The View Through the Glass Ceiling
Original Airdate: October 25, 1995

[Coroner's mortuary]

(the coroner is examining a body. She measures a bullet lodged in the abdomen and then finds something inside its mouth)
DR. RAMONE RICMOND: Jimmy, come here. Gunshot victim. Asian male. Unidentified.
DR. RAMONE RICMOND: He had a couple of different sets of IDs. You'll need gloves. When I swabbed his mouth I found this.
CORONER'S ASSISTANT: Let's get a closer look. (putting it under a magnifier) Blue.
DR. RAMONE RICMOND: That's right. Blue hairs.

[Tom Cornell's office]

GERI CROFT: I'll go and see where they are.
GERI CROFT: No, I'll go check.
TOM CORNELL: Peter's taking a deposition. He wants to know if we'll need him.
GERI CROFT: Why? We're just signing papers. Tell, Peter all we need are just the papers. OK?
TOM CORNELL: I've got the papers. I apologise. It's nuts today. Do you need a pen?
GERI CROFT: We'll read first.
CHRISTINE: Will Jim be here today?
CHRISTINE: The other party in the divorce.
GERI CROFT: If you want him here, we'll get him here.
TOM CORNELL: Mr. Burton's already signed, But I can...
CHRISTINE: No. Oh, no. It's all right. He's already signed. ...I would like it though if someone would tell him that I think this ...agreement is fair. I hope he does too. And I'd like to ...wish him the best.
TOM CORNELL: I'll tell him.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
GERI CROFT: So ...sign.
(Chris signs her divorce papers)

[Corridor outside the office]

CHRISTINE: (as Tom Courtney ushers them out) Thank you for all your help.
TOM CORNELL: Sure thing. (shaking Geri's hand) Mrs. Croft.
GERI CROFT: Tell Peter we'll talk. (to Chris) Do you wanna share a cab?
TOM CORNELL: Actually Mr. Broadbent was hoping to meet you.
CHRISTINE: Daniel Dawes Broadbent?
CHRISTINE: (shaking her hand) Geri, thanks for all your help.
GERI CROFT: No. No, let's go see Broadbent.
CHRISTINE: Really. No? You go on. I promise you I won't sign anything.
GERI CROFT: Thanks, Chris. You take care.
(Geri Croft goes off down the corridor and gives a worried look back)

[Dan Broadbent's office]

DAN BROADBENT: Oh, good. Come in.
CHRISTINE: Christine Cagney.
DAN BROADBENT: Dan Broadbent.
DAN BROADBENT: Hi. Let's be comfortable.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
DAN BROADBENT: Do you have to get back to the Liaison Office right away? Can you stay a bit?
CHRISTINE: I have time.
(Chris looks up at drawing of a stadium on the wall)
DAN BROADBENT: Ah. My biggest failure. Nineteen fifty-six. We got wind that Horace Stoneham was making a deal to take the Giants to San Francisco. So a bunch of us decided to build Stoneham a new stadium to replace the Polo Grounds. We even made him an offer on the club. It still kills me. I mean, you hear endlessly about Brooklyn and the Dodgers. We lost William Hayes.
CHRISTINE: Mr. Broadbent,...
CHRISTINE: Dan, you're breaking my heart.
DAN BROADBENT: So that old story doesn't work quite as well as it used to!
(they laugh. Tom Cornell is there)
CHRISTINE: I'd say it's true nostalgia. It's just eyes straight ahead, Dan. It's the only way.
(Broadbent looks at her)
DAN BROADBENT: Quite. So what in the world are you doing being assigned to our little pig-eyed District Attorney?
CHRISTINE: Oh, I know that you're the Mayor's best friend, but the DA's a very good man.
DAN BROADBENT: He's a pillock! You can't possibly think of him being a very good man.
CHRISTINE: He encourages freethinking!!!.
DAN BROADBENT: Are you gonna support him?
CHRISTINE: Right, right! When I work out which way to throw my influence.
DAN BROADBENT: You underestimate your influence ...or your friends. You're up for nomination to the Law Enforcement Oversight Board.
CHRISTINE: The LEO?!! I've heard it was a pretty long list.
DAN BROADBENT: If it was such a long list I wouldn't have asked to get a look at it. Do you want the appointment?
CHRISTINE: Yes. Very much.
DAN BROADBENT: Then don't be coy about it.
CHRISTINE: No problem. Who's my competition?
DAN BROADBENT: It's not for me to say. The best advice I can offer you is don't be faint-hearted when it comes to acting in your own self-interest. The LEO Board makes policy. It's not a bad way to introduce yourself to public life. (shaking her hand) Nice to see you.
CHRISTINE: (getting up) Same here. Thank you.

[Manhattan Street]

(outside Dan Broadbent's office building]
CHRISTINE: When I saw his face. I mean, he sought of asked for it.
TOM CORNELL: You were great.
CHRISTINE: Oh! You can't get a cab at this hour.
TOM CORNELL: I've got a car for you.
(there is a chauffeur-driven limousine at the kerb)
CHRISTINE: (to the chauffeur as he holds the door open for her) Hello.
CHAFFEUR: Good morning.
CHRISTINE: (to Tom Cornell) We'll have to do it again sometime.
TOM CORNELL: I'd like that. It was nice seeing you.

[The duo's office]

(Chris comes in)
MARY BETH: How was it?
MARY BETH: Did you get to talk with Jim?
CHRISTINE: He wasn't there.
MARY BETH: Oh! I'm sorry.
CHRISTINE: I would have preferred more of a closure, you know, face to face, but I did it.
MARY BETH: So, got all dressed up for a roomful of lawyers.
CHRISTINE: (laughing) Yes. You know, Mary Beth, I'm up for the LEO Board. I mean, I'm way high up on the list.
MARY BETH: When did you hear that?!
CHRISTINE: I met with Daniel Broadbent.
MARY BETH: I know that name!
CHRISTINE: Of course you know that name. He's the one...
(the phone rings)
MARY BETH: That's Douglas Trayne. He's been asking about you all afternoon. (Chris buries her hands in her face) I said I'd take you to him as soon as you got back. (into phone) Lacey. ...Ah, yes. ...Yes, I will. ...Yes, sir. I know she's on her way, so I... (Chris bangs on the desk) Oh! Oh, here she comes right now. ...Yeah, right away. ...Right.
(Mary Beth rings off)
CHRISTINE: Douglas Trayne. What does he want?!
MARY BETH: (getting up) Come on.
CHRISTINE: I gotta get coffee!!! (getting up) I hate being nice to this guy.

[Douglas Trayne's office]

DOUGLAS TRAYNE: Come in, Mrs. Lacey.
MARY BETH: (coming in) We're here. Lieutenant Cagney's right behind me.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: I want you to understand something. You're an Investigator for the District Attorney's Office. You serve at his pleasure. Your loyalties, wherever your emotions make take you, belong right here. Right?
MARY BETH: I understand, sir.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: You're not a cop. You'll not be bleeding blue on this assignment.
MARY BETH: I understand, sir.
CHRISTINE: (coming in) What's up?
MARY BETH: I'm supposed to be loyal to the District Attorney.
CHRISTINE: (to Trayne) She knows that. Why do you think she wouldn't know that?
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: I don't want anybody to misunderstand anything.
MARY BETH: Anyhow the police and the DA are on the same side. ...Aren't they?
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: Two nights ago, a volunteer from the Crisis in Asia soup kitchen discovered the body of a young male in a dumpster between the church and the building at twenty-one forty-one, South van der Merwe in the Twenty-Seventh Precinct. The victim was carrying two different sets of identification. He could be arrested as an alien, a naturalised citizen or an illegal with forged docs. He is ethnic Chinese, got at single gunshot wound at point-blank range. Now the coroner found this stuff caught in his front teeth. I want you to take a look at that.
CHRISTINE: They're little hairs.
MARY BETH: Like fur.
CHRISTINE: And blue.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: Exactly. The lab thinks these are fibres from fake fur, found on the collar of a patrolman's jacket.
MARY BETH: So what are you saying? That the victim was struggling with a police officer and might have used his teeth?
CHRISTINE: And some of the hair stuck there.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: That is the theory.
CHRISTINE: What's the calibre of the slug?
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: Nine millimetres.
CHRISTINE: Any officer involved in shootings reported that night?
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: None reported. Now listen, Homicide is cooperating with Internal Affairs and the District Attorney is gonna be involved in this investigation. It could be one bad cop.
MARY BETH: It could be no bad cop! It could be a civilian in a police jacket.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: Yeah, or it could be something worse. Last time there was a PD scandal we weren't ready. And the former District Attorney got cleaned. Now whatever kind of bombshell this is, that will not happen this time! Our District Attorney has a very bright future of the service of New York ahead of him. And it's my job to see to it that it stays that way.

[Corridor from Trayne's office]

MARY BETH: So, nothing.
CHRISTINE: So? What don't you like?
MARY BETH: Our Mr. Trayne has already decided what this is.
CHRISTINE: No, he hasn't!
MARY BETH: I think he has.
CHRISTINE: Don't start with me, Mary Beth. It's been a long day.
MARY BETH: I know.

[The duo's office]

(Mary Beth punches the play button on her answer-phone)
HARVEY: (on answer-phone) Hi honey, it's five fifteen. Alice called from her piano lesson which I'd heard had started late. She'll be out at six. If you can pick her up, don't call back.
(she pauses the playback. Christine punches the play button on her answer-phone)
TOM CORNELL: Hi. Tom Cornell. Do you wanna meet me and a couple of friends for dinner? How's that for being forward? I thought I'd give you a call, what the hell. If you don't, ignore the call.
(she pauses the playback)
MARY BETH: Who was that?
CHRISTINE: Don't worry. I just met him.
MARY BETH: Today? Divorce day.
CHRISTINE: I was not flirting. I swear to God.
MARY BETH: He sounds young.
(she restarts the message)
TOM CORNELL: (on answer-phone) We're meeting at Mucho Gusto at eight. 55th and Third. See you there. Bye bye.
MARY BETH: Much Gusto? He is...
CHRISTINE: No. What do you think?
MARY BETH: Go. If you can't be good, be careful.
CHRISTINE: Good night.
(Mary Beth restarts her message)
HARVEY: (on answer-phone) Listen, one way or the other, you better phone me. Oh, and Alice says there's a weird message on the phone at home for you. You'll probably check it out. Bye. (she plays the home message) Yeah, I'm calling Mary Beth Lacey on behalf of her father, Martin. If you get this message meet me at Winny's this evening in Yonkers. I'm sorry, but I don't have a phone and I must talk to you. It's about your father. I hope to make your acquaintance. Thank you.

[Manhattan Street]

(Mary Beth gets off a bus opposite The Winny Bar & Grill)

[The Winny Bar & Grill]

(Mary Beth comes in. New Orleans jazz is playing)
SIMONE: (at the bar) Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: Close enough.
SIMONE: I'd given you up.
MARY BETH: What is this about?
SIMONE: Sit down a minute, sweetheart? Do you want something to warm you up?
MARY BETH: No thanks.
MARY BETH: Can I buy you a drink?
SIMONE: Oh. Thank you, darling. (to the barman) I'll have one more, please.
BARMAN: Coming right up.
SIMONE: It's cold. ...Well, your father and I, we've been living together for some time now. I hope that doesn't shock you.
MARY BETH: No. Not if you're both happy.
SIMONE: Well, he's not easy. You know this.
SIMONE: It was never a bed of roses. I know you two have had your problems. I'm having troubles with my loved ones too but I'm happy to think we'd let bygones be bygones and my sister has very kindly offered me an extension. She's extended me the offer of her apartment in Arizona. Living in New York City will take five years off your life. Last winter nearly did me in. (Mary Beth begins to look around the bar) My sister doesn't wanna have any part of Martin which is understandable. So, I thought...
MARY BETH: Where is Martin?
SIMONE: Honey, he's sitting back over there.
(Mary Beth goes back)
MARY BETH: Martin. (Martin Zzbiske is there but does not react on seeing Mary Beth. She turns back towards the bar) He doesn't recognise me. ...Ma'am! (going back to the bar) Lady!!
(Simone has gone. Mary Beth goes out onto the street. Simone has disappeared. The jazz band finishes the tune)

[Mucho Gusto}

WAITRESS: (delivering a tray of drinks) Scotch on rocks for the lady.
CHRISTINE: No, mine's a club soda?
PAUL BUSTANY: So, I decided to ask him about the car, so I said, 'Commissioner, How can you justify taking a limo to get to work? He said, flapping his arms and screaming, 'It's a sedan!. It's not a perk, it's security'.
PAM BUSTANY: Who wants to kill him?
PAUL BUSTANY: Nobody. Oh, that's what I said, 'Nobody wants to kill you, Commissioner. You're not important enough to kill'.
(they chat, particularly Pam Bustany, about the Commissioner, his wife and her drinking)
PAUL BUSTANY: So which way do you think the papers are gonna jump now? Are they gonna endorse my guy and pick a winner for a change?
PAM BUSTANY: They're not going for the DA.
CHRISTINE: Well, not so you'd notice. I did a little Press Release last year on him and nobody seemed to notice.
PAUL BUSTANY: Don't take it personally
CHRISTINE: I don't take it personally. Do you take it personally?
TOM CORNELL: You don't expect the Mayor too fail because he's got the City running so smoothly.
PAM BUSTANY: He's done us a massive favour.
(they laugh)
CHRISTINE: Well, you're all so young but I remember the last Mayor who had real charisma. (silence) What? ...John Lindsay. Why?
TOM CORNELL: I couldn't think of anyone but La Guardia.
(more laughter)
CHRISTINE: La Guardia!!!
TOM CORNELL: I know. I thought he was during the Depression!
CHRISTINE: God, Tom, just because I remember him does not mean that I voted for Fiorello La Guardia!
TOM CORNELL: My father voted for Lindsay.
CHRISTINE: Oh well, thank you, Paul.
PAUL BUSTANY: In high school.
(more laughter)
CHRISTINE: Isn't that swell? I see you all remember my favourite Governor. ...Peter Stuyvesant.
(Pam Bustany laughs)

[Lacey's lounge}

(Martin Zzbiske is bedded down on the sofa. Mary Beth, in her nightclothes. puts out the light and sits down and looks at him)

[Lacey's bedroom}

(the next morning, Mary Beth dressed for work, turns on the light and sits on the bed. Harvey stirs)
HARVEY: Morning.
MARY BETH: Morning.
HARVEY: What's wrong?
MARY BETH: You go down to the school. I think he's sick.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, He's just old. It's the shock.
MARY BETH: I'm gonna take him in to Emergency. His breathing's not right.
(the alarm goes off. She switches it off, gives Harvey a kiss on the forehead and goes)

[Emergency waiting area]

MARY BETH: (as he goes past) Doctor! I hope I was right to bring Mr. Zzbiske in.
DOCTOR NASSER: You're Mr. Zzbiske's...
MARY BETH: Daughter. Yeah. What can you tell me?
DOCTOR NASSER: I've got a few questions. What medication was he is he taking?
MARY BETH: I don't know.
DOCTOR NASSER: Is he taking any medication?
MARY BETH: He didn't have anything on him.
DOCTOR NASSER: Well, I'm gonna need a word with his physician. Who does he see?
MARY BETH: I don't know.
DOCTOR NASSER: Does he have a physician?
MARY BETH: I can't tell you that.
DOCTOR NASSER: (looking at a file) Mr. Zzbiske's residence here in Queens?
MARY BETH: Oh, no, that's my address. He spent the night. Is he all right?
DOCTOR NASSER: (putting an X-ray up) He has pneumonia. A rather severe infection in his left ear. He suffers from dementia.
MARY BETH: Dementia?
DOCTOR NASSER: He is disoriented.
MARY BETH: He didn't know me and my husband but if he's got a high fever, couldn't that account for it?
DOCTOR NASSER: I see. (looking at the file) What do you know about the bruises?
MARY BETH: Bruises?
DOCTOR NASSER: On his arms and torso.
MARY BETH: I don't know anything about bruises. (walking away) Look, Doctor,... (the doctor follows) Er, we're estranged, ...for years and years. I only saw him again last night.
DOCTOR NASSER: I see. It was a shock, I can imagine.
MARY BETH: It was a real shock.
DOCTOR NASSER: Your husband as well?
MARY BETH: We both were. Sure. I'll try to find out if he has a doctor if I can.
DOCTOR NASSER: Thank you. I'd like to get back to last night. Did you and your husband have words about your father?
MARY BETH: A fight? No.
DOCTOR NASSER: I'm just trying to explain the bruises, ma'am?
MARY BETH: Well, he's pretty unsteady. He, maybe, he fell down.
DOCTOR NASSER: Do you consider your father an intrusion on your life?
MARY BETH: I didn't hit my father, doctor, neither did my husband!
DOCTOR NASSER: Then how were they caused?
MARY BETH: I'm sorry, but I don't know how he's been living. Maybe the woman he was with knocked him around!!
DOCTOR NASSER: Would you lower your voice, please?
MARY BETH: (getting more upset) I am a retired police officer! I know the questions you should ask when you suspect domestic abuse!!! I know this. Never, ever!! Last night was the first time I've seen him in seven years. That's three times since I'm eight years old!
HOSPITAL GUARD: (coming up) Everything all right, Doctor?
MARY BETH: I'm not gonna do anything. I'm sorry for the way things look. I'm sorry I raised my voice.
MARY BETH: Lacey. Mrs. Lacey has agreed to keep her cool.
HOSPITAL GUARD: Do you think you'll be all right?

[27th Precinct front desk]

MARY BETH: Good morning, Sergeant. I'm supposed to see Captain Carbenas.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: I'm Captain Carbenas.
MARY BETH: (shaking hands) How do you do. Mary Beth Lacey. District Attorney's Office.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Yeah. Why are you here?
MARY BETH: Oh, well, er, this is part of an attempt by the DA's Office to improve communications.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Why did the DA's Office pick us?
MARY BETH: Well, er,...
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: I'd like to know what we have done to merit any kind of attention from the DA, so we can be sure of not doing it again.
MARY BETH: Have there been problems?
(they go into the office)

[Captain Carbenas's office]

CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Are you an attorney, Miss. Lacey?
(she closes the office door)
MARY BETH: Me? I'm a retired police officer. Twenty-five years in One-Four.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Oh, so you know Bert Samuels?
MARY BETH: A good man.
MARY BETH: No, he's retired.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Er, well. let me give you the picture here. Over sixty percent of our population is resident alien. We have problems with language, with witnesses who are afraid of deportation. Problems that come with thousands of men separated from their families, living too close to each other and raised not to call on the police when they get into trouble.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: So when someone comes here from the DA's Office my expectations are low. But they got off on the right foot with you. You let me know if you need anything.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Captain.

[Corridor in the DA's building]

(Mary Beth is just back from the 27th. They are walking along)
CHRISTINE: I tell you. It will make a big difference. What?
(Mary Beth is feeling her forehead)
MARY BETH: I don't like spying on police officers.
CHRISTINE: You're not spying! This is under cover. You like going under cover!
MARY BETH: Well, I like putting on the wigs and making up stories but this is going into a precinct and lying about why I'm there.
(they arrive at a door with INVESTGATOR, M. B. LACEY on it. Chris opens the door)

[Mary Beth's office]

(they go in and Chris closes the door. There is a large vase of flowers on a desk)
MARY BETH: What do I need an office for?
CHRISTINE: For me. Well, you know how you're always saying the sky should be the limit for me in police work.
MARY BETH: True. In terms of talent I never met anyone better.
CHRISTINE: And I have done everything to run away from that potential, have I not? And I'm always acting as if I have all the time in the world for everything. Well, I don't. So I am putting the message down that I am serious. Politics and all. Every stick of furniture and every new phone line is a vote of confidence.
MARY BETH: (taking the key to the office which Chris holds up) OK.
CHRISTINE: I've left a sheet here with the officers that I want you get in contact with. I'll be getting the personnel files later but you can start on that. (Mary Beth is looking very vague) Are you all right?
MARY BETH: My father's back in my life.
CHRISTINE: Oh, Mary Beth, that's great!
MARY BETH: How is that great?
CHRISTINE: Are you speaking to him?
MARY BETH: Yeah we're speaking.
CHRISTINE: This is good! Obviously you have mixed emotions about it, but I think it's good! I'd give anything to spend another day with my Pop.
MARY BETH: That's two different things, Christine. Completely!
CHRISTINE: But it's not. He's your father! It's good you're seeing him. ...How is he?
MARY BETH: He's good.
(Chris leaves)

[27th Precinct squad room]

UNIFORMED OFFICER: I'm not a his keeper, Angela. I don't know why your boyfriend hasn't called.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: His manager says Giac is sick. I wanna know how he is feeling. Forget it. All right.
UNIFORMED OFFICER: I'd be happy to. If Giac wants to call you, he'll call you.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: (to Mary Beth) This is a restricted area.
MARY BETH: Oh, yeah. I got the CO's permission. Officer Lum?
MARY BETH: Mary Beth Lacey, District Attorney's Office.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: (shaking hands) Nice to meet you.
MARY BETH: I'm operating a workshop this week on DA/PD relations and I was wondering if you would be my focus here. I don't know a soul here and I got you name off of this report that was filed a couple of days ago. Er, ...the seventh and it is a very good example of well-written report. I was wondering if I could use it in my workshop.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: Oh, what report is that?
MARY BETH: The young Chinese homicide victim. You found him in the ...what?.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: The dumpster. (looking through it) Er. pretty interesting report. It's a usual area for homicide.
MARY BETH: Did you recognise the victim?
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: No. Er, he was dressed like a lascar the....
MARY BETH: Off the boat.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: But, er, I think he'd been here a while, and he was making money.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: Or, you see a guy comes in this country. Thousands of dollars to get them a passage. They won't spend a dime on a haircut. They cut each other's hair. (pointing to the report) Because his hair was styled. And you see he had one of those eyebrow things (indicating her forehead) you know, go right across. But it was plucked right here.
MARY BETH: Then why didn't any of that make the report?
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: 'Cos it's speculating. I thought we were supposed to keep the report the book.
MARY BETH: Right you are. I knew I was right to look you up. So, are you ready to see me now?
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: Sure thing. Come on.

[Chris's office/Hospital reception area]

CHRISTINE: (into phone) That's Lum. L. U. M?
MARY BETH: (on phone) Yes.
MARY BETH: She was at the scene.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. Pull her jacket.
MARY BETH: I'll come in in the morning and go over the files with you.
CHRISTINE: I was going to stay another hour. Why don't you come in? We'll do it now.
MARY BETH: I can't. Sorry.
(she rings off)

[Hospital reception desk]

NURSING ASSISTANT: Who are you looking for?
MARY BETH: I wanted to know how Mr. Zzbiske is.
NURSING ASSISTANT: Go and see him. That way. Stick your head in.
MARY BETH: I don't wanna disturb him. I just wanna know how he is.
NURSING ASSISTANT: Beverly, the RN, she's with him now. Just go ahead in.
MARY BETH: I'll wait.
MARY BETH: I'll wait.

[Laceys' kitchen]

HARVEY: (over pots and pans on the stove) Eleven and half minutes. OK? It's all done. (Mary Beth comes home. To Alice as he pours spaghetti into a strainer) Oh, my God, there's enough there for an army. (seeing Mary Beth) Hey, I got the timing right. Eh?
MARY BETH: (as Harvey pours the spaghetti into a bowl) He's responded to the antibiotics. They're still giving him oxygen.
HARVEY: Tube up his nose?
MARY BETH: I guess. And they bathed the ear.
ALICE: (carrying the bowl) Yo!!!
MARY BETH: Don't 'Yo'. You used to get ear infections all the time.
MARY BETH: (to Alice) Take that inside.
HARVEY: (quietly to Mary Beth) Is he happy?
MARY BETH: I didn't ask.
HARVEY: Didn't you see him?
MARY BETH: It wasn't a good time.

[Lacey's dining room]

(the next morning)
MARY BETH: What's that you're wearing?
ALICE: Daddy said I should wear pants if I'm gonna play kick ball.
MARY BETH: Daddy's right. I forgot.
ALICE: How many grandpoppas do I have?
MARY BETH: One. Where did you hear that word?
ALICE: I told Becky that Martin was at our house and she said that she had three grandpoppas but some have skedaddled.
MARY BETH: You have one.
ALICE: Does Martin like me?
MARY BETH: He never had the pleasure of knowing you. Don't you think knowing a person has something to do with loving them?
ALICE: I love him.
ALICE: Because... (holding a card up) See?
MARY BETH: Is that for Martin? Very nice. 'Love. Love. Love.' Do you know what love is, darling? Love is your Daddy remembering that you had kick ball today. You had to where pants. But you don't think about that, do ya!! 'Cos your Daddy is always there! Where's the card with kisses for Daddy?! When was the last time that you made one for him?!
ALICE: Saturday.
(she runs into the kitchen, takes a card off the fridge and runs back with it and gives it to Mary Beth)
HARVEY: Morning.
MARY BETH: Harvey, why didn't you show me this?! (stroking Alice's head) Very nice.

[Chris's office]

(there is a knock at the door)
CHRISTINE: Come on in!
(Mary Beth comes in. Douglas Trayne is there)
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: So I gave him my advice. Can you imagine wearing a black tie on the day you're gonna announce for Mayor?
(Chris laughs)
MARY BETH: I'm sorry, Chris.
CHRISTINE: No, no! Mary Beth, come on in.
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth) What's up?
MARY BETH: I've come in to look at the personnel files on the Two-Seven.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: I've got 'em right here. (putting them down on Chris's desk) I'll need these back before one.
CHRISTINE: OK, I'll send them back.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: (chuckling as he leaves) A black tie.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, These are pure gold. Sit down! (she goes and closes the office door) Gigi Carbenas is a lesbian. Her girl friend got into big trouble because someone snitched her giving police business away. Anyway she was cleared!
MARY BETH: Do you think that's any of our concern?
CHRISTINE: Course not!! It's just fun to know!
MARY BETH: This is everybody's nightmare, you know that don't you?
CHRISTINE: I'm sure she's doing her job well.
MARY BETH: People snooping around the confidential files like they're a Jackie Collins' novel. Joshing and giggling over private peoples' stuff. IRS secretaries, FBI clerks, people in doctors' offices. How would you people sniffing over your medical history!
CHRISTINE: Would you just lighten up. It's just stitching me! I went over the names you gave me. I pulled the people with the worst records. I've got a fifteen-year veteran who's been suspended twice. He likes to use his baton. An officer who's just transferred to the Twenty-Seventh. He does moonlighting in a topless bar on the Island.
CHRISTINE: Well the bar is owned by a Chinese landlord who's done time for pandering.
CHRISTINE: There's a fair amount of drugs and alcohol rehab, including Angela Lum, by the way.
MARY BETH: Does that make the Twenty-Seventh any different than any other precinct?
CHRISTINE: Well, until we get a lead elsewhere that matches up with somebody else's personal hist...! (the phone goes. Into phone) Cagney! ..Oh, hi. ...Er, actually it isn't a good time. ...Yeah. Yeah, let me call you back. ...Five minutes. ...OK. Right.
(she rings off)
MARY BETH: You run across somebody named Jacques?
MARY BETH: No. Like in French. J, A, C, Q, U, E, S.
CHRISTINE: No, I would remember a Jacques. Why?
CHRISTINE: I heard the name yesterday. It stuck in my brain. I'll try and get their full name. (Mary Beth picks up the files and goes towards the door. Shouting after Mary Beth) Oh! Hey! Watch the news tonight. Our guy's announcing.
(Mary Beth leaves. Chris dials)

[Piano bar]

DISTRICT ATTORNEY: (on TV) Zero tolerance. Zero tolerance for drugs. Zero tolerance for corruption. Zero tolerance for business heads.
PAM BUSTANY: That's good fellow you've got there.
CHRISTINE: Oh, thank you. That's what I thought.
TOM CORNELL: Zero tolerance for charisma.
CHRISTINE: He is a good man, Tom.
TOM CORNELL: Well, he's got the Elmer Fudd vote, I've gotta hand it to him.
CHRISTINE: (to Trayne) What do you think of the zero tolerance?
CHRISTINE: There's big bucks for it.
PAM BUSTANY: Listen, you're watching a bunch of also-rans.
CHRISTINE: Zero tolerance. With that word!
PAM BUSTANY: You'd think that a man who wants to take control of the City would come up with something a little more unique.
TOM CORNELL: Anybody ever hear of a DA who had to keep reminding people about it?
CHRISTINE: You wish.
TOM CORNELL: He's running a classic ...female campaign.
CHRISTINE: I beg your pardon?
TOM CORNELL: It's classic. It's twisting women's chances.
CHRISTINE: Ha. If he could only do so well.
TOM CORNELL: He's gotta look so tough.

[Manhattan street]

TOM CORNELL: You don't drink now.
CHRISTINE: You're not kidding?
TOM CORNELL: Not the last time I looked.
TOM CORNELL: I was wondering if I take you to a gin palace...
CHRISTINE: Oh, that's all right. I've been on the wagon for seven years. Hey, I had a good time but clearly nobody else did! (seeing a cab coming along she hails it) Hey! (Tom whistles the cab and it pulls up) It's been fun. I had a great time. ...Er, I had a great time!! Oh, I'm sorry, I'm out of practice.
TOM CORNELL: I had a great time too.
CHRISTINE: Are we finished talking?
TOM CORNELL: Not really.
CHRISTINE: Would you like to continue this at my place?
TOM CORNELL: I can't. Good night.
CHRISTINE: (disappointed) Good night.
(he opens the cab door and she gets in)

[Hospital reception]

NURSING ASSISTANT: (coming up to Mary Beth as she arrives) Mr. Zzbiske, right?
NURSING ASSISTANT: He's gone. ...Someone was supposed to call you. ...They put him on the other side when he stabilised.
NURSING ASSISTANT: He's stable. so they put him in a different room.
MARY BETH: He's all right?
NURSING ASSISTANT: Yeah, he's doing good. (into phone) Yeah. Where's Mr. Zzbiske at? (to Mary Beth) I'm just getting you the number. (into phone) Right. OK. (she rings off) Five-oh-three. That way.

[Hospital room 503]

(Mary Beth comes in. Martin Zzbiske is sound asleep. She gets out Alice's card and puts it on the bed and leaves quietly)

[Corridor outside room 503]

(Mary Beth goes up to a woman with a trolley of linen)
MARY BETH: Pardon me. Mr. Zzbiske in five-oh-three. He's gonna need a shave.
HOSPITAL ASSITANT: I'll make a note for the morning.
MARY BETH: Thank you very much. Good night.

[Manhattan Street]

(Mary Beth drives up, sees Chris and toots. She parks and gets out)
CHRISTINE: Well, it would have been a whole lot easier if Angela had said the man's name was Giac instead of Jacques.
MARY BETH: A diminutive of Giacomo.
CHRISTINE: Giac. Right?
MARY BETH: Oh. Wow. Giac.
CHRISTINE: When I said it, my enunciation was very clear. Giac.
MARY BETH: Oh, no. That was my fault.
CHRISTINE: (as they come up to a front door) Let's hope she's there.
MARY BETH: I don't like that she called in sick today.
CHRISTINE: Do you think she's gonna disappear?
MARY BETH: Oh they're coincidences, that's all.
(Chris rings the doorphone)
ANGELA LUM: (on the doorphone) Yeah?
MARY BETH: (into doorphone) Angela. Hey, it's Mary Beth Lacey. Can I come up? ...Angela.
(the door opens)
CHRISTINE: Good decision, Angela.

[Angela Lum's apartment]

MARY BETH: This is Lieutenant Chris Cagney.
CHRISTINE: (shaking her hand) Officer Lum.
ANGELA LUM: Come in.
MARY BETH: Oh, this is nice.
ANGELA LUM: Yeah, I took a chance.
MARY BETH: Bet it costs a lot of money. (taking her notebook out) What do you pay, if don't mind my asking?
ANGELA LUM: Eight seventy-five.
CHRISTINE: In this location, that is nice.
ANGELA LUM: Am I gonna lose it?
ANGELA LUM: My Manhattan fantasy. It's the best apartment I've ever had.
MARY BETH: What makes you think you're gonna lose it?
ANGELA LUM: She's from Internal Affairs, isn't she?
MARY BETH: No. We're both with the DA.
ANGELA LUM: But you're looking into that homicide case, aren't you? (Mary Beth is making notes. There is a long silence) Yeah. Right. I don't have anything to say.
MARY BETH: (showing her notebook) Chris, would you read this for me. (to Angela) We've worked together for so long. She reads my writing better than I do. Could I have a glass of water, please?
MARY BETH: (holding up the notebook) Is that a G or is it a six.
CHRISTINE: It's a six. Thank you. (as Angela gives her the water) Thanks.
MARY BETH: Do you wanna take a minute and think this over? It's a pretty big deal, not cooperating.
(after a long pause for thought she goes to a kitchen cupboard and takes something out of tea caddy)
ANGELA LUM: This is everything.
MARY BETH: (taking it) What is that?
ANGELA LUM: A key tag.
(Mary Beth passes it to Chris)
CHRISTINE: (reads the inscription) 'Virginia is for Lovers'.
ANGELA LUM: It was on the ground, near the dumpster.
CHRISTINE: Why would you steal evidence?
ANGELA LUM: I wouldn't, never. (she takes something down off the top of the cupboard) These are mine.
CHRISTINE: (looking at them) It's the same tag.
ANGELA LUM: I just assumed that it was mine. I popped it into my blouse pocket. Kept working. I didn't even register what I was doing. When I got home, used my keys, I saw that I hadn't lost my tag.
CHRISTINE: So you turned it in? (no reply) Angela, what's your problem.
ANGELA LUM: I thought I knew whose it was. I know they must have made a million of these but ...I wanted to check.
MARY BETH: Where is this Giacomo? Is this his?
ANGELA LUM: I think so. ...I can't get Giac to call me.

[Outside No. 43]

(Mary Beth is banging on the door. She looks through the window)
MARY BETH: Mr. di Giacomo!
(Chris waits by the car. Mary Beth goes next door. Chris goes to a house across the road)

[Outside No. 42]

MRS. PALMIERO [OC]: Who's knocking?
CHRISTINE: Christine Cagney.
MRS. PALMIERO: (an elderly woman in huge spectacles opens the door) Hi. Do I know you?
CHRISTINE: No, Ma'am. I'm looking for one of your neighbours. Have you seen Giac lately?
MRS. PALMIERO: Across the street?
CHRISTINE: Yes, ma'am.
MRS. PALMIERO: This is ridiculous. Come inside please.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.

[Inside No. 42]

CHRISTINE: None of us has seen Giac for over a week. Does he always leave his porch light on?

[In the car outside No. 43]

MARY BETH: Nobody on this side of the street has seen him in days and it's impossible to see into the house.
CHRISTINE: Let me tell you straight how I saw it and you tell me if it matters. He barely scratched through the Academy. His career is marginal. He has problems with every sergeant he works with. But he takes the Detectives' Exam and he scores through the roof. Now they throw out the results but they let him take the Test again.
CHRISTINE: He decides not to take it.
MARY BETH: You think he sounds like a cheat?
CHRISTINE: OK, one of us should...
(there is a banging at the car window and the face of Mrs. Palmiero is hard against it which scares Chris)
CHRISTINE: Oh!!! God!! What?!
MRS. PALMIERO: The boat is gone. I thought I'd tell you.
CHRISTINE: What boat?!
MRS. PALMIERO: Your friend's. A big, ugly boat. He keeps it all Winter in the drive.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
CHRISTINE: (as Mrs. Palmiero leaves) Really?
MARY BETH: What the heck was that?


(Chris is knocking on the top of the cabin of a sporty cruiser)
CHRISTINE: Giac! (inviting Mary Beth to sep aboard) After you. (as Mary Beth takes her shoes off) Don't worry about it, Mary Beth,
MARY BETH: It's practically a crime scene.
CHRISTINE: Practically is the operative word.

[On the boat]

MARY BETH: (banging her head) Oh!
(Chris follows)
MARY BETH: I'd better check down there.
CHRISTINE: Below. They call it 'Below'.
CHRISTINE: (knocking on the cabin door) Giac!

[In the cabin]

MARY BETH: (seeing clothes scattered on the bed) Well, he's here. At least, I thought he was.
CHRISTINE: Did you hear that?
MARY BETH: Yes. It's the boat knocking on the pier.
CHRISTINE: No. It's not on the pier side.

[On the boat]

MARY BETH: (as they come up) No, it's probably a lobster pot. You know. What do you call it? A crab trap?
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Captain Nemo.
MARY BETH: Sorry, Chris.
(Chris starts to haul a line up out of the water. The bottom of a boot and a trouser leg appear. The body has been weighted down)


(NYPD is there in force. A hearse awaits the body which is loaded up)
DETECTIVE TSU: Did you see the Judgement of Hand.
CHRISTINE: What? He was left-handed?
DETECTIVE TSU: Somebody cut off his hand.
MARY BETH: They cut of his hand?
DETECTIVE TSU: Yeah. I gotta go. There's the CO.
(Detective Tsu goes over to Captain Gigi Carbenas)
MARY BETH: That's Gigi Carbenas.
CHRISTINE: Let's go.
MARY BETH: No. She's not happy.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Detective Tsu, what have you got?

[Chris's car/Mary Beth's car]

CHRISTINE: (into cellphone) So that was Captain Carbenas. She looks like a woman who could hold her own.
MARY BETH: (into cellphone) Not Funny, Christine.
CHRISTINE: They cut off hands for someone stealing things. Is that right?
CHRISTINE: So, what was Giac stealing?
MARY BETH: Chris, I don't like not seeing your face when we talk. Do we have to have separate offices? I feel ridiculous in that room.
CHRISTINE: You'd feel ridiculous if you were spying on your own in that car. Am I right?
MARY BETH: Possibly.

[Hospital room 503]

(the TV channel is white snow. Mary Beth turns it off which wakes Martin Zzbiske up)
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Oh! Ah. What's wrong?
MARY BETH: I'm sorry, I thought you were asleep.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Was that wrong?
MARY BETH: How are you feeling?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: I feel good. How are you feeling?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Oh. You look good.
MARY BETH: Thanks.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Can I ask you something?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: What kind of place is this?
MARY BETH: It's a hospital.
MARY BETH: You've got one or two things.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Well, I'll be damned.
MARY BETH: Don't you feel sick?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: No, I feel good.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: I just don't like not knowing where the hell I am.
MARY BETH: You? The Happy Wanderer.
MARY BETH: You can't stand the old familiar places.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Ah. Ah, that's the other guy.
MARY BETH: Who? What other guy?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: The guy with the hat.
PHYLLIS LOGAN RN: (coming in) How ya doing, Martin?
PHYLLIS LOGAN RN: Oh, you've got your daughter here. Maybe your daughter will help you finish your dinner. Does that sound like a plan?
(the nurse goes)
MARY BETH: Well, let's see what you've got here. (as Martin chuckles) What? What's so funny?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: (continuing to chuckle) You're my daughter!
MARY BETH: I guess you're right. Sweet corn, rice and ...your guess is as good as mine. What do you want?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Whatever, I guess ...and no.

[Laceys' bedroom]

(they are making the bed)
MARY BETH: The last thing to go was the charm. You should have seen him.
HARVEY: Listen, he didn't know who you were. You'd rely on the basics too. Be nice. Talk nice. Don't argue and all the strangers wouldn't hurt you.
HARVEY: What are you gonna do when he's better?
MARY BETH: Hey, slow down.
HARVEY: You've gotta think about it, I mean, when the hospital decides he's OK, he's gonna be out on the sidewalk like that.
MARY BETH: Nobody's putting him on the street.
HARVEY: No, they'll put him in the first convalescent home with an open bed.
MARY BETH: Then, fine! That'll be fine!!
(she storms out. Harvey bangs his forehead)

[Manhattan street]

(in the evening. A cab draws up. Tom Cornell opens the door and Chris gets out)
TOM CORNELL: Pam and Paul won't be here. Pam's gotta work late.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I talked to her this afternoon and she said she had a deadline she had to meet.
TOM CORNELL: Well, I thought we'd take a break from the same old, same old. Is this place OK?
CHRISTINE: Actually, I don't eat a lot of steak.
TOM CORNELL: Then what are we doing here?
(they walk off)
CHRISTINE: No problem?
TOM CORNELL: No, change was never a problem with me.
CHRISTINE: You like people that get it out?
TOM CORNELL: Yeah. Don't you?
CHRISTINE: Absolutely. ...So, Tom, what's going on here?
CHRISTINE: Well, we seem to get along in every department ...but one. Is that er, off the horizon? So, tell me about the war, Tom.
TOM CORNELL: There's a Jamaican jerk place between First and Second. Do you like jerks?
CHRISTINE: I like jerks very much. A big jerk who changes the subject. What's going on?
TOM CORNELL: We can't sleep together, Chris.
CHRISTINE: What!!! Why?!
TOM CORNELL: I'm used to starting from there, but knowing that, I just decided it would be counter productive to do the mutual respect thing. ... I just thought it'd be easier to stop if we never got started. Don't you think?
CHRISTINE: Why can't we sleep together?
TOM CORNELL: It's too embarrassing.
CHRISTINE: Are you gay?
TOM CORNELL: Would you find that loathsome?
CHRISTINE: Not at all. Are you?
CHRISTINE: I didn't think so.
TOM CORNELL: Listen, I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who's made mistakes in the area of sex.
CHRISTINE: You're not the only person or couple who's made those mistakes. (stopping) Do you wanna swap interesting stories?
TOM CORNELL: As long as you're not looking at me.
CHRISTINE: (turning her face away) OK. (she starts walking again) Go ahead. So, the stuff I could tell you. The coyote mornings when you have to turn off the alarm and wake the person next to you. The recurring search for where you left your car the night before.
TOM CORNELL: OK, I went down to one of these bars last month and (he stops) I came back with this ...thing.
CHRISTINE: (she looks him in the eye) A treatable thing?
TOM CORNELL: Oh, completely and I'm in the midst of treatment and I'll be as good as new. You better have some good tales, lady.

[Laceys' lounge]

(it is 3 AM in the morning. Mary Beth is doing some ironing)
HARVEY: (coming in) It's all right, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: What is that supposed to mean?
HARVEY: What you're feeling about Martin.
MARY BETH: Thank you, but no thanks.
HARVEY: You're not yourself. Let me hold you.
MARY BETH: Harvey, if I wanted to be held I wouldn't be ironing. He was unfaithful.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, he's not gonna be your father for you forever. If the kids don't know they have a grandfather now they never will. Your head knows that.
MARY BETH: You told me to make up with him. Over the years you were probably right, Harve.
HARVEY: (going to hold her) Forget about it, babe.
MARY BETH: No, Harvey, no. Let me alone!
(he goes back to bed)

[Laceys' bedroom]

(the next morning)
HARVEY: (to Mary Beth in the bathroom doing her makeup) Good morning.
MARY BETH: The alarm didn't go off. She's gonna be late for school.
HARVEY: I took her. Let you sleep in.
MARY BETH: Appreciated.
HARVEY: Taking her found me the paper.
HARVEY: Yeah, look at this.
(he holds up the headline)
MARY BETH: 'To Protect Hand Sever'.
HARVEY: I don't think it's funny. I mean, no matter how rotten this guy was, he was a cop. They've got no business with this headline. Now listen to this. 'In a City already bleeding from a reputation for corruptions, the brutal slaying Officer Leonard di, er...'.
MARY BETH: di Giacomo.
HARVEY: '...di Giacomo discovered handless and frozen yesterday maybe the unkindest cut of all'.
HARVEY: 'An investigation by The Globe reveals that di Giacomo may be linked to the death of an unidentified man early this week. di Giacomo was assigned to the notorious Twenty-Seventh Precinct...'.
MARY BETH: Notorious? Which one?
HARVEY: 'which, according to records obtained exclusively by The Globe, appears to be the Department's dumping ground for misfits of every stripe...'.
HARVEY: ' by a homosexual Commanding Officer who herself has faced accusations of misconduct'.
MARY BETH: Wait a second. Go back, Harvey. Does that say 'according to records'?
HARVEY: 'which, according to records obtained exclusively by The Globe'.
MARY BETH: Douglas Trayne.
HARVEY: Is he quoted in the story? No, no, he's not. 'An Assistant District Attorney, who asked to remain unidentified'.

[Manhattan street]

MARY BETH: ...unproven allegations. They've got nothing to do with these murders. Nothing!
CHRISTINE: Let's get this straight. There's another side to the story. Let's stick to the facts. To us it's two unsolved murders. To them it's a rotten precinct story. It's not one of those 'What's not working in the City' or 'Where was the DA?' story.

[Lift in the DA's building]

CHRISTINE: (arriving with Mary Beth as the doors close) Hold it!
(they get in. there is woman between them)
MARY BETH: I know who it is. (lowering her voice) Who leaked those files.
CHRISTINE: You do not!
MARY BETH: I do, Chris. It's the ADA who's quoted in the story. He's campaigning for reform and he had access to the files. Douglas Trayne. Douglas Trayne. In any case, I never liked him. He's a lawyer, for God's sake! Those were confidential records.


MARY BETH: (as they get out of the lift) All right, I'm gonna tell him what I think of him.
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth heads off) Conference, Mary Beth!

[Ladies room]

CHRISTINE: Don't do it. He's gonna deny it. He's gonna resent you for accusing him.
MARY BETH: Too bad. Douglas Trayne won't be my best friend. I could live with his resentment.
CHRISTINE: Then think about me?! You're the one who's gonna go and blast him. I'm the one who's gonna get the heat. Look we serve at his pleasure. It's OK for you until Harvey's back in a good job. Just kick this off. I'm serious, I can help our causes. Wrapping my career in politics is part of my deal.
CHRISTINE: And as politics goes this isn't that big a deal.
MARY BETH: Your political friends are responsible for broad-brushing an entire precinct full of police officers. It is the very biggest sort of a deal!!
CHRISTINE: They didn't cut off a guy's hand! Back off!! (a bag lady comes out of a WC and leaves) Look, the best thing we can do now is find out why di Giacomo was killed. Do you wanna work?
MARY BETH: Of course I wanna work.
CHRISTINE: Let's go back over the evidence we just have. We found a bankbook and a Jersey driver's licence for a Robert Dorey.
MARY BETH: I don't get it.
CHRISTINE: The first victim was found with two different sets of ID on him. A Green Card and a Jersey driver's licence. Didn't you say that the Twenty-Seventh was full of immigrants?
MARY BETH: Sixty percent.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. I'm gonna run it by Bunko. I may even call INS. Do you wanna go back to the precinct?
MARY BETH: If they let me in.
CHRISTINE: Hey, your father's in the hospital!
CHRISTINE: I called your apartment. Harvey told me.
CHRISTINE: Well, you didn't mention it. (shouting after her as she goes) Is he gonna be OK?!!!
MARY BETH: (coming back) He'll be fine.

[Gigi Carbenas's office}

CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: I have a message for the District Attorney. Two can play at this game.
MARY BETH: Yes, Captain. I don't know that the District Attorney is responsible for that article.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: I don't care what you know. This precinct is off-limits to you. Now my officers have been instructed to cooperate with Homicide and Internal Affairs until I am satisfied that the DA's is going to stop playing politics with the lives of my people, his representatives, you hear, are not welcome in this precinct! Get it?
MARY BETH: Yes. The release those documents is an outrage.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: In the light of this investigation, I don't need your outrage.
MARY BETH: Yes, ma'am.


(Angela Lum is sitting drinking a coffee and reading the paper. Mary Beth sees her from outside and comes in)
MARY BETH: Angela. (holding out her hand) I'm so sorry.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: (shaking the hand) Don't be sorry for me. I was an idiot about Giac. I was in love with the guy. I didn't like all the scams.
MARY BETH: Can I sit down?
MARY BETH: Scams, you say. Angela, did Giac ever offer to get you a fake ID?
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: How did you know about that?
MARY BETH: He did?
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: A driver's licence. I mean, he knew how petrified I was about the test. Everybody here knows. Last time I had to take a test three times before I passed. He just said 'Forget about it' and got me one.
MARY BETH: From Jersey?
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: Yeah. Can I tell you about something as well that stuck in my brain.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: I was out on patrol one night. I remember this guy coming up to the car. Sort of trotting up, rather late. And Giac reached up to turn, what do you call it, the door light on, and then just switched it right off. The guy just spun around and ran off. It was so strange, I remember.
MARY BETH: I don't get it.
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: This guy was not a friend. And with the light on he could see that Giac wasn't alone in the car. Giac must have wanted to warn him off. That's what I think.
MARY BETH: Did you recognise this guy?
OFFICER ANGELA LUM: No, it's the first time I ever saw him. But when they brought him in a couple of months later, I recognised him.

[Chris's office}

MARY BETH: (putting a photograph in front of Chris) His name is Seymour Cole. He's doing time in Fort Knox.
CHRISTINE: For what?
MARY BETH: Armed robbery. Office equipment. Twenty thousand dollars worth of four-coloured toner cartridges.
CHRISTINE: What's that?
MARY BETH: It's toner for copying machines. Big laser copiers? The toner was for copying machines, they're so new, they barely got on the market. So Cole leaves two copiers, only the takes the cartridges. You're right about them being forgers, I know you are. Are you going out tonight?
CHRISTINE: No. I didn't hear from Tom today.
MARY BETH: Oh. ...Oh.
CHRISTINE: It's all right, I just didn't hear. He's a busy guy and I'm a busy girl.
MARY BETH: Are you on an even keel?
CHRISTINE: What's that supposed to mean?! About Tom?!
MARY BETH: About Tom. About you.
CHRISTINE: I'm OK. ...I did some drinking this summer.
MARY BETH: I know.
CHRISTINE: What do you mean 'You know'? How did you know? I only drank at ...night.
MARY BETH: I knew when you were drinking and now I know you're not.
(Chris's phone goes)
CHRISTINE: You knew. (into phone) Cagney. ...Yes sir. ...Yes, we've got some information. Could you hold on just a moment, please? (to Mary Beth after putting her hand over the mouthpiece) Douglas Trayne. If we broke this case he has a position in mind, so I'm gonna take up the challenge and see what happens.

[Federal Office Building}

(Chris and Mary Beth stand by waiting)
TREASURY AGENT WHITTLESY: ADA Trayne, meet Bob Cortez, Associate Director of...
BOB CORTEZ: Managing Director...
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: (shaking Cortez's hand) Congratulations.
BOB CORTEZ: Managing Director of Atlantic States Metro North Division.
RON MENDRYCK: So what's the matter, Ben, didn't you think we had enough agencies working here?
TREASURY AGENT WHITTLESY: Our old friend, Terry Locati from INS.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: (shaking Locati's hand) Yeah, we've spoken.
TREASURY AGENT WHITTLESY: Special Agent Randall Mark, New York States Passports, on organised crime.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: (shaking Randall's hand) Hi, Randall.
TREASURY AGENT WHITTLESY: And you know Detective Tsu. (to Tsu) Did I get it right?
TREASURY AGENT WHITTLESY: NYPD Homicide. And Captain Gigi Carbenas of the Twenty-Seventh. (she looks at Trayne hostilely) Everyone, if we can take or seats, we can begin the briefing. (striding to the front) Now I've asked these locals to join us because their investigations impacted on our project, code-named Bogus. You locals came in time for all the fun. Bogus is the single largest source of counterfeit documents operating in the country. They play on immigrant populations who are in the country illegally and they have proven themselves to be ruthless in their response to less organised Mom and Pop forgers. The death and dismemberment of Leonard di Giacomo is further proof of their viciousness. It's due to work of the unit in the (nodding towards the duo) DA's Office, the connection with Bogus was made.
MARY BETH: Pardon me, sir.
MARY BETH: Mary Beth Lacey, with the District Attorney. I just wanna clear up the record. The connection was made due a great lead provided by a Patrol Officer in the Twenty-Seventh Precinct, not the DA's Department. That's just for the record.
TREASURY AGENT WHITTLESY: All right. Let's go over the plans for tomorrow's action. Zero eight hundred hours tomorrow Eastern Time, Agents will gather in seven locations.

[Agency vehicle garage compound}

(Mary Beth arrives and Chris greets her with a coffee. They are wearing Police, Federal Agent jackets. Other agency officers are there)
MARY BETH: (as Chris hands her a go-cup) You don't want one?
CHRISTINE: Yours. Coffee with.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: (coming up) Lacey.
MARY BETH: Yes, ma'am. Captain Carbenas, this is Lieutenant Christine Cagney.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Lieutenant. So, good luck today.
(Chris goes off)
MARY BETH: This is some set up, huh?
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Look, this isn't exactly an apology.
MARY BETH: No, Captain, you don't have anything to apologise for.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: (holding up a hand) No, you should know. Right before we had words, I'd heard that I'd fallen out of contention for an appointment I had high hopes for.
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Well, the Law Enforcement Oversight Board isn't exactly the Supreme Court but I kind of took it pretty hard so ...I guess this is an apology. Sorry.
MARY BETH: No, er,... The LEO Board. Is that what you're talking about?
CAPTAIN GIGI CARBENAS: Right. (Mary Beth shakes head and smiles to herself and holds her head in her hand) Oh, don't worry, Lacey, it's only a career.
CHRISTINE: (shouting out) Come on! Load up! Let's go!!
MARY BETH: (as Gigi Carbenas walks away) Yes, ma'am.
CHRISTINE: (beckoning to Mary Beth) Come on! (Mary Beth walks right past Chris. After Mary Beth) What? (Mary Beth turns and stares at Chris) What?! ...Whatever. We'll talk about it later?!
MARY BETH: You've got that right.
(the duo loads in to the third of a convoy of unmarked vans. The convoy arrives at one of the locations. Armed and other officers spread out)

[Large office}

(there are six or more people and at least two large laser copier machines. A man carries a box of four-coloured toner cartridges. The officers burst in. The occupants are apprehended)

[Office corridor}

(one occupant has got out. Chris has noticed and chases after him. She checks rooms along the corridor and then hears a sound in a room)

[Store room}

(she comes in and spots a dustsheet covering something. A light pull above is gently swinging)
CHRISTINE: Show me your hands. Your hands! I need to see your hands! Both of 'em!! Get 'em up!! ...Both of 'em up!! Up!!!
(the hands emerge from underneath the dustsheet. Chris pulls the dustsheet off. As she goes to cuff him he shows a knife. She tries to pin him down but he struggles and she cries out as he turns her over. He raises the knife)
MARY BETH: Freeze you bastard!!! Don't move!! Don't you breathe. (she reaches up for the knife) Let it go. (she takes the knife from his upraised hand and then kicks him to the floor. To Chris) Where's your cut? (Chris whimpers holding her arm) Talk to me, Chris.
CHRISTINE: (shouts) I'm OK!!

[Outside he office building]

(a paramedic finishes bandaging Chris's arm)
MARY BETH: Did he give you something for pain?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I'm fine. Would you talk to me?!
MARY BETH: No, it'll keep.
MARY BETH: You read those files, Christine. Don't tell me. There's gonna be an investigation and I won't lie for you so don't tell me to.
CHRISTINE: There's not gonna be any investigation.
MARY BETH: You did it! You let me think it was Doug Trayne. You shipped me off to Siberia, that was part of it too. You let a whole precinct full of police officers get their reputations torched and you humiliated one of the only handful of women in this City that worked their way up to Captain!
CHRISTINE: I did not reveal her file! I'm for girls! I was the one who was humiliated.
MARY BETH: She's not to blame and you know it, so will you listen?!
CHRISTINE: It wasn't personal. Come on, you've known me for so long. Come on! You know me.
MARY BETH: I don't know you.
CHRISTINE: It's not that you don't know, it's what you've got to do.
MARY BETH: That's right. I'm so small-time, I don't understand how doing something wrong can be right.
CHRISTINE: Just go on home, Mary Beth!
MARY BETH: I'm going.
CHRISTINE: Just go home to big Harvey and little Alice and forget how the real world goes!!
MARY BETH: (coming back) I'm done with you. I thought I'd owe you for Harvey's life forever. I owe you nothing anymore.
CHRISTINE: Sorry about that. (Mary Beth walks away again) I'm sorry. (shouting after her) Hey, I'm sorry!! What do you want from me!!! (after Mary Beth has gone, she sits down) Oh, I hate this crap.
(she puts her head in her hands and begins to cry)

[Hospital room 503]

MARY BETH: (as she comes in) How ya doing?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: There you are!
MARY BETH: I'm late. I'm sorry.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: How the hell is my favourite gal.
MARY BETH: Hm. Well. Want a little dinner?
MARY BETH: Are you sure?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Ha, ha. I'm sure.
MARY BETH: (taking the cover off the plate) Mm. Macaroni cheese.
(she turns away and hold her forehead)
MARTIN ZZBISKE: What's the matter?
MARY BETH: Nothing.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Sit down. Come on, sit down.
MARY BETH: (in a broken voice, sitting on the bed) I just lost a friend. ...My friend.
MARY BETH: You think you know a person. I mean, we're different but... at heart I thought we knew who each other was. ...And that's gone now.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Don't worry. You've got me.
MARY BETH: What did you say?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: You can always count on me.
MARY BETH: (half laughing) That's right, Martin. (laughing) I can always count on you!
(she laugh out loud and puts her head on his shoulder. He puts his arm round her)

[Laceys' lounge]

(Mary Beth comes home)
HARVEY: Mary Beth?
HARVEY: The bust was on the national news.
HARVEY: Yeah. They showed it in Texas and Florida. I taped it.
MARY BETH: Is Alice asleep?
HARVEY: Yeah. She wants you to read her history homework.
HARVEY: Did you see Martin?
MARY BETH: Mm, hm. And then I went to see Antonia Brocca's sister-in-law.
MARY BETH: You saw her last week at bowling. She runs a group home for the elderly. And I'm going over to check it for Martin. (she sits across his lap and Harvey begins to chuckle) It's as clean as a whistle, Harve. The home is! ...And a friendly neighbourhood. And there's six residents. Two of which are men. Which is lucky, because usually it's all women and you know he'd go nuts with all women. What do you think?
HARVEY: It won't matter to him. You know that, babe.
MARY BETH: It'll matter to him. And it matters to me. There's something there, Harve. Between him and me. And I think it's a gift straight from God.
(they canoodle and kiss as Harvey continues to chuckle)

[Manhattan square]

CHRISTINE: (coming up to a street vendor's stall) Pam!
STREET VENDOR: (taking a dollar bill from Pam) Thank you.
CHRISTINE: Have you been waiting long?
PAM BUSTANY: No, I just got here.
CHRISTINE: Fine. What's up?
PAM BUSTANY: They've decided on the appointment for the LEO Board. It's not you
(they go and sit down)
CHRISTINE: I thought they were looking for someone with charisma but it didn't do a damn thing for me. Well, I'm surprised they went with Gigi Carbenas.
PAM BUSTANY: Oh, no, not after that girlfriend scam. It's a serious fault if they've got another lifestyle. They're naming Harvey Polson.
CHRISTINE: Who's Harvey Polson?
PAM BUSTANY: Civil Rights Attorney, married with a couple of kids. From what I hear he hasn't got a past like you.
CHRISTINE: My past! What past? The drinking! Are they kidding! Oh, come on?!!
PAM BUSTANY: Chris, it's not just the drinking and it's just not all the guys. They believe it will lead to instability...
CHRISTINE: All the guys!!!
PAM BUSTANY: That's what I hear.
CHRISTINE: How would anybody know about any guys?!
PAM BUSTANY: You must have told somebody.
(Chris goes steaming along a corridor leading to the offices of Broadbent, Whitman and Speck)

[Office reception area]

RECEPTIONIST: May I help you?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I wanna see Mr. Broadbent. Tell him I've got Willy Mays jock strap for sale. That ought to get him out here! Forget it.
RECEPTIONIST: (chasing after Chris) Excuse me, but Mr. Broadbent is very busy.

[Dan Broadbent's office]

(there are two other men in with him)
CHRISTINE: (bursting in) Hey, if you wanted to know about my sex life, all you had to do was ask!
DANIEL BROADBENT: Excuse me, fellas. (to Chris) I owe you an apology.
CHRISTINE: Oh, kiss my arse! Kiss my Irish arse!!
DANIEL BROADBENT: I sympathise completely. The public is on a hair trigger these days. So unwilling to forgive. So quick to judge. If there's a sacred candidate, that's the way we have to go. Now listen, I wouldn't pass muster myself! (Chris fends off a hand) Don't think I'd make a judgement of your life.
CHRISTINE: You are a despicable and black-eyed. The pubic! What a load of crap. The public did not invade my privacy! The only people who entered my life under false pretences and judged me, were Tom Cornell and yourself. You set me up on the day of my divorce. You really are a schmuck.
(she leaves)

[Office reception area]

(Chris calls the lift. The doors open)
CHRISTINE: Well, Tom! Hi! Oh, come on out. I'm not gonna kill ya. I'm not gonna carve your heart out and stick it the window of a Mexican restaurant. Hey, I'm not even go out and spread the word about your dirty past. (he gets out of the lift) After all, you have an entire career ahead of you. (she gets in the lift) No, I'm gonna wait until you've got a lot more to lose.

[Corridor in the DA's building]

(Douglas Trayne comes out of his office as Chris steams past)
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: Cagney! Cagney, we're getting a great response from this whole thing. Come on upstairs for the debrief and get a little slice of the glory.
CHRISTINE: OK. I'll speak to Mary Beth.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: She took off a couple of hours ago. I let her.
DOUGLAS TRAYNE: Her father had a stroke or something. I didn't get the details but it sounded pretty bad.

[Intensive care unit]

(Martin Zzbiske is on life support)
MARY BETH: (stroking his brow) Martin. ...Martin. ...Daddy.
(Mary Beth turns away. Chris has come in)
MARY BETH: (voice breaking) Hi.
(Mary Beth starts to cry and walks out. Chris goes after her)

[Hospital waiting area]

(they sit down)
MARY BETH: (sobbing) They want me to make decision and I can't. It's... It's... a massive stroke. ...Massive! ...Brain damage. ...They broke some of his ribs getting his heart restarted. He can't breathe on his own. He's in a coma. His kidneys are failing. ...And I'm supposed to... ...And I'm supposed to tell them what he would want. ...I know what I'm supposed to do. ...If it was Mother, I'd know what to do. ...But to make such a decision you have to know someone for that ...or Harvey, ...How can I decide this for Martin? I know what they want. They want me to let him go. ...I just got him back.
(Chris hugs Mary Beth as she begins to cry)


(Mary Beth and Harvey are searching)
MARY BETH: Here. Twelve-of-two, this is it. What do you think? It's an awful lot of money for a hole in the ground.
HARVEY: Honey, it's up to you.
MARY BETH: I want him in Queens. (Harvey nods) I'll never want to wonder where he is again. ...This'll be nice. Buried in New York. (Harvey laughs) ...Ha.

(Mary Beth arrives in the DA's building and goes to her office. She opens the door. The room is bare)

[Chris's office]

(Mary Beth comes in. Chris is sitting at her own desk. Opposite is Mary Beth's desk)
CHRISTINE: I put a call into Captain Carbenas this morning. I figured you wouldn't wanna miss it.
MARY BETH: You got that right.
(Chris's phone goes)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Cagney. ...Yes, Captain. ...Yes, I did call you.
(Chris looks up at Mary Beth who has come round the desks)

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