A Fair Shake; Part 2
Original Airdate: May 16, 1988

[Outside the motor inn rooms]

(the man the duo is escorting to the Federal authorities from upstate New York they believe to be a suspected felon. They believe him to be Robert Wright, President of the West End National Bank, New York City. An attempt has been made on his life by the local sheriff, Craddock. As the duo is about to gun down the sheriff along the veranda, there is a burst of automatic gunfire from behind them. It is from Wright who declares himself to Agent Duggan, FBI. They have their guns on him and Chris invites him to put down the gun 'Real slow'. Mary Beth has become enfatuated with "Wright")
AGENT DUGGAN: I'm doing it. No problem. Stay cool.
CHRISTINE: Shut up and do it!!! (as two guests stick their heads out of another door) Get back in your room! Now!!
MARY BETH: (to Duggan) Back away. (Chris goes to check Craddock) Against the wall.
AGENT DUGGAN: (as Mary Beth pats him down) I'm Agent Thomas Duggan, FBI.
CHRISTINE: He's dead!!
AGENT DUGGAN: There's ID in my bag.
CHRISTINE: There'd better be!
(Chris takes the automatic from Mary Beth and goes into room 3)
MARY BETH: (backing away) All right, you know the drill. Fingers laced on you head. Move it inside.
(he goes into room 3. Mary Beth follows him)

[Motor inn room 3]

CHRISTINE: (with the ID) What the hell's going on! And where's the real Mr. Wright?
AGENT DUGGAN: Can I have my gun back now?! I'm calling it that that guy out there wasn't working alone.
(he takes the gun which Chris has just put down)
CHRISTINE: I'll get the car.
MARY BETH: Keep you eyes open, Chris.
(he puts another magazine in the gun. They start to pack up rapidly)
AGENT DUGGAN: Sorry, I couldn't let you know.
MARY BETH: Sure. Let's move it.
(the station wagon leaves the motor inn. The thunderstorm still rages)

[Station wagon]

(Chris is driving. Mary Beth is in the front. Duggan is in the back)
AGENT DUGGAN: So far so good. The real Robert Wright ...slipped out of the lodge after we left. He's probably somewhere safe by now.
MARY BETH: Because we are here taking the heat? ...Marquette.
CHRISTINE: That son of a bitch!!

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: (into phone) What do you mean, 'He's not at home'! Don't give that bull, Sergeant! Where is he at three AM, huh? Out in Jersey, in some hotel with his secretary! You get Marquette and you tell him that I wanna talk to him!! Now!!!

[Upstate New York]

(it's just after dawn. The storm is over. The sun is shining. The station wagon is pulled up looking down on the road. Duggan is looking at the road. The duo is looking at the map on the wagon's bonnet)
MARY BETH: What the hell have we gotten into here?
CHRISTINE: I would trade my Irish heritage for a telephone that works.
MARY BETH: Or a road that actually went somewhere or a bridge that wasn't wiped out.
CHRISTINE: All this time we have not covered one quarter of an inch on this map! We are equal to any man in law enforcement. Except to when it comes to peeing in the woods.
MARY BETH: (as Duggan returns to them) Well, how come he took so long?
AGENT DUGGAN: The coast is clear. But then again I thought that sheriff was just a local gendarme.
CHRISTINE: Is there anything that you do know for sure?
AGENT DUGGAN: Look, the reasoning was that if P-2 got hold of our game plan we had to have a trick play up our sleeves.
MARY BETH: (indicating her and Chris) Meaning us?!
AGENT DUGGAN: (indicating himself and the duo) Us.
(they all get in the wagon)

[Station wagon]

CHRISTINE: What the hell is a P-2?!
AGENT DUGGAN: That Italian right-wing group I told you about.
CHRISTINE: So all that stuff you told us about, that story about the Falklands and Argentina and Contragate...
AGENT DUGGAN: ...is as true as the fact that this car could be in gear not out of gear.
CHRISTINE: Hey! All right.
(Chris starts the car and drives off. Later Chris is trying to find a radio station)
RADIO STATION: Storm damage affects the telephone service and electricity over more than two thirds of the County.
CHRISTINE: (having turned the radio off) We're low on gas.
AGENT DUGGAN: There's gotta be a station up ahead somewhere.
CHRISTINE: Have you got any idea how we got picked for this crap detail?
AGENT DUGGAN: You must have enemies of your own. Me? I made a heavy bust. A big mistake.
MARY BETH: Whose big toe did you step on?
AGENT DUGGAN: The guy I was tracking turned out to be a major drug dealer ...protected by the CIA.
CHRISTINE: Is there a short version to this story?
AGENT DUGGAN: Do you wanna hear this or not?
MARY BETH: It's long drive back to Manhattan, Christine.
AGENT DUGGAN: Of course, bright boy that I am, I refused to look the other way. So I bust him. The roof fell in on me. They tried to cover by making me look dirty. Leaked my name to the Press.
CHRISTINE: Are we about to leave the country again?
AGENT DUGGAN: One day one of my kids heads home from school and asks me if I'm a crook.
MARY BETH: That's a tough one.
AGENT DUGGAN: You have a way with understatement. We've been relocated ...four times in three years. I've been passed over for promotion and generally been given to believe that the Bureau directorship is not my future.
MARY BETH: Chris, don't you think we've got parallels here?
CHRISTINE: Don't bring that up. I'm having enough trouble with Mr. Experiences here.
MARY BETH: I'm just telling you, a crooked judge, a dodgy jury...
CHRISTINE: (getting upset) Unless Marquette likes us less than he already does. I would say it's a really good indication that the Equal Opportunities Employment Commission is not working! There's a stench of paranoia in the air. I don't think we should make any more of it than it is.
MARY BETH: How about you, Agent Duggan? Do you think it's working or are we all on somebody's hit list?
AGENT DUGGAN: I agree with the Sergeant here. I think the Act is smashed. So we just keep playing it up. Make as direct a line as we can for the Big Apple and then we'll be disassigned.
MARY BETH: Understatement. How come we got here without backup or a proper briefing?
CHRISTINE: Let's face it, Mary Beth, we are persona non grata. Maybe it's that peachy pink you wanna paint the bathroom!
MARY BETH: That's almost funny, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Right front! Right front!! (there is a pickup truck ahead on their side of the road. They all ready their guns. They pass it. The driver is changing a wheel. Mary Beth waves to a kid waving out of the truck's window) Gas station up ahead.
AGENT DUGGAN: Let's go, guys.

[Gas station]

ATTENDANT: Pumps don't work. Electric's out on account of the storm last night.
AGENT DUGGAN: Telephone?
ATTENDANT: No, that's out too.
ATTENDANT: Be glad to check your oil.
CHRISTINE: (opening the bonnet) Fine.
AGENT DUGGAN: Have you got a drinking fountain?
ATTENDANT: Over there.
CHRISTINE: Got any food?
ATTENDANT: Er, candy machine. But it's empty.
CHRISTINE: Right. (to Mary Beth as Duggan goes inside) The question is, is he a banker or a thief? Who's not a banker? Who's not a thief? First he's dead with the FBI. Now he's a target for the CIA. I'd sure like to know what the hell's going on!!
MARY BETH: On the wheel well.
(there is a small aerial sticking down from the top of the wheel arch. Chris removes a small box from behind)
CHRISTINE: It's a transmitter. Left by the sheriff when he helped us change this wheel.
MARY BETH: Why? He knew where we going. He even gave us directions, for Lord's...
(there is a bang. They jump. It is the bonnet being slammed down)
MARY BETH: Thank you.
(Duggan comes back)
CHRISTINE: (handing the transmitter to Duggan) That was under the wheel arch. That's where we had the flat. The sheriff was good.
AGENT DUGGAN: This accounts for why we haven't seen anyone following us. It's not necessary. They can just hang back.
CHRISTINE: Any ideas?
MARY BETH: Get out of here fast?
AGENT DUGGAN: How much gas do have we got left?
CHRISTINE: Two, three gallons.

[Station wagon]

MARY BETH: (showing them the map) We've just coming up to this fork in the road up here. They'll be behind us. It'll give them something to think about.
AGENT DUGGAN: It's got my vote. Let's move.
(they drive off. Chris throws the transmitter out at the fork in the road)
CHRISTINE: What it tells us, that transmitter, is that sheriff definitely had back up.
MARY BETH: At least somebody does.
AGENT DUGGAN: This thing go any faster?
CHRISTINE: I'm going fast, old man! Are you volunteering? Do you wanna come up here.
MARY BETH: Christine.
CHRISTINE: Well, if they're gonna put us in a James Bond movie, the least they could do is give us an Aston Martin!
MARY BETH: How about one of those personal helicopters? You know, with built in sub-machine guns from, (asking Duggan) what do you call that? ..."Thunderball"! And then er, one of us can clobber all of the bad guys and he other two could ...do the skywriting. Secret code back to headquarters.
(Duggan laughs)
CHRISTINE: You've reached the rich vein of your life.
AGENT DUGGAN: That's what got me into the FBI.
MARY BETH: I joined up because it paid better than the typing pool.
AGENT DUGGAN: That's the difference between sexes. My Mum always said 'Men were the true romanticists'. How about you, Sergeant?
CHRISTINE: (concentrating on the rear view mirror) Huh?
AGENT DUGGAN: Was law enforcement a choice?
MARY BETH: (speeding up) Hey, Mary Beth, take a look. Someone on the road behind us, and they're gaining.
MARY BETH: Floor it, Chris!
CHRISTINE: What the hell do you think I'm doing?!
(a large black BMW saloon comes right up on their tail)
AGENT DUGGAN: That thing'll go round corners faster than us.
CHRISTINE: I love it when they talk technical.
MARY BETH: (the BMW begins to slide wide and drops back. Fuel is leaking ahead of the front left wheel) He must be leaking out of fuel.
(their fuel gauge is nearing empty. They are doing over seventy-five)
CHRISTINE: It's a local speed trap here. (the BMW has caught up again) I can do without a ticket right now. (as she gets a bit further ahead through some bends) I'm gonna have to do something about this. Hold on!!!
(she slams over the wheel, slides sideways and races off up a side road)
AGENT DUGGAN: Great driving, Sergeant!!
(the BMW goes on past)
MARY BETH: Looks like they bought it, Christine.
(further on the station wagon slows to a halt)
CHRISTINE: Damn it!!! Damn!! Damn it!!! I'm gonna need some help here. Let's get this thing out of sight.
(Duggan and Mary Beth push the station wagon behind some farm buildings. Chickens are loose, a dog is barking and sheep can be heard)


(Chris gets out. Their guns are at the ready)
MARY BETH: Magazines?
AGENT DUGGAN: In the back.
(he raises the tailgate and gets spare magazines out of his bag)
CHRISTINE: No grenades?
AGENT DUGGAN: Let's see if anybody's home.
(they run across to a farmhouse. The dog barks)
MARY BETH: Anybody here!
CHRISTINE: (through the door) Hello! Anyone here? No!. Nobody.
MARY BETH: No. All right, we'll go round the...
AGENT DUGGAN: OK! Here! This is our way out. (a truck is over by a field where a tractor is in use) Take his truck. Try and find the State troopers in Rosebud.
CHRISTINE: What are you gonna do?
AGENT DUGGAN: I'll be right behind you.
CHRISTINE: Who's giving the orders here?!
MARY BETH: We don't have a chance! We don't know how many there are.
AGENT DUGGAN: We're wasting time!
(just then they hear the BMW skid in the distance)
CHRISTINE: Well, it was a good idea.
MARY BETH: So spread out and then we can split 'em up?
AGENT DUGGAN: I'll take the house.
CHRISTINE: Right, we'll cover you from the farm buildings.
AGENT DUGGAN: I have the only decent weapon, so don't draw their fire unless you absolutely have to.
CHRISTINE: Detective.
(Chris rushes off. Duggan stops Mary Beth)
(he kisses her)
CHRISTINE: (stopping) Come on! This is an ambush! All right! Not the back seat of a Chevvy!
MARY BETH: Good luck, Tom.
AGENT DUGGAN: Take care. (as she goes) Cover me!
(they get into position. The BMW pulls up. They watch and wait. The gunfight at the OK Corral beckons. They watch the BMW for movement)

[Precinct House front desk]

(Coleman and Josie, the bag lady, are gathered with Basil round the computer terminal. Samuels has just come up)
SAMUELS: Sergeant!!! (Coleman shoots away. Josie backs off a bit. To Basil) Is that all there is?
BASIL: More's coming up. The power's just being restored upstate now.
SAMUELS: Coleman, you got that number for Harvey Lacey in Florida.
COLEMAN: It's on your desk, Lieutenant. He's not there. Flying back, first flight this morning.


(it is stuck in a Manhattan traffic jam. Horns are blowing)
HARVEY: How come we're not going anywhere? Is there another way out of here? (no reply from the cabbie) Hey, are you listening to me?!!

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Samuels is in his office shouting down the phone. The rest of the Squad are standing listening to him)
SAMUELS: (into phone) ..., Inspector? ...I was trying to get you all last night!! ...What's the Department playing at, Inspector?!! ...I want some answers and I wanna 'em now!!!


(they watch as the BMW slowly circles round. It sees the station wagon and stops. A man in dark glasses gets cautiously out and nips into a farm building, has a look and then nods to the BMW. It circles round some more and Mary Beth moves closer to Chris where they can both see it. Duggan watches it stop in front of the farmhouse. The man in black comes out and starts puncturing the station wagon's tyres with a knife. Another man in black glasses with an automatic rifle gets out of the BMW. Yet another man gets out of the other side. He goes up to the house. The three men have a badge on their left shoulders. Duggan prepares)

[Farm building/Farmyard]

CHRISTINE: These guys aren't going to any wedding.
MARY BETH: If I'm killed in the line of duty, Harvey gets eighty percent of Second-grade money for life.
(the second man goes into the house. The third man watches the yard)
CHRISTINE: I wanna a full-dress funeral. Twenty-one gun salute. The works.
MARY BETH: Do you think Knelman will show up?!
(she laughs nervously at the thought)
CHRISTINE: He'll wish we were dead!. (the first man is still dealing with the tyres. There are bursts of automatic gunfire from inside the house. Several windows shatter and the farmhouse walls are penetrated by bullets) I'm gonna draw him off.
MARY BETH: Do it! (speaking about the third man) I've got this man. (there are more bursts of automatic gunfire inside the house. Chris starts to shoot at the third man. The second man comes out of the house. The first man is crouching behind the station wagon. The farm building comes under fire. The duo hunkers down. The third man makes a break for it)
MARY BETH: (pointing) Chris!
(Mary Beth goes to take a shot at him. The farm building comes under more fire. Mary Beth crawls through hay to where Chris is. The first man moves to behind another building. Chris moves to have a look out. She sees Duggan making a break for it from the back of the farmhouse)
(the second and third men fire at the farm building. The second man moves from behind the BMW and then fires at the building. Duggan appears and guns him down. The third man opens up. Duggan takes shelter and changes his magazine. The first man comes round the back of the building. Chris sees him through the slatted wall. The first man sees Duggan and guns him down. The duo opens fire on the first man. He takes shelter. Duggan passes out. As the duo take more shots, the first man opens up on them. The duo takes shelter behind two barrels. The third man moves nearer to the building. Duggan comes to, and although wounded, puts his glasses, one lens of which is shattered, back on. The third man fires and indicates to the first man to move. The duo reloads. Mary Beth loads her last ammunition. They two men open the main doors to the building and open fire. Duggan appears and guns down one man but is then gunned down by the remaining man. The duo appears at the door and gun him down from the back)
MARY BETH: (running across to Duggan) No, please! No! Please! Oh!
DUGGAN: (as Mary Beth cradles him) La...
MARY BETH: What?! Say it. Say it to me again. I couldn't hear you.
DUGGAN: Mary Beth...
(he dies. She looks up at Chris)
MARY BETH: Tommy. Hold on. Hold on.
(she breaks down. Five polices vehicles roar in, all sirens blaring. Chris holds up her shield. Mary Beth is still cradling Duggan)


(the duo flanks Harvey. They are standing away from the grave. Duggan's widow and children grieve by the coffin. They all move off. The widow comforts one of her boys)
CHRISTINE: Mrs. Duggan.
RHODA DUGGAN: (as the trio approach her) I told you people to stay a way from here. What do you people want from us?
MARY BETH: Oh, ma'am, we are not from...
HENRY DUGGAN: No!!! You leave her alone!! You killed my Dad! He didn't do anything wrong!
CHRISTINE: We know that. We were with your Dad when he died.
MARY BETH: I can't say to you how much... I'm Detective Mary Beth Lacey, NYPD. My partner, Sergeant Cagney. Harvey Lacey. my husband. (her voice breaking up) And we are all deeply sorry.
RHODA DUGGAN: I beg you to leave. I've pleaded. They made him out to be this... I told him the Bureau doesn't deserve you, but he wouldn't have it. And then they would move us again. And Tom would say 'Times would be different'. He was a good, decent ...man. How could they turn on one of their own?! (breaking down) Do you know?! Can you tell me that?!!
CHRISTINE: No, Mrs. Duggan, we can't. (to Henry) Your father was an extraordinary law officer and a very brave man. We wouldn't be alive today without him.
MARY BETH: (to Henry) You can be proud of him.
RHODA DUGGAN: We always have been. (looking round) I appreciate your coming.
(Chris nods. Rhoda Duggan shakes the duo's hands and then turns away with her son)
HARVEY: I'll get the car.
CHRISTINE: If he'd been a bum, Mary Beth, you wouldn't have cared about him.
MARY BETH: Sergeant, this case is not over.
MARY BETH: Those kids, ...they deserve to know what kind of man their father was. And there's no room for discussion here, Chris, because the man saved our lives!
CHRISTINE: Who's arguing? The case is not over. (touching her arm) Mary Beth.
(as they move off, Mary Beth rubs Chris's arm)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(as the duo returns from the funeral, everybody applauds. Mary Beth runs to her desk)
ESPOSITO: (to Chris as they all gather round) Hey, Sergeant, I was talking about the movie rights. You see, I got a cousin who works for a very high-powered agency in the town. As a matter a fact I see this whole thing as a mini-series.
(there is some laughter)
CHRISTINE: (at her desk) Back off!
VERNA DEE: Glenn Close for Cagney.
FEMALE UNIFORMED OFFICER: And Sally Field for Lacey.
ESPOSITO: No, no, no! I see ...Sigourney Weaver as Mary Beth Lacey.
CORASSA: Isbecki took to his bed when he heard he'd missed the greatest shoot out since the OK Corral!
MARY BETH: Shut up, Al!
ESPOSITO: Why don't you lighten up a little, Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: No!!! (getting up) A good man was buried this morning. And no member from crap awful Department or his own Bureau was there!! So please do not come to me ...or my partner with your stupid, lousy wild west fantasy!
(she sits down)
CHRISTINE: Give her some space, OK?
SAMUELS: (coming up) Cagney. ...Lacey. In my office.
CHRISTINE: (getting up and coming round) Are you OK, partner?
MARY BETH: Getting up again) You bet!
ESPOSITO: (to Corassa) They'll come around.

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: If you two wanna take some personal time...
CHRISTINE: We may consider that as an option, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Meaning?
CHRISTINE: Meaning just that.
SAMUELS: Come on, Sergeant. We've known each other a long time. I usually can count on a straight answer from the both of yous. ...but, correct me if I'm wrong, at my suggestion for personal time, everybody, except you, wanna get away. (they look at each other) Come on, you two, cut he crap! What's doing here?!
CHRISTINE: Detective Lacey and I have some unfinished business on the bank case, Lieutenant. We wanna finish it. If you can't see your way to allowing it, we'll simply do it on personal time.
SAMUELS: Is that it? Making up our own assignments now, are we?
MARY BETH: Our lives were put in jeopardy by this Department. And we don't know why. We're in agreement, Sergeant Cagney and I, that we need to find out about that before we can go on working for this Department.
CHRISTINE: There's nothing quite as important as this in this town, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: There's not, huh?!!!
CHRISTINE: Either you assign us ...or we do it on our own.
SAMUELS: How much time to wrap this up?
MARY BETH: As long as it...
CHRISTINE: ...Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: You know, Lacey, how long have you been in my command now? Hm? Nine years, is it? Well, I think this is the first time that you have not referred to me as 'sir' or by my rank. ...I'm not the bad guy here, Detective. (a long silence) OK. You're on this until you come to me or until I tell you different. Cagney, turn your duties as second whip over to Corassa until this is over. Everybody happy?
CHRISTINE: Yes. Thank you, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: (thoughtfully) Get out of here.

[Detectives' Squad room]

COLEMAN: I didn't wanna bother you while you were in there but this just came in.
MARY BETH: (to Chris who is looking at the document) What?
CORASSA: (to Coleman as he goes past) What's up, Sergeant?
COLEMAN: The banker. The guy from West End National? The one that stole a hundred million dollars?
ESPOSITO: You mean the real guy, not the decoy?
VERNA DEE: What about him?
COLEMAN: He's just jumped out of the window of the john on the tenth floor of the Criminal Court building. (he smacks his hands together) Smack!
ESPOSITO: What do you mean? How would a guy with all that kind of dough wanna kill himself?

[Roof of court building]

CHRISTINE: Surprise, huh?
MARY BETH: The real Mr. Wright wouldn't jump out of any window. Who we're trying to kid here for God's sake? Did you see that bit in the papers about Tom Duggan's international banking story? All this stuff about P-2 and the Falklands and the Contras? Or Iran? Harvey's right. They'll move in on us.
CHRISTINE: Marquette.
CHRISTINE: We were expendable, Mary Beth. And just because we knew too much about the markets, investment or maybe we were getting too close to what was really going on. Or maybe you were right, maybe it's because we stepped on somebody's toes somewhere. Whatever. Marquette sent us out there without any back up and worst of all without letting us know what we were in for! It's over.
MARY BETH: Do you think it stops there? You saw those guys and their BMW. We're into some cover up here which makes Watergate like a Fraternity prank. ...What do we do?
MARY BETH: OK, we go to "The Times". Tell Lynne Sutter. She'll get them to publish it.
CHRISTINE: Terrific! And then we'll get a bonus for resigning in tandem.
MARY BETH: Are we talking under the carpet here, because I am not be part of your dirty bu...
CHRISTINE: Can it, Mary Beth! I am not trying to sweep anything anywhere. I'm just gonna figure out what we're gonna do.
MARY BETH: What if we confront him?
CHRISTINE: Confront Marquette?
MARY BETH: I'm in! Tell him what we know. Let him know we're not gonna go away and maybe he'll resign or er, give it up or whatever.
CHRISTINE: Whatever.

[Inspector Marquette's secretary's office]

(Chris comes straight in with Mary Beth, having knocked,)
CHRISTINE: I'm Sergeant Cagney. Behold this is Detective Lacey from the Fourteenth Precinct. We would like some of Inspector Marquette's time.
MISS. HOLTZ: (getting up and shaking their hands) Sergeant Cagney, Detective Lacey, how very nice to meet you both and congratulations. (Chris shrugs it off) I'm impressed. You must tell me how you got here so fast from the Fourteenth.
CHRISTINE: I beg your pardon.
MISS. HOLTZ: Well, we only sent over the transfer thirty minutes ago.
MARY BETH: What transfer is that Miss. Holtz?
MISS. HOLTZ: Oh, I've spoilt the surprise, haven't I?
MARY BETH: What surprise, Miss. Holtz?
MISS. HOLTZ: (sitting down) No, no, I think I've said enough already.
CHRISTINE: Miss. Holtz, how long have you worked for the Department?
MISS. HOLTZ: Fifteen years.
CHRISTINE: Well, then you know that a detective of police in the City of New York is obligated to carry a sidearm on her person when on duty.
MISS. HOLTZ: (confused) Yes.
CHRISTINE: Well, Detective Lacey and I are on duty. (pushing back her jacket) Therefore armed! (leaning on the desk and putting her face close to Miss. Hotz's) Now, you can perceive that information any old way you like, but if I were you, I would tell us what we want to know now. What surprise?!
MISS. HOLTZ: Inspector Marquette sent over word to your Lieutenant that you and your partner here were being transferred to Major Case Squad.
(the duo looks gob smacked)
MARY BETH: (as Chris begins to smile) Thank you, ...Miss Holtz. We'll be back shortly. Conference, Christine.
(as they leave, Chris is still smiling)

[Ladies room at Headquarters]

MARY BETH: Maybe he figures it will keep us shut up! He's not right about that is he, Chris? (Chris shakes her head) Maybe he thinks it'll be easier to get us killed in the line of duty on Major Case.
CHRISTINE: Too many 'maybes'.
MARY BETH: So what do we do? Just say, I got mine' and walk away.
CHRISTINE: (as a woman comes in) Now let's be fair, Mary Beth. Ma... (the woman goes into a WC. Turning on a hand basin tap and saying quietly) Marquette did warn us.
MARY BETH: Warned us, huh?! What did he say? 'Drive carefully?'.
(the WC flushes. Mary Beth touches up her lipstick. They wash their hands as the woman comes out and washes hers. The woman nods to them and leaves)
CHRISTINE: Marquette said 'Keep under cover'. The implication being that there were bad guys out there. And let's not forget that we were introduced to the Feds. I mean we knew it wasn't a social we were going on.
MARY BETH: Nobody said CI... (lowering her voice) ...IA, Christine. Nobody said we were protecting the Congress of the United States of America! Nobody said what we were doing paid for bombs to kill innocent little children.
CHRISTINE: (after a silence) OK. So you wanna be Mother Theresa and I'll play St. Joan?
MARY BETH: You mean it?!
CHRISTINE: Well, what do I have to do? Get my own firewood?!!
(Mary Beth half-smiles)

[Inspector Marquette's office]

MARQUETTE: Now you two had better be careful with that kind of accusation.
MARY BETH: Inspector Marquette, (making signs with her fingers like quotes) he jumped out of the Criminal Court building.
CHRISTINE: From a window on the tenth floor. Right now they're picking him up with a blotter! And within minutes we, your co-conspirators, are transferred to a better assignment.
MARQUETTE: Now, this is ridiculous. How long have you been campaigning for a Major Case Squad, Sergeant?
CHRISTINE: Well, that's all rather tainted now, isn't it, Inspector?
MARQUETTE: The one has nothing to do with the other. You were following orders. So was I. We were all used.
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth goes to say something) By whom?!!
MARQUETTE: It isn't often that an inspector of police ...gets a request from Washington. I didn't know the man was a decoy any more than you did. That's all, ladies. If you go any further with this ...you better hope I lose my job.
(he puts his glasses on, sits down and picks up a document. Mary Beth walks out. Chris follows)

[Precinct House yard]

MARY BETH: What do you think, sir?
SAMUELS: You don't like Marquette? Do you know his history, Lacey?
MARY BETH: No sir. Not anymore than the rest of us.
SAMUELS: He was a beat cop when I was a Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: Apparently he's still playing politics.
MARY BETH: What do we do, Lieutenant? ...I think we owe it to Agent Duggan, sir, ...to have this come out. I think his family deserves that.
SAMUELS: And you, Sergeant?
CHRISTINE: The same, Lieutenant. I'm with Lacey on this.
SAMUELS: Take the winner's route.
MARY BETH: What was that, sir?
SAMUELS: Take the winner's route.
CHRISTINE: Look, Lieutenant, if this is some Jewish parable...
SAMUELS: Your looking for advice. I'm giving advice. Now you listen to me, the both of yous. You take the winner's route, you put yourself in a win-win position.
MARY BETH: Win-win, sir?
SAMUELS: Exactly.
CHRISTINE: How's that, Lieutenant?
SAMUELS: You take the winner's route so that when "The Times" prints the story that you're going to give to Lynne Sutter, either you're going to leave her a legacy after you move on to Major Case or, ...in the very likely event that Marquette pulls the promotion, then you at least have a freshly painted toilet here in the Fourteenth. See what I mean? Win-win.
(he leaves them standing there. Mary Beth offers Chris her hand. They shake hands)

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