Land of the Free
Original Airdate: February 23, 1988

[Manhattan alley]

(the duo gets out of the Squad car at he end of the alley)
MARY BETH: Are you coming round to use he shower tonight?
CHRISTINE: If the invitation's still open.
MARY BETH: Sure. I'll tell Harve. We'll have his special spaghetti sauce. I can't believe you've waited three entire days and still no plumber.
CHRISTINE: (holding up a card) Oh, they showed up, ...after I left ...or at the wrong building. Do you think Harvey might know somebody?
MARY BETH: Ask him after dinner. I ran it past him yesterday. I got two hours on blocked drains and easy-clean showerheads.
CHRISTINE: I can get used to smelling like this. (they arrive at a crime scene) Sergeant Biggs? What went on here?
SERGEANT BIGGS: One unidentified Hispanic male with a bag heroin stuffed into his mouth.
CHRISTINE: (looking at the bag) An expensive little message.
SERGEANT BIGGS: Yeah. He's got rope burns on his wrists and a dagger carved on the back of his hand.
CHRISTINE: Cause of death?
SERGEANT BIGGS: Fifty very nasty stab wounds and he says it looks like he was dumped here.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Sergeant.
(the Sergeant leaves them to it)
CHRISTINE: If we got rid of drugs, we'd be free of homicide. Personally I love it when they kill each other.
MARY BETH: They could clean up after themselves.

[Grocery store]

(the duo comes up to a young couple in a clinch in a corner)
CHRISTINE: Arturo Vicente Morelles Mendez.
CHENTE: Oh no.
MARY BETH: Como Estas hoy, Chente!
CHENTE: Will you ever get tired of me?
CHRISTINE: Not this time, Chente.
MARY BETH: Your signature turned up on a corpse. A pretty little dagger carved on the back of the left hand.
CHENTE: There's a hundred and forty-two members of the Turban Lords, and you thought of me.
MARY BETH: Your record is so impressive.
CHRISTINE: (to the girl as Chente continues to fondle her) You know, honey, you really ought to get him checked out for AIDS.
CHENTE: Hey, watch It!! Can you stop me?! I'm a perp for no reason. You make nasty remarks about my woman. And you talk about a victim. ...I'm a victim. I must consult with my attorney. (he passionately kisses his woman. As the duo watches) This is definitely harassment.
MARY BETH: The Turban Lords alight on anybody who crosses 11th Street selling smack.
CHENTE: (as the woman snuggles up to him) Rhoda!!! It's like Nancy Reagen says, I tell 'em, 'Just say'.
CHRISTINE: (leaving) I've seen enough.
MARY BETH: (to Chris) Wait!
CHRISTINE: Who's your newest member?
MARY BETH: Who made his initiation killing this guy?
CHENTE: You want me to roll over? What have you got!! ...Come on, tell us! Let's have it!! Come on, be a Miranda. Could you do it with this clan?
CHRISTINE: If not today, muchacho, tomorrow. We'll call Rikers to get the cot ready.
CHENTE: (resuming the clinch) Go away now, ...girls. I don't wanna embarrass you with what happens between a man ...and a woman.
CHRISTINE: Hey, we got thirty seconds to spare.
MARY BETH: It'll take them longer than that to read the instructions. (to Chris) Come on.

[AA meeting]

CHRISTINE: I usually don't come here. You know what I mean? But I need a drink. ...I spent the Christmas alone. ...I keep waiting for my father to call. ...And he's dead. ...And ...I've been out on dates that turn out ...lousy. ...And I survive all of that. ...But three days without a shower ...and, you know, not being able to get hold of a plumber who doesn't try to rip me off ...or hell ...if the plumber'd show up! ...Well, all I can think about is being real friendly with ...a drink of Scotch.
ALL LEADER: Who's next.
NICK AMATUCCI: I'm Nick and I am an alcoholic...
ALL: Hi, Nick.
NICK AMATUCCI: ...and a plumber. ...And after dealing with the public all morning, I could use a drink myself. (Chris looks at Nick. He smiles at her. She half-smiles back. After the meeting they are clearing up. Nick comes up to Chris) I'm not cheap.
CHRISTINE: Plumbers never are.
NICK AMATUCCI: I've got a job right now. Maybe later. You sound desperate.
CHRISTINE: I don't get off shift till four o'clock. I'm a cop.
NICK AMATUCCI: Do you look good in blue?
CHRISTINE: I'm a detective. Also a sergeant.
NICK AMATUCCI: And I'm a union plumber. Do you want help ...or not?!
CHRISTINE: Are you offering?!
NICK AMATUCCI: In this fellowship we have to help each other out. Right? On the other hand you don't look like you cook much. I'll er, woof down a burger first. How about eight-thirty?
NICK AMATUCCI: You got an address?
CHRISTINE: Got a card? (he gives her a card which she looks at) Yeah, I got an address.

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (coming in from the meeting) Finally, Mary Beth, a good reason to celebrate. I ...found ..a plumber.
CHRISTINE: A real plumber who knows I know where to find him again if he doesn't show up. Huh. He needs a haircut. Anyway he's coming to my loft tonight!
MARY BETH: Oh, Harve'll be disappointed.
CHRISTINE: Oh. Mary Beth, I'm sorry.
MARY BETH: Oh, no problem. We'll use the dinner and get romantic. The ME's report is in.
CHRISTINE: Any answers from the MO?
MARY BETH: Nothing much. Says they hung that guy up by the wrists until they dumped him.
CHRISTINE: Well, you get extra points for that! How can you eat while reading that stuff?
MARY BETH: I was hoping I couldn't.
CHRISTINE: Does the body tally with anything from Missing Persons?
MARY BETH: What do you know about Saints?
CHRISTINE: My mother was supposed to be one.
MARY BETH: Well, this guy had a tattoo on his left shoulder. It's a figure with arrows and a halo and a cross.
CHRISTINE: Saint Sebastian. The statue that looks like a pincushion. The Romans tied him to a stake and used him as target practice.
MARY BETH: Well I guess the Turban Lords has got nothing on the Romans.
CORASSA: (coming up) I've seen that tattoo somewhere. Yeah! A Missing Persons report. It's somewhere on my desk there.
CHRISTINE: Well, there's a breakfast in it if you're right, Al.
CORASSA: Oh, well, maybe I ought to...
MARY BETH: Another coffee, Al?
CORASSA: (finding the report) Bingo!!
MARY BETH: The winner...
CORASSA: Let's make it easy. Seven thirty, Giorgio's, steak and eggs over, medium.
CHRISTINE: Easy. Seven fifty-five. Here! Plain or deli.
MARY BETH: (from the report) Here it is. 'Tattoo on the back of the left shoulder'.
CORASSA: (to Chris) I'm having the breakfast. I'll bring you the bill.
CHRISTINE: I'll cover it for you.
MARY BETH: (from the report) Luisa Patricio. You have some memory, Al.
(she picks up the phone)
CORASSA: The report was filed by a nun. And actually she filed it for the wife and left her number as a contact.
CHRISTINE: Maybe we can ID this guy this afternoon.
(Chris shakes Corassa's hand)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Hello. ...Sister Elizabeth, please.


(the duo, preceded by the a mortuary attendant, brings in a woman)
MARY BETH: It's all right, Mrs. Patricio.
CHRISTINE: We have to determine your immigration status.
MARY BETH: Your green card? Su tarjeta verde.
(she says more in Spanish)
LUISA PATRICIO: I have immigration. Where is my husband?
MARY BETH: He was badly hurt, ma'am.
LUISA PATRICIO: I saw bodies before.
(the attendant pulls out the tray and exposes the face. She recognises the face and draws the covering cloth further down and kisses her husband's hand and then puts the cloth back)
LUISA PATRICIO: It is my husband.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Mrs. Patricio. We are very sorry, ma'am.
CHRISTINE: We have to ask you a few questions.
MARY BETH: Do you know where your husband was last night?
MARY BETH: Well, we need your help to find out what happened.
LUISA PATRICIO: Please let me go. Please. My children!
MARY BETH: Just a few minutes, Mrs. Patricio. Por favor.
CHRISTINE: Sister Elizabeth said they could stay with her for as long as it took.
CHRISTINE: Where did your husband work?
LUISA PATRICIO: A factory. Clothes.
CHRISTINE: Did he keep regular hours? ...Did he come home at night?
LUISA PATRICIO: Yes. He was a good man. He worked. He came home. He loved his family.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Patricio, your husband was murdered. Now, we think it's about drugs. Did your husband take drugs?
CHRISTINE: Heroin. Cocaine. Crack. Marijuana.
LUISA PATRICIO: No. No drogas. No more! My children! I must go. I...
(as she breaks down she leaves)
MARY BETH: She seems to act pretty good for a simple, country girl.
CHRISTINE: You're getting pretty cynical in your old age, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Maybe I was burnt once too often.
CHRISTINE: Bleeding heart bites dog. Further miracles can happen!

[Chris's loft]

CHRISTINE: Coffee break! Espresso especiale. ...Decaf.
NICK AMATUCCI: Decaf espresso is a sin!
CHRISTINE: Mortal or venal?
NICK AMATUCCI: You look like the kind who keeps track. (he comes out of the bathroom and she points to the other side of the counter) So, are you a Catholic?
CHRISTINE: Lapsed! Is there any other kind?
NICK AMATUCCI: Not my mother, my grandmother, my aunt, my ex...
CHRISTINE: What about you?
NICK AMATUCCI: I'm an alcoholic. Where do you keep the lemon?
CHRISTINE: In the fridge! (she looks at him for a while and then strolls slowly to the fridge. She is wearing her gun. She gets a lemon out and throws it to him) Do you know what I miss most?
CHRISTINE: Wine with meals.
CHRISTINE: Orange soda pop with bouillabaisse. That is a sin!
NICK AMATUCCI: What about iced tea with tortellini?
CHRISTINE: Hm. So what do you about the God book?
CHRISTINE: Step three. 'Made a decision turn my will and my life over to the care of God.
NICK AMATUCCI: Did you understand them?
CHRISTINE: So how do you understand them?
NICK AMATUCCI: You're passing he buck.
CHRISTINE: Hey, listen, I was always a sucker for fairytales. And lighting the candles was a nice touch.
NICK AMATUCCI: Yeah, yeah, yeah. A tough one.
CHRISTINE: OK. As I understand them, these are the main reasons for the mess that I'm in today. It makes me nervous. I spent my entire childhood trying to be perfect so I wouldn't burn in Hell.
NICK AMATUCCI: Did God want you to be perfect? Is he sitting up there with a beard and a checklist. You've got him confused with Santa Claus.
CHRISTINE: I've got you confused with a plumber.
NICK AMATUCCI: Hey, you're the one with he questions, lady. (he gets up) So the nuns wanted you to be perfect, but you got kicked off the stage and kissed off God. Not exactly a bull's-eye! You're not a kid anymore, so forget the nuns, forget your mother, forget... Get anybody you can blame and ask yourself what bit of him you are, because if you're gonna get through this thing, you're gonna need his help. ...Or hers. ...Or it.

[Harvey Jr.'s bedroom]

(Michael fixing a poster to the wall with a nail using large hammer)
MARY BETH: (coming in) James Michael Lacey, what are you doing?
MICHAEL: Harvey said that...
MARY BETH: Your brother would pitch a fit if he caught you in his room like this!
MICHAEL: He said I could have it after he was gone!
MARY BETH: He what?
MICHAEL: His room!
MARY BETH: Well, he didn't say that to me. He didn't say anything to me!!
HARVEY: (coming in) What's going on, babe?
MICHAEL: Harvey said I could have his room when he left.
MARY BETH: In this house we discuss the things we do.
MICHAEL: No we don't. We only discuss the stuff that I do.
MARY BETH: I am talking to you, young man!
HARVEY: You should have asked first, Michael.
MICHAEL: But she wouldn't have let me!
HARVEY: Go to bed, Michael. Ten o'clock at night is no time to redecorate.
MICHAEL: But Dad...
HARVEY: In the morning, Michael! We'll talk. That's all. Good night.
MICHAEL: But Dad...
(Michael goes)
HARVEY: Mary Beth,...
MARY BETH: No. I don't want him in this room.
HARVEY: You're pushing the boy, Mary Beth. You're back on the same road here. Give the kid some rope!!
MARY BETH: I'm not the enemy here, Harvey.
HARVEY: Neither is Michael! Mary Beth. I want these posters down. Every time I see these jerks on the walls I go nuts!
MARY BETH: (shouting) That is not what I'm talking about!!!
HARVEY: You don't wanna listen to me. Fine! Then listen to Michael!! He said Harvey gave him his room!! Listen to somebody, Mary Beth!!!
(Harvey storms out)

[Squad car]

MARY BETH: So is he taking them down? Being extra careful, I could have planned this to get him on my good side, and the whole time I can't believe that it's Michael talking to me.
CHRISTINE: Well maybe he wants to be a big kid, you know, and have a big kid's room.
MARY BETH: But it is Harvey Jr.'s room.
MARY BETH: What's that supposed to mean?
CHRISTINE: I don't know. But you use it every time you wanna get out of a conversation you don't wanna hear.
MARY BETH: Ah ha. ...Wanna change the subject, huh? ...How was your shower?
CHRISTINE: And maybe fixed up. My plumber ...had the nerve to ask me out. ...After a big bill, of course.
MARY BETH: And you said?
CHRISTINE: I'm still thinking about it. ...I just may go. Ha!
MARY BETH: What are you so proud about?
CHRISTINE: Well, he's good fun, Mary Beth. I mean it's not exactly likely that he'd get on the French list. Ha, ha.
MARY BETH: Harvey never went to college.
CHRISTINE: That is not what I meant.
MARY BETH: And, of course, I didn't finish. Perhaps I should ride in the back seat so people don't think that you're talking like an equal to a peon. And if you talked rather slowly, maybe I could catch the subtlety of your remarks.
CHRISTINE: Will you get off my back, Mary Beth? It's just that I've never been out with a plumber!
MARY BETH: Oh. There are certain advantages to men who work with their hands. So he's good-looking?
CHRISTINE: Incredibly.
MARY BETH: Ah ha. And I'm not changing the subject.
CHRISTINE: Unfortunately we have to. (pointing) Purnell Slacks. (they pull up in the Garment District and Chris starts blowing the horn) Hey! That guy better be the Lithuanian Ambassador or he's about to get a ticket!
MARY BETH: (shouting out of the passenger window to the driver a Chrysler across the street that is blocking the driveway into Purnell Slacks) Victor, do you wanna move it up?!
CHRISTINE: (blowing the horn again) Well, he better be deaf too!
MARY BETH: (as Chris goes to get out) Here comes the Vice-Consul now.
CHRISTINE: (shouting out of the window as the "Vice-Consul" gets in the Chrysler) Have a nice day, Your Eminence!
(she pulls into the driveway as the Chrysler drives off)

[Purnell Slacks factory]

CHRISTINE: (with the foreman, Stan Wodjeski) So you never suspicious of Patricio? You never got any inkling he might be dealing drugs?
STAN WODJESKI: (looking at a photo) Felice Patricio and drugs? Don't figure, huh? But then who knows with these people.
CHRISTINE: Well, tell me what you did know about him.
STAN WODJESKI: Well, the other men treated him with a lot of respect. You know, honour, pride. I'm sure back home he was probably somebody.
(Mary Beth interviews a co-worker in halting Spanish about Felice Patricio. the phrase 'muchas drogas' is mentioned)
CHRISTINE: What about his clothes? Flashy? Expensive?
CHRISTINE: Did he work here irregular hours?
STAN WODJESKI: No. No, none of that. If he left early, he asked. He did that a lot, but he always asked.
CHRISTINE: Didn't you notice him missing? He's been gone four days.
STAN WODJESKI: Well, sure I missed him, but the other guys picked up the slack for us.
CHRISTINE: I see. But was a prince and he's dead. Any ideas?
STAN WODJESKI: No. Not a one. Sorry.
MARY BETH: (who comes up as he leaves) Thank you.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, thanks.
STAN WODJESKI: Did he say the other men covered for him?
CHRISTINE: Yes! They thought he was Mr. Wonderful. Respected by every one who knew him.
MARY BETH: Well, according to his co-workers he was a hombre muy malo. A very bad man who sold dope. Do you wanna go question the grieving widow again?
CHRISTINE: Maybe she'll tell the truth if we drag the nun along.

[Mission office ]

SISTER ELIZABETH: May God grant him the keys. Poor Felice. He survived Salvador. He died in New York.
MARY BETH: Sister Elizabeth, all of our evidence says that Felice Patricio was a player in an Alphabet City drug war.
SISTER ELIZABETH: That's ridiculous.
SISTER ELIZABETH: Because people that are into drugs don't volunteer here at this mission.
MARY BETH: With respect, this is a good cover.
RAUL POSADA: (overhearing) A guy who's got the guts to tell his story openly at meetings doesn't use a cover.
SISTER ELIZABETH: These are detectives. This is Cagney ...and Lacey. This is my fellow co-conspirator here, Raul Posada.
RAUL POSADA: His story was typical. Torture. Escape. They headed off his brother arriving up the steps of the church...
SISTER ELIZABETH: No!! This is not a fund-raiser, Raul.
RAUL POSADA: It's a hard story to forget.
CHRISTINE: The man was found with a bag of heroin shoved in his mouth, which means he was selling on the wrong street.
CHRISTINE: Come on. If you don't have green card, drug money looks pretty good.
MARY BETH: He was illegal, wasn't he?
SISTER ELIZABETH: The word is 'undocumented'. People cannot be illegal. Excuse me.

[Mission corridor]

CHRISTINE: (following Sister Elizabeth out) Just because he was doing something decent does not mean he wasn't dirty.
SISTER ELIZABETH: What is it with you people. And you two women spouting off.
CHRISTINE: Oh, don't lecture me, Sister.
SISTER ELIZABETH: This man stood up after they'd done everything they could do to him. (to Chris) Now look here, I taught girls like you for a lot of years, until I woke up and realised that silence is complicity. I will not let you smear this man's name.
MARY BETH: Sister, we're trying to solve his murder.
SISTER ELIZABETH: How? By destroying his reputation. This community needs his example.

[Mission assembly room]

RAUL POSADA: (as the duo tag along) Sister Elizabeth, no matter how much you do here, these people still trust us. Who knows what they have to do to get back. Maybe Felice was involved with something. It's possible. Listen, Sister.
CHRISTINE: You're a man with an open mind, Mr. Posada.
MARY BETH: We thought his wife might tell us the truth if you came with us, Sister.
SISTER ELIZABETH: Yes?. Well on second thoughts, don't bother. If it's all right with you, I'll telephone her first.
CHRISTINE: We are not from INS!
SISTER ELIZABETH: You don't know who you are. You just police here.
CHRISTINE: Here we go again.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Sister. Make your call. It'll be so nice to see you get past this problem with no trouble.

[Manhattan street]

CHRISTINE: Posada's invited me around to his cocktail party to raise money for heart-rending stories. Radical truths, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: I don't wanna help these people if they're mixed up in the dope trade.
CHRISTINE: It's an old game. In the French Revolution they were crying out for bread money.
MARY BETH: (as a boy runs into the street in the path of a Chrysler) Hey kid!!!
(the Chrysler screeches to a halt. The kid's OK)
MARY BETH: Well, well, look at this. Our friend, the Ambassador.
CHRISTINE: Strangely familiar.
MARY BETH: (noting the number) R, F, E, nine, six, zero. We'll run it when we get back to the shop. What did I say?
CHRISTINE: (as the Chrysler drives off) R, F, E, nine, six, zero.

[Patricios' apartment]

LUISA PATRICIO: (inviting the duo in) Will you please sit down.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
(Luisa Patricio pulls up a chair opposite the duo who have sat on the settee)
LUISA PATRICIO: (as a young girl comes up to her mother) It is her birthday. Some water?
MARY BETH: No thank you, Mrs. Patricio. We have questions to ask ...about your husband.
MARY BETH: Now it may be hard for you, but understand this,...
CHRISTINE: Mrs. Patricio, we are trying to find the man who killed your husband. Now do wanna tell us the truth?
LUISA PATRICIO: Before I had fear. Now I must speak. Felice sold drugs.
LUISA PATRICIO: He was a very bad man.
MARY BETH: That is not what you told us yesterday.
CHRISTINE: Who was he selling for?
CHRISTINE: The men ...he was selling for. They came back for the drugs, didn't they?
(she tells the young girl to go)
CHRISTINE: Drogas. ...Drogas! Where are they?
MARY BETH: Donde es la drogas?
LUISA PATRICIO: No drogas es paqui.
CHRISTINE: Then where's the money?!
MARY BETH: El dinero.
CHRISTINE: They killed him! They're gonna kill you too!
MARY BETH: Danger. Er, peligro. To you, lady!
LUISA PATRICIO: What is it you want? I tell you drugs and you still question. My husband is dead. Please believe ...I see no one.

[Apartment block staircase and hallway]

MARY BETH: She used the same words as the workers back at the factory. They said he was selling drugs, he was a very bad man.
CHRISTINE: Great! At least now we have a consensus.
MARY BETH: Except for the words of the nun.
CHRISTINE: She's a nun!!!
MARY BETH: So why did Luisa change her story?
CHRISTINE: At least now she's telling the truth. Mary Beth, if everyone says it's an elephant, it's time to time to start feeding them some peanuts.
MARY BETH: Except they're using the exact same words.

[Precinct House front desk]

(Coleman, Corassa, Esposito and Verna Dee are gathered around a desk)
COLEMAN: ...time that things turn around. You gotta be responsible. You've gotta take care of your family!
VERNA DEE: I could always count on my momma being there when I needed help. I owe her more than just room and board.
ESPOSITO: You know, it started ten minutes after my parents show up on their first visit. My father starts screaming at me how I don't understand money while my mother starts refolding my laundry.
CORASSA: And stuffing the bathtub with Megatape.
VERNA DEE: Oh, you two are perfect children.
COLEMAN: I said, all I want is a little help, but things don't change. I always did my brother's share of the housework, but I couldn't look in the mirror and see this face if I didn't do my chores. Well, thing's don't change. My brother, Larry's still hiding, listening to his wife.
ESPOSITO: I spend money when I can.
COLEMAN: Do you think that's enough?!!
ESPOSITO: It's tough being around 'em. You know what? Because they're only proud of me when I'm not there.
SAMUELS: (who has just arrived) What is this? A caucus class? Come on everybody, back to work!!

[Detectives' Squad room]

(both he duo is on the phone. Mary Beth is using her Spanish. She rings off)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) No. That was not many years ago. ....OK. ...Fine. ...I will see you there.
(she rings off)
MARY BETH: Lewis, from Youth Gang Squad. Says the dagger is upside down. The Turban Lords take pride in their work. They wouldn't make that mistake.
CHRISTINE: My homework seems to have gotten the better of me. That is a very attractive guy to talk to.
MARY BETH: So where did you decide to go?
CHRISTINE: We decided to go to the beach. (imitating Nick) 'We've gotta get back to the true roots of our relationship. You know, being like a couple of drunks on a beach'.
MARY BETH: Can I buy you coffee?
CHRISTINE: (still imitating Nick) 'Yeah. Do'. (Mary Beth looks at Chris. They go to the coffee table) Well how's Chez Lacey?
MARY BETH: It's working away. Michael's a third world country who will only communicate through his father, the great negotiator. His father and I both have to have D Notice. We use them against each other. And tonight it's the summit meeting where we decide his fate.
SAMUELS: (who has come up) How's the drug homicide?
CHRISTINE: Almost there, Lieutenant.
MARY BETH: It's in the report, sir.
(Chris looks hard at Mary Beth)
MARY BETH: Like the people that should be defending him are saying that he sold dope. But his foreman and a nun who knew him, they're not buying it.
SAMUELS: What do you make of that, Sergeant?
CHRISTINE: The guy was found with a bag of heroin shoved in his mouth, Lieutenant, and he was in Turban Lords territory.
MARY BETH: We shook down two other gang members, sir. Nothing! Plus our stoolies are coming up empty.
SAMUELS: So he's an independent who crossed the wrong street?
CHRISTINE: And now two guys in a black Chrysler are popping up everywhere. So they're either suppliers or partners looking for a stache or a discount.
SAMUELS: Narcotics?
MARY BETH: No, sir, we already checked. There is no operations activity of any kind.
MARY BETH: We're tracing the perps now, sir.
CHRISTINE: Maybe we should check with the FBI.
SAMUELS: No, no, no. If it was the Feds, they would have pulled you off twenty-four hours ago.
BERNICE: (coming up with a clipboard) Overtime roster, sir. (Samuels signs the clipboard) Thank you.
BASIL: Sergeant Cagney. I've got the information you want on that car. The address on the registration is five-oh-one, Riverside.
CHRISTINE: Great! Let's go.
SAMUELS: Hold it. Haven't heard that one in a long time. Five-oh-one, Riverside. (Chris nods) Grant's Tomb!
(Chris is deflated. Samuels gestures, 'You'll learn' and walks away)

[Harvey Jr.'s bedroom]

(Mary Beth is removes the poster which Michael had fixed to the wall)
MARY BETH: Now will you take that back to Michael?
HARVEY: OK. But I'm not the one who keeps seeing people who live in Grant's Tomb.
MARY BETH: Harvey, are we headed for the grassy knoll here, because we had a bargain. Only once a year.
HARVEY: That doesn't excuse the pigs, Mary Beth. You only get to see the tip of the iceberg. The Junta probably set up hundreds of independent operatives to take care of business when things went wrong. Not to mention the international rings with their own agendas. God knows what Central America's all about.
MARY BETH: Honey. Michael.
HARVEY: OK. I just want you to look beyond your drug theory, that's all.
MARY BETH: If he does not like his room, why don't we do something nice for him to fix it up. You know, maybe a nice built-in desk or some shelves for his model airplanes.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, that's not what this is all about.
MARY BETH: I don't wanna give away Harvey Jr.'s room!
HARVEY: Aren't you the one that said that in an open family no one has an actual place.
MARY BETH: Oh, that was theory!! Life is not the same as school, Harvey!
HARVEY: What do you want to do, Mary Beth? Turn this space into a shrine.
MARY BETH: How would you like to come home and find your room done?!!
HARVEY: Come home, Mary Beth? He will come back for a visit. He is not coming home to stay.
CHRISTINE: He's only eighteen years old. Nothing is forever when you're eighteen years old. I mean, I know it's not gonna be like it was. But I want him to feel that he has a place to come back to here, ...always.
HARVEY: OK, so what do say? We take Harvey's stuff, put it into Michael's room. Set it up just like it is in here. Maybe with a fold-down couch.
MARY BETH: Harvey Jr. hates that colour that Michael picked out.
HARVEY: Michael and I will paint it again.
MARY BETH: You may not store your brushes in the refrigerator, because I don't like that smell all over my tuna salad. (Harvey tries to take the poster which Mary Beth is still holding) Oh!
(Harvey looks at Mary Beth. Eventually she begins to nod her head vigorously that she has given in)
HARVEY: OK? ...All right?
(she lets give her a her a half-peck on the forehead)

[AA meeting]

NICK ANATUCCI: Hey, I don't do action movies. No war flicks. No actual events.
CHRISTINE: No film noir. No sensitive romances. Nothing with sub-titles. That leaves the Rocky Balboa.
NICK ANATUCCI: Now, come on, I just don't go for movies. Look er, how about yourself? ...The ballet.
CHRISTINE: Forget it!!
NICK ANATUCCI: Ha, ha, ha.
CHRISTINE: No ...way!
NICK ANATUCCI: Just like my ex-wife. You're scared I'll burp during the slow parts?
CHRISTINE: No, I will. I hate ...ballet.
CHRISTINE: Yes. Where did you go on your last date?
NICK ANATUCCI: Demolition Derby out at Riverhead Raceway.
CHRISTINE: No thanks. I get enough gratuitous violence at work.
NICK ANATUCCI: So where did you go?
CHRISTINE: I went to something in The Village. Nouvelle cuisine.
NICK ANATUCCI: Ah, three mounds of baby buds surrounding one poached shrimp! Terrific.
CHRISTINE: I don't need this blue-collar routine. I happen to be the daughter of a cop!
NICK ANATUCCI: Oh, great! So what do Irish cops do besides drink? Poker? Penny grab? Pool? Pool! Did you ever play?
CHRISTINE: That's the game on the green table? The little balls with the stripes? That'd be fun!

[Pool room]

NICK ANATUCCI: I love it when you lay it across the table.
CHRISTINE: (as she lines a long shot up) Those tactics don't work on me, pool shark. Seven, side.
(she makes the shot)
NICK ANATUCCI: You're not gonna let me win?
CHRISTINE: Four in the corner.
(she misses)
NICK ANATUCCI: Well, you didn't leave me much.
CHRISTINE: Golly, I get so excited. I'm doing so well! Being my first game and all.
NICK ANATUCCI: You look funny winning.
CHRISTINE: You don't like a girl who wins?
NICK ANATUCCI: If she's nice.
CHRISTINE: Winning's nicest.
NICK ANATUCCI: Oh, OK. On the corner.
(he begins to clear up)
NICK ANATUCCI: You maybe the daughter of an Irish cop, but you did not grow up in a Paris snooker pavilion! (he makes the final shot. She puts her cue on the table and walks away) So what kind of guys you been seeing? Do they let you win?
CHRISTINE: (putting her coat on) No.
NICK ANATUCCI: Hey, don't be a sore loser, sweetheart.
CHRISTINE: I'm not, ...sweetheart! It's ten o'clock. I have a very busy day tomorrow.
NICK ANATUCCI: And I've got to repipe a flower store at seven AM.
CHRISTINE: What are you saying, you won't be too tired to do that?
NICK ANATUCCI: Just like the Irish. You'd rather lose and be miserable than try again!
(she takes her coat back off)
(he throws her her cue)


(Sister Elizabeth is addressing the congregation at the funeral service. The duo is listening)
SISTER ELIZABETH: ...Felice Patricio esté muerta. Asesinados!
MARY BETH: 'Murderers' she says. 'Asesinados'. (continuing to translate) ...'Why?'. ...'He was a courageous, man of substance'. ...'You think that silence ...will protect you from the terrorists and the violence'. ...'Silence is not the answer'. (Raul Posada is also in the congregation) ...She says don't accept the murder.
(Sister Elizabeth crosses herself. The congregation crosses itself. The coffin is carried out. The duo goes towards Sister Elizabeth)
CHRISTINE: OK. What was that all about?
SISTER ELIZABETH: This is just like Salvador. This is a nightmare.
CHRISTINE: What is?!
SISTER ELIZABETH: You saw what they did to Felice! They made an example of him. Why didn't you report what you saw?! Felice ...was killed the Death Squad! (she repeats the name in Spanish) Now what are you gonna do about it?!
MARY BETH: Death Squad? In New York City?!
SISTER ELIZABETH: They all know it. You can sense the danger.
CHRISTINE: Is the Death Squad so bad that heroin silences mouths.
SISTER ELIZABETH: Oh, I've seen the victims. Felice was tortured by professional, from Salvador. Was he found ...hanging from his wrists?
SISTER ELIZABETH: He was, wasn't he?
CHRISTINE: That's police information.
SISTER ELIZABETH: Oh, don't give me that.
MARY BETH: Why is that important, Sister?
SISTER ELIZABETH: It's not. Not anymore. I gotta get to Luisa.
MARY BETH: We'll go with you.
CHRISTINE: And maybe she'll get her story straight.
SISTER ELIZABETH: You leave her alone! This is her time to grieve.
(Sister Elizabeth leaves the duo standing there. As they follow the congregation out they see a big banner hanging at the back of the church in Spanish. It reads " Plenos derechos para todos los indocumentados y refugiados". Translated this means "Full rights for all the illegal immigrants and refugees". A man, the "Ambassador", is standing in front of the banner. He smiles at the duo)
CHRISTINE: This is our friend.
(the man puts his hat and leaves. The duo push through the congregation to follow him)

[Outside the church]

(the Chrysler pulls up, the "Ambassador" gets in and is driven off just as the duo gets out of the church)
CHRISTINE: Damn! Assassination or homicide? Death squads in Manhattan. A widow who's got her beads tied too tight.
MARY BETH: It worked on us.
CHRISTINE: Now we've seen it before. The bag of heroin shoved in his mouth.
MARY BETH: He was left like you said, maybe, where somebody could see him.
CHRISTINE: So what do they do? A quiet, terraced flat. Forget it! The answer's in that damn car.
MARY BETH: So you think that our friends in the mystery car had a little chat with Luisa?
CHRISTINE: Maybe it's one of them. The answer could be in El Salvador.
MARY BETH: I hate this job.
CHRISTINE: Give me a break. Things'll be perfect when you've renounced to the world.

[Mission corridor]

RAUL POSADA: (following an electrician into the corridor) You've gotta be kidding! They checked it when we moved in.
ELECTRICIAN: (opening and then slamming closed the fuse cupboard door) Well, they didn't catch your substandard wiring.
RAUL POSADA: The landlord won't put a nickel into this place.
FIRE MARSHALL: (coming up as the electrician goes) You've got exits, sprinklers, extinguishers! Thirteen major violations! And you're out of business until you get them taken care of!
RAUL POSADA: (as he Fire Marshall goes) There's these people here for God's sake!
(the duo comes up)
MARY BETH: Where is she, Mr. Posada?
MARY BETH: Luisa Patricio, Mr. Posada. She's gone and her apartment's been ransacked. Where is she?
RAUL POSADA: How should I know?
CHRISTINE: Don't you keep track of your cases, Mr. Posada?
RAUL POSADA: All I'm worried about is keeping my doors open. And suddenly City Hall has decided to rattle my cage.
MARY BETH: What do you mean, 'suddenly'?
RAUL POSADA: It's amazing what the mentally adept class can do.
CHRISTINE: You mean the Mayor's sent in Death Squad Two?
MARY BETH: Mr. Posada, do you believe Felice Patricio was attacked and tortured by a Death Squad?
RAUL POSADA: You figure it out. I've seen the bellies of the bodies in El Salvador. I can't risk my whole operation because of one death in New York. I have to concern myself with the survivors. Excuse me.

[Mission office]

(the Fire Marshall tears off his report and gives it to Sister Elizabeth as Raul Posada comes in followed by the duo)
FIRE MARSHALL: (to Raul Posada) Oi, you, wait a moment, I wanna talk to you.
CHRISTINE: All right, Sister, where is she?
CHRISTINE: I can take you in, lady!
MARY BETH: What you are doing is illegal, Sister.
SISTER ELIZABETH: Not according to God.
MARY BETH: If Felice was killed by a Death Squad why didn't Luisa speak out? Did somebody threaten her?
SISTER ELIZABETH: (walking away) Luisa's only hope is to become invisible.
MARY BETH: She already told us that Felice was selling drugs.
SISTER ELIZABETH: Luisa didn't tell you anything.
CHRISTINE: Maybe, but she has information and in the meantime your good intentions may be protecting some drug-dealing murderer.
SISTER ELIZABETH: Listen, I know you wanna solve your crime. But the surely you can find something more convenient than Luisa as a drug connection...
CHRISTINE: You're right, Sister. We'll go and find someone else to pin the rap on. You just wanna us sweep it under the rug. That's what the police here do.
SISTER ELIZABETH: That's your dream.
CHRISTINE: Would you give me a break?
SISTER ELIZABETH: What is the matter with you? I told you the truth.
CHRISTINE: Nobody tells the truth, Sister.
CHRISTINE: Only their point of view.
SISTER ELIZABETH: I'll pray for you. I'll pray for you both.
CHRISTINE: Fine! While you're at it, why don't you ask him to keep the streets safe?!
SISTER ELIZABETH: You must miss him very much be so bitter.

[Precinct House front desk]

(the duo returns. Mary Beth hands Chris a message)
MARY BETH: (to the bag lady) How you doing, Josie?
COLEMAN: Detectives, you have a strange and fabulous visitor waiting in Interrogation.

[Interview room]

(the duo comes in. Two men are waiting there. One has a jacket on with "Turban Lords" on its back)
FERNANDO: Buenas tardes, Señorías. Allow me. (he younger man stands up) This is Alonzo Reyes. He's our newest brother. He has a story to tell.
ALONZO: I wish to confess to the torture ...and murder of Felice Patricio who was selling drugs on our turf.
MARY BETH: I will read you your rights and we'll get a DA down here.
FERNANDO: Wait with the rights. Tell them the rest.
ALONZO: I hung him by his wrists, then I stab him, then I put a plastic bag of heroin in his mouth.
MARY BETH: Take a seat.

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (as they come down from the interview room) It agrees with the ME's report.
MARY BETH: Funny how his English stopped every time we asked him about something else.
CHRISTINE: The timing's perfect. To get us off their backs and it'll fall apart before they ever gets to court.
MARY BETH: What about the man in the car?
CHRISTINE: Who said all Saints wear polyester suits?

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: You've got a confession from a case that you and I both know is gonna end up unsolved and you don't like it?
CHRISTINE: We have an accusation that his murder was actually an assassination.
SAMUELS: Assassination?
MARY BETH: Yes sir. By the Death Squad of the Salvadorian National Guard, sir.
CHRISTINE: What's the word? 'Political', Lieutenant? After hearing that boy's confession I've got to admit anything is possible.
MARY BETH: He was raising money for the Sadinista Movement. They tortured him and left him hanging for a lesson. Now somebody else decided it was not smart for this type of thing to go public. So the drug war is there. They cut him down and dress him like one of the victims.
SAMUELS: Sit down.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: You been discussing cases with your husband, Lacey?
CHRISTINE: We saw them there, Lieutenant. Everywhere we go. Two guys, a Chrysler, ...get there first. ...Everywhere! They probably set up the workers ...and then Luisa. And then when the nun turned up, to shoo her off them, they sent the Health Department into the centre. And then cooked up that phoney confession.
SAMUELS: 'They' being the guys in the car.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: Well, whoever they are, they're pretty busy guys. (handing Chris a file) Came in this morning.
CHRISTINE: They found the car!
SAMUELS: Parked in a lot out at Kennedy. No prints, no dust, no sign of human habitation. (pointing to the file) 'Cleanest car I've ever seen'.
MARY BETH: Wow! They're better at this than we are.
CHRISTINE: They've access to the ...gang files, to the DNV, to the Health Department, to the INS, to the ME's files.
MARY BETH: Who do you think they are, sir?
SAMUELS: No. I suggest that the both of yous go on out and take a nice long lunch and come on back here and go to work in the real world.
CHRISTINE: That confession's gonna be blown out of court!
SAMUELS: And your gonna sell 'em on Death Squads?! And a Government cover up?!
CHRISTINE: I want to get them off that nun!
SAMUELS: Sergeant, listen to what I'm saying to you! ...Let me remind you ...that if you two are even remotely correct on this're not immune from harassment.
CHRISTINE: Luisa's gonna be better off for now.
SAMUELS: The widow?
MARY BETH: Gone underground, sir.
SAMUELS: Huh. She's probably safer there, Lacey.
MARY BETH: Yeah. (standing up) Yeah.
SAMUELS: I'll forward the files to Intelligence.
CHRISTINE: Nil result.

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