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In adding Galaxy Facts entries and subsequently starting to add Starship Facts entries to the original Fact Files to Encyclopedia Cross Index section of my website I discovered the wonderful award winning Chrissie's Transcripts Site website. I struck up an e-mail dialogue with the webmaster. I found out she had no plans to include the movie scripts although Deep Space Nine was to follow completion of the Next Generation. Hence I started to process the text scripts obtained from Star Trek Minutiae. The scripts varied from Star Trek: First Contact as a first draft to Star Trek: The Voyage Home as a revised shooting script. I virtually 'wrote' First Contact myself. Very little of the first draft survived onto the screen. Lily Sloane is Ruby Sloane, a photographer, not Cochrane's assistant. Cochrane is injured with a cranial fracture needing surgery from Beverly. There is a Lieutenant Scrimm, head of the town's militia. Although I had originally intended to add Star Trek XI, I subsequently decided that with it essentially establishing a new canon I would not do so. However the script has been added to Chrissie's Transcripts Site website provided by Tim Thomason as Star Trek 2009.

My thanks to Chrissie for hosting the movie scripts on her website. This is possibly the first time the same information has enjoyed joint hosting on the web!

When I had finished the movies Chrissie suggested that Blake's Seven might be worth tackling. I already had the first season on DVD so ordered the other three. Trawling the internet for text scripts like the movie ones I found 'mirrror' transcripts on two sites. These were Cygnus Alpha and As typing has never been my strong point I have taken the dialogue from these transcripts and my thanks to all who prepared them. The 'scene settings' and 'stage directions' are all my own and the spelling has been Anglicis(z)ed. It is after all a British series. Along the way corrections have been made.

I mention in my Credits section that Michael Piller' first writing credit for television was a very good Cagney & Lacey episode "The Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All" so tackling transcripts of all episodes including the four Movies for TV with the three Cagneys, Loretta Swit, Meg Foster and, of course, Sharon Gless seemed a good idea. The scripts have been typed up from the rather variable quality DVD sets originating on KVOS and FORTY5 TV channels. These have obviously been edited to shorten them to allow more advertising time. They have been checked against my VHS based BBC recordings of almost the complete rerun. The edited-out parts have not been reinserted. In the case of 69. Rebukes, 119. A Class Act and 123. Yup, these have been checked against my later VHS based ITV3 repeats. Similarly with, 112. Don't I Know You, from my later UK Living repeat. The full-length versions from 6. Witness to an Incident. to 51. Organised Crime. are available at here!. There have been times when I have had to be 'inventive' due to poor sound quality, being unable to crack certain 'Americanisms', etc.

X-FIES: EVENT SERIES The X-files have always held an interest for me, particularly the relationship between Mulder and Scully. After 10 years it was going to be interesting to re-examine it and do the transcripts, so now in 2018 I have started adding the rest of the rest.

East Text to HTML Converter from HTools Corporation was used to do basic formatting of the original script files for the Star Trek Movies. HTML page construction and editing was done with Arachnophilia. The files were uploaded with LeechFTP to LCN NT1 Web Hosting.


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