nectar. The Taurean settlers sedated the male landing party with a drink called nectar and which he likened to Saurian brandy. The landing party were then taken to the slumber-chamber. (The Lorelei Signal. [TAS]).

neoethylene. McCoy used this treatment on the tribble colonies to break them down into their individual units and slow down their metabolic rate, thereby making them safe. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]).

Nephro. (David Gerrold) Young Aquan male who initially caused Kirk's and Spock's mutation and then helped them obtain the venom of the sur snake for the antitoxin. (The Ambergris Element. [TAS]).

nitrous oxide. Gas that was released into the Enterprise's atmosphere by the computer under the influence of the energy field. (The Practical Joker. [TAS]).

Nored, Lieutenant Anne. (Nichelle Nichols) Female security officer on the Enterprise who was fiancée to Carter Winston when he disappeared five years before. She could not bring herself to use her phaser to apprehend the impostor. She volunteered to guard the Vendorian while he awaiting trial because of his likeness to Winston. (The Survivor. [TAS]).

null gravity combat. Starfleet skill that was regularly practised. Kirk and Spock had worked out a week before and were able to use it to capture Tchar when a gravity neutralizer was turned on in the Skorr temple. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

Number One, S.S. Huron. (Majel Barrett) Female Number One on the S.S. Huron. (The Pirates of Orion. [TAS]).

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