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When I retired in 1995 I bought my first home PC after 38 years in the British computer industry, having started my career with LEO Computers Ltd. and finished it with ICL. My main aim was to create a database from the 'paper database' of Star Trek on-screen credits which I had been gathering over the years. This was built using Microsoft Access and I have continued to add to it season by season. In constructing the Fact Files to Encyclopedia Cross Index and the Star Trek Star Charts Indices parts of this site I saw a way of presenting the Star Trek credits on the Internet.

CONTENTS (Enhanced 2006 and expanded 2007 to include Cagney & Lacey, see below)
The three sections follow the Star Trek Encyclopedia appendices. In the Casts section every credited actor is shown except for the regular television cast members credited as 'Starring' or 'Also Starring' who are summarised by season. The character names follow first the Encyclopedia, or then the Fact Files, or otherwise in that format. A new section has now been added showing actors and actresses who have appeared in two or more roles. Only the episode in which they first appeared in that role is given in this section but in 2006, together with corrections and additions, I have linked it to the series cast listings which themselves are interlinked via the o,a,m,n,d,v,e and c letters in the 'Other' column. All appearances are listed in the individual series cast lists. In the Production Personnel section for the movies every credit for every film is given and for the television series the credits are summarised by season.

I always had a long term project to do the credits for Cagney & Lacey and this became possible in 2007 when I got the missing episode and a half due to the rolling repeats on UK's ITV3. I was inspired to cross-index them to Star Trek when I found out that MIchael Piller's first writing credit on imdb was for "The Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All", one of the nicest episodes.

In the Casts and Production Personnel sections the column 'Other' indicates where the person has worked on another series. The letters used are as follows :- o - The Original Series. a - The Animated Series. m - The Movies. n - The Next Generation. d - Deep Space Nine. v - Voyager. e - Enterprise. c- Cagney & Lacey. These are now links to other series listings.
In The Movies Production Personnel section there is a key giving the abbreviations used for the specialist crafts and contractors.

MISSING CREDITS (Production Personnel)
The following credits are missing, either by design or by late editing. 498, "Broken Link", Directed By Les Landau. 892, "Demon", Co-Supervising Producer Merri D. Howard, Supervising Producer Peter Lauritson. 958, "Lineage", Theme By Jerry Goldsmith.

It would not have been possible to update this section of my website with the season three credits so soon after "Zero Hour" was transmitted in the US without the on-screen credits from David Henderson's site which were normally available a few hours after the broadcast. For season one I was able to use the VHS tapes and for season two I had to wait for the terrestrial TV transmission on Channel 4 in the UK. For season four the Channel Four transmissions were overtaken by release of the UK DVD boxset.

Initial data entry was done with CA Supercalc. Database construction and analysis was done with Microsoft Access. Table extraction and HTML formatting was done with The Dev Shop DBQwikSite Pro. HTML page construction and editing was done with Arachnophilia. The files were uploaded with LeechFTP to LCN NT1 Web Hosting.


Casts Production Personnel Writers and Directors
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