Original Airdate: March 29, 1988

[Headquarters task force room]

(Lt. Thornton is writing on a white board. It says Task Force, Code Name, "Big Eye". A detective hands pairs of packages to the duo and to Corassa and Esposito)
CHRISTINE: This is a test, you know. For Knelman's emergency warning system. If he had any experience of police work Thornton would not be standing up there.
MARY BETH: Am I the only person taking notes here or what?
CHRISTINE: His next line's gonna be 'Prior planning prevents poor performance'.
(Corassa and Esposito giggle. Mary Beth puts her tongue out at Chris)
THORNTON: Sergeant Cagney, could we please have your attention? If you'll all open the packages now which are in front of you'll and follow along with me. (they each open a package. Chris says something under her under her breath to the others. He holds up a photograph) Our target suspect is Gabriel Zoller. Now your computer printouts detail his history of dealing in illicit weaponry beginning with his first arrest in nineteen eighty-two. You'll also notice activities in California, New York, Illinois, Canada and Florida. Any questions?
MARY BETH: Could you please elucidate, sir, on the exact nature of this task force?
THORNTON: Yes, it's a clandestine monitoring and observation operation of one of the most consistently elusive dealers of stolen small arms for domestic distribution.
CHRISTINE: (aside to Mary Beth) That means he sells hot guns around the pet shops.
THORNTON: Do you have something to add, Sergeant?!
CHRISTINE: I'm just wondering if we really need all of this just to keep an eye on Zoller.
THORNTON: To know where he's going it helps to know where he's been. Now Zoller is meeting his contact tonight and we are going to be there. Study this before then. My second whip, Sergeant Marren,...
(Mary Beth applauds. Chris whistles. Corassa acknowledges him)
ESPOSITO: All right!
THORNTON: ...who happened to uncover the details of the meet, will now brief you.
MARREN: Well, we're not gonna get our names in the papers. Basically it's like Sergeant Cagney says. Simple surveillance. We just wanna ID Zoller's new business partner. You've all been there.
CHRISTINE: (under her breath) Everyone except Thornton.
(Esposito screeches)
THORNTON: (picking up his briefcase) I'll be in Inspector Knelman's office. Carry on, Sergeant Marren.
(Mary Beth gets up as he leaves)
MARREN: Nobody laugh. (taking his coat off) Especially if he shows up tonight in full riot gear.
(they all laugh)

[Headquarters underground car park]

MARY BETH: Do you know one of your nicest qualities? You don't carry a grudge, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Thornton keeps following me like toilet paper stuck to my shoe.
MARY BETH: With his experience he'll never make Chief without us.
CHRISTINE: So Knelman puts him on to a nice piece of surveillance for a few nights and, Bingo, he's earned his spurs!
MARY BETH: At least they've partnered him with a solid pro.
CHRISTINE: We'll have to tell Marren to keep Thornton from shooting off his own foot!
(they get in the Squad car)

[Squad car]

MARY BETH: That was a funny story that Sergeant Marren told about Thornton.
CHRISTINE: I think Thornton must have been drinking with every blue suit in Manhattan. I'm gonna skip lunch. Do you wanna drop me off? I'll meet you back at the shop.
MARY BETH: I will go back and peruse the data.
CHRISTINE: Well, you were certainly interfacing. It's time to keep probing. ...Boy, would I like a drink!
MARY BETH: Christine!
MARY BETH: Seat belt.

[AA meeting]

(they are all standing round in a circle uttering a chant. It climaxes, they clap and the circle breaks up)
ANNE: (coming up to Chris who is clearing up lunch leftovers into a box) I liked what you said today.
CHRISTINE: Oh, thanks!
ANNE: It was that part about losing control. You sure know how to get to the heart of things.
CHRISTINE: Well, It wasn't at first.
ANNE: Listen, could I get your number?
CHRISTINE: Sure! Ann, right?!
ANNE: That's right.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I understand how tough it is when you're new. Hey, I'm gonna put my home phone number on the back. And then if you have any questions about the meetings or anything else you wanna know ...just give me a call.
ANNE: Thanks.
DONNA LA MARR: (spotting her) Chris!
CHRISTINE: Hi ya, Donna.
ANNE: Well, ...I'll let you go. I just wanna say what a boost it is to see someone getting so much out of the programme. I hope I can do as well. ...I'll call you. All right!
CHRISTINE: Sure. It's always nicer coming from a friend. (to Donna as she puts a box down) I'll be out of your way in a minute.
DONNA LA MARR: That's OK. There's no rush.
CHRISTINE: (after a pregnant silence) That's the napkins for you.
DONNA LA MARR: (as Chris picks up her box and moves off) Chris!
DONNA LA MARR: I know you had bad feelings about me, but I just wanna say I'm glad you're in AA.
DONNA LA MARR: You're still angry with me.
CHRISTINE: I'm not angry!
DONNA LA MARR: Chris, I miss Charlie too. There's not a day goes by that I don't think about him.
CHRISTINE: Guilty conscience?
DONNA LA MARR: That's why I'm still in Al-Anon. For the support, you know.
CHRISTINE: Great! Well, have a nice meeting.
(Chris walks out)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Esposito and Corassa are both on the phone)
ISBECKI: Lacey, have you got a minute?
MARY BETH: Victor, (indicating what she is typing) no.
ISBECKI: It's important.
MARY BETH: So is this, and I don't have Verna Dee to do my typing for me.
ISBECKI: Trust me!
MARY BETH: (realising she has typed something wrong) Oh, dear. (pointing to the chair) All right. ...Out with it, Victor!
ISBECKI: It's Ginger. She's got ...female problems.
MARY BETH: Er, what kind of (under her hand) problems ...precisely.
ISBECKI: You know. (looking round) With her plumbing.
ISBECKI: Ginger was scared and I wanted to talk to you about it.
MARY BETH: Scared of what?!! What is wrong, Victor!
ISBECKI: She's got some swelling and she's in a lot of pain.
MARY BETH: Well, what does the doctor say?
ISBECKI: She's there now.
MARY BETH: So you don't what is wrong yet for sure?
ISBECKI: No. But what if the doctor says it's my mother... What if it's cancer? I mean, how it can just take over.
MARY BETH: The best thing for you to do, Victor, is to not stay in the dark. Find out everything that you can.
ISBECKI: That's not gonna change what the doc says.
CHRISTINE: (returns from the meeting, chalks in and shouts out) I know I'm late! Victor, have you finished your report.
MARY BETH: I'm sorry, Victor. We will talk later.
(she crosses her heart to him as he goes)
BERNICE [OC]: Cagney.
BERNICE: Line three.
CHRISTINE: Oh, thanks, Bernice.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Yeah? Cagney! ...Oh, hi Anne! ...Oh, no, no. It's a good time of day. ...Uh huh. ...Oh. How are ya? ...You're kidding! Me?! ...Oh, no, no, don't get me wrong. I love to. I... ...I've just never sponsored anybody before. (Mary Beth looks up) ...Ah ha! Yeah, well that's me all right. Ah ha. ...Yeah. ...What?! ...Oh, believe me, I'm on your side, you know that. ...Er, look. You've got both my numbers, right? ...So any time you need to talk, I um... ...I just believe we could make a great team!
(Chris raises her thumb to Mary Beth. Mary Beth raises her thumb back)

[Surveillance van]

CHRISTINE: Burned out and all mine! She's a therapist. Can you imagine?! Fancy having a shrink having counselling sessions with you? Ha!
MARY BETH: I hope it works out, Chris.
CHRISTINE: I mean, she can't cope! This is historical, Mary Beth!! I don't know what to tell her! I'm only doing this so I don't land up with my house on fire!
MARY BETH: I do love this job. Sitting in a surveillance van outside dark warehouse.
CHRISTINE: When I think of all those times we used to drink lukewarm coffee in a car. One call from Knelman and we're riding around in mobile thunder!
MARY BETH: Well, the Inspector wants his boy to shine.
CHRISTINE: Sure. He's only set this up because he's gonna take all the bows.
MARREN: (on walkie-talkie) Unit two, unit three. The target's just arrived. Now entering warehouse.
MARY BETH: (into walkie-talkie) Unit two. Ten-four.
MARREN: Unit three. Ten-four.
(there is a knock on the rear van door)
THORNTON [OC]: Sergeant Cagney, it's Lieutenant Thornton. (Thornton slides open the van door and gets in) Just checking positions.
CHRISTINE: Most of us are where we should be.
MARY BETH: Sergeant Marren has just called, sir. The suspect has arrived.
THORNTON: Oh, I better get back.
MARY BETH: Sir, it would be better if you waited. He might see you now.
THORNTON: Just thinking... Thank you, Detective. (Mary Beth raises binoculars) Isn't this quaint? Duck hunting. (the duo looks at him) I remember Wisconsin.
CHRISTINE: It that where you picked up all your street smart?
MARREN: (on walkie-talkie) We've got a major wrinkle here, Lieutenant. You'd better get back. I've just spotted an unidentified suspect. We should move in for a closer look.
THORNTON: (into walkie-talkie) I'm on my way, Sergeant. (to Chris) You move into a back up position.
CHRISTINE: I'm aware of the procedure. I'll give you thirty seconds.
THORNTON: Right, I'm going in there with Marren.
(he goes)

[Warehouse #1 yard]

(the duo is onto the loading bay area. They hear a shot)
MARY BETH: (into walkie-talkie) Special. Ten-thirteen. Fourteenth Squad detectives. That's two-two-one. Thornton. Shot fired. Retriever, going in!

[Warehouse #1]

(the duo comes in. They hear a noise. Mary Beth goes one way between piles of packing cases and tall crates. Chris goes the other way. There is another noise. It sounds like something falling down. They see a body flat on its face)
MARY BETH: (into walkie-talkie) Special. Ten-thirteen. Member of the service down. Despatch us ambulance.
(it's Marren)
THORNTON: (as they check Marren, with his gun on them) Get back!
MARY BETH: Thornton!
(they raise their hands)
THORNTON: I mean it! Stay away!!
MARY BETH: Put your gun down, Lieutenant. We're not gonna hurt you.
MARY BETH: Lacey, sir.
MARY BETH: Yes sir!
CHRISTINE: It wasn't me.
MARY BETH: Put your gun down, sir. (he lowers his gun) All right. (taking the gun) It's over now. ...It's over now. You can relax now, sir. You can relax now. (Chris checks Marren) Did you see what happened, sir? ...Where did they go, sir?!
THORNTON: (pointing to Marren) He came at me.
CHRISTINE: (looking up) He's dead.
THORNTON: Marren!!
THORNTON: We decided ...and I came this way ...and then ...he was at me with his gun.
MARY BETH: Marren?!!!
THORNTON: The Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: Who shot him? (Thornton brings down his arm to the firing position) Who shot him?!!!
(he relaxes. The duo looks aghast)

[Headquarters task force room]

(the duo is there with Corassa and Esposito)
KNELMAN: The Department feels deep regret at the shooting death of Sergeant Marren. He was a hell of a cop. I know we all extend our condolences to his widow and children.
CORASSA: What about the Department investigation, sir.
KNELMAN: Preliminary ruling is that Sergeant Marren's death was accidental.
CHRISTINE: No harm, no foul.
KNELMAN: Both men followed procedure.
ESPOSITO: But only one walked out, ...sir.
KNELMAN: Lieutenant Thornton is on administrative leave, and the Department will best be served by immediately disbanding this task force. Return to your squad. That's all. (the duo rushes up to him as he goes to walk out) Whatever it is, I don't wanna hear it!
MARY BETH: With due respect, sir, this simple surveillance today cost us one of our own.
KNELMAN: The operation is over.
CHRISTINE: We have an opportunity here, Inspector. The media's eating us alive! 'Hero cop shot by partner'! Come on!
KNELMAN: The suspect has undoubtedly left the State by now.
MARY BETH: Why would Zoller pack up and leave empty handed, sir?!
CHRISTINE: And why does the Department take all the heat because one guy screwed up?!
KNELMAN: Do you have a solution, Sergeant?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, give me the task force.
(Knelman doesn't like that)
MARY BETH: It couldn't hurt in the media, sir.
CHRISTINE: A man wouldn't have died in vain if we could bring Zoller in.
KNELMAN: I'll give you forty-eight hours.
CHRISTINE: I need more time...
KNELMAN: Take it or leave it!
MARY BETH: Thank you, Inspector. We'll start right in. We're all set to go.
CHRISTINE: I also need a new team to replace those we lost!
KNELMAN: No more manpower on this! You work out of the Fourteenth. I want this place closed down! Now!!

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the duo and Verna Dee come in with task force information in boxes)
CHRISTINE: Well, Knelmans certainly protected Thornton's backside, didn't he? As demeans the word 'squash'.
MARY BETH: The Old Boy network.
VERNA DEE: It's all the same with politicians. All he ever cares about is covering his tracks.
CHRISTINE: Good luck! Everybody knows the boy wonder was his idea.
MARY BETH: Thornton's taking the brunt of it.
VERNA DEE: Oh yeah! Tell that to the man's widow.
(Corassa comes in with two more boxes followed by Esposito)
CHRISTINE: Knelman's fallen flat on his face and I get to pick him up and I love it.
MARY BETH: Lieutenant Thornton certainly outdid himself. (as they unpack the boxes) Look at all this work.
CORASSA: Marren never knew what hit him.
ESPOSITO: You turn a corner. Your partner's just scared of the dark ...and ...bam!!
CORASSA: What's the betting that Thornton never identified him before he fired?
MARY BETH: You don't know that!
CORASSA: He wasted a good cop!
ESPOSITO: Come on, Mary Beth! Twenty-five years on the job and one of your own puts a round in your head.
CHRISTINE: Thornton was a desk jockey who blew his partner away by the book!
MARY BETH: Give it a rest, Christine.
CHRISTINE: I didn't pull the trigger!!!
(Mary Beth sees Isbecki come in and goes over to him. Thornton comes in with his briefcase and goes up to Chris. Corassa and Esposito walk away)
THORNTON: Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant.
THORNTON: (opening his briefcase) Is there somewhere more private we might talk?
CHRISTINE: Look around. Wouldn't you say this is private?
THORNTON: I just thought I should bring you up to speed. Turn over my data.
CHRISTINE: (seeing it in the briefcase) You kept your gun holster, huh? Don't you just like it when they play hardball?
ISBECKI: You don't know Ginger. She's never been like this. She doesn't talk. ...She's cracked.
MARY BETH: Did she say 'benign tumour'?
MARY BETH: Fibroid, right?!
ISBECKI: Yeah. But she has to have a hysterectomy. She says, 'Victor, we're never gonna have children'. I say, ...'I just care about you'.
MARY BETH: Victor, I'm gonna give you my doctors phone number. You have Ginger call him.
ISBECKI: We already have a doctor.
MARY BETH: There's more than one doctor in the City of New York, Victor! Get a second opinion! Get a third and a fourth if you want to!
ISBECKI: We'll go with ours.
CHRISTINE: (calling across) Detective Lacey!
MARY BETH: There has to be other options besides a hysterectomy. I mean , there might be ...another choice, Victor. She is scared too. You have to be the strong one here.
ISBECKI: Yeah. ...Yeah, I'll talk to her.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth!! (she rejoins Chris) The clock is running, Detective.
MARY BETH: It was important, Sergeant. (holding out her hand) Lieutenant.
THORNTON: (shaking it) Detective Lacey. How are you this morning?
MARY BETH: OK. And you, sir?
THORNTON: A bit ragged.
CHRISTINE: Can we get on with it, please?
THORNTON: Er... As I was saying, my research covers two basic areas. First of all, there's profile gathered from intelligence, MO files, other Squads, informers, observation reports...
(Chris takes the file)
MARY BETH: Looks like you were very thorough, sir.
THORNTON: Thank you, um... I compiled the list of cases involving some of the crimes. I researched that back fifteen years.
CHRISTINE: Zoller's record only goes back six.
THORNTON: I checked this research with Marren.
MARY BETH: It's a good place to start, sir.
CHRISTINE: (standing up) Fine. If we have time to go over your stuff, Lieutenant, we certainly will, but at the moment we have less than forty-eight hours.
THORNTON: Of course! (closing his briefcase) Er, well, ...if you need me, Sergeant, call.
(he rushes away)
CHRISTINE: Will do, Lieutenant.
CORASSA: (coming up) I'd say he's in the wrong place if he's looking for friends.
MARY BETH: Oh, will you lay off!
CHRISTINE: You wanna forget Thornton, all of you! We've got work to do, so let's hit the streets and rattle some cages.

[AA meeting]

JO: (as they put chairs out for the meeting) You've made a good start. I'll give you that. But you're not ready to be a sponsor.
CHRISTINE: How hard can it be?! All it takes is just common sense.
JO: This is serious! In order to share it you have to be living and working with cases.
CHRISTINE: So, I've got over some pretty rough times this year.
JO: Eight months. You slipped. Remember?
CHRISTINE: You're the one that told me I can't keep it until I can learn to give it away!
JO: Right now all you know how to do is stay sober one day at a time.
CHRISTINE: Well, I'd call that great!
JO: It takes more than that.
CHRISTINE: You think I don't know the steps? I feel like I've been up and down there a hundred times.
JO: You've barely even started. Chris, I'm not gonna tell you what to do.
CHRISTINE: You've got that right!
JO: (as Chris slams down hair and pinches a finger) What are you doing with that anger of yours? How are you gonna help someone else. You haven't even started to make your own amends. ...There. ...Who are you thinking of right there? Whoever it is, it would make a pretty good place to start.


(Chris is at a table. Donna La Marr comes in)
DONNA LA MARR: I was surprised when you called me.
CHRISTINE: I figured it was time.
DONNA LA MARR: Do you mind if I join you?
CHRISTINE: That's the idea.
WAITRESS: Can I get you something to start, ladies?
CHRISTINE: Would you like something?
DONNA LA MARR: Whatever you're having.
CHRISTINE: A couple of designer waters.
DONNA LA MARR: Do you want me to start, honey?
CHRISTINE: I was er... I wanted to... to set everything straight. (Donna nods) Er, I figured that I said some things that may have ...or ....they hurt you.
DONNA LA MARR: Yeah. That's true.
CHRISTINE: And some of the things I said weren't entirely true. Like my thinking you didn't care about Charlie.
DONNA LA MARR: Yeah. Well, I'm glad that you understand about that now.
CHRISTINE: Yep. So, ...I wanted to apologise for what I said. It's important for me to apologise and I do. That's all. I apologise. (silence) All right?
DONNA LA MARR: All right.
CHRISTINE: Now I've done that, I gotta go.
DONNA LA MARR: Well, ...what about dinner?
CHRISTINE: I don't think it's gonna work, really. Besides, I've eaten already.
DONNA LA MARR: (as Chris gets up) Well, let me call you. Let's get together. OK?
CHRISTINE: Yeah, sure. I'll call you. (grabbing Donna's hand) Bye.
(Chris leaves quickly)

[Laceys' kitchen]

MICHAEL: How come you told Mum you don't trust doctors?
HARVEY: Mikey we're a nation of sheep. They put a white coat on some guy and suddenly he's God. You even trust that jerk that says, 'I'm not a doctor but I play one on TV'.
MICHAEL: Mum, trusts her doctor. She even gave his name to Ginger.
HARVEY: Yeah. When we found out that Mum had a tumour, that you have to learn as much as you can. That means a second doctor, even a third if you need it.
MICHAEL: But then how do you know who's right and who's wrong?
HARVEY: Well, it's not always that simple, Mikey. It all comes down to your own best judgement. But in order to make a smart decision, you have to get a second opinion.
MICHAEL: You didn't get a second opinion when they took out my tonsils.
HARVEY: We should have, Mikey, but back then it was. 'My tongue is choking me every week'. Every parent knew the problem, every doctor knew the answer. The tonsils gotta come out.
MICHAEL: But maybe I didn't have to have them out.
HARVEY: No, Mikey. We didn't think we had a choice. Mikey, when you get as old and stupid as the rest of us, use your head. Ask a lot of questions. Don't let them get away with anything.
(he gives Michael a playful tap around the head)

[Chris's loft]

NICK AMATUCCI: So, you got your task force and you're on top of the world.
CHRISTINE: And I'm a sponsor. And I was generous with an enemy. Not a bad days of work, eh?
NICK AMATUCCI: I thought you were gonna meet with Donna. Make amends.
CHRISTINE: It took less time than I thought.
NICK AMATUCCI: That's one for the record books. Chris Cagney turns a new leaf in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.
CHRISTINE: What are you going on about? You should be congratulating me.
NICK AMATUCCI: You do enough of that for both of us. What do you need me for?
CHRISTINE: I don't. You can leave anytime.
CHRISTINE: (she rushes and grabs his coat as he heads for the door) I didn't know you were the kind of man who ran away from a fight.
NICK AMATUCCI: Lady, do you know why? Right?
CHRISTINE: What are you going on about!! I'm splitting my butt in this programme.
NICK AMATUCCI: Cut the crap, Cagney.
CHRISTINE: (throwing him his coat and opening the door) You can leave now.
NICK AMATUCCI: You can't just take, baby. You've gotta give something.
CHRISTINE: Save it for someone who cares. Right?
(she slams the door after him)

[Motor workshop]

ARTHUR WERNER: (working on a truck engine) I only gotta a faint recollection of that name.
CHRISTINE: Well, try harder. You and Zoller were cellmates for three months. I bet you remember the size of his underwear.
ARTHUR WERNER: Yeah, well, Green Haven was a dark time for me. My therapist says that I blocked it out.
CHRISTINE: Well, we can provide recall therapy, stuck in a holding cell with a bunch of junkies, throwing up on your shoes!
MARY BETH: You moved goods for Zoller before.
ARTHUR WERNER: It must have been in my troubled past. Now I'm a productive member of the community.
MARY BETH: Your rap sheet says different, Mr. Werner.
ARTHUR WERNER: Mistaken identity both times.
CHRISTINE: (stopping him as he tries to move away) Witness intimidation both times.
ARTHUR WERNER: Hey, it's a democracy. Everybody's entitled to their point of view.
CHRISTINE: And here's mine! Right. Zoller's caused the death of a cop! And we're gonna get him. (pushing him) And anyone who refuses goes down with him, (pushing him again) buster!
MARY BETH: (with her arms folded and pushing him back against a low wall and putting her elbow on his chest) That's right, Mr. Werner. As hard as we can possibly make it. If you can't convince us that you don't know anything you better have relatives in Brazil that'd be glad to see ya.
ARTHUR WERNER: Understand this! With no encouragement from me, Zoller ca... (Mary Beth gives him another push) Zoller called here looking for a truck and a driver. I shined him on ...but he said he would call back.
MARY BETH: When he does (putting her card in front of him) you better.
(she tucks the card into his overalls)

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (into phone) Zoller's still in town. The deal is definitely going on.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Detective Lacey, Fourteenth.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Yes.
MARY BETH: (into phone) No, Sergeant Cagney's on the other line. May I help you, ma'am?
CHRISTINE: (into phone) That's all. Yes.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Er. Hang on. (to Chris) Christine, it's Anne.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Could you hold on a moment, Inspector? (to Mary Beth) Tell her...
MARY BETH: She says it's urgent.
CHRISTINE: Take her number. I'll call her back. (into phone) Ah, yes. Pardon me, Inspector. A little police business.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Anne. Where can the Sergeant reach you?
CHRISTINE: (into phone) I'll need a few more days.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Yes, I told her.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) I'm positive, Inspector. That's why I need the extra time.
MARY BETH: (into phone) She should be free in just a minute. ...Right back, she said.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) No. ...I'll take it. I will take it.
MARY BETH: (into phone) OK.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Thank you, Inspector. (they both ring off) One extra day.
MARY BETH: There's no end to the Inspector's generosity. (handing it over) Anne's number.
CHRISTINE: (yelling out as Uniforms hustle some noisy perps into the holding cell) Hey, you wanna calm down here!!! Coleman! Calm them down. How are we supposed to work as a task force?
COLEMAN: Do you have do it down here?
CHRISTINE: Can't we use detention cell?
COLEMAN: Take whatever's open. I'll let you know when I need it back.
CHRISTINE: We'll go upstairs. (Coleman goes. As the commotion carries on) Quiet!!! (to Mary Beth) Let's go.

[Detention cell]

(Chris is writing on a blackboard)
ESPOSITO: Zoller's ex-wife gave a sob story. I mean she hasn't seen him, he owes her money, he didn't show for his kid's birthday.
CORASSA: Thank God for nosey neighbours. A Mrs. Colati says the wife had a late night visitor dressed like Blake Carrington.
MARY BETH: Could have been Zoller.
CHRISTINE: (sitting down) Could have been Blake Carrington.
(general laughter)
MARY BETH: Lieutenant's profile on Zoller says he has all his suits custom-made.
CHRISTINE: (having given a disparaging look) OK. Time for known associates and local hangouts.
MARY BETH: Lieutenant Thornton has them listed already.
(another look from Chris)
CHRISTINE: You know, it's too bad he didn't spend as much time on the stake out as he did on the computer.
CORASSA: Maybe Marren would still be alive.
MARY BETH: I thought we were running short on time here.
ESPOSITO: How many teams are working on this list, Serge?
CHRISTINE: You're looking at it!
ESPOSITO: Oh, wait a sec, wait a sec, we got a week's worth of work here.
CHRISTINE: So, work fast. All right? We don't have a week.
(Mary Beth hands her a document from Thornton's research. Another look)

[Manhattan street]

CHRISTINE: (to an underground car park clerk) If he turns up again, we wanna hear from you, right? Thank you.
MARY BETH: (into payphone) Yes, I got it. ...All right.
CHRISTINE: It paid off! Zoller parked here for one hour this morning.
MARY BETH: I'll go you one better. Manny and Al turned up a call girl, Upper West Side address. Somebody IDed her last night with Zoller in a restaurant on Lieutenant Thornton's list. Let's check it out now.
CHRISTINE: (as they move off) You throw Thornton in my face one more time,'re walking!
(they get in the Squad car)

[Stacey's apartment]

STACEY: If you wanted an appointment, I'd be happy. You want names. Forget it!
CORASSA: We can make your clients awful nervous.
ESPOSITO: Yeah, we could set up in the hallway. We could do a little portrait photography.
STACEY: You have nothing better to do?!
ESPOSITO: Excuse me, Stacey, can I use your bathroom?
STACEY: First door on the left.
ESPOSITO: Hey, Al, what do you bet I find a little controlled substance in there?
CORASSA: That's a sucker's bet.
STACEY: Illegal search, Officer.
CORASSA: Legal enough to bring you in.
ESPOSITO: Oh sure. And the way we do paperwork, you could be with us, oh, ...about a week.
CORASSA: So where is Zoller?

[Hotel corridor]

(Corassa and Esposito follow the duo with the manager)
HOTEL MANAGER: Please keep the violence down to a minimum. Persian carpets, antique wall coverings, imported silk.
CHRISTINE: How many entrances to Zoller's room?.
HOTEL MANAGER: If you arrest him you must, you absolutely must, use the service elevator.
CHRISTINE: How many entrances?!
(the manager stops them outside a door)
MARY BETH: Which is this, sir?
HOTEL MANAGER: (handing a key to Chris) The bedroom. (handing her a second key) The living quarters, the first door on your left. And, please, don't get blood on anything.
(the manager retreats)
CHRISTINE: (handing Corassa a key) We'll take the living quarters, you take the bedroom.
(she hands the other key to Mary Beth. To Corassa and Esposito)
CHRISTINE: In on three.
(she signals 'three'. They all go in)

[Living quarters]

(the duo comes in quietly. They move through)
CORASSA: (coming through the connecting door) Nobody home. We missed him.
ESPOSITO: The call girl must have tipped him off.
MARY BETH: Much as I know, you don't wanna do it, Sergeant, I think it's time to call back in ...what's-his-name.

[Precinct House front desk]

THORNTON: (on the computer terminal) Benny Whiplash. First entry, nineteen eighty-three!
ESPOSITO: And look, he was in Sing Sing the same time as Zoller.
THORNTON: Yes. No, he's not a possibility. No sign of Zoller yet.
CHRISTINE: Bombed out again!
MARY BETH: Patience, Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: Well, while we're strolling down memory lane here, Zoller's setting up his deal.
THORNTON: (tapping away at the keyboard) Investigating patterns like this is more productive than ...sweeping the streets.
CHRISTINE: Every idea you've come up with so far has wasted us time!
MARY BETH: Sir, that's all right, sir. Follow your process.
THORNTON: (having taken a deep breath) Maybe I should er,... Maybe I should try and find the missing data!
MARY BETH: Missing data?
THORNTON: Printouts of gun dealing cases from nineteen seventy-five to seventy-three. I had them. They're missing!
ESPOSITO: Have you tried the Lost and Found?
(Corassa stifles a laugh)
CHRISTINE: The what?!!! Zoller wasn't even operating until eighty-two!!
THORNTON: That was just last week. A recorded collar!! I was being efficient!!!
BASIL: Lieutenant, there's a call for you, sir.
THORNTON: What do you people want from me?!!
BASIL: He said it was important, sir.
MARY BETH: Why don't you take a break, sir?
THORNTON: All right! Just... let me retrieve the missing data. Then it can be printing while ...while I'm gone.
MARY BETH: Certainly, sir.
THORNTON: Come on. (bashing at the keyboard) Come on!! Do it!!! (he bangs the printer. It springs to life) I'm getting you the pattern. (he gets up to take the phone call. He points to the printout) Then we might... (standing to his full height and speaking in a controlled voice) Be right over here, team.
ESPOSITO: Now there's a guy that's got an attitude.
MARY BETH: Shut up, Manny!
CORASSA: Lacey, he's right.
MARY BETH: We can use all the help we can get.
CHRISTINE: So could he.
THORNTON: (into phone) I can't get away. ...No just tell me now. ...It doesn't matter! Tell me now! ...Right. ...All right. ...I'll be right over. ...Yes, right.
(he rings off, stands there for a moment and seems reluctant to join the 'team')
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant!
MARY BETH: Are you all right, sir?
THORNTON: Only my lawyer.
ESPOSITO: No wonder you looked depressed.
THORNTON: Marren's widow. ...Filing for wrongful behaviour. ...I have to see her. (he wanders around, shell shocked) I don't know where I left my jacket.
CHRISTINE: (pointing to the printout) Excuse me! What am I supposed to do with all of this?!
THORNTON: Burn it!!! Blow it up!! I don't care!
MARY BETH: (picking up his jacket) Lieutenant!
THORNTON: Oh, that's all right. ...I know! ...I've seen you! ...I got eyes in the back of my head! ...And it's easy for you, isn't it?!! ...But I carry the weight! ...All of it. ...It's all on me, now. (taking the jacket) What do want?!!! ...'I'm sorry!!. (shouting at the top of his voice) I am!!! (breaking down) I am ...sorry.
MARY BETH: Lieutenant. Sir. ...If you want one of us drive you...
THORNTON: No. ...I don't need that. I want...
(he wanders off)
CORASSA: I wouldn't get in a car with that guy.
MARY BETH: (as Chris begins to gather the printout) Shall we get back to work? (to Basil, indicating his computer terminal) Officer, do you wanna get back in here?
(Corassa is inspecting the printout)

[Detention cell]

(the team are working late)
CHRISTINE: Zoller's setting up the deal anyway.
CORASSA: (still looking at the printout) Wading through this stuff at random...
CHRISTINE: Whatever he's doing, he's certainly not worried about us.
CORASSA: Why don't we just call it a day?!
CHRISTINE: Am I the only one who wants to shove this up Knelman's nose?!!
MARY BETH: That's the offended Sergeant, all right.
CHRISTINE: I'll tell you, Mary Beth, I just put the last nail in his coffin!
MARY BETH: You should be yourself.
CHRISTINE: He brought on himself, partner!
(the phone goes)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Cagney! ...Oh! Um... Oh, I'm sorry.
ESPOSITO: Cagney, I think I've found something.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Er. Um. (putting her hand over the mouth piece) What. (into phone) Could I call you back? ...Yeah, I know I forgot. But... (meanwhile Esposito is showing what he has found to Mary Beth and Corassa) ...Yes.
MARY BETH: Oh, my God.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Yes. I know exactly where it is. Yeah. I'll be there then. ...OK. Bye. (she rings off) What did you find?
ESPOSITO: According to this missing printout. Nineteen seventy-three. A truckload of stolen guns being guarded by three cops out of the Four-Eight. Half the goods disappeared ...right under their noses.
CORASSA: And look who was one of the Uniforms guarding the truck.
CHRISTINE: Kevin Marren.
MARY BETH: Is that why the printout maybe disappeared? He did have access.

[Chris's loft]

(Chris is standing on a stool dusting books with a Manhattan at the top of a bookcase)
NICK AMATUCCI: You know, even in our short acquaintanceship, I know that you do not normally do this at ten o'clock at night.
CHRISTINE: She fired me as a sponsor! Have you ever had that happen?
NICK AMATUCCI: Once or twice.
CHRISTINE: Huh. Yeah. Who the hell does she think she is anyway? She needs me!! This is a classic case of denial. Classic!
CHRISTINE: She doesn't want a sponsor, she wants a nanny. Being supportive doesn't mean being at her beck and call twenty-four hours a day, does it?!
NICK AMATUCCI: If she calls.
CHRISTINE: I had a shooting, Nick. A policeman was killed. Now that's important stuff.
NICK AMATUCCI: Chris, you made a commitment to her. Sounds to me that you didn't follow through. What do you expect to happen?
CHRISTINE: Well, I didn't expect to be standing on a stool in my loft being criticised by my lover! (throwing the Manhattan on a bookshelf) I'm going to get a maid to do this!!
NICK AMATUCCI: (coming across to her) Try to stay away from books. When magazines get read, you just throw 'em out.
CHRISTINE: I'm sorry, Nick.
NICK AMATUCCI: (fingering a button on her blouse) Me too. Hey, we've both got tempers, right? (taking her hand) Come here. (she steps down off the stool) Look, I'm sorry. I told myself I wouldn't butt into your business. I mean that. (putting his hands on her shoulders) Sorry.
CHRISTINE: I don't know. I tried to do ...what was right and everything just blew up in my face.
NICK AMATUCCI: We're none of us Saints here. It's your programme. Chris,...
NICK AMATUCCI:'ll make it work. And er, I like being in love.
NICK AMATUCCI: (taking hold of the collar of her blouse) How much?
(they kiss and canoodle)

[Upstairs room]

CHRISTINE: (into phone) If you hear from Zoller and we don't hear from you, you're heading back to Rikers. ...Have a nice day. (Mary Beth puts the receiver back on the wall phone) That's it. End of the list. You can't say we didn't try.
MARY BETH: OK. How about out-of-town truckers?
CHRISTINE: Right! And maybe we put an add in the penny pages.
MARY BETH: Are you throwing in the towel?
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, we're out of leads! (looking at her watch) And we're almost out of time.
MARY BETH: Unless Sergeant Marren strikes a chord in one of Basil's enquiries. Maybe Manny and Al'll get lucky. Maybe they'll turn up something.
CHRISTINE: On Zoller or Marren?
MARY BETH: Which would you prefer, Sergeant?!
COLEMAN: (coming in after knocking) Moving day, ladies.
MARY BETH: We're not finished!
COLEMAN: According to the landlord downstairs, you're out of here.
MARY BETH: (as Chris begins to load Thornton's research into a box) We have an order, Christine.

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (as the duo comes down the stairs) I'm not giving it short shrift. At least, Mary Beth, you saw Marren's jacket. He was a good, decorated cop. He was a good family man.
MARY BETH: Among other things.
CHRISTINE: You're building on sand, Detective!
MARY BETH: At least my head's not buried in it.
CHRISTINE: I've got Esposito and Corassa out there flashing Marren's photo all over town Now what else do you want from me?
MARY BETH: A partner who'll see the thing through.
SAMUELS [OC]: Cagney! In here.
GINGER: (as Mary Beth follows Chris) Mary Beth. I was just coming back for Victor. Have you got a minute?
MARY BETH: Sure, (looking over to the office) Ginger. How are you?
GINGER: Well, I... I wanted to tell you. I'm on my way from seeing a doctor. Second opinion.
MARY BETH: Oh, yeah, what did he say?
GINGER: (they sit down) Well, he says there's no need to operate. There... There are a lot of possible private tests that my doctor's not even bothered to mention. He's gonna run some tests first. Keep checking on my hormone level. You know. Keep an eye on things.
MARY BETH: So you won't have to have the er, hysterectomy?
GINGER: We'll see. ...Maybe not. He says that ...sometimes fibroids go away by themselves.
MARY BETH: (she keeps looking over to the office) That's good. That's good to hear.
GINGER: (getting up) Thank you!
MARY BETH: Oh! (they hug) Listen, you keep getting that information. And tell the good doctor 'Hi' from me.
GINGER: Right.
(she goes. Mary Beth picks up the phone and dials)

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Thornton hasn't got much fight left in him. And Knelman's pushing about getting the passkeys to those safe box deposits.
CHRISTINE: Well, I need it. I'm with Knelman on this one.
SAMUELS: How close are you to Zoller?
CHRISTINE: We're not. We've hit a dead-end, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Well, you let me know when you find out how to win 'em all.
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant, can I take a few hours off tomorrow?
SAMUELS: Oh, sure. You just work it out with Coleman.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, sir.

[Precinct House front desk]

(Chris kicks and bangs the candy machine)
CHRISTINE: Hey, Coleman. I need you to cover for me a couple of hours tomorrow.
COLEMAN: No problem.
MARY BETH: Christine, I just got off the horn with Sergeant Watson from the big building.
CHRISTINE: Who called who?
MARY BETH: I did. I wanted some more information. Sergeant Marren was not assigned to the task force by Inspector Knelman. He volunteered. ...Christine, it was his idea!
CHRISTINE: (grabbing her candy bar) So?!
MARY BETH: Conference, Christine.

[Ladies room]

MARY BETH: ...then Marren makes Thornton's printouts disappear.
CHRISTINE: You were there?!
MARY BETH: It's possible, Sergeant. It was Marren's tip that took us to the warehouse in the first place. Then maybe none of us spotted Zoller leaving after the shooting because he was never there! The whole thing could have been a set-up. Maybe Sergeant Marren thought that Lieutenant Thornton was on to him.
CHRISTINE: Do you have any evidence, Detective?
MARY BETH: What are you afraid of here?!
CHRISTINE: I'm not afraid of anything!! I'm sick of seeing good cops being dragged through the mud by these self-righteous office politicians who don't know what they're doing because they've never been out there!! And who don't know what they're doing in the first place!
MARY BETH: You can't run this case just to stick it to Thornton!
CHRISTINE: That is not what I'm doing.
MARY BETH: This thing with Marren is starting to stink and you know it.
(there is banging at the door)
COLEMAN [OC]: Cagney!!!
CHRISTINE: (opening the door) What?
COLEMAN: Esposito just called. A limo driver spotted Marren with Zoller about a month ago. And the guy just dropped Zoller at a warehouse in Chelsea. ...Sergeant?
CHRISTINE: Call for back up. We're on our way.

[Warehouse #2 yard]

(the duo arrives, guns drawn, and approaches the warehouse stealthily. Corassa and Uniform back up follow)
CHRISTINE: (into walkie-talkie) Esposito, are you in position?
ESPOSITO: (on walkie-talkie) All set, Sergeant. I've got Uniforms ready to sledgehammer all doors on this side. Over.
CHRISTINE: (into walkie-talkie) Go ahead. Flush him out.
(there is a sound of sledge hammering)
ESPOSITO [OC]: (on bullhorn) Police! Put your hands over your heads! ...Put it down! Nobody move! Nobody move!
(in the yard facing Chris and co. a shutter rolls up)
CHRISTINE: (into walkie-talkie) Let's go!!
(seven men jump down out of the door)
MARY BETH: Police! Hold it right there!
CORASSA: Police!
CHRISTINE: Hands behind your heads!!
(more patrol cars roar in)
MARY BETH: You right there!! Get to the loading dock!!
(the Uniforms move in)

[Samuels' office]

(the four from the Fourteenth are there)
SAMUELS: Intelligence wants to interview all of yous. I bet they find even more dirt on Marren than your team was able to dig up.
MARY BETH: Any word on Lieutenant Thornton, sir?
SAMUELS: He's taking leave-of-absence. And no set.
MARY BETH: He will be back on the job, sir , won't he?
SAMUELS: I don't know. He's pretty much of a ghost. ...By the way, Knelman sends his 'atta boy, soldiers'! And a good job to you, Sergeant.
(Mary Beth is unmoved)
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant, with the other detectives' permission, we'd like to take an assist on this collar.
ESPOSITO: It's OK by me.
CORASSA: Sounds right.
(she then looks at Chris)
SAMUELS: (to Chris) You're not sure of this, are you?
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant Thornton led us to Marren. The collar belongs to him.
(Mary Beth continues to look at Chris)

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