Don't I Know You?
Original Airdate: January 5th, 1988

[Pistol range]

(the duo are loading up)
CHRISTINE: So what did old Tiffany do? Run off with the quarterback?
MARY BETH: We don't know. Harvey Jr.'s not talking. To tell you the truth, he's not doing much of anything.
CHRISTINE: He'll get over it.
MARY BETH: For six months, all I wanted to do was stuff a sock in it. Harve wants him out of the house.
CHRISTINE: Hey, he got dumped, Mary Beth. At his age it's the end of the world. Next week, when he finds his hormones, he won't even remember her name.
MARY BETH: It still hurts.
CHRISTINE: Trust me on this one.
(she fires a shot)
CHRISTINE: I know what I'm talking about here. (she fires another shot) A little rejection is good for the soul. (Mary Beth fires her first shot) Time heals old wounds. (she fires another shot) A rolling teenager gathers no moss. (and her last shot) Mary Beth fires her second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth shots in quick succession)
MARY BETH: Mr. Potter seemed very happy to see you again.
CHRISTINE: Nice shooting, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: The man in the elevator today.
CHRISTINE: Gorgeous, terrific sense of humour and perfect teeth. I didn't notice him.
MARY BETH: Are you accepting his invitation?
CHRISTINE: For what? Dinner ...sometime. Don't hold your breath.
MARY BETH: Why would he ask for your number?
CHRISTINE: He was being polite, Mary Beth.

[Precinct House front desk]

MARY BETH: (as they return from the range) As I remember, you thought he was very interesting. (touching scarf which Josie, the bag lady, is now wearing round her shoulders and which Chris bought in Bloomingdale's, because Sergeant Jane Price was wearing one) The scarf looks great, Josie.
CHRISTINE: I sat next to him at a French film festival.

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (as they come in from the front desk) After three nights of heavy breathing, he looked interesting.
MARY BETH: I will never understand why you go to those things.
CHRISTINE: Logic's got nothing to do with it.
MARY BETH: (as they arrive at their desks) I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Potter already had a message waiting on your machine.
CHRISTINE: (putting her finger up) Mary Beth, plea...
MARY BETH: All right. OK. You're right, he probably won't call. You're not gonna date him anymore?
MARY BETH: With David?
CHRISTINE: David and I are treating it strictly as friends.
CHRISTINE: You're just not gonna let go of this one, are you?
MARY BETH: Did I say anything?
CHRISTINE: Fine! Just to make you happy, I'll check my messages.
(Chris picks up her phone)
COLEMAN: (coming up) Hey! You two taking the day off or what? The DA's kicking my butt looking for your Murphy deposition.
MARY BETH: (to Chris as she puts her coat on) And you said he wouldn't miss us.
CHRISTINE: We sent it over to him yesterday.
COLEMAN: Well, he never got it. (handing Mary Beth an envelope) Oh, this just came in. Said you wanted a look-see.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Sergeant. (to Chris as she puts the phone down) And how is Mr. Potter?
CHRISTINE: (smiling broadly) I'll be sure to ask. (asking about the envelope which Mary Beth has taken the documents out of) What's that?
MARY BETH: (handing Chris the documents) It's a computer heist the Two-One.
CHRISTINE: Looks like our bird?.
MARY BETH: We'll check it out. Maybe we'll get lucky. Speaking of which, have a nice evening!
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth goes home) Tell Harvey Jr. to keep his chin up. There are lots of fish in the sea. ...And girls. (into phone having picked it up when Mary Beth has left) Hello. ...Yeah, Brad Potter, please.

[Manhattan street]

(Chris comes out of a restaurant with Brad Potter)
BRAD POTTER: I'm surprised the ref didn't throw him out.
CHRISTINE: Are you kidding? The team gave me the game ball, autographed.
BRAD POTTER: Your old man sounds like he was a hell of a guy.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. I thought he was. An experience not to be missed.
BRAD POTTER: Ha, ha, ha. My father still thinks of Knicks as something you play tennis in.
BRAD POTTER: You know, it just so happens that I have two tickets for Friday's game.
CHRISTINE: Against Boston?
BRAD POTTER: Courtside.
CHRISTINE: How are you with the refs?
BRAD POTTER: Oh, I'm merciless.
CHRISTINE: Good! You got a date, Taxi!!
BRAD POTTER: Chris, That's OK. I'll take you home. I parked just round the corner.

[Corridor outside Chris's loft]

CHRISTINE: (picking up some mail from outside Tony Stantinopolis's loft) Oh, Tony's away for the week.
BRAD POTTER: I'm impressed. Neighbours who actually look after each other.
CHRISTINE: That's only for New York's cynics.
BRAD POTTER: No way! I love the City. (as Chris gets out her key) May I?
CHRISTINE: (quietly) Thank you. (he unlocks the door) I had a nice time, Brad.
BRAD POTTER: Is there any chance that I might ...charm my way in for a drink?
CHRISTINE: Honestly, I'm sorry. I think it's time to take it slowly.
BRAD POTTER: Oh, it is.
CHRISTINE: (even quieter) Thanks.
BRAD POTTER: Till Friday.
CHRISTINE: Till Friday.
BRAD POTTER: (as she opens the door) Good night, Chris.
CHRISTINE: (still quiet) Good night. (he pecks her and chuckles) Bye. (he chuckles again and goes down the corridor) Bye.

[Laceys' bedroom]

MARY BETH: He's awake in there, Harvey.
HARVEY: Come to bed, sweetheart.
MARY BETH: (turning on her bedside light) His light is on.
HARVEY: I guess he's awake then. It's hard to sleep with the light on.
MARY BETH: Harve, I think we have to try and talk with him again.
HARVEY: Enjoy the quiet life while it stays. (sitting up) Mary Beth, I have talked through his door until I am blue in the face. He'll come to us when he's ready.
MARY BETH: What if he doesn't?
HARVEY: (laughing) Then maybe he'll float away.
MARY BETH: That's good, Harvey. Our son is lying in there with a broken heart, listening to music about suicide, and you're making jokes. That's good. "Dead and Gone", Harvey. What kind of a name is that? I hate that music, Harve.
HARVEY: Well, everybody's gotta handle it their own way, Mary Beth. I mean, I bought hair dye.
MARY BETH: Hair dye?
HARVEY: Sure. Jenny Agostini wouldn't go to the proms unless I had a moustache.
MARY BETH: You dyed your upper lip?
HARVEY: Oh, no, no, I already had a moustache. You just couldn't see unless the ...light was right.
MARY BETH: (stroking his moustache) So this Jenny Agostini, did she decide to go with you?
HARVEY: I was allergic to the dye so my lip, it swelled up big for a week, ...big, and I had to wear a Band-Aid.
(they peck)
MARY BETH: Wow. She didn't know what she was missing.
HARVEY: Do you like my moustache?
MARY BETH: I love all your hair. (he laughs. They kiss and she turns out her bedside light. The phone goes. Into phone) Hello. ...Yes Chris. ...Well that's OK. Er, what's wrong? ...Are you all right? ...Now?! ...OK. ...I'm on my way. ...I'll be there, Chris.
HARVEY: Oi, where ya going?
MARY BETH: Something is wrong with Christine.
HARVEY: Can't it wait till the morning?
MARY BETH: I have to go, Harve.

[Chris's loft]

(she is in her dressing gown. There is a knock at the door. She walks unsteadily to the door)
MARY BETH [OC]: Chris.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. (she unlocks the door and lets Mary Beth in) Thanks for coming, Mary Beth.
(she locks the door again)
CHRISTINE: I was just gonna fix some coffee, Do you want some coffee? That new brand that I got it in little shop over on Eighth. The Jamaican brand.
MARY BETH: (coming up to Chris) What happened?
CHRISTINE: (shying away as Mary Beth goes to touch her) No!!
MARY BETH: What happened, Chris? Are you hurt? Did somebody touch you?
CHRISTINE: I'm sorry I can't offer you a drink. The drinks' cupboard's a ...little bare right now. (after a long pause) He said ...his car battery died.
CHRISTINE: (another pause) He was so strong. My arms... I'm a strong woman. You know I am. ...Don't you? But he held my wrists and I couldn't move my arms.
MARY BETH: Who, Chris? Did somebody break in here?
CHRISTINE: Brad came to use the telephone.
MARY BETH: Brad? ...Brad Potter!
CHRISTINE: Yeah. His car wouldn't start so ...he came to make a phone call. ...He raped me.
CHRISTINE: He raped me.

[Doctor's examination room]

(Chris laying down with a sheet being held up by the doctor)
DOCTOR: Just one more swab for the slide. Relax, it please. ...Relax. Drop your knees a little. OK? ...That's fine. Real fine. ...OK, Miss. Cagney, another quick look around, make sure everything's all cleared. Please, er, open will you? ...Relax. Relax, Miss. Cagney. ...Is there any pain here?
CHRISTINE: No. (louder) No!
DOCTOR: Everything looks pretty good. There doesn't appear to be any internal injuries.
DOCTOR: We must inspect for them though. ...Relax, relax. ...That's good. ...One of your pubic combings for evidence and then we'll be finished. I know it's not same as your own comb. ...Could you raise up a little, please? That's it. OK, that's good. Now down. ...I need a little more room. Thank you. ...Relax, please, Miss. Cagney. We're almost there. ...Remember the rape counsellor wants to see you before you leave. He'll check you out and discuss the tests for VD and AIDS. We need to keep you clothes. Did you bring a change.
CHRISTINE: Did I bring a what?
DOCTOR: Do you have any other clothing?
CHRISTINE: Yes. My friend.
DOCTOR: Good. You can get up now. (Chris sits up as the doctor and nurse tidy up) It looks to me as if you're gonna be just fine. ...I'm sorry this had to happen, Miss. Cagney.
(Chris looks at him as if in a trance and nods. The doctor follows the nurse out. There is a knock at the door)
MARY BETH: (putting her head round the door) Christine? (giving her the clothes) The detectives from the Sex Crimes are here. ...They're both men, Chris.
CHRISTINE: The luck of the draw.
MARY BETH: Well, you could request a woman if that would be better or...
CHRISTINE: No, I don't want anything that smacks of special treatment. It only makes it worse. ...Oh boy, I needed this one. (Chris goes behind a screen to dress) The Department too. ...What am I doing here, Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: You're taking care of yourself.
CHRISTINE: No scratches and no bruises. How? The doctor said. I was just fine.
MARY BETH: You don't have to have bruises.
CHRISTINE: Well a couple of sore wrists and a little semen don't add up to much.
MARY BETH: You were... You were raped, ...Christine.
CHRISTINE: He said he was gonna kill me, Mary Beth. ...He grabbed me and shoved me against the wall. ...First I didn't know what was happening. ..He had this look on his face. ...In the eyes, I noticed this hate. ...'I'm gonna kill you, you bitch! You don't give a damn what I care', he said. ...I said nothing. ...And he whispered ...he'd have fun watching me die. ...So I let him ...drag me into bed. ...And I let him ...without any warning.
MARY BETH: You did what you had to.
CHRISTINE: (coming out from behind the screen) So, what do you think, Detective? Do you think we've got a solid case here? How many date rapes have you ever seen have a successful end.
MARY BETH: Things are changing all the time.
CHRISTINE: How many, Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: You're a credible witness. This is different, you're a cop!
MARY BETH: You did the right thing, Chris. You're not gonna let this bastard get away with it.
CHRISTINE: I've got news for you, partner. ...He already did.

[Hospital reception]

CHRISTINE: Six-two, six-three, between on hundred and seventy and one hundred and ninety pounds. He had a fair complexion. Had brown hair and a moustache. His eyes were dark, I believe they were brown.
CHRISTINE: I don't know any more distinguishing marks...
DETECTIVE MAHONEY: Sergeant Cagney, I think we've got the general idea.
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: What Detective Mahoney means is, we already have enough to get an address.
CHRISTINE: I just wanna be sure.
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: We'll pick him up and then you can come on down and make a positive. I'm sorry, I know this (as he puts his hand towards her she steps back) is difficult.
CHRISTINE: Let's just get on with it, please.
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: You said there was penetration.
(Chris looks around and sits down)
CHRISTINE: I beg your pardon.
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: You said there was penetration.
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: Did he sodomise you?
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: Did he force you into oral, coital...
DETECTIVE MAHONEY: Did he display any weapons?
CHRISTINE: I told you that he threatened me.
DETECTIVE MAHONEY: (pointing to Detective Cummings' notes) He said 'He would have fun watching you die'.
CHRISTINE: That is correct.
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: That was the threat?
CHRISTINE: Well, what do you think?! (getting up) That was warm up.
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: He never showed a gun or knife? No weapons?
CHRISTINE: He didn't have to!
DETECTIVE MAHONEY: Have you had sex with any other men in the last seventy-two hours?
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: When was the last time you had sexual relations with this man?
CHRISTINE: I never had sexual relations! Weren't you taking any notes here?!
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: I'm just trying to get your story straight.
DETECTIVE MAHONEY: I think she's giving it straight.
DETECTIVE CUMMINGS: Only, I'm still confused. The Sergeant said she let him kiss her. ...Was there anything leading ...or suggestive in this kiss.
(Chris looks round, frustrated and bemused)

[Chris's loft]

MARY BETH: (with two mugs of coffee) Feeling any better? (Chris has had a shower) I couldn't find your sheets. Where are they? I'll make up your bed.
CHRISTINE: No, no, I'll get it later.
MARY BETH: Harvey would like this coffee. I really ought to buy some fresh beans for our coffee. We still have that granulator you gave us two Christmases ago. ...I've taken reports nineteen years. ...I've spoken to women. How come I don't know what to say now. ...Chris, I would do anything make it so this never happened.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, really, I'm all right. I just need to get a little sleep, that's all.
MARY BETH: I wish... I wish you'd come back to Queens. Stay the rest of the night.
CHRISTINE: I just can't talk about it anymore right now. ...And you should get home to Harvey.
MARY BETH: Harve can take care of himself right now.
CHRISTINE: Well, so can I.
MARY BETH: Oh, gee, Chris. ...Invite me over. I could sleep on the couch.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, listen to me. I know you're trying to help me, but this is my home. I have learnt sleep here by myself.
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth picks up her coat and handbag) And I don't wanna catch you falling asleep on guard duty on my front door. (Mary Beth makes a 'moi' gesture) Mary Beth!
MARY BETH: (half laughing) OK, Serge.
CHRISTINE: I really appreciate everything you did.
MARY BETH: I haven't done anything!
CHRISTINE: Yeah, you did.
MARY BETH: Whatever you need, me. Whatever time. I don't care.
(they embrace and Mary Beth goes. Chris goes and looks at the stripped bed. Later she is sitting, wrapped in a blanket on the couch)

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (into phone) Computer stores. ...No! ...I wanted to check a different MO. ...Or I thought if there was a match. (Isbecki comes and sits down at her desk) ...That is what I'm trying to find out. ...Well, it's been a joy getting your co-operation too. ...Hello.
(she slams the phone down) What can I do for you?
ISBECKI: I just wanted to say ... you know what kind of a cop I think you are.
CHRISTINE: Ever in my thoughts.
ISBECKI: I think you're one of the best. Look, if there's something I... Something...
CHRISTINE: What is your point, ...Victor?
ISBECKI: (as Mary Beth comes in) I don't care what anybody says, in my book you're still the tops.
MARY BETH: (looking hard at Isbecki) Good morning, Christine.
ISBECKI: (getting up) Don't forget what I said.
MARY BETH: (sitting in the chair that Isbecki has vacated) What did Victor want?
MARY BETH: You didn't have to come in here today.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I did.
MARY BETH: I went by Sex Crimes. Mahoney and Cummings won't be dragging their feet on this one.
SAMUELS: (coming up) Cagney, in my office, please.

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Sit down.
CHRISTINE: I'll stand, thanks.
SAMUELS: How ya doing?
CHRISTINE: Fine, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: No, I mean, how ya feeling? Like I just er,... got the forty-nine now. ...Sergeant Cagney, I think I know what you're trying to prove.
CHRISTINE: I'm not trying to prove anything! I reported a crime.
SAMUELS: Wait. Hold on. Listen to what I'm talking about... What I'm talking about is what the hell are you even doing here? A woman has a thing like this happen to her, she should take some time off.
CHRISTINE: I would rather be working. We have a lead on the computer heist and I...
SAMUELS: Lacey'll handle it.
CHRISTINE: Look, Lieutenant, please don't this to me. All right? It's gonna be hard enough with those people out there thinking I can't hack it! I don't need you pulling the plug on me!
SAMUELS: Cagney, ...please.
CHRISTINE: I wanna work.
(they stare at one another for a while)
SAMUELS: See your counsellor yet?
CHRISTINE: In the hospital.
SAMUELS: All right, ...Chief. OK. But I want you to listen to me and I want you to listen good. I don't want you within ten miles of that scum. If I hear one word...
CHRISTINE: I'm not a vigilante, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: You're my second whip!! You let Sex Crimes handle this.
SAMUELS: Understood?
SAMUELS: They pick him up yet?
SAMUELS: I'm sorry. I just don't know what to say.
CHRISTINE: I'll be all right, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: (as Chris goes to the door) I guess you couldn't get your gun out.
CHRISTINE: It was in my dresser ...where I always keep it.
(Chris goes out)

[Ladies room]

CHRISTINE: Samuels said 'I guess you couldn't get to your gun', huh? I guess I was just meant to jump up and shove it between his legs and pull the ...trigger on that bastard! ...When he climbed off of me, I couldn't move. So I just let him walk right out of the door.
MARY BETH: You were in shock, Chris.
CHRISTINE: Why did I get started on all of this for, Mary Beth? I know all about sex crimes.
MARY BETH: Are you gonna apply for John leave.
CHRISTINE: He said I could work, as long as I didn't work on this case.
MARY BETH: Did he say anything about your partner sticking her nose in? Sex Crimes already staked out his apartment and his office. He hasn't shown up either place.
CHRISTINE: What about his clients? They're always in touch, aren't they?
MARY BETH: No clients. He's the President of the firm.
CHRISTINE: Sure is a hick.

[Laceys' kitchen]

(there is loud music blasting down the stairs)
MARY BETH: I met that man, Harvey. He seemed like a nice man to me. I didn't sense anything. I told him to call her back. That music is gonna drive me... (she shouts up the stairs) Harvey!!! He cannot hide up there in that room forever, Harve.
HARVEY: Wasn't that long ago that you wished that you could lock him up.
MARY BETH: When?! When did I ever want that?
HARVEY: First day at kindergarten. That day the neighbourhood bully wanted to knock his block off. (Mary Beth comes and puts er arms around him) When he wanted to ride the subway alone. You were so scared.
MARY BETH: Yes. You worried. (she opens the fridge door and picks something up) I'll put these in the fridge. I'll finish them, OK, tomorrow. Because I don't want these buzzards pecking at my food all day. (she comes back to him and puts her arms round him from behind) There's gotta be a first time. He used to come to us. He used to let us talk to him.
HARVEY: I miss him too, Mary Beth.

[Rape Survival Support Unit]

(there are several women including Mary Beth sitting around a room)
CHRISTINE: I kept going over and over it in my mind. ...I missed it. There must have been something in his head that hadn't been. Something. ...I don't know what I missed. ...I just didn't believe ...this sort of thing could happen to me. ...There must be other women... My God. He probably had ...a woman harem. Take-out rape. And I... ...missed it. The counsellor said 'I understand what you've gone through'. ...He said it as if it was so easy to say it.

[Chris's loft]

DAVID KEELER: Why didn't you call me?
CHRISTINE: I need some time. (he goes towards the couch and starts picking up Chris's things) What are you doing?!
DAVID KEELER: You shouldn't be staying here.
CHRISTINE: Wait a minute!
DAVID KEELER: You stay with me for a while.
DAVID KEELER: Then I'll stay here with you.
CHRISTINE: David! No, I can do this myself.
DAVID KEELER: (shouting) You can?! Then sleep in your own bed!
CHRISTINE: (as he comes towards her) David,... (she moves away a bit and turns to face him) ...we had dinner together. ...It was a date.
DAVID KEELER: There is no need to explain.
CHRISTINE: I let him see me home.
DAVID KEELER: It doesn't matter.
CHRISTINE: David, do this. Please don't act like this. ...I kissed him! ...Well, damn it!!! Say it!! Say something!!!
DAVID KEELER: What do you want me to say?! ...That I like it that you go out with him!! ...Chris, I'm sorry.
(he comes towards her)
CHRISTINE: (turning away) No!! Don't touch me! I... Get away from me!
DAVID KEELER: All I care about is you, Chris. Thank God you're not hurt.
CHRISTINE: I was raped. ...It damn hurts.
DAVID KEELER: (coming up and touching the middle of her back between the shoulders) I just wanna put it right for you. (she turns and puts her arms round his waist. He hugs her) I really wanna stay here with you if it would help.
(she disentangles herself)


CHRISTINE: Father, it's been nearly three years since I've been here for my last confession.
PRIEST: What are you sins?
CHRISTINE: I guess ...I'm not clean. Do you know what clean means, Father.
PRIEST: Just tell me.
CHRISTINE: I have...
PRIEST: Don't be afraid.
CHRISTINE: I think I let him...
PRIEST: Your sin?
CHRISTINE: I fornicated. I feel dirty.
PRIEST: What are you ashamed of, my child?
CHRISTINE: I think I might be a mother.
PRIEST: Do you feel... feel responsible?

[Chris's loft]

(she returns from confession with a brown bag. She gets a glass and puts some ice in it from the fridge. She takes the glass and the brown bag and sits on the couch. She takes a bottle from the brown bag and fills the glass from it. She smells the drink and then goes to the phone)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Jo, please. ...Thank you. ...Hello, Jo, it's Christine. ...I'm in trouble. ...I've got a Scotch in my hand. ...No, not yet. ...Well, then I need to talk.

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: You can't do that!
SAMUELS: It's already done, Cagney. You concentrate on your other cases.
MARY BETH: With due respect, sir, we're finally putting together a profile that could lead us to an identification.
SAMUELS: It doesn't matter, it's too late!
CHRISTINE: Too late according to who?
SAMUELS: These computer hits are catching the attention of the Brass. And Knelman thinks...
CHRISTINE: Knelman?!!
SAMUELS: Inspector ...Knelman!! Thinks that you may be a little...
CHRISTINE: ...little what?!!!
SAMUELS: Preoccupied and er, he feels that a fresh perspective on this...
CHRISTINE: Oh, get off, Lieutenant, this is all a bunch of balls!!
SAMUELS: If you wanna be treated like a Sergeant, Cagney, then you act like a Sergeant! ...I know... I know that the two of yous could have made this collar. You're doing such good, solid work. But that's not the point.
MARY BETH: Exactly what is the point?
SAMUELS: Orders!!! ...Are orders!! And that's the way it is! ...Turn over your casebook to Isbecki and Jordan. (Chris storms out) Lacey, hold on a second.
SAMUELS: How's she holding up?
MARY BETH: Do want my truthful opinion, sir?
SAMUELS: What is this? I'm asking you, aren't I?
MARY BETH: I think, under the circumstances, Sergeant Cagney is doing remarkably well. No thanks to the Department, sir.
SAMUELS: Lacey, go on, get out of here.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (throwing the case book files down on Isbecki's desk one at a time) Those are he ones that are selling the merchandise.
CHRISTINE: The reports from Atlantic City. The briefs. And the files from Two-One. It's grand larceny, Victor, so don't screw it up.
ISBECKI: (getting up) I didn't ask for this, Cagney. (following her to the coffee table) I swear to you! He just dropped in on our lap! What do want me to do?
CHRISTINE: I'm just following the Lieutenant's orders.
ISBECKI: Look, if you want me to do all the legwork, just ask me.
CHRISTINE: Back off, Victor, please.
ISBECKI: They said you could take some leave.
CHRISTINE: Get away from me.
(he turns her by the elbow. She throws up her arms in protest)
CHRISTINE: Just...! (the cup of coffee goes all over her blouse) Oh!
(Mary Beth is watching. Chris stalks towards the rest rooms)
ISBECKI: Cagney, wait! You can share the collar.
CHRISTINE: I don't want your blame.
ISBECKI: Nobody blames you.
CHRISTINE: (turning and putting her hands on her hips) Victor, somebody's gonna pay for this. I was raped. I did not ask to be raped. I did not enjoy being raped. I was raped! That is sex against my will. ...My will!! I know what is bothering you. It's the mission. (the room is watching and listening) For those of you who haven't caught the rumours yet, I did submit. ...Because I wanted to stay alive. ...And I thought he would kill me. I am not gonna apologise (nodding to Isbecki) to you, or anybody else for that. So if you have a problem or any of you think I can't handle it out on the streets, I want you say it right now. ...To my face. (Samuels is at his office door. The other turn away) Right.
(Chris goes out. Mary Beth follows)

[Locker room]

(Chris comes in and tries to sponge down her blouse with a wet paper towel, gets a top from her locker, throws it back and slams the door. It doesn't latch. In temper she slams it repeatedly. Mary Beth comes in. She has one more unsuccessful go)
CHRISTINE: It's all lies, you know, all this. Everybody being in control. It's just crap! Why do they say that to us. ...So stupid. ...I couldn't stop Charlie from dieing. I can't stop myself from ever wanting to have another drink. I... Hell, I don't even have control over my own body. I mean, any bastard could just walk in, (slamming the door again) have his way with me!!! ...Damn him! It is my body!!! He had no right!! ...I was so frightened when he was on top of me, holding me down. It was like panicking only I was so scared!
MARY BETH: There's nothing wrong with feeling scared, Christine.
CHRISTINE: I hated it!! I hate this feeling. ...Oh God. ...It seems to be happening with everything I do. (she sits down and thinks) I remember, Mary Beth. ...Huh? What do you think? Twenty years old.
MARY BETH: That's funny how that works. You feel like a little girl. What I see is a woman of great courage. (as Chris begins to cry) This was never your fault. ...Christine.
(Mary Beth hugs Chris's head as she cries)
VERNA DEE: (coming in) Sergeant Cagney,... Sorry.
VERNA DEE: They've picked up your man. They're taking him to ME. The DA wants to meet you there.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Detective.
(Verna Dee goes)
MARY BETH: Do you want some company?
(Chris looks down at her blouse)
MARY BETH: (fingering Chris's blouse) Do you call that a fashion statement?
CHRISTINE: Mm hm. (standing and looking at her blouse in the mirror) Yeah, let's do it.
(Chris walks out. Mary Beth closes the locker door)

[Corridor at the Medical Examiners building]

PAXTON: His attorney advised him against this, but he waived his rights to a line up. He said he just wants to talk to you.
CHRISTINE: I bet he does.
PAXTON: They picked him up this morning coming into his office. He says he took a day off to visit his parents.
MARY BETH: Nice touch.
CHRISTINE: Buying an alibi of being with his family.
PAXTON: He's not gonna deny it, Sergeant. He doesn't deny having sex with you.
MARY BETH: (as they go into a room) I'll be right here.

[Interview room]

PAXTON: Chris. About time. Mr. Nettles, has your client been advised that this meeting is being recorded?
JAMES NETTLES: He has been so advised.
BRAD POTTER: They've picked me up for rape.
CHRISTINE: That is the complaint.
BRAD POTTER: Come on, Chris! Rape?! Tell 'em, will ya? This isn't a very funny joke.
CHRISTINE: It isn't meant to be funny.
BRAD POTTER: Oh, my God. You are serious. I've er, I've heard of this kind of thing happening.
JAMES NETTLES: I think it's wisest for Mr. Paxton and myself to meet privately for a few moments.
BRAD POTTER: No! I wanna know what the hell is going on here! If this is some sort of private vendetta, it's a little extreme, don't you think?
JAMES NETTLES: Look, I'm sure we're all agreed that this could all turn into a very ugly situation.
CHRISTINE: So is rape, Mr. Nettles!
JAMES NETTLES: Yes, well, my client says you consented.
CHRISTINE: Well, your client is a liar!
PAXTON: Sergeant.
BRAD POTTER: You more than consented, lady! When you started unbuttoning my shirt and coming on to me, there wasn't a whole lot of room for ...interpretation.
JAMES NETTLES: All right, let's all settle down here, shall we? Now I'm sure I don't need to tell the good Sergeant what she needs for an indictment. But let's just assume she had enough. Oh, ha, ha. This is the kind of story the Press just loves to exploit. And then there's the lengthy trial. All your time and effort, not to mention the unfortunate embarrassment. ...And for what? The best you can hope for is sexual misconduct.
CHRISTINE: A walk with a fine and probation.
JAMES NETTLES: We might be willing to settle for that.
CHRISTINE: Oh, I'm sure you would.
PAXTON: Sergeant Cagney.
(DA Paxton takes Chris aside)
JAMES NETTLES: Yeah, go ahead, Counsellor. Take your time. You two about it.
CHRISTINE: He is not copping a freebie!
PAXTON: This guy is Mr. Cleanie. Has no record. Even if we get a rape conviction, he'll probably walk with a suspended sentence.
CHRISTINE: You don't know that.
PAXTON: This way we're guaranteed a conviction.
CHRISTINE: A misdemeanour.
PAXTON: And we avoid a lot of nasty Press.
CHRISTINE: Not to mention helping a certain DA with his conviction record.
PAXTON: We'll let that slide, Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: That man raped me. You have to go after him for what he did, right or wrong. All this crap!! As if this was nothing.
PAXTON: The point is, it's rape! Do you have any idea what we're up against?
JAMES NETTLES: I'll tell you what you're up against. The ...alleged attack occurred two days ago. Take a close look. Do you see any sign of a struggle.
BRAD POTTER: There might be few scratches on my back, but I can assure they didn't get there from her fighting me off.
CHRISTINE: You son of a bitch.
PAXTON: Sergeant. I don't care what the papers say. I don't care if it takes all year. I don't give a damn if I have to sit in that courtroom every day till Hell freezes over. (Chris has walked round the room to come face to face with Brad Potter) I'm coming after you, mister, and I'm gonna do everything in my power to put you away.
BRAD POTTER: What did I tell ya? Cool one minute. ...Hot the next.
CHRISTINE: I understand in prison they have a little different interpretation of consent.
BRAD POTTER: It's just like I said in my statement. She got even worse after a few drinks. You know how sloppy drunks can get. Always taking off their clothes. (to Chris) You probably don't remember.
CHRISTINE: I remember every single thing. (to Paxton) It's time to charge Mr. Potter with rape.

[Corridor at the Medical Examiners building]

MARY BETH: (as Chris and Paxton come out) How did it go?
CHRISTINE: I love it when they tie the noose around their own neck.
PAXTON: Would you mind telling me what the noose is?
CHRISTINE: Sure. There's a little blood test the hospital runs for trauma victims. Looking for drugs or alcohol.
CHRISTINE: I don't drink. ...Not at all.
PAXTON: I'm a believer, Sergeant. I'll get your hospital records.
(Paxton goes)
MARY BETH: It sounds like the lady won the first round.
CHRISTINE: Wanna join us for the second?
MARY BETH: What you got in mind?
CHRISTINE: Go down town and see Knelman.
MARY BETH: I like a woman with a mission.
CHRISTINE: I want that damn case back.

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