I-Chaya. Name of Spock's pet sehlat. It had a broken left fang and previously belonged to Sarek. Followed young Spock into the desert and was fatally poisoned by a le-matya when trying to protect the boy. (Yesteryear. [TAS]). Spock's sehlat was not named in Journey to Babel [TOS].

identity tape. Starfleet requirement along with medical check on boarding a starship. It included identification, fingerprints and voiceprint, licences and registrations. The impostor was able to hand over the dead Carter Winston's tape. (The Survivor. [TAS]).

IDIC. * Kirk quoted the Vulcan IDIC philosophy to Spock Two which persuaded him to mind-meld with the dying Spock to restore him . (The Infinite Vulcan. [TAS]).

Ilyra VI. First destination for Mudd after his escape where he fraudulently sold the Starfleet Academy to the populace. (Mudd's Passion. [TAS]).

"Infinite Vulcan, The" Animated Series episode #2. Written by Walter Koenig. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5554.4. First aired in 1973. On the recently discovered planet Phylos, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew meets Dr. Keniclius, a scientist who survived Earth's Eugenic Wars. The Phylosians abduct Spock so that Keniclius can make a giant clone of him with the intention of forcing peace on the galaxy. GUEST CAST: Leonard Nimoy as Spock Two, James Doohan as Agmar, Keniclius Five, Kolchek and Morgan, Nichelle Nichols as Computer voice. SEE: Agmar; Diogenes; dylovene; Eugenics Wars; IDIC; Keniclius, Dr. Stavos; Keniclius Five; Kirk, James T.; Kolchek; Kzinti; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.; Phylosian ship; Phylosians; Phylos; retlaw plant; Scott, Montgomery; Spock Two; Spock; Sulu, Hikaru; swooper; voder; Vulcan mind-meld; weed spray.

Episode Encyclopedia Gallery.

In this episode Kirk says "Beam us up, Scotty".

intersat code. The radio transmission from Cepheus was in this 21st century code. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]).

indurite. Material from which the Soul of the Skorr sculpture was made. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

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