The Return
Original Airdate: November 6, 1994

(a New York tug, "Gotham" casts off from a Manhattan pier in the evening)


HANS KORBUT: (holding a gun to the skipper's throat) Keep whistling. Don't fight anyone and you won't get hurt. We want your boat.
SKIPPER: Why would anybody wanna hijack ...a tugboat.

[Chris's apartment]

(Chris rushes down the staircase)
CHRISTINE: (shouting) Carmen! Carmen?
(she turns left into the lounge)
CHRISTINE: (seeing a man she doesn't know) Oh!
WAITER: Good evening.
(she turns and goes the other way)

[Dining room]

CHRISTINE: (seeing the maid) Carmen! (she turns away from Carmen and holds up a triple string of pearls in front of herself) Will you do my pearls for me?
CARMEN: Certainly, Mrs. Burton.
(James comes up and takes the pearls, unseen by Chris)
CHRISTINE: Would you check the ice? Everything else is lovely, Carmen. The flowers are beautiful. Thank you. (he fastens the pearls and kisses the back of her neck) Well, Carmen! (realising who it is) James! Go on! stop it! You're making me crazy.
JAMES: That's the idea.
CHRISTINE: (looking at him) You've gotta get dressed!!
JAMES: Not if you're playing hard to get like Bora Bora. I made you crazy on the beach.
CHRISTINE: I'd love to, but not tonight.
JAMES: 'Give me the moonlight and you show me your sarong and I'll show you mine.'
CHRISTINE: Come on. Get dressed. Everybody will be here soon.
CHRISTINE: And don't be long.
JAMES: Well, how would you like to face a party full of my old friends, stone cold sober?
CHRISTINE: I did. Your Harvard reunion.
JAMES: That was different.
CHRISTINE: Why? Because my friends are blue collar? My father was right. You scratch a Liberal, underneath is a monarchist.
JAMES: They're all cops, Christine. And the only cops I knew before ran me in for a DUI.
CHRISTINE: Would you relax? I'll make them check their nightsticks at the door. Now would you get dressed?

[Laceys' lounge]

HARVEY: Mary Beth? The babysitter's here.
MARY BETH: I'm surprised she thought of inviting us.
HARVEY: What are you talking about? (he fastens a single string of pearls for Mary Beth) It's Lieutenant Samuels' retirement. Of course Chris would invite us.
MARY BETH: Since the wedding. Do you know how many times I've seen her?
HARVEY: I don't know. Why? Half a dozen?
MARY BETH: Four times ...exactly. And only when she wanted something from me.
HARVEY: Oh, come on, Mary Beth. It's only natural you two don't get together so much anymore. I mean, you're not on the force and she's married to this rich guy. Come on! Let's go, honey. We're gonna miss the hors d'oeuvres.


JOAN SAMUELS: They put a woman in charge of a Squad. It's a world first. Congratulations.
VERNA DEE: Thank you! But what about Cagney? Executive Officer of the District Attorney's Police Squad, honey. In line for a Captaincy.
JOAN SAMUELS: Ah ha! (Chris, who is talking to Samuels hears Verna Dee and makes a rude gesture with her thumb and fingers at her) And always so dignified.
VERNA DEE: Always.
(the two women laugh)
CHRISTINE: (to Samuels) It's just a glorified desk job. But it gives me more time with my first love. Excuse me. (passing him) Hi, Corassa.
CHRISTINE: You see. This isn't so terrible?
JAMES: Well, in the bad old days, with a couple of Scotches under my belt, I'd be having a hell of a time.
JAMES: How you doing?
CHRISTINE: I'm OK. I'm just worried about Mary Beth.
JAMES: Well, they're probably having trouble finding parking.
CHRISTINE: No. She's never late.

[Laceys' car]

HARVEY: (driving around) Now honey?
MARY BETH: A few minutes more.
HARVEY: We're late again, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: It's better than looking silly. Do I look silly?
HARVEY: Yeah. (he gives her a peck) A Joke?

[Manhattan pavement]

(Harvey lets Mary Beth out of the car)
MARY BETH: Honey, just pull down your collar.
HARVEY: It's strangling me.
MARY BETH: Yes. It's amazing. It makes me feel like a showgirl sometimes.

[Chris's lounge]

(the bell goes. Chris opens the door)
CHRISTINE: Hi, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Christine, I hope we're not late.
CARMEN: (coming up) Everything's ready for your speech, Mrs. Burton.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. Just a minute.
MARY BETH: (handing Chris a wrapped bottle) Demi sec.
CHRISTINE: Oh, Harvey's been getting it in. Everybody's here. Come on in.
(she goes off)
HARVEY: We're late.
(there is general greetings for the Laceys)
CORASSA: Tell me what it's like. Retirement?
MARY BETH: It's great. I'm able to see my little girl grow up.
GINGER: Are you still living in that house in Queens?
MARY BETH: No. You know, there's only the three of us now. With the boys gone we really didn't need all that room. Where's Marcus?
CLAUDIA: He'll be here soon. he's in charge of loading some weapons on some barge for disposal.
ISBECKI: (he has long curly hair) It's a publicity scam.
ESPOSITO: These are guns used in robberies and stuff. The thing is, they're gonna haul 'em out into the ocean and dump 'em all tomorrow.
MARY BETH: I thought they melted them down. A place in Jersey, I saw.
SAMUELS: They had to get approval of the ECA.
CLAUDIA: Marcus tells me it's really a publicity thing. Television, newspapers and things. The whole works.
ISBECKI: He's hoping to make a big splash.
CLAUDIA: Victor!!
ESPOSITO: Oh, come on!
ISBECKI: What did I say?

[Manhattan pier #1]

PETRIE: (handing him a manifest) OK, Sergeant, there you are. Twenty-two hundred weapons. They're all yours until six AM tomorrow.
SGT. MATT NELSON: Yes, sir. Lieutenant.
PETRIE: Try to keep everybody awake.
SGT. MATT NELSON: Don't worry, sir, they're good men.
PETRIE: OK. I'll probably check in with you later tonight.
SGT. MATT NELSON: Now, don't you worry, sir. And (shaking Petrie's hand) give my regards to Lieutenant Samuels. I've been friends with him so long. Fifteen, sixteen years ago when he was still a Sergeant on the Seventy-Ninth.
PETRIE: All right, I'll tell him. Good night, Sergeant Nelson.


ISBECKI: (picking up a photo of Chris and James) I heard he was friends with the President and he turned down the ambassadorship to Ireland.
SAMUELS: He was at law school, Cagney said. It was Iceland not Ireland.
ISBECKI: Iceland? Ambassador to Iceland. I guess he wasn't such a good friend.
CHRISTINE: (as she comes up to Mary Beth and Harvey) Just one second. I have to get something. I'll be right back.
MARY BETH: Fine. Thanks for the sauce'. That's what you get
HARVEY: I think she's hosting a party. She's spreading herself.
(Harvey is flexing his left hand)
MARY BETH: What's the matter?
HARVEY: A bit of cramp. I'll be fine.
MARY BETH: Want me to rub that for you later?
CHRISTINE: (going up a few steps of the staircase) All right everybody, please. Can I have your attention, please? Can I have your attention? Everybody to the staircase. And, Lieutenant, would you join me, please? (the bell goes. To James) Would you get that, please?
JAMES: (opening the door) James Burton.
PETRIE: Sergeant Petrie.
CHRISTINE: I received this this morning, form Lieutenant Miller in Calabria. (Mary Beth and Petrie acknowledge one another) 'Cara mia, Alberto. Buono fotuna, mia Amigo. Benvenuti a Paradiso'. Which means 'Welcome to Paradise'. (general laughter) Thank you. 'All the best. (shouting) Che la forza sia con voi!'.
(general cheering and applause. They all sing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". Chris returns to Mary Beth and Harvey)
HARVEY: I'll bring you some wine.
MARY BETH: Nice party.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
MARY BETH: How ya doing?
CHRISTINE: Great! You look great.
MARY BETH: You look better.
MARY BETH: Married life must agree with you.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. (there is a choking sound. Harvey falls to the floor. She rushes to him) Harvey!! (she kneels beside him. Everybody rushes up)
MARY BETH: Oh my God!
CHRISTINE: (to James) Get nine-one-one! (she does CPR on him) Harvey!
MARY BETH: Harvey! ...Oh my God.
CHRISTINE: Come on, Harvey.
MARY BETH: Oh my God! ...Oh my God. ...Harve! (breaking down) Harve! ...Oh my God. ...Oh my God!
(she begins to cry)


(Harvey, on oxygen, is on his way to hospital)
EMT: (to Mary Beth) Hold him. I need to get in there. I gonna need help here.

[Manhattan pier #1]

(the tugboat heads straight for the pier. On the bridge the skipper and crew are tied up. Korbut, wearing a wool facemask, is steering the boat)
BILL SANTORI: (a uniformed officer, points to the tugboat) Hey, Serge.
SGT. MATT NELSON: Get me the loud hailer. (into the bullhorn to the tugboat) Ahoy there! This is a restricted area. You'll have to turn back.
HANS KORBUT: (hailing back) I've an emergency here.
SGT. MATT NELSON: I said 'Turn back'.
HANS KORBUT: I can't. The steering's broken. We don't have complete control here.
BILL SANTORI: I don't like this, Serge.
SGT. MATT NELSON: We'll play it safe. Get everybody to the side of the barge.
BILL SANTORI: Everybody to the side of the barge.
SGT. MATT NELSON: Reverse your engines, Captain. ...I said 'Turn back'!


HANS KORBUT: (wearing the skipper's cap) We're doing the best we can.

[Manhattan pier #1]

(while the two continue to hail each other, men in wool facemasks sneak up behind the other Uniforms and clamp their hands over the Uniforms' mouths)
HANS KORBUT: We've got an emergency. I suggest you look behind you.
(Nelson and Santori turn round to find the men covering them with guns. They raise their hands. Korbut replaces the cap with a mask)

[Hospital waiting area]

(Mary Beth and Chris are sitting there)
(a doctor comes up)
CHRISTINE: (getting up) How is he?
DR. HOLLIS: Well, he's stabilised. I think he's gonna be all right.
MARY BETH: (beginning to cry) Oh, thank you doctor. (getting up and kissing the doctor's hand) God bless you doctor.
DR. HOLLIS: (as Mary Beth sits down again) Not at all. Good thing somebody knows CPR.
CHRISTINE: I'll go and get the car.
MARY BETH: (touching Chris) Yes.
(after Chris and the doctor have left Mary Beth gets up and goes to run round the corner where the doctor came from. She dives back and picks up her shoes and goes and looks at Harvey through a window)

[Manhattan pier #1]

(the masked men are unloading the guns from the barge on to the tugboat. The uniformed officers are tied up and gagged and sitting on the ground)
HANS KORBUT: (to the others) Hurry it up. You've got five minutes. (ripping the tape gag off Santori) Which one of you is in charge here?
HANS KORBUT: (shouting in the officer's face) I said 'Which one?!!!'.
(Sergeant Nelson rocks aroud and tries to talk through the gag and rocks around)
(Korbut grabs Nelson by the lapels and pulls him to his feet. He rips off the gag)
SGT. MATT NELSON: You're crazy. You won't get away with this.
HANS KORBUT: You are coming with me.
(he takes him off)
BILL SANTORI: (to the officer sitting beside him) Are you OK? They'll take the guns and everything will be OK.
(a shot rings out)
BILL SANTORI: God. Oh, my God! Oh, my God, I'm really sorry for having told him.

[Chris's kitchen]

(they're in their dressing gowns. James gets something from the fridge)
CHRISTINE: I don't believe it. I really didn't believe he was going to come back. All I could think about was Mary Beth if I let him die.
JAMES: You know, you were pretty impressive tonight.
JAMES: Yeah. I never saw anybody that before.
CHRISTINE: Mm. Last time I did CPR, it was on my Dad. And I couldn't save him. ...It's OK. It was a long time ago. Hm. You smell good.
JAMES: Hm. Nice of you to say that. I think it's the ravioli. You waiting for some Italian food?
(he gives her a forkful and then takes one himself)
CHRISTINE: Ah ha. We've tons of this stuff left over. Nobody had a chance to eat anything. Maybe we ought to have the gang over again. Ha, ha! You'd love that, wouldn't you?
JAMES: Oh, I could live with it.
CHRISTINE: It was great seeing everybody. There were some very good times.
JAMES: Now you have a desk job ...and me. ...Does that make you unhappy?
CHRISTINE: No!! I'm happy!
JAMES: Your nose is getting longer.
CHRISTINE: I am! Never been happier.
JAMES: Good.
(he gives her a peck)

[Hospital ward]

(Harvey is sitting up in bed smiling)
TANNOY: Dr. Allison. Dr. Allison, please report to reception.
CHRISTINE: (giving him a hug) Hm, you sure look a lot better than when I last saw you, Harvey.
HARVEY: Thanks for coming, Chris. (to Mary Beth as she offers him a drink) No thanks. (to Chris) I can't thank enough for you what you did for me.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth never told me what a great kisser you are!
(they laugh)
MARY BETH: (going for the bed adjustment) Do you want to sit up higher?
HARVEY: No thank you.
CHRISTINE: So how are you feeling?
MARY BETH: Grateful. That's what we're both feeling.
HARVEY: Yeah, but I don't know how grateful we should be to the construction business. It's so lousy, I'm not missing anything laying here flat on my back.
MARY BETH: Harvey, you don't need to go upsetting yourself about work right now.
HARVEY: Did you call the lawyer?
MARY BETH: Oh, let it go for now, Harve.
HARVEY: I'm being sued, Chris.
CHRISTINE: For what?!
HARVEY: My blood and a pound of flesh.
MARY BETH: You're getting upset, Harve.
HARVEY: This rich guy and his spoiled brat who've got nothing more important in their life than to worry about suing because I can't take out a supporting beam. They don't believe the ceiling's gonna fall in on 'em.
CHRISTINE: Well, no jury's gonna to award them damages for something like that.
MARY BETH: Well that is exactly what the lawyer said. Not to worry about it.
CHRISTINE: That's exactly what Julius Rosenberg's lawyer told 'em too.
(another patient is moaning out loudly in the ward)

[Outside the DA's Office building]

CHRISTINE: That's correct. It's in the hands of the District Attorney's Office now. I'll have my secretary send the details to you.
JOURNALIST: Thanks, Lieutenant. I really appreciate the briefing.
CHRISTINE: (shaking his hand) You're welcome. Any time I can be of help. Good-bye.

[Building corridor]

FELDBERG: (running up behind her and giving her a document) Oh, Lieutenant Cagney hyphen Burton. Another late lunch with the media?
CHRISTINE: Can it, Feldberg. Public relations is part of my job here. You can can it with the Cagney hyphen Burton routine.
(Feldberg follows her into an office with LT. C. CAGNEY on the door)

[Chris's office]

CHRISTINE: (looking at the document) A gun heist? Why is the DA's Office investigating it already?
FELDBERG: (closing the door) Because it's possible this was an inside job. And the Press will scream 'Cover up.' if the NYPD investigates itself.
CHRISTINE: Why is it an inside job?
FELDBERG: Well, the thieves knew everything about the operation. They knew the time, the date, the pier, the personnel.
CHRISTINE: Oh, anybody could have know that. It was all over the news.
FELDBERG: Oh there's one more thing and it's definitely not for public consumption. There was an electrified fence and apparently the juice had been turned off, from the inside.
FELDBERG: The quick sum is, one dead sergeant leaving behind a widow and three kids. Fifteen hundred stolen weapons. They left the junk. They stole only the good stuff, mostly automatic. Loaded it on to a stolen tug. Then on to a truck ten blocks away and then left the City. We lost trace of them then.
CHRISTINE: Interesting.
FELDBERG: As far as we can tell there was only one person who knew all the particulars of the operation, the commanding officer, someone you know.
CHRISTINE: Marcus Petrie?! Ha! No way!! Hell, he was at a party at my place last night.
FELDBERG: Convenient alibi.
CHRISTINE: It wasn't Petrie.
FELDBERG: Well, one way or the other, the Commissioner and the DA want you to find that out. Now, listen, the Press is gonna be crawling all over you. So your only comment is 'No comment'. Got it. Oh, and Cagney, I just wanted you to know, I told my boss you used to be a hotshot.
(he leaves)

[Manhattan pier #1]

CELIA SANCHEZ: Celia Sanchez, Action News. Aren't you the person from the DA's Office?
CHRISTINE: (to a cameraman) Excuse me, please.
CELIA SANCHEZ: I believe you're investigating the weapons heist?
CHRISTINE: You're gonna have to talk to Assistant District Attorney, Todd Feldberg, for any official comment. I'm sorry.
(she shows her shield and ducks under the police line away from the pursuing media pack) Petrie.
PETRIE: (turning round) Yes.
CHRISTINE: Thanks for meeting me here.
PETRIE: Chris, this was my command and my responsibility and I wanted to keep the case. But, that's OK. I understand. Just nail them and I don't care who gets the glory.
CHRISTINE: You know, those guns are probably on their way to Ireland by now.
PETRIE: Or Peru. I've seen forensics. One thirty three calibre in Sergeant Nelson's brain. Nothing usable in the way of prints.
CHRISTINE: One interesting item. That sample of hair.
PETRIE: I saw it. Unprocessed, undyed blond hair from the from the tugboat's captain's cap.
CHRISTINE: Did you notice how much of it there was? By now that guy's had a haircut.
PETRIE: Except for the follicles which maybe fell out of his scalp.
CHRISTINE: Look, Petrie, I need you to check...
PETRIE: men. I already did. No match. All right. Do you wanna to talk about the reason you're here now? I'm under suspicion, aren't I?
CHRISTINE: Not in my opinion. I don't believe this is an inside job.
PETRIE: I got twenty years on the Force. No matter what they might think of me downtown, they can't believe I'm stupid.
CHRISTINE: Nobody's said that.
PETRIE: What else, Lieutenant? I was the one who had all the information. This happened on my watch. How obvious can it get?
CHRISTINE: I know you didn't do it. But somebody did and I need your help. Now have any of your men been flashing any extra cash lately?

[Police garage]

(Santori puts a briefcase into a red, open-topped sports car)
CHRISTINE: Nice car,
CHRISTINE: Must have set you back a bundle, huh?
BILL SANTORI: Who are you?
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant Cagney-Burton. I wanna ask you a few questions about last night.

[Interview room in the DA's building]

BILL SANTORI: I thought they were gonna kill us all. I was... He was a great guy, Sergeant Nelson. And I wanna help out any way I can to find the bastard who did it.
CHRISTINE: OK. The man on the tug, the one who spoke. Is there anything you remember. Anything distinctive.
BILL SANTORI: I told Sergeant Petrie it was dark. He kept his face covered. I thought I heard the trace of an accent. I guess it was Eastern European.
CHRISTINE: Er, what time is it?
BILL SANTORI: (looking at his watch) Er, quarter to five.
CHRISTINE: (holding his wrist) Oh!!! That's a beauty!! Rolex. Solid gold, huh? Fifteen, twenty thou? Beautiful. And a forty thousand dollar car. Er, I think it's time you should be advised of your rights.
BILL SANTORI: My rights! What? Am I...
CHRISTINE: You could have been an accessory.
BILL SANTORI: What?!! What, are you crazy?!!
CHRISTINE: You're wearing six months salary. You're driving another four years. It's enough to make a person wonder. You have the right to remain silent...
BILL SANTORI: I won the money gambling!
CHRISTINE: Lucky guy!!!
BILL SANTORI: Yeah. A hot crap game. Threw three tens in a row for three thousand dollars.
CHRISTINE: Which maybe you declared to the IRS and you don't mind me checking that? Are you finally gonna tell me really where the money came from?
BILL SANTORI: OK. I didn't win the money in a crap game.
CHRISTINE: You're kidding. If you give up the right to remain silent, anything you say...
BILL SANTORI: I know my rights. I want a lawyer! I just don't wanna embarrass her and get her into trouble.
CHRISTINE: Embarrass who?
BILL SANTORI: A friend. She's married.
CHRISTINE: If she's married, can I know the name?
BILL SANTORI: Do I have to?
CHRISTINE: Only if you want to stay out of jail and hang on to your career.

[Hospital reception]

CHRISTINE: Laura Bainbridge. Do you remember?
MARY BETH: Terrific.
CHRISTINE: They broke into a twenty million dollar art collection in Brooklyn and stole a couple of Picassos. Right? That's how she met a young cop. He wants to protect the girl.
MARY BETH: And her husband?
CHRISTINE: Oh, worth about five million a day. They both insist they're not afraid. Quote, They're very good for each other, unquote.
MARY BETH: Have you checked the marriage licence, Christine.
CHRISTINE: He's fallen for an older woman! She's seven years older than I am. She's gotta pay for it! I've calculated twenty five thousand dollars a pop.
MARY BETH: (disinterested) Mm.
DR. HOLLIS: Oh, Mrs. Lacey.
MARY BETH: How is he? Tell me the truth.
DR. HOLLIS: He'll be just fine, but we're gonna keep him here for a week or so just to be safe.
CHRISTINE: Oh, Doctor, is there any chance that maybe you could get him a quieter room? Maybe a private room.
DR. HOLLIS: I believe all the doubles are filled, (to Mary Beth) but I could look into the availability a private room?
MARY BETH: No, that's OK. Thank you, Doctor.
DR. HOLLIS: If you have any questions, you call me. I'll look in later.
MARY BETH: (to Chris after Dr. Hollis has left) I wish you hadn't done that.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, look, how is Harvey expected to recuperate with a man yelling his head off?! If it were my husband...
MARY BETH: (walking away) Well, it's not your husband!
CHRISTINE: (going after her) Mary Beth, wait a minute!
MARY BETH: What is it?
CHRISTINE: Look if it's the money, I could loan it to you.
MARY BETH: Oh, I bet you could.
CHRISTINE: Why are you so pissed with me?
MARY BETH: Christine!
CHRISTINE: It's not charity! I mean, you can pay me back when you get some money.
MARY BETH: And when will that be?
CHRISTINE: When Harvey goes back to work! ...Or don't pay it, I don't care!!
MARY BETH: I appreciate your generosity, Christine, but there is no problem here. Retirement's not what it's cracked up to be. I'm going back to work.
CHRISTINE: You didn't tell me. ...Where?
MARY BETH: I have a lot of interesting possibilities. I'm waiting offers now. ...But thanks anyhow.

[Office #1]

MARGIE: Well, basically your only job experience is as a police officer.
MARY BETH: Detective.
MARGIE: Whatever? Truthfully, Mrs. Lacey, it would make getting a job a lot easier if you had some sort of sales experience or secretarial skills.
MARY BETH: Oh, geeze, I must have typed thirty thousand police reports over the years.
MARGIE: Did you type them on a computer?
MARY BETH: I can type manual. ...Typewriter. Listen, I really need a job, so which one is this? ...Whatever. I'll do what's necessary and I'll work like a dog.

[Manhattan street]

CHRISTINE: (shouting into payphone) Come on, Feldberg! I'm not even supposed to be doing this job. I gotta get some help here. Well, there are thirty-five hundred gun dealers in this City and all you can spare are three men. ,,,Give me... ...Yeah. ...Yeah, I'm interviewing the heavyweights. I've gotta have somebody to help me with the stat work. ...Well, thank you for your support. You're a real sport.
(she rings off)

[Office #2]

SECURITY CO. MAN: Yes, I'll have to put you on the shifts. After you have been here six months, I'll give you a month off.
MARY BETH: What about a medical.
SECURITY CO. MAN: No benefits. We start at midnight to eight. After you've been here a while , I'll guarantee two or three nights a week. That's the best I can do.


(Mary Beth comes as a smart woman with a briefcase goes out)
CLERK: Can I help you?
MARY BETH: I'm here for the receptionist's job.
SVELTE YOUNG THING: We're all here for the receptionist's job.
(Mary Beth looks round and sees a whole group of leggy young things, sitting waiting. She goes and waits, standing against a wall)

[Manhattan pier #2]

(caviar is being unloaded from the "Krasnov". Chris parks and comes up behind two men)
CHRISTINE: Excuse me, I'm looking for Alexander Nemiroff. I was told... (the men turn. One is Chris's nemesis) Mansfield.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: What a pleasant surprise. My, my, all grown up! Ha, ha, ha. But please call ...Nemiroff, Alexander Nemiroff. (to the other man) Would you excuse us for a moment, please.
CHRISTINE: You're Nemiroff.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: In the Witness Protection Program they told me I could have any name I wanted. None they suggested were very charismatic. So I chose Alexander Nemiroff. Has a gaudy quality, don't you think? Besides, it's very helpful... (he goes over to one of the unloaded crates of caviar labelled Empress Catherine) helping me to exploit the new capitalist frontiers of Eastern Europe.
CHRISTINE: I can't believe you had the gall to come back to New York.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: Oh, Rafael Lopez is dead. Nobody in the organisation has, I hope, mentioned, seriously, my previous failings, so I decided to come home and remake my fortune. (as two stevedores put another crate on a pile there is a clanking) Listen to me you degenerates! If one jar is broken in that crate, I'll see you all deported back to whatever God-forsaken hellhole you came here from!
CHRISTINE: You're importing guns from Russia?
BRUCE MANSFIELD: Well, absolutely not!
CHRISTINE: (opening her case folder) It says here that you're a weapons importer, license issued, Alexander Nemiroff.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: The importation of certain foreign automatic weapons is not prohibited by our government. You should know that, Sergeant Cagney. It only hastened the decision that I'd come to anyway. The unrestricted ownership of guns is tearing apart the fabric of our society.
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant Cagney.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: Oh, congratulations. Now I know there is nothing I can say that will convince you, ( mock saluting) Lieutenant Cagney, that I am not the same man that I once was.
CHRISTINE: I don't wanna hear this crap. You did, didn't you? You stole those guns.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
CHRISTINE: The guns from the barge. You did it, didn't you?
BRUCE MANSFIELD: That sounds uncomfortably like libel. I wouldn't go around making accusations if I were you.
CHRISTINE: I'm quaking in my shoes, Mansfield.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: Nemiroff. Alexander Nemiroff. New man, new name. I still have some contacts from my old days. I'll ask around. If you'll give me your card ...perhaps I'll hear something that might be of help to you.
CHRISTINE: Rot in Hell, Mansfield. Rot ...Hell.


(a piper is playing "Amazing Grace", a five-gun salute is fired. The Honour Guard presents the folded Stars and Stripes from the coffin to the widow)
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth under her breath) That bastard Mansfield! Son of a bitch. I know he stole the guns.
MARY BETH: (quietly) Would you knock it off, Christine? Sergeant Matthew Nelson of the NYPD has passed away in the line of duty and we are here to pay our respects.
CHRISTINE: Mansfield deals in weapons. I know he is connected to this. I know!
MARY BETH: What do you know to connect it to him? Wasn't Marcus the commanding officer?
CHRISTINE: Remember. Mansfield tried to kill me, for God's sake! He's a murderer, he's a drug dealer and he didn't even get his hand slapped. The biggest bitch in Christendom.
MARY BETH: Enough, Christine. You have to stop all this craziness.
CHRISTINE: There was a cop killed in this, Mary Beth. A slime ball killed a good cop dirty. A good cop's worth more than a gun dealer.
MARY BETH: Who are you blaming? Marcus?
CHRISTINE: They've moved to a new co-op.
MARY BETH: I didn't know that.
MARY BETH: I'm sure there's an explanation.
CHRISTINE: (cockily) We'll see!
MARY BETH: You never liked Marcus.
CHRISTINE: For God's sake! this is not about like or dislike. I am not set up to defend him myself.
MARY BETH: I am going to pay my respects. Are you coming?
CHRISTINE: No, go on ahead, I'll see you in the car.
MARY BETH: I'll see you in a minute.
FELDBERG: (coming up) Have you investigated Petrie yet?
CHRISTINE: This is a funeral, Feldberg. I may do it afterwards.
FELDBERG: He's the only cop who knew the whole operation.

[Laceys' dining room]

MARY BETH: Alice, drink your milk.
ALICE: Tracey's mum lets her have soda. She drinks it all the time.
MARY BETH: Tracey's mum also wears braces. (the door buzzer goes) You'll see.
(she answers the door)
CHRISTINE: Good morning!
MARY BETH: What are you doing here?!
CHRISTINE: How's Harvey doing?
MARY BETH: He's doing fine.
CHRISTINE: That's good.
MARY BETH: Why are you here?
CHRISTINE: I need some help on the case. I know! You're not a cop anymore. The only time I come over is when I need your help. And you're probably still worrying about Harvey.
MARY BETH: Alice. Do you remember your Aunt Christine?
CHRISTINE: I'm the one who sends the birthday card! ...A dollar a year?
ALICE: Hello, Aunt Christine!
MARY BETH: (to Alice) Are you ready to go? Get your lunch. (to Chris) We used to catch the bus. I'm just about to walk Alice to school.
CHRISTINE: You do this every day?
ALICE: Only when it's fine!
CHRISTINE: Oh. Sure thing. Alice! How would you like a ride in a District Attorney's car?
ALICE: Yeah!!!

[Chris's car]

(Chris's car pulls up outside the school)
MARY BETH: (to Alice) Have a good time. (Alice gives her mother a kiss) What do you say?
ALICE: Thanks Christine. Thanks for the ride.
CHRISTINE: You're very welcome, Alice.
ALICE: I hear you live in a town house. Can I come over some time?
CHRISTINE: Absolutely. Any time you want. (Alice gives Chris a hug) Thank you.
MARY BETH: (handing it to Alice) Lunch. And hurry up now.
(Chris drives off)
CHRISTINE: She's growing up.
MARY BETH: Yes. Could you turn the air conditioning on? I feel hot.
CHRISTINE: Its not hot!
MARY BETH: Really?
CHRISTINE: No. (driving on) This is great, huh? ...You know. Driving around in the car. Sorting things out. Like the old days when we were young and ambitious.
MARY BETH: You were ambitious. All I wanted to do was make my twenty years and 'Adios'.
CHRISTINE: God. I remember when I 'd be the first female Police Commissioner some day.
MARY BETH: And now?
MARY BETH: What happened?!
CHRISTINE: They say I have a bad habit. Would you believe it? A bad attitude!
MARY BETH: Is it true?
CHRISTINE: I think it's the glass ceiling.
MARY BETH: Just thrust through it. Glass breaks.
CHRISTINE: It's my choice. I'm the one who wants to spend more time on my personal life.
MARY BETH: Well, that's OK. It's your choice.
CHRISTINE: I don't know. This whole thing. I guess it's beginning to get me down. (Mary Beth turns and looks at Chris) What? What are you giving me the evil eye for?!
MARY BETH: Because I hate it when you talk like that, Christine. You are the best, most talented cop that I ever worked with.
CHRISTINE: I'm still speculating on Mansfield.
MARY BETH: Christine, it is possible that he didn't do it.
CHRISTINE: If he didn't do it, I am Dr. Klink!
(Mary Beth laughs)
MARY BETH: What do they expect? Miracles. You'll see. You'll do it like you always do.
CHRISTINE: This is really great. I'm glad that you're coming with me, Mary Beth. Deborah Nelson is gonna be a lot more comfortable talking to me with you there. You can turn on the air conditioning.
(Mary Beth turns on the air conditioning and then turns it off again)
MARY BETH: Did you ask Deborah Nelson if it would be a good time?

[Nelsons' lounge]

CHRISTINE: I hope we're not coming at a bad time.
DEBORAH NELSON: No, in fact it's a good time. The kids have gone back to school today and I don't to know what to do with myself.
MARY BETH: Listen, I could take them to school.
DEBORAH NELSON: Oh, no, no. Can I get you anything.
CHRISTINE/MARY BETH: Oh, no thank you.
CHRISTINE: Mrs. Nelson, I wondered if I could ask you a few questions.
MARY BETH: Well, it's OK. Matthew would want you to help find his killer. And she only wants to know if he ever talked to you about any of his men.
MARY BETH: It is possible that one of his men was involved and anything Matthew might have said might could be useful. Like if he ever talked about something not being on the up and up with somebody.
DEBORAH NELSON: No, he never talked to me about work.
DEBORAH NELSON: No, he wouldn't, because he was a cop. When we first got married he was just planning to get to law school. But he never finished ...and time went by and...
(she begins to be overcome with remorse)
CHRISTINE: Leave it, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: No. No. Debbie, let me get you some coffee.
CHRISTINE: That's a good idea. I'd like some myself. Why don't I get it?
(Chris goes to do the coffee)
DEBORAH NELSON: You know, last night I was having a mope...

[Nelsons' kitchen]

(she can hear Deborah Nelson reminiscing about lying on a beach and the waves to Mary Beth. Checking the milk in the fridge, she notice a can of Empress Catherine caviar which she picks up)

[Manhattan street]

CHRISTINE: I want to you to call her and tell her I want to ask her a few more questions.
MARY BETH: About what?
CHRISTINE: I just found a full can of Beluga caviar in the refrigerator.
MARY BETH: What were you doing snooping in her icebox?!
CHRISTINE: I wasn't snooping! I was looking for milk for the coffee. Anyway I happened to find almost a thousand dollars worth of food there.
MARY BETH: Wait a minute, you told me that Matt Nelson was not under suspicion here.
CHRISTINE: He wasn't really until I found the caviar. Now I'm having a hard time believing that I'm looking at Beluga caviar on a cop's salary.
MARY BETH: Deborah said people brought food for the wake.
CHRISTINE: Well, sure. I always bring a thousand dollars worth of gourmet food to a wake, don't you? Anyway I want you to ask if he was throwing around money before his death and find out when she went on that vacation she was talking about.
MARY BETH: No!!! I'm not gonna investigate a friend.
CHRISTINE: We are investigating a potentially crooked cop!
MARY BETH: I'm not investigating anybody, Lieutenant.
(Mary Beth gets in the car)

[Chris's car]

CHRISTINE: So, tell me how's your job search going, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: What? Fine. Er, fine, I have some very nice prospects.
CHRISTINE: So, I suppose you wouldn't consider being a cop again.
MARY BETH: Chris, I've been off the Force three years, They can't take me back. You know that.
CHRISTINE: You can be a DA's Investigator. You've got the experience. You just don't have the uniform. You do exactly the same thing as a police detective, as a DA's Investigator.
MARY BETH: I retired. No, I can't. I couldn't do it.
CHRISTINE: I just saw you. You were great!! Oh, to have somebody to the filing!
MARY BETH: It was not... I'm not gonna slay Deborah Nelson for you!
CHRISTINE: I miss you, Mary Beth. Come on. Driving around together. Throwing out ideas. Talking things over.
MARY BETH: Bickering.
CHRISTINE: Whatever. It worked. I was getting nowhere on this case. Now the thing is slowly starting to open. Come on, please. ...Come on! ...Come on.
MARY BETH: With you?
MARY BETH: You mean 'for you' don't you? You'd be my boss.
CHRISTINE: I was your Sergeant. It's a different title. It doesn't mean anything. Come on, Mary Beth, the money's great. And the medical plan is excellent. The partnership thing counts for a lot.
MARY BETH: No. I got out. I made my play. I was lucky. I only got shot at eight or nine times. I only got hit once. I swore I'd never pick up a gun again. Poor Harvey was always worried when I was on the streets. I'll talk over with Harvey. Maybe in the next world...
MARY BETH: You got an opening?
CHRISTINE: I got an opening.
MARY BETH: How do you know they'll take me?
CHRISTINE: I am serious, Mary Beth. You tell me if you want the job. You got it!
CHRISTINE: And I'm forever in your debt.
CHRISTINE: Would you cut the crap, Mary Beth? You said you need a job. This is a great job. And I could use some help. So say 'Yes', OK? ...Harvey won't mind it at all.
(Mary Beth laughs)

[Feldberg's office}

CHRISTINE: Feldberg, why not?!!
FELDBERG: She retired to take care of her kids as I remember. You know what this is? This is a scam to get around the regulations prohibiting civilians working in the police force.
CHRISTINE: Other ex-cops are used as Investigators!
FELDBERG: You know, I also remember what it was like when there were two of you ganging up on me. It was the cuckoo clock syndrome. One steps back, the other gets right in my face, then back again. No thanks.
CHRISTINE: She was a great detective.
FELDBERG: Yeah. Emphasis on 'was'.
CHRISTINE: Are you saying she's too old? You've just bought yourself an age-discrimination lawsuit, Feldberg.
FELDBERG: Wait a second, Cagney. (while Chris rants on) I never said she was too old.
CHRISTINE: the first place if she was a man...
FELDBERG: Would you hold it there?
CHRISTINE: I can't believe we're having this discussion.
FELDBERG: God, you're a pain in the arse, Cagney hypen Burton.
CHRISTINE: Thank you. That it?

[Staircase at the DA's Office}

REPORTER: Is it true that this investigation is focussing on a member of the Police Department as a possible co-conspirator in the theft of the guns?
CHRISTINE: I'm sorry. I have no comment at this time.

[Chris's bedroom}

JAMES: You've just missed yourself on TV. You're even more articulate than usual, Christine.
CHRISTINE: (rushing in) Thank you. Right. OK. (coming out of the closet with two dresses) Right. Which one?
JAMES: (in a tuxedo) They're both beautiful. We're late. I thought that this job with the DA was supposed to nine to five.
CHRISTINE: Just wait a second. I could do with some help. (holding up a black dress) I'm not sure about this.
JAMES: You look fine.
CHRISTINE: I'll wear the other.
JAMES: You do know that this case is a set-up?
CHRISTINE: No, I do not.
JAMES: It's obvious. They've set you up to be the scapegoat. Those guns are long gone. You're never gonna find them. But at least the Mayor and the DA will have someone else to blame.
CHRISTINE: Sounds pretty paranoid to me.
JAMES: That's not paranoid. It's realistic. (she puts a gun in her handbag) What's the gun for?!
CHRISTINE: Mansfield tried to kill me once I'm not taking any chances.
JAMES: I hate your job.
CHRISTINE: Why don't we just agree to disagree? Would you leave it alone?
JAMES: Why would somebody want to work that doesn't have to?
CHRISTINE: You just say that because you're bored ...with your job.
JAMES: Honey, come on, you look fine.
JAMES: Gorgeous!

[Laceys' lounge}

MARY BETH: (coming home) Hi, kids.
MICHAEL: Hi, Ma. (to Alice) What are you watching?!
ALICE: "Emmanuelle in Space".
MARY BETH: I don't want you watching that!! (to Michael as she switches off the TV) I don't want her watching that!
MICHAEL: We're right in the middle, Ma!
MARY BETH: Do you have any brains, Michael? Your sister is eight years old.
ALICE: Did you see it, Mum?
MARY BETH: Hey, hey. Your Daddy said 'Hi' (doing it) Give you a kiss. It's bedtime. Go brush your teeth. (Alice goes. To Michael) The doctor says he's doing good. He's doing fine. He should be home in a couple or three days.
MICHAEL: That's good. So, anyway, I guess that, if I'm done with my babysitting duties, I'm gonna go. OK?
MARY BETH: I need you again tomorrow night. And you cannot let her watch violent, over-sexy movies, Michael.
MICHAEL: Look, Mum, I'm sorry I screwed up! But, you know, if, maybe, just once you could thank me for something I did right when I come to baby-sit for you instead of bitching at me for what I did wrong. Huh?!
MARY BETH: You're right. I thank you, Michael, for helping out.
MICHAEL: Ah! I love you, Mum. (they hug each other) I know you've been through a lot. Oh, Mum, I got a problem. Oh, forget it. Never mind.
MARY BETH: Oh no, Michael, don't leave.
MICHAEL: Well. it's my rent's due and bills.
MARY BETH: How much?!
MICHAEL: Five hundred dollars.
MARY BETH: Five hundred dollars!!! Michael, your father's in the hospital!!
MICHAEL: I understood you were going back to work.
MARY BETH: Yeah! I got a job. And so could you.
MICHAEL: Come on, it's not that I'm not trying. It's a hard economy out there. I shouldn't have asked you.
MARY BETH: What are you gonna do about your rent?!
MICHAEL: It's not your problem. I'll pay 'em later, I guess.
MARY BETH: I can't cover the whole thing, Michael. I'll give you two hundred dollars. That's it.
(as she writing a cheque the phone goes)
MICHAEL: Can I leave?
MARY BETH: Yeah. (in to phone) Deborah!! ...What?! ...Now just... Hang on. Hang on for a few minutes. I'll be right over. ...Yeah. (she rings off) Michael. I need you to stay with her.
MICHAEL: No, I can't.
MARY BETH: Another hour.
MICHAEL: I can't. Honestly, I can't. All right, thanks for the loan.
(he leaves)

[Nelson's kitchen]

MARY BETH: Alice, I won't be a minute. I'm going to talk to Mrs. Nelson. OK?

[Nelsons' lounge]

(Mary Beth joins Deborah)
DEBORAH NELSON: I've probably over-reacted. I should have waited till the morning.
MARY BETH: No, no, I said call me. I meant it.
DEBORAH NELSON: No, it's not as if there's a crisis. It's nothing like that.
MARY BETH: Slow down, OK. Tell me. OK?
DEBORAH NELSON: OK. I got around to the mail today. I decided to pay some bills. And I came across this charge in the bank statement for a second safe deposit box. We already had a safe deposit box. We had in there the insurance stuff and the wills.
MARY BETH: You find the key to this second box?
DEBORAH NELSON: No. But I don't understand why Matt would get a second safe deposit box without telling me.
MARY BETH: There's a lot of possibilities, Deborah, but before you say anything more I have to tell you something. I'm working for the DA's Office now.
DEBORAH NELSON: Now? What does that mean?
MARY BETH: That means that I have to report this conversation and it means they'll try to figure out about the stolen guns.
DEBORAH NELSON: You think that Matt was stealing guns?!
MARY BETH: It's possible.
DEBORAH NELSON: I don't know. I don't know what to do. Is there is anything else you want to ask me about?
MARY BETH: As a DA's Investigator I'm telling you you should come with me tomorrow to the bank and we'll see what's in the box. As a friend, I don't know. It would probably be the same. It'll be an awful big secret to live with.

[Safe deposit box vault]

(Chris is with them. A guard unlocks the safe, gives the box it to the manager who passes it to Deborah. She hesitates to open it so Mary Beth does. It's packed with dollar bills. Deborah gasps and hides her eyes)
MARY BETH: Take it easy.
DEBORAH NELSON: I don't believe this. He did this to me!!
MARY BETH: No, Deborah.
(she beats the box and breaks down, screaming. Mary Beth comforts her)
DEBORAH NELSON: They killed him! They killed him!! Killed him!!!

[Laceys' entrance lobby]

(Mary Beth comes in with Harvey)
MARY BETH: Let me get your coat. You know, Harvey, the kids have organised a surprise. You go right in there and check it out.

[Laceys' lounge]

HARVEY: (he comes in and looks around) Hey, wait a minute. What is this? Hey, this is OK.
(there are decorations, cards, gifts and written on the wall is 'WELCOME DADDY')
ALICE: Surprise!!!
(Alice runs to Harvey who hugs her)
MARY BETH: Be careful!!
HARVEY: Oh, sweetheart. I missed you. This is great. This is just terrific.
CHRISTINE: How ya feeling, Harve?
MARY BETH: Christine, Harvey feels great. You know, he's home two days sooner than usual for what he had.
(Harvey embraces Chris)
CHRISTINE: Nice surprise?
HARVEY: Thank you, Chris, for coming.
CHRISTINE: My pleasure.
HARVEY: (sees Michael) Hey, hey, hey. (he embraces him) Your Mum says you've been a been a big help to her. Thank you very much.
MICHAEL: Dad, we've just missed Harve Jr. He called from Quantico.
MARY BETH: Oh, what a shame!
MICHAEL: He's trying us again in a couple of minutes.
HARVEY: This is OK. (looking around) Wow, this is great. Hey, maybe I should have a heart attack more often, Eh?
(Mary Beth laughs)

[Laceys' kitchen]

CHRISTINE: You've hardly eaten anything.
HARVEY: No thanks. I'm on a real strict diet. I can only eat rabbit food.
CHRISTINE: Harvey, listen. If you lose a couple of pounds, you'll lower your cholesterol.
HARVEY: Well, I hope the doctors know what they're doing letting me out this early.
MARY BETH [OC}: Harve? (coming in) Harvey! (she is in her dressing gown and has a flower in her hair) You're not supposed to be running around. If you want something, let me know.
HARVEY: I'm supposed to walk. I'm just walking around my own home.
CHRISTINE: You see Mary Beth and I asked them to let you out early (putting her hand on his shoulder and beginning to laugh) because you needed the exercise!
HARVEY: (laughs along. Mary Beth looks quizzical. Chris points to Harvey and mouths something to Mary Beth) Somebody wanna tell me what's going on around here?
(Mary Beth puts her hands up, gesturing 'No')

[Lacey's bedroom]

MARY BETH: (from the bathroom) That damn Christine never could keep her mouth shut.
HARVEY: (sitting in bed) It's not Christine's fault, Mary Beth. She had every reason to think you would have told me something as big as taking a job.
MARY BETH: I knew you wouldn't like it. I didn't want you to get upset.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, would you come out of there so we could talk, please?
MARY BETH: I'll be out in twenty-eight minutes.
HARVEY: (sitting up on the side of the bed) What the heck are you doing in there?!
MARY BETH: OK, don't get upset. (opening the door) I'm combing my hair.
(she is wearing a short white nightdress with hearts on it)
HARVEY: Oh, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: (coming in) Harvey, if you don't want me to go back with Christine, then I'll have to get some entry job at some dime and dollar thrift store.
HARVEY: What are you talking about?! (getting upset) You are not gonna do this again, Mary Beth!
MARY BETH: Honey. it's not like before. It's a desk job really. Regular hours. No situations. We need money, so I took a job. It's no big deal.
HARVEY: Yeah? (sitting back in bed) Then why didn't you tell me if it's no big deal?
MARY BETH: Honey, it's temporary, I promise. Just ...till you get back on your feet. That's all. (sitting beside him) Don't be mad at me, Harve. ..I missed you? It's a lonely in bed without you. Do you wanna fool around?
HARVEY: Geeze, Mary Beth, in case you forgot, I've just had a heart attack.
MARY BETH: You could just lay there. I'll do all the work.
HARVEY: Oh, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Honey, I talked to the doctor. He said that sex is really very good for the heart.
HARVEY: You just lay down, huh? It's just good to be back in my own bed. I'm going to sleep.
(as he turns over, Mary Beth turns out the light and goes back in the bathroom and closes the door)

[Chris's office]

MARY BETH: (knocking and coming in) Chris, I am so sorry to be late. The traffic on the Expressway is even worse than it used to be. I'll start earlier tomorrow.
CHRISTINE: That's OK. How's Harvey doing?
MARY BETH: It never used to be like this. I was the one that was sick. Harvey was always as healthy as a horse. I guess I never thought that anything could ever happen to him.
CHRISTINE: I just think he's doing fine.
MARY BETH: And he will be. So what's next? What's my first assignment? Do you wanna start with Sergeant Nelson's telephone lines?
CHRISTINE: You go down to Personnel first and they give you a desk, and give you some supplies and then you've just got a couple of tests you have to take.
MARY BETH: Tests?!
CHRISTINE: Mm. You know, a little medical exam, and you qualify with a weapon and there's some physical fitness deal.
MARY BETH: A gun?!! I haven't fired a gun in three years.
CHRISTINE: So you practice!!
MARY BETH: So what's on this physical fitness deal?
CHRISTINE: You scale a fifty-foot wall, run a four-minute mile, and then you swim the English Channel. ...Ha, ha! Got you! You take this physical fitness test to make sure you have a massive heart attack. ...I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. Sorry.
MARY BETH: Sensitivity never was your one of your strong points, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Well thank you so much! I have missed having my character explained to me first thing every morning! Anyway I'm scheduled to meet Sergeant Nelson's ex-partner (going to the door and opening it) so why don't you get yourself together and I'll see you tomorrow. OK?
MARY BETH: OK. (Mary Beth goes out and Chris points the way she should go) Personnel? Right?
(Chris closes the door)
MARY BETH: (outside the door) Just a second! First or second floor?
CHRISTINE: (reopening the door) Down the corridor on the right, second door on the left.

[DA Investigators' room]

MARY BETH: (into phone) Yes sir. I'll be at the firing range at two o'clock if that's the way you want it. But I'm telling you... ...No, I really think I could do better if I had a second practice first. ...Fine, that is the way you want it, sir. ...But I'm telling you I haven't picked up a weapon in three and a half years. ...Yes sir. (she rings off. To a colleague who ignores her) That guy's got a bit of the world on his neck, huh?

[Firing range]

(Mary Beth finishes a burst of shooting. The supervising officer winds back the target and looks at it)
MARY BETH: Well, I told you I was out of practice.
RAGE OFFICER: All right, come back next week. Remember you only have one more chance to qualify.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.

[Chris's office]

(James comes in late in the evening)
CHRISTINE: You! What are you doing here?
JAMES: Well, since you never come home anymore...
CHRISTINE: Is it nine o'clock already? Oh, gee, I'm so sorry. It's just that this is so damn frustrating. I've got personnel files, I've got bank records, I've got telephone logs. I've spoken to everybody who knew Sergeant Nelson, and I cannot find anything linking him to Mansfield, much less anybody else. If I could just figure out where the fifty thousand dollars came from then I would know who has the guns. This isn't grabbing you at all, is it? Sorry. Do you wanna go to dinner? (putting her coat on) I haven't had one thing to bite all day.
JAMES: Bill called.
CHRISTINE: Bill who? ...Bill!
JAMES: He's offering me Assistant Secretary at Treasury.
CHRISTINE: Oh, jobs for the boys.
JAMES: Oh, this isn't like the last thing. This is something I want.
CHRISTINE: Oh, you wanna move to Washington and everything?
JAMES: Well, I told him we'd need a day or two to talk it over. What about it? You like control. ...Power. There's no place in the world that has more. New York is a village compared to Washington. What do you say?

[Outside the DA's building]

(Mary Beth is running up the steps)
CHRISTINE: I've been waiting for you. Let's go!
MARY BETH: Going? Where to?
CHRISTINE: There was a gang shooting last night over in the South Bronx. The gun recovered off the body was ticketed as one that was stolen of the barge.
MARY BETH: I thought you said they were shipping those out of the country.
CHRISTINE: Not at all.
MARY BETH: No, Chris?
CHRISTINE: No, this is great for us. As long as the guns are in the country, the easier it is for us to follow the trail.
MARY BETH: Well, I'm sorry to disagree with you, Lieutenant, but this is not good for our side any time there are fifteen hundred more guns around the streets of New York City.
CHRISTINE: Always the last word.

[South Bronx street]

MARY BETH: (as the duo arrives) Victor, what are you doing here?
ISBECKI: Gangs! Gangs. I'm adding it to the list. What are you doing here?
CHRISTINE: I am working as a DA Investigator now.
ISBECKI: Oh, that's terrific. Is that why you guys are here? I hear that Harvey's getting better.
CHRISTINE: Can we have this little reunion some other time.
MARY BETH: Isbecki, have any idea who this is?
ISBECKI: I'm working on it. From the look of this it's the Local Llewellyn Gang.
MARY BETH: Well, Victor, what we need to know is where he got the gun.
ISBECKI: I saw you on TV, Cagney. Do you think this is to do with the stolen guns from the barge?
CHRISTINE: Where did he get the gun, Victor?
ISBECKI: Chris, you look great.
ISBECKI: All right. You wanna talk to the armourer at the Local Llewellyn. Each gang buys from one particular dealer. So two months ago Jamie Ortiz was the local supplier for Local Llewellyn. Unfortunately he is now at Rikers.
CHRISTINE: I don't care what happened two months ago. Where's the action now!!
ISBECKI: I don't know. I'm trying to find out.
ISBECKI: When I find out! OK, Cagney?
CHRISTINE: We'll see you later, OK, Isbecki?!!!
MARY BETH: (as Chris turns her heel on him) Thanks, Victor. The hair's beautiful.


CHRISTINE: We could have eaten in the car.
MARY BETH: No, we're gonna sit down for a full twenty minutes and eat like actual human beings and wait for the blood sugar to go down. You need to start acting a bit more civilised. (Chris is upset) Oh, Chris, I'm sorry. I know you hate personal criticism.
CHRISTINE: (crying) I do not! It wasn't that. I didn't get any sleep last night. I've got a decision to make.
MARY BETH: Oh, Lord, Christine, you're not talking to James.
CHRISTINE: No. no, no. it's not like that. It's good. They're a high-class family. It just so complicated.
MARY BETH: Do you want to talk to me about it?
CHRISTINE: It's hot in here.
MARY BETH: I'm not hot but you're sweating, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Sweating? ...My mother said only horses sweat, men perspire and women glow.
MARY BETH: Oh, I bet you're having a little hot sweat.
CHRISTINE: Hot sweat? What are you talking about.
MARY BETH: I know what I'm talking about. ...Change of life.
CHRISTINE: Change of... Menopause! (she looks around) I'm too young for that.
MARY BETH: You're not really, Christine. The average age is about fifty.
CHRISTINE: I am not fifty!! I've been regular since sixth form. My aunt was sixty. You can set your watch by my periods.
MARY BETH: I bet that's why you're so emotional lately.
CHRISTINE: Would you stop! It's not that. It is hot in here! Waitress!!! ...Yes, you. It's like a frigging sauna in here. Could you turn down the damned heat!! (taking her jacket of) Please!

[Chris's office]

ISBECKI: (coming in) Hey, Cagney, where's Lacey?
CHRISTINE: What do I look like? Her secretary? She's taking a physical. Did you find out anything about that gun supplier for me yet?
ISBECKI: His name is Lewis Prashad. The funny thing is he's a licensed gun dealer. He has a pawnshop on 113th Street.
CHRISTINE: Does he do illegal guns on the side?
ISBECKI: My informant says he doesn't, but then again fifty bucks says maybe he does.
CHRISTINE: No problem. He sounds like a perfectly good, confidential, reliable informant to me. It qualifies for a search warrant. We don't have a problem with that, do we, Isbecki. ...Perfect.


CHRISTINE: (looking at the guns on display under a glass counter) You have quite a collection here.
PRASHAD: Lady, why are you rousting me?! I'm a registered dealer!
CHRISTINE: Well, if have nothing to hide Mr. Prashad, then the less interference you give us, the sooner we're gonna be out of your hair.
PRASHAD: Will you tell me who says I'm selling illegal guns, 'cos he's wrong!
CHRISTINE: Thank you for sharing that. (to a uniformed officer) I want the numbers on those.
PRASHAD: Why do keep harassing a working man? You know it's the persecution of the African-American man that keeps this neighbourhood in permanent poverty. Do you hear what I'm saying?! Every weapon that you can find in this place is bought and paid for and legal as an ice cream cone!
CHRISTINE: That's a terrifying thought.
PRASHAD: (as Chris opens its door) Lady, I don't keep guns in no refrigerator.
CHRISTINE: Mr. Prashad, why did you didn't let us check your paperwork against the weapons we found?
(she spots an Empress Catherine Beluga caviar can in a trash bin)

[Feldberg's office]

FELDBERG: (into phone) Well, honey, I'll pick you up at eight. Listen, don't wear that perfume I like because I think I'm allergic. I've got a rash...
CHRISTINE: (bursting in) I got it!!! (holding up a file) I got our guy!!
FELDBERG: (into phone) I'll call you back. (he rings off) Well who? Prashad?
CHRISTINE: He's the little guy. The big man is Bruce Mansfield, a k a Alexander Nemiroff. Gangster. Murderer. Arms and drug dealer. Here's his rap sheet.
FELDBERG: Oh, great. What have we got here?
CHRISTINE: I found an empty can of caviar in Prashad's trash.
CHRISTINE: What's a guy named Prashad doing with caviar?
FELDBERG: Oh, this is gonna go over great in court. On the witness stand our sharp-eyed Lieutenant Cagney-Burton relates how she could understand finding a watermelon on the premises of the black man, no problem, but caviar? No!! What more does she need? Book him for possession of fish heads. Oh and while you're at it, hang him because you suspect him of selling illegal guns.
CHRISTINE: Feldberg, I did my homework. Bruce Mansfield is currently the exclusive importer of Empress Catherine caviar. The same stuff that both Nelson and Prashad had at their places.
FELDBERG: Oh, well, now I'm impressed.
CHRISTINE: Don't you see, it is not a coincidence.
FELDBERG: And so what? So he passes out caviar as a business perk?
CHRISTINE: Maybe, I don't know, but it's him!! I'm sure of it.
FELDBERG: You know, according to this file you've had some pretty heavy dealings with this guy before. You're you sure you're not letting you emotions interfere with your investigation?
CHRISTINE: Look, I know it looks a little thin, but that is the connection. I know that it is and I know that he did it.
FELDBERG: Well, even if you're right, we're gonna need a hell of a lot more for a conviction.
CHRISTINE: Right. So, I need you to authorise a gun buy and get permission to organise a phone tap.


MARY BETH: I'm walking my little girl to and from school. It's helping to get my breakfast down.
PTI: (laying out an exercise mat) Mrs. Lacey, we recognise that you DA Investigators don't lead a very active life. (Mary Beth gives a false laugh. The PTI laughs) We require fifteen push-ups and twenty-five sit-ups.
PTI: So why don't we do the sit-ups right away.
MARY BETH: (as she starts the sit-ups) You do understand that I am on a case here. I really don't have a lot of time.
PTI: A few more I'm afraid. A few more.
(Mary Beth is struggling)

[Chris's bedroom]

(they are snuggled up in bed. Chris giggles)
JAMES: You see how nice it is when you come home at night.
JAMES: (sighs) Let's talk how you want you set up housekeeping in Washington.
CHRISTINE: Housekeeping?!
CHRISTINE: Hey, theses jobs are known to be kind of temporary. I mean A Presidential election isn't exactly a slam dunk.
JAMES: Well, honey, he's gonna be in office at least a couple more years. I can't exactly commute.
JAMES: Mm. It's the Republicans on the Committee.
CHRISTINE: Mm. Until I solve this Mansfield case I have to confess that I may not be able to go.
JAMES: Are you saying you're not able to go there or you may not be able to pick up the dry cleaning?
CHRISTINE: That's not fair!
JAMES: Fair!! We're talking about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
CHRISTINE: God, I hate this. I just hate it when we're still fighting the same, stupid fight.
(the phone goes)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Mary Beth? ...Oh, I'm sorry. Ha. ...Of course, Yes sir. ...Yes he's right here. ...Yes, I'll get him for you.
(she covers up the mouthpiece and mouths 'It's the President' before she gives him the phone)
JAMES: (into phone) Yes, Mr. President! ...No, of course it's not too late to call.

[Laceys' kitchen]

MARY BETH: I'm taking off.
HARVEY: What about breakfast, babe.
MARY BETH: No, I don't want anything to eat today.
HARVEY: Babe, you've gotta have something, even if it's only a bagel and some juice.
MARY BETH: Don't let Alice forget her lunch.
HARVEY: Don't worry, I won't.
MARY BETH: I'm gonna be late again. I'm not gonna be able to do this.
HARVEY: With time baby it'll become a little bit easier.
MARY BETH: No, honey, it's not that. It's that physical test yesterday. My belly still aches from the sit-ups and my arms hurt so I could hardly pick up my toothbrush. I didn't pass, Harve. I couldn't run a mile to save my life.
HARVEY: You could do some training, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Honey, that's not gonna be easy.
HARVEY: I felt that travelling could put all that pressure on ya.
MARY BETH: It's OK, Harvey, Don't listen to me complain. It doesn't mean anything.
HARVEY: I'm gonna start looking for a job. I'm gonna make some phone calls this morning.
MARY BETH: Harvey, that is crazy! You've only been out of hospital less than a week! You have to give yourself some time to recover, ...please.
HARVEY: It won't be long. I'll be back in my seat. You won't have to worry.
MARY BETH: Don't worry about anything, sweetheart. All I want is enough recovery so that you can become my own personal Rhett Butler again.
HARVEY: Listen, your daughter is gonna be out of here in a minute. I gotta get to Atlanta before it burns.

[Chris's office]

MARY BETH: (coming in) Chris?
(she's not there)

[Ladies room]

MARY BETH: (coming in) Chris? (not seeing her, she is just about to go when she hears sobbing) Christine? (she goes and looks under the WC doors) Is that you? (she answered by a sob and something mumbled through her crying) Are you OK?
CHRISTINE: (coming out) I am fine.
MARY BETH: Well, you don't look fine. You look like you've been crying.
CHRISTINE: I hate this place. It's hardly the place to cry your eyes out. This place is so damn clean. This is just a bad time.
CHRISTINE: Menopausal mood swing.
CHRISTINE: (shouting) It is not menopausal mood swing! It's him! ...Bill called last night.
CHRISTINE: You know, ...Bill.
MARY BETH: Bill, the President?
CHRISTINE: Yeah. He was phoning to give him Assistant Secretary to the Treasury.
MARY BETH: Treasury! Oh, Christine, that's wonderful. (Chris sobs) Not wonderful?
CHRISTINE: (still crying) I think so. I just didn't think I was ever going to get married, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Because you hadn't met the right guy. The Assistant Secretary to the Treasury!
CHRISTINE: James and me never had anything in common. Except we were having a relationship. Because we were only having a relationship, we didn't have much else to work on.
MARY BETH: You're not happy with James.
CHRISTINE: I didn't say he doesn't make me happy. I never said I was unhappy.
MARY BETH: Well, what is it then?
CHRISTINE: Well, it's ...fate.
CHRISTINE: You're right. Fate.
MARY BETH: The President of the United States calls you up at home at night when you're with James?
CHRISTINE: (in an outburst) I don't wanna leave New York!!!
MARY BETH: Oh, my God, Christine, you're moving to Washington.
CHRISTINE: (shouting) I am not moving to Washington! James is moving to Washington.
MARY BETH: Oh, my God, Christine, I am so sorry.
CHRISTINE: Would you stop it, Mary Beth! I'm not getting divorced!! It's only a plane ride away. One hour. He says I can see him on the weekends.
CHRISTINE: They call it a commuter marriage, Mary Beth. Millions of couples do it.
CHRISTINE: I'm sorry, Mary Beth.
(Chris begins to cry again)
MARY BETH: Ah ha. ...So why are you crying?
CHRISTINE: (crying) I'm not crying. ...God, please tell me this hot in here!!
(there is a knock at the door)
FELDBERG [OC]: Your secretary tells me you've been in there an hour!
CHRISTINE: (opening the door) Yes?
FELDBERG: Is there a problem?
(Chris slams the door in his face)
(she reopens the door)
CHRISTINE: I'm sorry.
FELDBERG: For the record, that wasn't harassment, that was an expression of concern. I just wanted you know we have the phone taps and the money for the gun buy.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
MARY BETH: Gun buy?.
(she slams the door again)
MARY BETH: What gun buy?

[Chris's office]

CHRISTINE: I would do it myself but Prashad has already seen me.
MARY BETH: That's OK, Christine, Gee, it's not the first time I ever went under cover.
ISBECKI: What you've gotta keep in mind that is that Lewis Prashad is a very cute, smart and dangerous guy.
CHRISTINE: I think we should put a wire on.
MARY BETH: No, no wire. As Isbecki says, he's a smart, dangerous guy. If he finds a wire on me...
CHRISTINE: OK. You're right. OK. Forget about the wire.
MARY BETH: Anyway, the purpose of this exercise is not catch Prashad, it's to catch Mansfield.
CHRISTINE: No!!! This is to find out who Prashad calls whenever he wants illegal weapons, whoever that is.
MARY BETH: OK, Christine.
CHRISTINE: If it just happens to be Mansfield then that would be...
MARY BETH: Gee, fine, Christine. OK. I get it. So what's my cover?
CHRISTINE: A Queens housewife.
MARY BETH: There's a stretch. And what logical reason does this Queens housewife have for going all the way to the South Bronx for a gun.
CHRISTINE: This is pretty good. All right? You're a Queens housewife who's looking for illegal and obviously unregistered assault weapons...
MARY BETH: It could be anything!
(Isbecki laughs)
CHRISTINE: blow away your scumbag husband and make it look like it happened in a gang-related burglary!
MARY BETH: That's real good. I could wear sunglasses. (taking a pair from Isbecki) You know, if you're married to the mob. I could be hiding a shiner underneath where I accidentally ran into his fist. I wanna blow him away because he's been slugging me around.
CHRISTINE: And also he's leaving you for another woman.
MARY BETH: I don't think so, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Well, it's logical! He beats you and he's cheating on you.
MARY BETH: No, he's not cheating on me.
CHRISTINE: This is ridiculous. It's the oldest reason in the world!
MARY BETH: No, Christine.
CHRISTINE: There isn't one earthly reason why not!
MARY BETH: Because he isn't, no husband of mine is gonna cheat on me!
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth!!!
MARY BETH: End of discussion, Christine!! There is no girlfriend.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth! Just as there is no husband!! The whole thing is made up!!! (Mary Beth gives Isbecki the sunglasses back) All right, there's no girlfriend. (Isbecki gives Mary Beth the sunglasses back) Moving on. The reason that you're not buying it n your own neighbourhood is because you're afraid you'll be recognised and you got Prashad's name from ...whom?
ISBECKI: Stewart Donald. (he hands Mary Beth a card) One of my cases.
CHRISTINE: OK. You wanna practise?
MARY BETH: (getting up with the sunglasses on) Yes.
CHRISTINE: All right. Just come in this door. I'll be Prashad.
MARY BETH: OK (turning and then turning back) Knock, knock, knock. You know.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, can I help you?
MARY BETH: (meekly) I'm looking for a gun...
CHRISTINE: Who's asking?
MARY BETH: Well, I got you name from ...a friend of a friend. (reading from the card) A Stewart Donald. He gave me your name. He said you would help me ...on a special order. (she mock sobs. Isbecki laughs) Is that too much?
MARY BETH: You want me to do it again?

[Surveillance van]

(parked near Prashad's shop in the South Bronx)
CHRISTINE: She's been in there too long. I'm going in.
ISBECKI: Just give her a few more minutes.
CHRISTINE: She's one week back on the job. I really wonder if she knows what she's doing.
ISBECKI: Look, she's knows what she's doing. Don't blow it for her. ...Hey!
(Mary Beth, in a long, frizzy, platinum blonde wig and sunglasses comes out of the shop. She stops and leans on a parking meter near the van, lowers the sunglasses, winks and smiles)
ISBECKI: Hey, she did it!
CHRISTINE: (turning to the techi operating the phone tap equipment) Why hasn't he called?!
ISBECKI: Maybe he's making a call from another phone. Especially after your raid.
CHRISTINE: It's not my fault, Isbecki!
ISBECKI: Oh, I'm sorry. I...
CHRISTINE: What's that supposed to mean?
ISBECKI: I'm just saying that you're the same Christine Cagney that I always knew and adored.
TECHI: (pointing) Lieutenant. He's leaving the shop.
CHRISTINE: How many phones does he have in his place?
TECHI: Just one.
CHRISTINE: Have you got the payphone?
TECHI: We're paying for it by the hour.
ISBECKI: (as Prashad approaches the payphone) Come on. Stop!
TECHI: He's passing it.
CHRISTINE: Damn it!! I was relying on tapping the phone!
(Prashad stops and puts his hand in his pocket)
ISBECKI: Oh, come on. ...He's coming back!
CHRISTINE: Come on, pick up the phone. (as Prashad picks up the payphone) Make the phone call, you bastard!
TECHI: (hearing the connection) We got it!! It's somewhere on Staten Island.
CHRISTINE: Oh, yeah!!!

[Outside warehouse]

(the duo arrives in Chris's car gets out. Two back-up patrol cars pull up)
CHRISTINE: What are you going?
MARY BETH: I'm going with you.
CHRISTINE: You haven't got a gun. Wait in the car.
(out-of-uniform officers break open the door)


PRASHAD: (shouts to Hans Korbut as the door breaks open) Go!!
(the officers spread out. Korbut, up on a mezzanine level looks down and sees more officers coming in. Gun drawn, Chris moves around. Korbut runs off. Chris discovers a crate of assault weapons. There is a bang)
OFFICER#1: (to Chris) Over the back.
(Chris directs other officers to move up)
OFFICER#2: (confronting Prashad) Freeze! Hold it right there!!
(he is restrained. Chris spots another man. He sees her and runs off)
CHRISTINE: (shouting after the other man) I got one right here!!! ...Freeze!!! Hands on the wall or you're dead!!
(he is restrained. On an upper floor Korbut rips a chain off wire doors and runs on. An officer going up a staircase to the mezzanine floor, spots Korbut)
OFFICER#3: Hey, there's one up there!
(Chris comes up to the officer and they see Korbut go through a door in the far corner. He runs down a staircase)

[Outside warehouse]

(Mary Beth is sitting in the car. In the driver's door mirror she sees Korbut running towards the car. She leans across and as he comes up she throws the car door open. It knocks him flying into some trash bins. Mary Beth gets out and puts her foot on his back. Chris flies out of the warehouse door, gun drawn. Mary Beth raises her hands)
MARY BETH: (smiling) Gee, it's lucky they won't give me a gun yet. Who knows where I might have shot him.
(Chris eventually raises half a smile)

[Interview room]

GERALD FRADIN: Let me share with you my sincere belief that despite all the media hoopla, what you say you have, with respect, my client is a very small potato at that.
CHRISTINE: We found fifteen hundred stolen guns in a warehouse rented in Mr. Korbut's name.
GERALD FRADIN: Small potato. Like I said. He deals in stolen property.
MARY BETH: Not to mention a mountain other illegal weapons.
GERALD FRADIN: So you wanna do the taxpayers a favour. We'll plead right now, probation and a thousand dollar fine. What do you say?
CHRISTINE: (almost laughing) Excuse me. I'm sorry, Mr. Korbut, that was seriously rude of me. I wonder ...if would you would mind removing your hat?
(Korbut looks at Fradin who nods)
CHRISTINE: I just love that colour. I really should take you with me to my hairdresser.
MARY BETH: (beckoning) Pardon, Lieutenant.
CHRISTINE: Excuse me. Just one moment. (Mary Beth opens the file) Well, what do you know? (bringing a clear evidence bag) We already had a sample. (she shows it to them) Look.
GERALD FRADIN: What is that?
CHRISTINE: It's a hair sample. It matches whatever hair is left on your client's head.
MARY BETH: You know, with his condition, he's lucky he had any left at all.
CHRISTINE: That's true. I've read about this. It's called alopecia, ...isn't it, Mr. Korbut? It usually all falls out until you look like a billiard ball.
MARY BETH: On second thoughts, Lieutenant, maybe he's not so lucky because that was found at the crime scene. Next to Sergeant Nelson's dead body. (holding up another evidence bag) And this other hair was taken from the tug captain's cap. That's a damn shame, because if he had lost it all at least he wouldn't be leaving evidence lying around.
GERALD FRADIN: Let me see those!
CHRISTINE: Why did you kill Nelson?. Were you trying to tie up the loose ends! Or were you trying to save a buck by not paying irregular bribes.
GERALD FRADIN: (to Korbut) Don't say a word. Are you charging him with murder?
CHRISTINE: This isn't small potatoes, Mr. Fradin.
MARY BETH: No. Big potatoes.
CHRISTINE: Very big potatoes. Unless, of course, he'd like to cooperate with us.
GERALD FRADIN: Tell me what you've got in mind.
CHRISTINE: He was working with someone. We know who it is but we need confirmation. We'll need him to testify against him.
GERALD FRADIN: I need some time to discuss this with my client, if you don't mind.
CHRISTINE: Twenty-four hours. Otherwise we'll charge him with Murder One.
(the duo leaves)

[Outside the interview room]

MARY BETH: That was good, Christine. (looking at her watch) And it means you could be in Washington tomorrow for the hearing.
CHRISTINE: Washington!! It's too late!!!
MARY BETH: Not if you get your stuff, get a cab. You could catch the last flight.
CHRISTINE: (hesitating) What about the ca...
MARY BETH: Go!!! I'll take care of it (shouting after her) Tell him 'Good Luck' from me, huh?


(Chris is coming down the steps from the Capitol Building with James)
CHRISTINE: Taxi! Taxi!!!
JAMES: Why don't you stay for a night?
CHRISTINE: I wouldn't be going back if it wasn't important.
JAMES: Did you hate everything about the hearing?
CHRISTINE: I loved it all. I hope things are go well.
JAMES: I just hope that you're not gonna wanna play cops and robbers for the rest of your life.
(the taxi hoots)
CHRISTINE: A minute!
JAMES: All right, you go. Do what you have to do (he gives her a peck) and I'll see you this weekend.
CHRISTINE: (as she gets in he cab) I'm looking forward to this weekend. We'll have the honeymoon all over again.
JAMES: Yeah.
CHRISTINE: (to the driver) National Airport.

[Outside Feldberg's office]

MARY BETH: Gee, Chris, I didn't think you would jump up in the middle of the United States Senate. ...It's none of my business, but don't you should be there for your husband.
CHRISTINE: You're right, Mary Beth, but... Sorry. But this is one of the good acts. Catching the bad guys. He doesn't understand.

[Feldberg's office]

CHRISTINE: What's this crap about the DA not setting a deal with Korbut.
FELDBERG: Lieutenant Cagney. More than anything life, I hate to apologise, but when I'm wrong ...I'm wrong. You see I thought you'd become a nine-to-fiver lately, and (pointing to Mary Beth) maybe I'd underestimated you as well. (shaking Chris's hand limply) The two of you have done one hell of a job (also shaking Mary Beth's) on this gun thing. Really.
MARY BETH: Thank you, sir.
FELDBERG: No, no, don't thank me. I thank you. I thank both of you. You made me look good. You made us all look good. The DA told me to tell you that he wants both of you at the press conference.
CHRISTINE: What about Mansfield?
FELDBERG: He did a leap.
(Chris looks at the file)

[Roof of Supreme Court Building]

MARY BETH: There's nothing they can do, Chris. He fled the country.
CHRISTINE: They could have picked Mansfield at the airport. Belarus! Who the hell goes to Belarus?!! Everybody there wants to come here!!!
MARY BETH: You couldn't have got a conviction on the testimony of a co-conspirator. It never would have happened.
CHRISTINE: Don't try and cheer me up. I wanted Mansfield! Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: We got fifteen hundred automatic weapons off the streets. More with the stuff they found in the warehouse. And we got the guy who pulled the trigger. We did good. Isn't that what we used to call our job?
CHRISTINE: So we did. We did real good. So why don't I feel any better.
MARY BETH: Chris, there's something I've gotta tell ya. I don't think I can do this job.
CHRISTINE: Don't you give me that crap!! I saw you!! You were grinning from ear to ear when you came out of Prashad's pawnshop. I loved it when you saw him in the mirror. The way you handled that hair! I'm talking about I need you! Don't you talk to me about quitting, because I won't allow it!
MARY BETH: I'm not quitting. God knows, I can use the paycheck and the medical bit. It's that damn mile run. I finally qualified with the pistol. I did the right number of sit-ups ...and the press-ups. I had enough trouble running the mile when I was in shape. I can't do it now. That's all there is to it.
CHRISTINE: That's it?!!!
CHRISTINE: No problem.

[DA's building]

(the duo is running round the balcony)
CHRISTINE: You've gotta pick up the pace.
MARY BETH: My feet are killing me.
CHRISTINE: You can do it! (Mary Beth struggles on, trying to speak) Do it for me!
MARY BETH: (more struggling) No!
CHRISTINE: All right, do it for Harvey!! ...All right, damn it, do it for yourself!!! Come on! (pulling Mary Beth by the elbow) Run! (with a stopwatch) Go! Go!! Go!!! (Mary Beth finishes. Chris looks at the stopwatch and screams with joy. Mary Beth collapses) Yes! Eleven minutes and fifty-three seconds. Yoo hoo! All right!!!
(she dances on the spot)
MARY BETH: (gasping) I'm doing it ...for you, Chris.
MARY BETH: You were right the first time.
CHRISTINE: Right about what?
MARY BETH: I'm doing for you. ...I owe you, Cagney. You saved Harvey's life. (sinking to the floor) I am ...forever your debt. And... Oh, my Lord, I'm gonna have to do the whole thing over again. (on her knees) Oh, Chris. Chris, isn't there some kind of an affidavit?. Something that you could sign. (Mary Beth gets to her feet. Chris leans on Mary Beth as they stagger off. Mary Beth swaps over)
MARY BETH: I'll lean on you instead.
CHRISTINE: Oh, ...sorry.
(two big smiles)

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