. (James Doohan) When the pirates' ship was intercepted by the Enterprise he proposed to handover the strobolin on an asteroid while plotting to suicidally destroy the two ships and their crews to avoid disgrace with a dilithium explosive device. He and his crew were taken into custody to stand trial for space piracy. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

Orion lieutenant. (George Takei) He came up with a suicide plan that would destroy the Enterprise as well. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

Orion ship. Starship armed with weak standard phasers. It was able to be pursued by the Enterprise, because it left a unique trail of radioactive waste. When intercepted Kirk demanded to search it as the first alien ship encountered as per Babel Conference Resolution A-12. It was captured and taken in tow. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

Orions.* An Orion, Devna, was Interpreter of Laws on the Elysian Ruling Council. (The Time Trap. [TAS]). Orions who failed missions were expected to commit suicide. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

Orion.* The Federation history team researched the dawn of this planet's civilization. (Yesteryear. [TAS]). This planets neutrality was in doubt since the Coridan planets affair and the Babel Conference of stardate 3850.3. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

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