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Database and website construction. Initial data entry was done with CA Supercalc. Database construction and analysis was done with Microsoft Access. Table extraction and HTML formatting was done with The Dev Shop DBQwikSite Pro. HTML page construction and editing was done with Arachnophilia. The files were uploaded with LeechFTP to LCN NT1 Web Hosting.

2012 - One thumbnail and Star Trek: The Official Magazine #163 & #164 ratings added for each episode and movie. Images are captured with PowerDVD from the the Paramount DVDs and made into thumbnails with Easy Thumbnail. AOL My Picture Finder used enhance all images. The captions are the appropriate Chapter/Scene Selection title. The ratings from 'Best...' to '5th Best in Season Episode' have been shown by "o slash" (Alt 0248) - a Saturn! - rather than the The Original Series left-breast patch in the magazine. Also the 'Worst in Season...' and 'Movie Series' ratings plus 'Best Guest Star...' and 'Best Moment...' plus the 'Ultimate Top Ten' are shown.

2015 - The original single thumbnail replaced by a complete set for each episode and movie and for the last episode/movie of season is the top contribution from Cast/Crew member for that season has been added. From November images for each chapter are being reviewed and some more appropriate images selected.

Initially without my friend, fellow Trekkie and one-time drinking partner, Kath, none of this website would have been possible. Between us over the years we purchased the VHS tapes of the series and films. Chrissie's Transcripts Site has been a great assistance in locating the appropriate image for the Chapter tiles.

On the DVD the Trouble With Tribbles. [TOS] chapter logs 5, 6 & 7 duplicates those of the previous episode Wolf in the Fold. [TOS]. I found the correct chapter titles on the web.


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