flying belt. * Slaver component once found in a stasis box. It was the key to the artificial gravity field used by starships. (The Slaver Weapon. [TAS]).

food and beverages. * SEE: cheese-on-rye, grilled.

food slot. * When Scott orders a grilled cheese-on-rye from the food slot the energy field affected system dispenses a stream of foods. (The Practical Joker. [TAS]).

force globe. Kulkukan entrapped the Enterprise in a spherical field bringing it to a halt from warp one. Phaser fire in the globe was ineffective. Spock realised the globe's elasticity only worked in one direction at a time, leading him devise a way to escape that projected the Enterprise 5.698 light years away. (How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. [TAS]).

forcefield box. A chamber made by Scott to transport the antimatter villi from the inside of the cosmic being. The villi were released into the engine by remote control. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]).

forcefield. The Lactrans used a forcefield to contain the Enterprise landing party while they were under observation. Similarly there was one around the Earth environment constructed for the Ariel survivors who were joined by the Enterprise landing party. (The Eye of the Beholder. [TAS]).

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