Button, Button
Original Airdate: March 22, 1988

[Manhattan street]

(two uniformed are up on an apartment building)
UNIFORMED OFFICER #1: (on the roof) I don't see anything. (to the other one on the top floor balcony) What about the windowsill?
UNIFORMED OFFICER #2: No. I've checked this one out.
UNIFORMED OFFICER #1: (as the second one looks at the sill of the open window) Anything?
UNIFORMED OFFICER #2: No, it looks OK.

[Apartment bedroom]

MARY BETH: (inside the window) No sign of forced entry. Door locked from the inside. Nobody can come in or go.
CHRISTINE: (to a third uniformed officer) Did he leave any note? (the officer shakes his head) What about his girlfriend? Valerie Bailey. Is that right?
OFFICER ZABANKO: (nodding) She's been out of town. Couldn't reach him for three days. She came here directly from the airport.
MARY BETH: We'll need her statement. Where is she?
OFFICER ZABANKO: We moved her to a back bedroom. So she wouldn't... You know, the smell and everything.
MARY BETH: Personal papers. What about them? Wallets, driving licence, visit cards?
OFFICER ZABANKO: Right! Got 'em. Here. (handing Chris an evidence bag) The guy's name is Broyce. Toby Broyce.
CHRISTINE: Two hundred dollars cash. A coupon for a Ruby deep dish, extra topping pizza. No credit cards?
CHRISTINE: (to the officer as he is looking uneasy) Officer, you gonna be OK?
OFFICER ZABANKO: Oh, sure. I'm fine.
MARY BETH: New on the job?
MARY BETH: Congratulations.
OFFICER ZABANKO: But I'm great, really. I just never actually seen a...
(the body is lifted onto the gurney)
MARY BETH: Well, the first time is the hardest. ...Honest.
CHRISTINE: We're gonna need you to seal the apartment and collect all his personal possessions and have the vouchers sent to the Fourteenth, and then start rattling some doors.
MARY BETH: Find out what his neighbours know. Friends, habits, anything at all.
CHRISTINE: (to the officer as he is still looking uneasy) First you might wanna check outside.
MARY BETH: Yeah. Down in the alley. When you're sure that everything is OK down there, you come on back up here.
OFFICER ZABANKO: Check outside! Sure! (looking as if he might throw up) I'll let you know what I come up with.
MARY BETH: (after he's gone) Figure of speech.

[Apartment back bedroom]

VALERIE BAILEY: (crying) I kept calling and... I wanted him to open the door and just hold me. I know it's sounds silly . I was getting so worried.
MARY BETH: Ma'am, we know how di...
VALERIE BAILEY: No, you don't know!! All your people out there, they won't listen to me! They just say that Toby killed himself!
CHRISTINE: And you don't think he did?
VALERIE BAILEY: No, he would never do that!! If you knew Toby the way I did... We had something. He was so special.
MARY BETH: How long had you known him, Miss. Bailey.
VALERIE BAILEY: For about a month. ...I don't know. Two months. He just moved here from Chicago.
MARY BETH: Is that where his family lives?
CHRISTINE: We're gonna need a family member to ID him.
VALERIE BAILEY: They're gone. Dead. I mean his parents are... That's why he wanted a big family so much, being an only child. ...We both did.
CHRISTINE: Miss, Bailey, did your boyfriend have ...any troubles? Er, financial problems? (Valerie Bailey shakes her head) Illness? What did he do for a living?
VALERIE BAILEY: Please! You have to believe me. ...We were so happy! I know he didn't kill himself.
CHRISTINE: Then who do you think might have done it?
VALERIE BAILEY: I don't know!!
MARY BETH: Did your boyfriend have enemies?
VALERIE BAILEY: I didn't even know his friends. Toby was an accountant. ...I did meet one of his friends once.
CHRISTINE: Do you remember the friend's name?
VALERIE BAILEY: I don't know. (crying more) All I know is... Toby's gone.
(she breaks down)
MARY BETH: That's all right. Take it slow.
(she begins to sob)

[Precinct House front desk]

CHRISTINE: Who knows why he blew himself away. Maybe she wouldn't leave him alone.
MARY BETH: Christine!
CHRISTINE: It's a possibility. (to the bag lady) How a doing, Josie?
MARY BETH: Sounds to me like they were happy. (to Coleman) Messages, please.
CHRISTINE: She was happy. We never got his side of the story.
COLEMAN: Harvey called. He says if you get a chance, a medium-priced Chianti could turn dinner into a feast.
MARY BETH: Doesn't sounds like he's cooking Chinese.
COLEMAN: Yeah! Nick called!.
CHRISTINE: (grabbing the message) Discretion is the key to good worker relations, Coleman.
COLEMAN: Tonight, seven-thirty at The Garden. Two seats on the ice.
CHRISTINE: Unless, of course, you're a social mutant.
MARY BETH: You seeing your pushy plumber again, huh?
CHRISTINE: Just a little hockey game . It's no big deal, Mary Beth. Of course we are going to La Gourmetterie tomorrow night. It's a real fancy French place.
MARY BETH: Be sure to check his plunger in at the door.
CORASSA: Beware of the Squad room. Isbecki's back from his honeymoon.
MARY BETH: Oh, really.
CORASSA: With hundreds of pictures.
CHRISTINE: Chalk us out, will ya?
(the duo turns and leaves)

[Detectives' Squad room]

ISBECKI: Incredible. (handing a photo to Basil) The Alamo. We saw it. (and another to Corassa) Dodge City. We saw it. (looking at another) The OK Corral!!
CORASSA: You saw it.
ESPOSITO: So all in all, how many pictures, Victor?
ISBECKI: Two hundred and thirty.
CORASSA: We're on number three.
ISBECKI: (looking at another) Oh, poor Ginger. She was so saddle sore I had to carry her everywhere.
ESPOSITO: Oh, you lucky guy! Three days in Atlantic City with my first wife, she wouldn't let go of the one one-armed bandits long enough to get her up to the suite.
CORASSA: Mine just had motion sickness. The roller coaster, Coney Island.
BERNICE: (about the next photo) Watch out, gang, the next one's X-rated!
ESPOSITO: (looking at the photo with the others) Oo. Oo, oo, oo. Ha!
ISBECKI: Yeah, that's me. We had our very own horseshoe shaped bathtub.
CORASSA: I like the contents.
VERNA DEE: Oh, yeah, an interesting shape. (to Isbecki) The tub, that is.
ISBECKI: Hey, you know, a good marriage tends to breed...
VERNA DEE: Just to give you grandchildren.
(Isbecki looks at Verna Dee)

[Lacey's lounge]

MARY BETH: (coming in with a bottle of wine) Hey.
HARVEY: (from the kitchen) Hey!!
MARY BETH: Harve, I could smell your world-famous spaghetti sauce halfway down the block.
HARVEY: Ravioli this time, babe! Soft, with veal and Parmesan. You'll think you're in Heaven!
MARY BETH: Oh, you're a wonderful human being, Harve Lacey. (going up to Alice who is on the couch) And, and how is my precious kid.
MICHAEL: (takes the wine from her) I'm not a kid.
MARY BETH: Sounding more like you brother every day. Michael, did you get that book to the library on time?
MICHAEL: I couldn't, Mum. Something really bad happened.
HARVEY: Mikey, I thought we settled this already.
MARY BETH: (kissing Harvey) What is that? (to Michael) You promise me now. Don't tell me. That Alice spilt rice-tuna on her dress?
MICHAEL: No, the...
MARY BETH: Or the typhoon blew it in from the sewer?
MICHAEL: Mum, someone at school has a sister with AIDS.
MARY BETH: That's not funny!
HARVEY: It's not even true.
MICHAEL: At school Freddy D, said that it was.
MARY BETH: Freddy D has a sister with AIDS?!
HARVEY: No, not Freddy D. Michael's teacher said it's a lie anyway.
MARY BETH: Oh, I get this. This is like the time that your brother told us that the principal had Herpes so we didn't have to go to open-school night.
MICHAEL: No, Mum, all the kids know.
MARY BETH: Michael, your teacher said it wasn't true.
MICHAEL: What if she's wrong? What if I catch it.
HARVEY: Mikey, it's not like the flu. You don't get it that way.
MICHAEL: I know how you get it!
MARY BETH: (looking up, worried) Well, in case you have some wrong information... (she looks at Harvey who indicates for her to go ahead) ...the real way that you get it is when ...people don't take precautions ...and they have sex with people who have AIDS.
HARVEY: (having been tapped on the shoulder by Mary Beth) And sometimes people who shoot up drugs by sharing needles.
MICHAEL: Garth's mum says that you can get it if a gay person coughs on you.
HARVEY: Mikey, Garth's mum doesn't know what she's talking about.
MARY BETH: Michael, do you understand what your father and I are talking about?
HARVEY: The bottom line, Mikey, is that you cannot get AIDS from someone whose sister is sick.
MARY BETH: Oh, honey, you don't have to be afraid. (going up and holding Michael's face) You know that your father and I would never let anything (giving him a kiss) hurt you.
MICHAEL: I guess. Garth's mum said you get it if it was in the blood.
(Mary Beth indicates to Harvey to pass her the wine)

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: The whole rest of last night was very quite. No matter what we said to him, I knew he was still scared.
CHRISTINE: (looking at a report) Great! The photographer's old blonde is the chief beneficiary.
MARY BETH: Kids these days are so susceptible to rumours.
CHRISTINE: Well, maybe it's not rumour, Mary Beth. I mean, it is a crapshoot out there nowadays. If you're not careful who you sleep with, it's a time bomb.
MARY BETH: I doubt if Michael is worried about AIDS because he's sleeping with somebody.
CHRISTINE: Parents are always the last to know. (referring to documents Mary Beth is examining) Do you have an income statement on Broyce?
MARY BETH: Three to five thousand dollars deposited in cash every month.
CHRISTINE: What about his rent?
MARY BETH: Twenty-one hundred, also cash.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, this is not adding up. I mean, who deals in cash nowadays?
MARY BETH: Hot dog vendors and dope pushers.
CHRISTINE: He didn't make his income from peddling this junk all day?
COLEMAN: (coming up) Preliminary ME's report on your suicide.
CHRISTINE: Do you have an ID on the prints yet?!
COLEMAN: No. There's some kind of hang up.
CHRISTINE: When do you think we might have them, Sergeant? It is gonna be next week, next Christmas, when a comet flies through next? What?
COLEMAN: Cagney, don't kill the messenger! When they show up, they show up. That's the best I can do.
MARY BETH: (to Coleman) Cause of death, Sergeant? (reading from the report) 'Gunshot wound to the head. Powder burns on the left hand. No sign of a struggle'.
CHRISTINE: And all we have is the word of one broken-hearted, very deluded girl. I vote suicide. Do you wanna vote with me. We can close this.
MARY BETH: What happened to 'This is not adding up. Nobody deals in cash anymore'?
CHRISTINE: Well, you said, Mary Beth? 'Whatever it was he was doing, it has stopped'! And you and I have a deposition in a few days and I, for one, would like to be prepared.
MARY BETH: (to Chris who is getting coffee) Christine, it says here that Toby Broyce was right-handed.
CHRISTINE: I thought you said the powder burns were on the left hand.
MARY BETH: I did. They were.

[Interview room]

(the duo, Valerie Bailey and Detective Krantz, a sketch artist, are there)
KRANTZ: (working on a sketch) This is great. I tone down the eyebrows and move them a little higher. (to Valerie Bailey) Let's move on to the nose.
VALERIE BAILEY: Oh, I don't know. It was er, average.
KRANTZ: Average?! Anything else? There's so much flexibility in the nasal area.
CHRISTINE: Krantz! This is not going to the Guggenheim, all right. Do you wanna speed it up?
KRANTZ: I'm sorry, Sergeant. It just so happens that the nose is my favourite part. (to Valerie Bailey) Why don't you choose one from the book?
VALERIE BAILEY: Look, I told you that I only saw Toby's friend once. It was a dark restaurant.
MARY BETH: Ma'am, you're doing fine. (nodding to the book) Go ahead.
VALERIE BAILEY: Look, I don't understand what this had to do with anything.
CHRISTINE: Miss. Bailey, so far we have zero on your boy friend. He has no living relatives, no records of him in Chicago and ...you're a little sketchy on his background.
KRANTZ: (laughing) A little sketchy!! Good!
MARY BETH: We are hoping that, since you can't remember the man's name, ma'am, somebody will recognise the drawing.
VALERIE BAILEY: I was right, wasn't I? Toby didn't kill himself.
CHRISTINE: We don't know, Miss. Bailey. I'll tell you what could help us most is if you pick a nose.
KRANTZ: Don't worry about it, Sergeant, there...
CHRISTINE: Draw, Krantz!!
MARY BETH: Did Toby tell you anything about this man? How they knew each other.
VALERIE BAILEY: Just that they were old friends and business partners. The past was painful for Toby. He didn't talk much about it.
(Krantz taps the sketch)
MARY BETH: That's a Robert Taylor nose.
CHRISTINE: I think we should let Miss. Bailey decide what it looks like.
VALERIE BAILEY: It's starting to look like him.
KRANTZ: And the nose?
VALERIE BAILEY: A little ..thinner. ...Well, maybe ...thicker.

[Laceys' Lounge]

HARVEY: (picking up Alice as Mary Beth comes in from the kitchen) Mummy!! Beddy byes, Mummy! You say goodnight to Mummy.
MARY BETH: Night, night, sweetheart. (the doorbell rings) That must be the paper kid.
HARVEY: Yeah, tell her to work on her aim. She missed the box twice last week.
HARVEY: (taking Alice upstairs) Come on!
(Mary Beth opens the front door)
CAROL TERRY: I'm sorry to bother you, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Carol. Hello.
CAROL TERRY: I was wondering if you had a minute.
MARY BETH: Sure. Come on in.
CAROL TERRY: Outside. ...Please.

[Laceys' veranda]

MARY BETH: What can I do for you?
CAROL TERRY: I may have to ask for your help.
CAROL TERRY: You see, somebody found out the name ..and the news is spreading very fast. Tomorrow everybody'll know. And you're a police officer and very influential in the neighbourhood. And because Alice and Emma are in the same day care...
MARY BETH: Emma? ...Your daughter.
CAROL TERRY: When she was a newborn ...she had a transfusion. We've just found out she's carrying an AIDS virus. We only told a few people ...but the word leaked and (breaking down) I'm so frightened for my baby, Mary Beth, ...my whole family. I don't know what will happen to us.
MARY BETH: Oh, honey. (Mary Beth puts her arms around Carol and comforts her) Oh, honey.

[Laceys' bedroom]

(they are changing the bed)
MARY BETH: (referring to the sheets) Fifty-nine dollars for this set, on sale. I. I love the fancy names they give them, Tropical Paradise.
HARVEY: Mary Beth,...
MARY BETH: I don't even like flamingos.
HARVEY: We'll talk to Dr. Spinelli first thing in the morning. Get his opinion on how to handle this.
MARY BETH: No birds next time, Harve, and no more than thirty-five dollars.
HARVEY: Ha, ha, ha. OK.
MARY BETH: What if it's too late, Harve? What if Alice has already been exposed?
HARVEY: Mary Beth, Spinelli'll say that everything is fine.
MARY BETH: We shouldn't have sent her to day care. Never. I knew it was a mistake.
HARVEY: There is no way we could have known about this.
MARY BETH: You know, all the time I'm worried about the water that she drinks and her wearing a jacket when it gets cold. I should have kept her home.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, we will sort this out. We will handle it!
MARY BETH: What are we gonna say to Michael? We told him, 'Don't be afraid. Everything's gonna be all right'. What are we supposed to say to him now?
HARVEY: We don't say anything. We wait until we know what we are dealing with here.
MARY BETH: Harvey, he came to us for the truth. We owe him the truth!
HARVEY: And every time he sneezes, he'll be wondering what he's got. He's not even the one who's at risk here! ...Tomorrow morning we'll talk to the doctor. Tomorrow night we'll go to the parent's meeting.
MARY BETH: (breaking down) I should have been more careful.
HARVEY: Let's see what the Centre has planned. How they're gonna handle it.
MARY BETH: (turning on Harvey) What if we don't like it?!!!
HARVEY: We take Alice somewhere else.
MARY BETH: Yes. If we get the right information, we can make the right decision.
HARVEY: It's the only way to go, babe.
MARY BETH: Harvey, ...until we have the facts, Alice is not going back there.
MARY BETH: I'm keeping her here.
HARVEY: Fine, I'll call Mum. See if she can sit for a few days.
(he picks up the phone)
MARY BETH: Harvey, don't tell Muriel why. And let's not tell Michael either ...yet.

[Detectives' Squad room]

ESPOSITO: Victor, you'll put R. G. Nelson to shame. It's one hundred percent wool. It's classic cardigan and look! Real leather patches on the elbows, huh? The little woman'll love ya in it.
ISBECKI: It's a drop!
CHRISTINE: Sounds to me like Paradise spoiled.
ISBECKI: Nobody here's a fruit, Cagney. Marriage means making adjustments, that's all.
VERNA DEE: There's more than yourself now, Victor.
ISBECKI: No, it's living with the kids! Last night the four of us go to rent a movie, right? Now I pick "Red River" but the kids, they want "Friday the 13th".
CORASSA: I got a nightmare after Part III.
ISBECKI: So I leave The Duke on the shelf, right? So do you think I'm doing the right thing? (Esposito nods) Then Ginger gives me this big speech about how being a softie isn't a good parent.
VERNA DEE: You listen to the woman, Victor, she's got to know who's boss.
ESPOSITO: Yeah! My Dad used to slap me around a lot and, hey, I've turned out all right.
VERNA DEE: Every one's entitled to their opinions.
CHRISTINE: Now, according to the Sergeant's Handbook when the squad room turns into a call-in radio show that means the detectives don't have enough work. (the "radio show" goes off the air. To Mary Beth who has just wandered in) Samuels has been waiting for twenty minutes for us in his office. What took you so long?
MARY BETH: I had something to take care of. Personal time, ...Sergeant.

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: The Feds called this morning. Found out you two were running prints on Broyce. A Marshall Felmore from Justice would like an update on the case.
CHRISTINE: The protected witness program!
MARY BETH: Well, no wonder nothing was making sense!
SAMUELS: Lieutenant, we have a statement from the girlfriend plus the victim shot himself with the wrong hand. I don't care how embarrassing it is, we're not turning this one over.
MARY BETH: (Samuels has offered her something out of a bag) No, it's a little early for me, sir.
SAMUELS: Roughage! Like tiny a little scrub brushes.
CHRISTINE: This is a legitimate investigation of a possible homicide. Just because the Feds say 'Jump' doesn't mean we have to ask 'How high?'.
SAMUELS: No one's telling you to, Cagney. I want you to deal with it.
MARY BETH: (taking some roughage) We will, sir!
SAMUELS: I just don't wanna find it back in my own face, that's all. So don't make any trouble with the Feds, is that clear?
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant?! Tact and restraint are our strong points.
MARY BETH: (dipping in the bag and taking a handful) Sir.

[Marshal Felmore's office]

MARY BETH: The Justice Department might have told us the Broyce was in the Witness Protection Program.
MARSHAL FELMORE: Yeah, I hear what you say. (pointing to his in tray as a secretary comes up with a document) In here. But there were simply no flags on the play.
CHRISTINE: I beg your pardon.
MARSHAL FELMORE: Look, it's an open-and-shut suicide. We don't like it but it happens. Sometimes these kind of witnesses, well they fold when they play with the pros.
MARY BETH: What kind of witnesses are we talking about exactly, sir?
MARSHAL FELMORE: Oh, the guy was an amateur, a civilian.
CHRISTINE: Broyce wasn't even a criminal?!
MARSHAL FELMORE: I'll tell you what. (closing Broyce's file) Let's just fold the sucker and finish out, all right?
MARY BETH: Marshal Felmore, this sucker is now a possible homicide. We need those back-files.
MARSHAL FELMORE: I've seen the evidence. You're dreaming.
CHRISTINE: Well, obviously somebody wanted him dead or he wouldn't have been in the Program.
MARSHAL FELMORE: You know, Inspector Knelman tells me that your record is good. Now you don't want a homicide that you can't close.
CHRISTINE: What makes you so sure that we won't close it?
MARSHAL FELMORE: Because it's Superbowl, ladies, Fourth and twenty, clock's ticking. You're backed up in your own end zone and the best you can do is punt.
MARY BETH: Does that mean that we don't get Broyce's back-files?
MARSHAL FELMORE: Hey, hey! ...Well! You're finally hearing the signal.

[Squad car]

(Mary Beth is reading a leaflet "AIDS, The facts")
CHRISTINE: Fourth in twenty, my butt! I'm beginning to wonder how dirty Broyce really was. We're not gonna let up on this one.
CHRISTINE: It's that super that got sloppy that got him killed in the first place. And he's telling us to punt! What I'm saying is that man's been playing without a helmet! ...We're gonna close this case, Mary Beth if we have dynamite our way into the files! ...I bet my old friend Mansfield's in there somewhere. (Mary Beth looks up from reading her leaflet) A little manila folder with his name on it, huh? Maybe they're hiding him. (Mary Beth waggles her finger at Chris in a 'No, no') What do they care? ...What are you reading there anyway?
MARY BETH: I grabbed it from the Health Department.
CHRISTINE: Alice is gonna be fine. The doctor said the risk was probably nil.
MARY BETH: He said that the chances ...were very slim.
CHRISTINE: It's blood and semen you've gotta worry about, not Alice getting a fan bite.
MARY BETH: Children sometimes bite each other, Christine!
CHRISTINE: Has the kid ever gotten a fan bite?
MARY BETH: I don't know.
CHRISTINE: I'm sure the Centre's gonna be very careful.
MARY BETH: When the boys were at nursery school we went through everything. Colds every other day, and the measles and the mumps. German measles.
CHRISTINE: Brian and I had a contest to see who was gonna get chicken pox first.
MARY BETH: A couple of days later, on Harvey's chicken soup, the boys were as good as new. (holding up the leaflet) It's a sign of the times, Christine.

[Detectives' Squad room]

KNELMAN: Exactly what possessed you two to harass a Federal Marshal?!
MARY BETH: We merely asked the Justice Department for files on a possible homicide, sir.
CHRISTINE: Only it was tidier for them if the case remained a suicide.
KNELMAN: Sergeant, you accuse the Feds of a cover up, you'll be riding a desk until you're pull your pension! Is that clear?
MARY BETH: Very, sir! Sir, Marshal Felmore did mention that his choice was ...sloppy. Didn't follow the Program rules.
KNELMAN: I'm not asking you to ignore the facts. It's possible that he was hit.
CHRISTINE: And we're being thrown off the case because of some over-the-hill jock?!
KNELMAN: I'm not saying that.
MARY BETH: So are we still on the case, sir?
KNELMAN: For now! But I don't want you compromising their operation in any way.
CHRISTINE: Fine! But unless we can get Broyce's back files, we're dead in the water, Inspector.
KNELMAN: Which is why they've agreed to give you access.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Inspector, for stepping in our behalf.
KNELMAN: You play the game by the rules, you stay in the line.

[Manhattan street]

MARY BETH: You're expected to be some kind of microbiologist...
HARVEY: (as a police car with its siren goes past) Yeah, I know that.
MARY BETH: ...with all this detail. HIV, AIDS related complex.
HARVEY: Yeah. Let's wait until we find her a new day care centre, OK?
(the car screeches to a stop and they stop at a police line with many police and vehicles in attendance. Mary Beth, holding Harvey's hand rushes up to an officer)
MARY BETH: I'm Detective Lacey, Fourteenth. We're together. What happened here?
UNIFORMED OFFICER #3: It was a bomb threat. Looks like a hoax but we're checking everything.
MARY BETH: Thank you. (she then starts to run forward) Carol! Hey, Carol! Oh, I'm so sorry. I got a tell ya. Are you guys all right.?
REG TERRY: What do think, Detective?
HARVEY: Who ever the creep was who did this...
CAROL TERRY: You made us feel imperfect when you checked Alice out of day care today.
MARY BETH: Carol, we were only protecting Alice.
CAROL TERRY: I'm sure whoever phoned in the bomb threat was only protecting their child too. You're in good company.
(the Terrys walk away. Mary Beth and Harvey look at one another)

[Detectives' Squad room}

CHRISTINE: Broyce isn't even a bad guy.
SAMUELS: How come the mob want to do something to him?
CHRISTINE: Broyce had an attack of conscience. In the end the CPA turned Broyce over to the Feds.
SAMUELS: The Feds want this case to disappear.
CHRISTINE: What? A phone call from Knelman?
SAMUELS: Mm hm. Be careful.
ISBECKI: (coming up as Samuels leaves) Lacey! Have you got a minute?
MARY BETH: Another time, Victor.
ISBECKI: It's important.
CHRISTINE: I think I'll go check on the weather.
MARY BETH: Sit down. Swell holiday, Victor?
ISBECKI: No. No, I was curious about how you're supposed to ...perform when the kids are in the next room.
MARY BETH: You suit yourself.
ISBECKI: Oh, no, no. Look, Ginger's thought of taking a lover. You see, every time the bed squeaks, I freeze. My concentration is shot. I can't relax.
CHRISTINE: (stopping him) Try a glass of warm milk, Victor.
ISBECKI: Really? You and Harvey got...
(Mary Beth starts to giggle)
MARY BETH: Well, to tell you the truth, Victor, Harvey and I have decided that we'll wait until the kids move out, and ..and start lives of their own.
CHRISTINE: (returning) Break over, Victor!
MARY BETH: She's the one with the stripes there, Victor.
ISBECKI: Thanks, Lacey.
CHRISTINE: Listen, Broyce's friend, the one Valerie met in the restaurant, ten to one he's his ex-partner. The other accountant.
MARY BETH: Christine, we are not going back to the Justice Department.
CHRISTINE: There is only one man who can answer questions about Broyce and that is his ex-partner, and there is only one man who knows where he is and that is Felmore.
MARY BETH: Yeah, but we won't get that far because you'll go in and you'll go in fifteen rounds with the man ...and we'll get thrown off the case.
CHRISTINE: I don't do that!!! (Mary Beth gives her a quizzical look) Hey, fine, you do all the talking. I will keep my mouth shut, I swear.
MARY BETH: Christine?
CHRISTINE: (raising her hand) I swear!!

[Marshal Felmore's office}

MARSHAL FELMORE: All right, the man is Kevin Beattie. He and Broyce were partners for six years.
MARY BETH: And you relocated him in this area also?
MARSHAL FELMORE: My guess is he's still around.
CHRISTINE: Didn't you ask?
MARY BETH: (having given Chris a glare) We assume that you know their whereabouts at all times, sir.
MARSHAL FELMORE: Look, Bettie's been a tough one. He contacted Broyce. Old friends. I mean the guy just didn't wanna follow the playbook.
MARY BETH: Marshall Felmore, it's important that we talk to him.
MARSHAL FELMORE: And then three days ago he comes in here demanding a whole new set up. I mean, we've moved the guy five times already. No, no, he just wouldn't have anywhere else.
CHRISTINE: So of course you dumped him!
MARY BETH: (after a quick look at Chris) Exactly what are you saying, sir?
MARSHAL FELMORE: (to Chris) Hey, do you know what happens when every player runs his own pattern? The whole team loses.
CHRISTINE: Well, I don't understand why the man would panic just because the mob hit man wiped his partner!
MARSHAL FELMORE: You got proof?!
MARY BETH: So you do not know his whereabouts?
CHRISTINE: Hey, you kick he guy out of the huddle because he's a jerk! 'Well, that's the way the old ball bounces, right coach?'
(Mary Beth raises here eyes to Heaven)
MARSHAL FELMORE: Let me guess. A Liberal Arts major, right?
CHRISTINE: Beattie came to you because he knew Broyce was murdered!!
MARSHAL FELMORE: It was suicide, Sergeant!! Now you wanna take us on? Go ahead!!
MARY BETH: No sir, no one here wants that. All we want is Beattie's address.
CHRISTINE: Assuming he's still alive.
(Mary Beth glares at Chris again)

[Detectives' Squad room}

SAMUELS: I just got off the phone from Knelman. Good job, Detectives! You're off the case, both of you.
CHRISTINE: The Feds don't care about Beattie, Lieutenant! He's been spooking on the run now.
SAMUELS: All you had to do was keep your mouth shut, Cagney.
MARY BETH: Sir, Beattie possibly has information about Broyce's killer. We need more time, sir.
SAMUELS: Doing what?!
CHRISTINE: Well, he left his apartment three days ago and he's been hopping around from hotel to hotel.
MARY BETH: We have identikit sketches out and Valerie Bailey standing by to ID him.
SAMUELS: And when are you gonna do all of that? Tomorrow? And how about all the preparation you've gotta do on the deposition you're gonna give on Saturday?
CHRISTINE: Well, if we drop it now, Lieutenant, he may be dead by then.
SAMUELS: All right, you're still off the case officially ...but you er, probably won't be catching anything new until Monday.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Lieutenant. (after Samuels has gone) Don't tell me!
MARY BETH: Chris, I have that parent's meeting tonight. I can't make it.
CHRISTINE: I thought that was supposed to be last night!
MARY BETH: Well, somebody ...phoned in a bomb threat.
CHRISTINE: A bomb!!! Who? One of the parents?
MARY BETH: They don't know yet for sure.
CHRISTINE: Boy, I'll tell you, we'll have another loser! Listen in thirty years they'll be hauling in little Harold, who'll say, 'Well my Mom blew up my day care centre so why can't I bomb Macys?'. Or maybe ...Yankee Stadium!
MARY BETH: Somehow you think you're different than everybody else.
CHRISTINE: Oh, It makes you scared. This is crazy! I consider it's witch hunting by the lunatic fringe.
MARY BETH: And then one day there are standing in front of your own grave.
CHRISTINE: What are you?
MARY BETH: (taking Chris to one side) Come here. I don't want Alice around that little girl. So I kept her home even after her mother came to me for support.
CHRISTINE: So you got a little paranoid. At least you're not trying to bomb a day care centre.
MARY BETH: Carol Terry needs me as an ally, Christine, and I wind up knifing her in the back.
CHRISTINE: It seems like you were protecting Alice. Look, she's your daughter, Mary Beth. Parents tend to overreact. Why don't you go ahead and I'll see what I can dig up on this.
MARY BETH: You sure?
CHRISTINE: Do you think my name's Victor now? I'll see if I can come up with something.
MARY BETH: I appreciate that, Christine.


TONY STATINOPOLIS: (with his own basket) So if things with Nick are only OK why have we spent the last twenty minutes rearranging the meat case?
CHRISTINE: I merely called for help. Why do all these steaks look like they come from anorexic cows?
TONY STATINOPOLIS: (showing it Chris) I thought a poached salmon with dill sauce sounded good.
CHRISTINE: It's Nick, remember. He wants to see the meat of the food, not some garnish.
TONY STATINOPOLIS: (picking up two packs) Here! You'll lose your teeth in these beauties. Do you know what I think?
CHRISTINE: Chicken would be better.
TONY STATINOPOLIS: I think you're trying to seduce this guy.
CHRISTINE: (putting the two packs in her basket) Would you get off it!
TONY STATINOPOLIS: (going over to another cabinet) There's a great rice with mushrooms, it's perfect with steaks.
CHRISTINE: Listen, Tony. It's been a while.
TONY STATINOPOLIS: (with the pack in his hand) And it's in a boiling bag.
CHRISTINE: There's something new, OK? And it's different now, you know, you get around.
TONY STATINOPOLIS: Ah, you're talking about the plague. God's solution to homos. The big A.
TONY STATINOPOLIS: Oh, look, Chris, considering what's become the big social event in life, a little gallantry might help. (at the vegetables) How about artichoke hearts?
CHRISTINE: How about salad?
TONY STATINOPOLIS: Babies' hearts. And in a boiling bag.
CHRISTINE: No!!! I want fresh.
TONY STATINOPOLIS: Talk to him. Take a while. Don't forget the baked potatoes.
CHRISTINE: (at the checkout) What if I want him to take the test?
TONY STATINOPOLIS: Then ask. You have to take a second test before you know for sure.
CHRISTINE: Well, at least it's a start, ...and it would show he cared. So what do you do?
TONY STATINOPOLIS: Safest sex around.
CHRISTINE: Huh?. Rubber petes and a surgical masks?
TONY STATINOPOLIS: Warm conversations in cold showers.
CHRISTINE: You're kidding.
TONY STATINOPOLIS: You'd be surprised.
CHECKOUT CLERK: (looking at one of Chris's items) Hey, Sarah, how much are the high quality condoms?
(Tony looks at Chris)

[Lacey's bedroom]

(as they come home from the meeting Mary Beth checks Alice's room)
HARVEY: What is it with this neighbourhood, Mary Beth? That wasn't a meeting, that was a witch-hunt.
MARY BETH: They were afraid, Harve.
HARVEY: Then why the hell did they bother to come? They already had their own answers.
MARY BETH: I know, I was there.
HARVEY: I'm telling you, it is the people who are upfront and honest, like the Terrys, who end up being crucified.
MARY BETH: What about what the Director said?
HARVEY: She said, Mary Beth, it was reasonably safe. Nobody dies from saliva, dirty diapers or any of that! I don't think the Centre is a big risk.
MARY BETH: Ninety-nine percent! What kind of a guarantee is that?!
HARVEY: I'm not going for a hundred, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: You're not?!!!
HARVEY: I don't think it's realistic.
MARY BETH: Let's check her out of that Centre. Then we'll be sure she's safe.
HARVEY: Until we have to put her somewhere else where there might be two kids with AIDS? But we'll never know because the parents kept it a secret! Because of what happened here! It's out there, babe!! It is a fact!!!
MARY BETH: I don't care!
HARVEY: That's a great thing to teach our kids. Fear.
MARY BETH: We are talking about something that can kill her, Harvey!
HARVEY: Anything can kill her. A drunken driver. An accident in the playground. A creep who kidnaps her!
MARY BETH: Stop that!!! That's not the same thing!!
HARVEY: It is the same thing!! All those things are out there, every day, too!!!
MARY BETH: (very quietly) She's two years old.
HARVEY: I know, babe. I'm scared too. We can't hide our little girl away.
MARY BETH: (still quietly) Why not? ...Why not?

[Chris's loft]

(they are sitting close together at the table with two candles on it)
NICK AMATUCCI: I've gotta say I'm impressed. I was expecting pureed salad.
CHRISTINE: My liquidiser was broken.
NICK AMATUCCI: Great steaks and espresso, Grandma Amatucci would have been proud.
CHRISTINE: A compliment, I'm sure.
NICK AMATUCCI: The highest.
CHRISTINE: So why don't we do the washing up?.
NICK AMATUCCI: How about this? (they kiss. Chris gets cold feet) What is it, sweetheart?
CHRISTINE: Would you like some more water?
NICK AMATUCCI: No, I think what I ...had already's gone to my head.
NICK AMATUCCI: Look, Chris, if you don't wanna...
CHRISTINE: No, no. It isn't that.
NICK AMATUCCI: Do you wanna...
CHRISTINE: Really I do.
NICK AMATUCCI: Great. Because so do I.
CHRISTINE: Mm. (as he gets more fruity, Chris stands up) It's just... I thought ...maybe we could talk. (taking the plates away) You know ...about how things are. And modern society and, ...you know, how people now have lots of relationships.
NICK AMATUCCI: Relationships?!
NICK AMATUCCI: Chris. I'm not seeing anybody.
CHRISTINE: Er, what? Yeah, I'm glad. But when I met one... How things are different now. Do you know? There are dangers that I think...
NICK AMATUCCI: Like babies? One minute's it there. The next minute the mothers told.
CHRISTINE: No. What I meant was... (he begins to finger her ear) You know, when people wanna spend more time together (he begins to touch her blouse) so they do things to bring them ...closer.
NICK AMATUCCI: Like bike rides?
NICK AMATUCCI: I've had the test. I used to get around pretty good. Had the follow-up test too. Plus it's been about nine months since I got out and heavy.
NICK AMATUCCI: What does your chart look like?
CHRISTINE: Nine months. How do you feel about going nine more after what you've just put me through?
NICK AMATUCCI: You haven't answered my question.
CHRISTINE: I've had the first test. He didn't care! It was with a jerk!
NICK AMATUCCI: Just the first one, huh? OK. I'll chance it but only with a condom.
CHRISTINE: Did you bring it with you?
NICK AMATUCCI: Hey, I'm sorry. Believe me if you wanna sleep with some one, have you gotta bring along a doctor and wear a wetsuit?
CHRISTINE: I owe you one, Amatucci.
NICK AMATUCCI: I just hope that when, we both know that we're safe, that we're still as together to enjoy it. And you don't look like a jerk. You look beautiful.
CHRISTINE: You know it's time to show me how to swim.
(they begin to kiss passionately)

[Laceys' lounge]

MARY BETH: (as she puts gloves on Alice) Your Grandma is gonna be so happy to see that you're wearing her purple mittens. (taking the other hand) Come here. Look at this, the prettiest little girl on day care. (kissing Alice's mittened hand) Also the warmest thing. Do you know what I was thinking about last night? Your sixteenth birthday party. I mean, I know by that time, of course, you'll have your own ideas. You might wanna go to some pub where your father and I can't get in. But er, I was thinking that we would invite all your friends, boys included, (giving Alice a kiss) here, and go roller-skating, huh? (as Alice tries to escape) I mean, only if you want to. But it's gotta be your day, dear heart.
HARVEY: Time to go, babe.
MARY BETH: Yeah, but she needs her jacket. Go to Daddy.
HARVEY: (putting the jacket on) Here you go, precious.
MARY BETH: There we go.
HARVEY: She's gonna be fine, Mary Beth. (as he gets the coat on) There you go.
MARY BETH: (to Alice as she zips her up) Keep this zipped up all the way into town, OK? Do you know your day care friends coming here to see you again. Huh.? OK.
HARVEY: Here we go.
MARY BETH: No, wait a second. I forgot her blanket.
HARVEY: OK. (to Alice as he picks her up) OK, baby.
MARY BETH: (bringing the blanket) OK now. Now we're ready to go, sweetheart.
HARVEY: (as he leaves with Alice) It's gonna be fine, babe.
MARY BETH: I know.

[Locker room]

CHRISTINE: Hey, Mary Beth!!
MARY BETH: Christine,...
CHRISTINE: (jovially) You look awful!
MARY BETH: Thank you, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Hm. Is everything OK?
MARY BETH: Sergeant Coleman says the sketch on Beattie paid off. The Uniforms turned up three possibles.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, Basil dropped off the addresses, One's in Chelsea, one's in the East Village and one on East 18th Street.
MARY BETH: Yeah, I'm ready in a minute.
CHRISTINE: Do you know what I say? To hell with Felmore. Let Uniforms drag 'em in and let Valerie Bailey eyeball 'em here.
MARY BETH: That's a wonderful plan, Sergeant. Then the Feds will get sued for harassment and we'll get to shuffle off back to the Motor Squad.
CHRISTINE: OK. Back to plan A. Haul in grieving girlfriend and play peekies all over Manhattan!

[Squad car]

(they are parked across the street from an apartment block entrance. Valerie Bailey is in the back. Mary Beth is in the front)
VALERIE BAILEY: Looks as though this fellow is not coming back.
MARY BETH: Miss. Bailey, trust me. All his stuff is still in his room.
CHRISTINE: (returning to the car) Remember to tell me to call the phone company. Six blocks before I found one that worked.
MARY BETH: Oh. You did it, Christine.
CHRISTINE: What happened to third time lucky? ...Oh, Coleman said no messages for you.
VALERIE BAILEY: Are we gonna sit here all afternoon?
CHRISTINE: If we have to. He's the end of our list.
MARY BETH: Sergeant, where did you say that phone was? I wanna call Muriel.
CHRISTINE: Two blocks up, hang a left, go three blocks, it's on the opposite corner.
VALERIE BAILEY: Excuse me. There are no more suspects? My boyfriend's dead! And this is the end of it?
CHRISTINE: Well, we're doing the best that we can.
VALERIE BAILEY: You call this your best? Those other men didn't even look like the sketch.
MARY BETH: I'm just wanna check on the baby.
CHRISTINE: Don't be gone too long.
MARY BETH: (looking at Valerie Bailey as she gets out) Promise.
VALERIE BAILEY: What if you don't find him today?
CHRISTINE: Well, then we'll have to pick it up next week.
CHRISTINE: Detective Lacey and I have to give a deposition to give on another case in Newark.
VALERIE BAILEY: What about this case?
CHRISTINE: Look, we're not magicians. This is the procedure.
VALERIE BAILEY: My boyfriend is dead and you didn't even care.

[Manhattan street]

(as Mary Beth crosses at a corner, she spots a man putting something in a post box. She waves to the Squad car)

[Squad car]

CHRISTINE: Valerie, do you see him? He's got a blue coat on just like your description said. Take your time.
VALERIE BAILEY: It's not him.
CHRISTINE: Are you sure?
(Mary Beth runs back to the car)
MARY BETH: What do you think?!
VALERIE BAILEY: No, it's not Beattie. It's as simple as that.
CHRISTINE: But Valerie, he looks like the sketch!!
VALERIE BAILEY: I know, but it's not easy to identify him.
MARY BETH: Are you sure? He looks pretty good to me!
VALERIE BAILEY: Look, I'm sorry. Listen, er ...I appreciate all you help but I'd like to get along. See you then. Try again next week.
(she gets out and goes. They drive off)
MARY BETH: Do you know what? I'm almost looking forward to Newark.
CHRISTINE: It finally got you. Chapter one, Citizen's Handbook. 'Never appreciate a thing the police do for you'.
MARY BETH: Yeah , well we didn't come up with a lead.
CHRISTINE: I don't understand. It took her one second to decide he wasn't the guy. He looked more like the sketch than the other two.
MARY BETH: Maybe she was tired.
CHRISTINE: And cranky. We rely on Uniforms now to come up with more possibilities.
MARY BETH: I figure Beattie's on his way to Mexico. ...Or maybe the morgue.
CHRISTINE: I can't believe she gave us his name.
MARY BETH: What are you talking about?
CHRISTINE: His accountant partner. She called him Beattie.
MARY BETH: I didn't tell her!
CHRISTINE: What? ...It was murder. (turning the car round) Hang on.
MARY BETH: Do it. (as the car squeals round, Mary Beth puts the red light on the roof and the siren on. She does her seat belt up) She's the one with the contract on Beattie.
(Mary Beth checks her gun)
CHRISTINE: You never think it's a woman!
MARY BETH: (as Chris swerves in and out of cars) Yee, hee!!!
CHRISTINE: All right. Hold on.
(the car screeches to a halt outside the apartment block entrance)

[Manhattan street]

CHRISTINE: Take the back! I'll get a key!


(the duo comes up either side of an apartment door)
MARY BETH: (as Chris puts key in the door) What are we doing?
CHRISTINE: On three. You go low. (she puts key in the door) Three.
(Chris throws open the door)
MARY BETH: Police!!!
CHRISTINE: Freeze!!! We've gotta gun!!

[Apartment room]

(Valerie Bailey is there, gun drawn. She turns as Beattie is seen in the bedroom doorway. Mary Beth fires. Chris fires. Valerie Bailey goes down)
MARY BETH: Mr. Bettie!!! NYPD! It's all over, sir. Are you all right, sir?
CHRISTINE: Stay where you are, please.
MARY BETH: Everything is under control. (Chris checks Valerie Bailey) Dear God.
(Chris looks up confirming she is dead)

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