earther. Derogatory term used about young Spock by other Vulcan children because of his mixed parentage. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Earth. * Kirk put an image of Earth on the viewscreen and other scenes of its civilisation when Spock was in a Vulcan mind-meld with the cosmic being. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]).Some Megans came to Earth in 1691 and eventually returned after the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials. (The Magicks of Megas-Tu. [TAS]).

Edos. Home planet of Lieutenant Arex. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]). This is not established in the scripts but comes from a Lincoln Enterprise's biography.

eggling. Commander Bem referred to himself as an eggling when repenting for his actions on Delta Theta III. Presumably a term for an infant Pandronian. (Bem. [TAS]).

Elysia. An alternate universe described as "a pocket in the garment of time". It was a starship graveyard. Members of races trapped there were "young but centuries old". Until the arrival of the Enterprise and the Klothos no ship had succeeded in escaping back to its own universe. (The Time Trap. [TAS]).

Elysian Ruling Council. The council consisted of twelve captains representing the 123 different races; each member was from a different race. As they sit around the semi-circular table in the council chamber they are, from the left, an Orion female, a Romulan, a Klingon, a representative of large feline race with spined ears, an Andorian, a representative of an insectoid race, a Phylosian, a female non-air-breather, a Vulcan, a Tellarite, a Human female and a Gorn. (The Time Trap. [TAS]) As the Human representative is a female, is this the captain of the S.S. Bonaventure or has she succeeded to that position since arriving in Elysia? This is possibly a tip of the hat to Number One in The Cage. [TOS].

Em/3/Green. (David Gerrold) Large sentient insectoid bipedal with six arms from a species known for their caution. Selected because he was a master lock pick and thief. He rewired the Vedala land vehicle from schematics provided by Spock to boost its speed and picked the lock of the Skorr temple. (The Jihad. [TAS]).

energy field. The unknown energy field that the Enterprise took refuge in contained highly charged sub-atomic particles. A gas cloud from it entered the ships systems including the computer and began to play practical jokes on the crew. The gas cloud then left the Enterprise. When the Romulans were again encountered the gas cloud played a joke on them by turning itself into an Enterprise twenty times larger. When they attacked it, it turned out to be balloon. The Romulans then pursued the real Enterprise into the energy field. The return trip cured the Enterprise. (The Practical Joker. [TAS]).

Enterprise, U.S.S. * A malignant alien beamed aboard with the landing party returning from the Pod ship and proceeded to successively take over the life support, engineering core and phaser bank systems. (Beyond the Farthest Star. [TAS] When enveloped by the cosmic being it had its energy drained by an anti-matter barrage. The only chance to stop it was for the Enterprise to self-destruct, until Spock established a Vulcan mind-meld. (One of Our Planets Is Missing. [TAS]). The ship, when escorting two robot grain ships to Sherman's Planet, broke off to pursue a Klingon battle cruiser. It experienced being paralysed by the new stasis field weapon. (More Tribbles, More Troubles. [TAS]). The amusement park computer caused the ship to leave orbit and return, turned off the gravity causing the bridge crew to put on seat belts and used the ship's computer to install a new controlling computer. (Once Upon a Planet. [TAS]). On a mission surveying type-4 asteroids the Enterprise was attacked by three Romulan battle cruisers. The Enterprise took refuge in an energy field. A gas cloud from the energy field entered the Enterprise and took over the ship's systems. The ship's computer then began to play many practical jokes on the crew. Spock and Kirk realised that the laugh accompanying some of the jokes was the computer's voice. (The Practical Joker. [TAS]). When trapped by the force globe, Spock broke it free by applying impulse power and the tractor beam in one direction and full warp power in the other. This hurled the ship 5.698 light years "approximately". (How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth. [TAS] In 2270, while transporting Commodore Robert April to his retirement ceremony, the Enterprise attempted to stop Karla Five's ship from heading into the Beta Niobe nova with its tractor beam. At increasing speed over warp ten it was unable to disconnect the beam and was dragged into a reverse universe. The commodore was present at San Francisco Navy Yards when the ship's unit components were being assembled. (The Counter-Clock Incident. [TAS]). In 2269 after Turnabout Intruder. [TOS] the Enterprise has a minor refit, possibly at Starbase 2, where a second exit from the bridge is added to the left of the view screen. The automatic bridge defence system is also fitted. An early criticism of Star Trek was the lack of restraint for the crew when the ship was being buffeted by space storms or as a result of combat, but this would have removed a visual dramatic element from the stories. This was at a time when seat belts were becoming a standard feature on cars. In Once Upon a Planet. [TAS] we see seat belts fitted on the bridge.

Erikson. (James Doohan) Starfleet human male member of the history team researching Federation history on Time Vortex planet. He went with Kirk and Spock to research the history of Orion. (Yesteryear. [TAS]).

Eugenics Wars. * Keniclius Five mentions the Eugenics Wars together with the Galactic Wars and the depredations of the Romulans, Klingons and Kzinti in justifying creating a master race to bring peace to the Galaxy. (The Infinite Vulcan. [TAS]).

"Eye of the Beholder, The." Animated Series episode #16. Written by David P. Harmon. Directed by Hal Sutherland. Stardate 5501.2. First aired in 1974. Beaming down to a planet to search for the crew of the missing ship Ariel, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew is captured by a race of super intelligent slug creatures and become part of a zoo collection. GUEST CAST: James Doohan as Arex, Lieutenant and Markel, Lieutenant Commander Tom; Majel Barrett as M'Ress, Lieutenant and Bryce, Randi. SEE: Ariel, U.S.S.; Bryce, Randi; Canopus III; communicator; forcefield; Kirk, James T.; Lactra VII; Lactran zoo; Lactrans; Maravel; Markel, Lieutenant Commander Tom; McCoy, Dr. Leonard H.; Randolph, Lieutenant Nancy; Scott, Montgomery; Spock.

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