Gabler. (James Doohan) Engineer who found the deflector controls dismantled . (The Survivor. [TAS]). When the gravity systems failed he reported that the hatch to the gravity control computers was jammed. (Once Upon a Planet. [TAS]). He reported that the tools were not shrinking. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]). He discovered two Klingons at the dilithium vault on the Enterprise. (The Time Trap. [TAS]).

Garo VII system. Star system where the planet Pandro was located. (Bem. [TAS]).

glommer. Prototype, Klingon designed, tribble predator with brown furry circular body, four long legs and two eyes on antennae. It was returned to the Klingon battle cruiser but was no use against the tribble colonies. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]).

Gorn.* There was a Gorn on the Elysian Ruling Council. (The Time Trap. [TAS]).

gossamer mouse. Laboratory animal apparently not affected by the initial spiroid epsilon wave bombardment. (The Terratin Incident. [TAS]).

grain ship, robot. Two unmanned craft, one registry number NCC-G1465, were being used to transport quintotriticale to Sherman's Planet escorted by the Enterprise. In an initial attack by the Klingon battle cruiser one was damaged and the cargo transported to the Enterprise. In the next attack the second was disabled but the cargo was in tact. The Enterprise took it in tow with the tractor beam until a third attack.(More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]).

gravity control computer. In taking control of the Enterprise the amusement park computer turns off the gravity and prevents the crew getting to this system to rectify the problem. Scott uses a crow bar to gain access. (Once Upon a Planet. [TAS]) Lt. Arex at the helm and the crewman at the navigator's station are seen wearing crossover seat belts whilst the computer is off-line. The energy field affected system reversed the gravity to frustrate the crew. (The Practical Joker. [TAS]).

gravity neutralizer. The Skorr temple was equipped with this equipment which when turned on caused the landing party to float. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

Grey. (Majel Barrett) Human female member of the history team researching recent Vulcan history, 20 to 30 years in the past, on Time Vortex planet. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Guardian of Forever.* (Voiced by James Doohan) Used by history team to research Orion and Vulcan history and by Spock to repair the timeline when he was found to have been killed at the age of seven. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

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