Episodes D

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Daedalus. [ENT]
Dagger of the Mind. [TOS]
Damage. [ENT]
Dark Frontier. [VGR]
Dark Page. [TNG]
Darkling. [VGR]
The Darkness and the Light, [DS9]
Darmok. [TNG]
Data's Day. [TNG]
Datalore. [TNG]
The Dauphin, [TNG]
Dawn. [ENT]
Dax. [DS9]
Day of Honor. [VGR]
Day of the Dove. [TOS]
Dead Stop. [ENT]
Deadlock. [VGR]
The Deadly Years, [TOS]
Dear Doctor. [ENT]
Death Wish. [VGR]
The Defector, [TNG]
Defiant. [DS9]
Deja Q. [TNG]
Demon. [VGR]
Demons. [ENT]
Descent, Part I. [TNG]
Descent, Part II. [TNG]
Desert Crossing. [ENT]
Destiny. [DS9]
Detained. [ENT]
The Devil in the Dark, [TOS]
Devil's Due. [TNG]
The Die Is Cast, [DS9]
Disaster. [TNG]
The Disease, [VGR]
Displaced. [VGR]
Distant Origin. [VGR]
Distant Voices. [DS9]
Divergence. [ENT]
Doctor Bashir, I Presume? [DS9]
Doctor's Orders. [ENT]
The Dogs of War, [DS9]
The Doomsday Machine, [TOS]
Dragon's Teeth. [VGR]
Dramatis Personae. [DS9]
Dreadnought. [VGR]
Drive. [VGR]
Drone. [VGR]
The Drumhead, [TNG]
Duet. [DS9]

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