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Initially my project was to keep track of THE OFFICIAL STAR TREK FACT FILES card number by part number to check where the gaps were occurring. At part number 192, which was originally scheduled to be the last part, five cards were missing. These were 5.29, 31.10, 42.8, 59,16 and 66.1C. These were issued with part 213. Subsequently I decided to cross-reference the Fact Files to THE STAR TREK ENCYCLOPEDIA. This was oiginally done to the third edition, dated 1999 for all 304 parts. At this point the entries for "Once More unto the Breach" [DS9] and "Timeless" [VGR] onwards were missing. This magnum opus deserved to be completed to cover the 23rd and 24th centuries of Star Trek. However Michael Okuda in an interview with STAR TREK Monthly number 99 is quoted as saying "The 'Star Trek Encyclopedia' was actually an outgrowth of 'The Star Trek Chronology'... We thought 'Okay, we'll do it.' not realising of course that as soon as you finish doing one, people would say, "Well, where's the update?" In 2016 it was announced that the Okudas had picked up the torch again to include up to Star Trek (2009). Unfortunately it does not include The Animated Series, SEE: The Animated Series Encyclopedia, and "It's Only a Paper Moon." [DS9] episode summary is missing.

5.5B, 27.2B, 44.39, 50.18, and 58.93.
Cards 5.01i.. 31.06i and 42.06i not issued and cards 5.01ii, 31.06ii and 42.06ii should probably be renumbered.
4.50. and 4.51. are on bright blue SPACE PHENOMENA cards and not black STAR SYSTEMS cards.

CARDS RENUMBERED (parts 193 to 304)
1.15, The Cardassian Index. to 1.13.
3.6I, Delta Quadrant (Dinaal to Unknown Planet - "Nightingale"). to 3.6J.
3.6J, Delta Quadrant (Kraylor Homeworld to Quarra). to 3.6K.
7.21B, "Flashback" Memory Virus. to 7.21E.
29.11i, U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656 Holodeck 'Janeway Lambda-1'. to 29.11H
31.22C, Nova-class Variants. to 31.22D.
43.36 APPENDIX, Lt. Barclay and Counselor Troi. to 43.36A.
46.1D, Audrid Dax. to 461E.
66.15D - SPECIAL FACILITIES, Cardiac Replacement Technology. to 65.29 - MEDICAL FACILITIES, C R T
68 APPENDIX 1, STAR TREK: The Original Series Index , part 1. to 68 APPENDIX 2.
68 APPENDIX 2, STAR TREK: The Original Series Index , part 2. to 68 APPENDIX 2A.
71.155, "Workforce, Part 2" to 71.157.
93.18, M'klexa - Menk. to 93.19.
93.19, Metaphysics - Mur'Eq, Emperor. to 93.20.
102.8, V'Lar - Verne, Jules. to 102.9.
102.9, Vico V - Vulcanis Lunar Colony. to 102.10.

fff.ccc.a, from analysis of text, e.g. 4.1, Star Systems. OR split card, eg 4.20, Vagra II and Armus. OR minor panel, e.g. 29.26, Gathering Supplies [The Vidiians. OR A-Z Database Access Point entry SEE: (files 81 to 105: where an Encyclopedia or Fact File reference has not been found, e.g., food SEE Anthraxic citrus; is so referenced, being the third such item under that entry, being the twenty seventh etc.).
fff.ccc.[A, panelled card, e.g. 3.3, Alpha Quadrant, Acamar III - Alpha Onias III.
fff.ccc[a, part of single panelled card, e.g. 19.1B, Federation Starship Listings.
fff.ccc[A, side bar, e.g. 43.3G, Kirk's Battle Tactics, TEAMWORK (generally the title is used but if the title is like the main encyclopedia entry then the sub-title is used, some have had to be invented!).
fff.ccc-a, GALAXY (and other) FACTS (files 3 to 18) and STARSHIP FACTS (files 68 - 80 and 206) side bars, e.g. 3.1-a1, Charting the Galaxy, Charybdis.

# Episode entry missing from Encyclopedia.
+ Encyclopedia A -Z entry with no episode SEE: reference.
++ Encyclopedia entry given as SEE: reference with no Encyclopedia A - Z reference.
-- holodeck and holosuite progams. in Fact Files not covered in Encyclopedia.
\ Fact File entry for person, place or item not covered by Encyclopedia.

Initial data entry was done with CA Supercalc. Database construction and analysis was done with Microsoft Access. Table extraction and HTML formatting was done with The Dev Shop DBQwikSite Pro. HTML page construction and editing was done with Arachnophilia. The files were uploaded with LeechFTP to LCN NT1 Web Hosting.

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Alphabetic Episodic Numeric
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