Turn, Turn, Turn: Part 2
Original Airdate: March 30, 1987

[Manhattan street]

(Chris is trying to lever a hub cap off a wheel on the Squad car)
MARY BETH: I do wish that I had been able to... ...Something happened to the mother, Chris. Otherwise she would have claimed her baby. (the hub cap comes off) Do you think we ought to call this man about and let him know we're gonna be late?
CHRISTINE: I think this car is jinxed.
MARY BETH: Chris, any car that hit that pothole at that rate of speed.
CHRISTINE: Pothole?!!! It was the Grand Canyon!! We're driving in a National Park here!
CHRISTINE: I hate this jack!! I would have thought the Department would have fitted a jack that a normal human being could use without an engineering degree.
MARY BETH: So how come no California trip?
CHRISTINE: Brian's back to his skiing.
MARY BETH: So what happened? I thought you were going to be going to do it for two weeks.
CHRISTINE: The timing's awful.
MARY BETH: But you and Brian had a nice visit though. Right?
CHRISTINE: Ah, you know how it is. He's a day person. I'm a night person.
MARY BETH: Hey, let me try this here.
CHRISTINE: No! No!! Unless you want to arrive at the ceremony looking like a grease monkey, forget it!
MARY BETH: You know something? I missed you. ...It was a very nice service, Christine. And what you said at the wake was very beautiful.
(Chris gets one of the nuts off)
MARY BETH: You did a very nice job with everything. Now it's time to start taking care of yourself.
CHRISTINE: Give me a break. Really, I'm fine. I spent ten minutes with my lawyer while he was sorting out Charlie's affairs. Now I've gotta clear out his stuff.
MARY BETH: I can help you with that.

[One Police Plaza hall]

(there is loud applause and shouts of 'Bravo' as Mary Beth receives her award)
MARY BETH: (to the assembly of police officers and her family) Hello. Er, talking in front of people is not the most easy thing for me. I said to my husband a burning car is small potatoes compared to this. But I would like to thank the "Daily News" for this beautiful award. I know exactly where I'm gonna put it in the living room, and next year (pointing to him in the audience) my son Harvey Jr.'s high school diploma is gonna hang right next to it. I was speaking to my family about all this being a hero and all and (pointing to the award) it was not like that. (looking at her notes) I was in the right place ...at the right time and I didn't think too much about it. I wish that I had been able to save the father. I think about that a lot. Besides there were other people who helped and they are the true, brave ones because it was not their job. Which goes to show that it's not true what they say about New Yorkers. Finally I would like to accept this award on behalf of the many other police men and women who do stuff like this ever day and who never get any recognition. Thank you very much.
(there is loud applause. The stage party and her family congratulate Mary Beth. As the audience leaves, Chris hangs back and then leaves. Mary Beth spots her)

[Charlie's apartment]

(Chris comes in after the presentation. The place is still in the turned over state. She goes to the fridge and checks the milk and pours it down the sink)
CHRISTINE: Just like the old days, Pop. Pouring stuff down the sink.
(she checks the fridge and only finds empty cans. She looks round and sees there is an LP on the record player. Chris starts it and sits down. Nostalgic big band music plays. There is a photo of her as a child by the answer-phone which she starts)
CHARLIE: (on answer-phone) This is the private apartment of Irish Charlie Cagney.
(the sound of is voice upsets her. She stops the answer-phone. She frantically searches the cupboards and finds a bottle of Scotch and pours a slug and downs it)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(a visiting crowd of schoolgirls, coming in, pass a display headed "Our Hero" with newspaper pages on it. One of the girls spots Mary Beth coming down the stairs and points to her. Mary Beth comes up to the display and sees Petrie)
MARY BETH: Would you mind if I took that thing down. It's beginning to embarrass me.
PETRIE: Mary Beth, you better savour it. Tomorrow it's Detective Who.
(she takes the display down)
MARY BETH: Yeah, back to normal.
SAMUELS: Lacey! (he is looking at a newspaper) Inspector Knelman just called up to draw my attention to this morning's paper. 'One of New York's Finest, hearing the cries of Baby John Doe ...di-da-di-da ...where is the mother? Detective Lacey, who saved the infant said 'We are doing our best'' What are you doing?
MARY BETH: The description we got yesterday is running over citywide radio, sir. And we arranged an Identikit sketch that Uniforms can pass out at hospitals and shops.
SAMUELS: Oh that's good work, as always. Have you heard from Cagney?
(Chris comes rushing in)
CHRISTINE: (to Samuels) Morning. Sorry I'm late.
MARY BETH: Good morning, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I'm just perfect.
SAMUELS: Oh, sure. You take as much time as you need. Anyway, now that you're here, I don't have to wait any longer. Everybody, gather round here, please. This Personnel Order just came up today and it concerns one of our own. Detective Third-grade Mary Beth Lacey, shield number seven hundred and sixty-three...
CHRISTINE: Your promotion!
SAMUELS: Oh, it's not that, but it's something pretty important. 'For an act of outstanding personal bravery, intelligently performed in the line of duty at imminent personal hazard to life under circumstances evincing a disregard of personal consequences, the Department sees it fit to bestow on her an Honourable Mention Commendation'. Congratulations Lacey. (general applause) And you wear it with pride.
MARY BETH: Thank you very much, Lieutenant.
(Mary Beth shows the pin badge to the Squad)
CHRISTINE: Wonderful.
SAMUELS: Lacey. Come on back to my office.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
CORASSA: I never got an Honourable Mention.
ESPOSITO: Oh, you pulled down a jumper, Al. You didn't risk your life.
CORASSA: I'm afraid of heights!


(the duo are sitting with a bottle of pink Champagne in an ice bucket and two glasses)
CHRISTINE: (sounding slurred) I make a toast to a promotion, well-deserved and definitely delayed.
MARY BETH: The Lieutenant was very clear that the promotion is only a maybe.
CHRISTINE: He has to say that. I'm telling ya it's in the bag.
MARY BETH: (giggles. Chris goes to top up her glass) Oh no, one is my limit, especially at lunch.
CHRISTINE: Another toast! To the very best partner that there is.
MARY BETH: (chinking glasses with Chris) Here's to you.
CHRISTINE: Do you know what Charlie said to me? ...About you. And the man knows cops. Charlie said that Mary Beth Lacey knows people. You can't go out there Chrissie, he said, without a partner who knows people.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Chris. I'm thinking that we ought to get back.
CHRISTINE: Do you know the best part of all, Mary Beth? Is that I don't have a jealous bone in my body. I'm just so happy for you! (she chinks glasses again) Say, everybody! I want you to join me in a toast here ...for my partner. (standing up unsteadily) To Detective Mary Beth Lacey, hero of the month. The recipient of the Honourable Mention award for bravery. (Chris sways and toasts with a nearby customer. Mary Beth has gathered her coat and bag and gets up) We have a bona fide hero here in our midst.
MARY BETH: (taking Chris's arm) I'm the hero, she she's er, the shy one. It's a shame to break up a party like this, Chris. (to another customer) We do have to go.
CHRISTINE: Whoa! (picking up a whisky) Wait one second here! Whoa. (she downs it) It's a shame to waste good stuff like this. (to the clientele) Goodbye.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the duo returns from the restaurant. Chris is singing loudly)
CHRISTINE: (jigging around) '...But we're travelling along'. (Samuels stands up in his office) Singing a song. Side by side'. Do it, Mary Beth! (Mary Beth puts her arm round Chris and moves her on through the room) 'Side by side.
(Samuels sits back down)

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Harvey is sitting on the bed with Alice. Michael is there)
MICHAEL: But this little piggy... This little piggy went...
(Mary Beth comes in from the bathroom in her nightclothes)
ALL: ...wee, wee, wee, wee all the way home.
MARY BETH: Michael! What is the name of this song.
(Mary Beth starts kissing Alice's legs and la-laing)
MICHAEL: Yankee Doodle!
HARVEY JR.: (coming in with a folder) I've got the whole French Revolution to get through tonight.
HARVEY: Yeah, I sympathise. A lot of people lost their heads over that one! OK. Everybody out. Time for bed. Alice, you've got a date with the sandman. And your brothers are gonna get you ready. Am I right, boys?
MARY BETH: Of course. (picking up Alice) I'm gonna be in in eleven minutes.
HARVEY JR.: (handing Michael the folder and taking Alice) Here you can have this for a while.
MARY BETH: There you go.
HARVEY JR.: Good night.
(the children leave)
MARY BETH: Oh boy. I've had a great couple of weeks. You know, people fussing all over me.
HARVEY: You deserve every bit of it.
MARY BETH: And I feel so good.
HARVEY: You really deserve that award. I feel so proud of you. (Mary Beth goes silent) What?
MARY BETH: I don't wanna sound small or like I'm ungrateful or anything.
HARVEY: But? ...Wanna spit it out?
MARY BETH: (after a long pause) Why didn't I do this sooner? I mean, how come I had to wait all these years? Why didn't I get it for real police work?
HARVEY: Saving a life is real police work.
MARY BETH: Anybody could have done what I did, Harvey. Anybody.
HARVEY: Anybody didn't You're the one ...who did it.
(they have a peck)
MARY BETH: Everything is going so good for me. I've got you. I've got our kids. This is the good times for me. And it's the hardest time for Chris.
HARVEY: Honey, look, the ways things are written, Mary Beth, there has to be a balance.
MARY BETH: Honey, it it's not the way I fantasised it would be. I don't get any thinner.
(Harvey laughs)

[Locker room]

(Chris takes a hip flask from her locker and takes a swig)
MARY BETH: (coming in) Hey, Sergeant.
(she sees the hip flask)
CHRISTINE: Morning. (guiltily) There's a real nip in the air isn't there? You can't tell me it's Spring!
CHRISTINE: How are you this morning?
CHRISTINE: Couldn't be better.
MARY BETH: (concerned) Christine.
MARY BETH: I was thinking... (she pulls the curtain across) ...and I remember how you helped me out, when you went with me to Psychological Services and maybe you...
CHRISTINE: Maybe what?! Maybe I should see a shrink too? Or maybe a priest would be even better.
MARY BETH: You have to talk with somebody, Christine.
CHRISTINE: What do you suggest, Mary Beth? A trip to Lourdes. That's right. All right, I take a little nip now and then. I like to drink! And I can use the relief from all the crap that's going on in my life including lectures from my partner!!
MARY BETH: (grabbing Chris) I'm trying to keep you out of trouble here! If you seek help voluntarily then it won't go on your record. If you walk in there drunk then the Lieutenant is gonna have to...
CHRISTINE: Do you want another award?! Like Mother of the Decade or something.
MARY BETH: Nice! From the woman who doesn't have a jealous bone in her body.
CHRISTINE: Bog out of my life! All right?
MARY BETH: Is that what you want?
CHRISTINE: Yes. That's what I want.
MARY BETH: OK. You got it. Because I need a partner that I can count on for backup, honey. I'm not putting my arse on the line for some lush that can't get through the morning without a little nip of Scotch.
(Mary Beth goes out through the curtain)
CHRISTINE: (following her and shouting) Do you wanna a new partner?! Is that what you want?!! (as she leaves the locker room) Well, who the hell cares?!!!
(she continues to rant)

[Detectives' squad room]

CHRISTINE: (following Mary Beth back in) Hey, Petrie, it looks like you've got yourself a new partner! The hero from Queens takes a gas!!
SAMUELS: (coming out of his office) Cagney.
(he gestures towards the office)

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Let's have a boss to boss to talk. You've been way out of line lately.
CHRISTINE: What are you talking about?!
SAMUELS: You need some more time off.
CHRISTINE: I'm fine!
SAMUELS: Lunchtime yesterday you were three sheets to the wind.
CHRISTINE: I beg you pardon?!!
SAMUELS: Come on, Cagney. Don't kid a kidder. You were drunk on the job! Cagney, you know that I think that you're a damn good cop. You're just human, like the rest of us. You've had a big loss in your life.
CHRISTINE: And I'm handling it!
SAMUELS: Not from where I'm sitting. Remember my partner that I talked to you about? I would hate to see you pickle yourself.
(the phone goes)
SAMUELS: (into phone) Yes, Samuels. ...Yes sir. ...Er no, there's no news on the mother yet. ...(getting annoyed) Well, I can't go inventing something just to please the Press! (Chris turns and walks out) Let me get back to you.
(he rings off and gets up)

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (to no one in particular) Oh, I'm telling you, we've got a problem. He's blaming it on me!
SAMUELS: (as Chris goes to the coffee table) Cagney!!! (coming up to her behind Mary Beth's desk) Cagney, I have been around the block more than you. I've seen it happen before.
CHRISTINE: You wanna back off, Lieutenant. I am not your ex-partner. I am me.
SAMUELS: Hang on, I am talking to you. I don't want to have to order you to take leave. I don't want to hurt your career! I want cooperation from you. Help me out.
CHRISTINE: Oh, I see! Because you can't get to lay off the sauce, it means the rest of us can have a little nip now and then.
(everybody in the room looks up)
SAMUELS: Cagney, that was between you and me. You know me better than that.
BASIL: (coming up) Excuse me Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: What is it? You want a piece of me too?!!!
BASIL: No. The baby's mother's here.
MARY BETH: (turning round) Jane Beckwith?
BASIL: Her ID checks out.
SAMUELS: All right, the twos of you speak to Jane Beckwith. (to Chris) I'll see you right after this, Cagney.
CHRISTINE: (stalking out) Handle it with Isbecki, Mary Beth. (to Basil) Tell him I'm out for tea!
(Basil brings in Jane Beckwith)
BASIL: How's the Sergeant?
MARY BETH: She's fine. Mrs. Beckwith, I'm Detective Lacey. Why don't we find some place more private to talk, huh?

[Interview room]

JANE BECKWITH: I told you, I went off to my sisters'. I went there because I was under stress. At first it was very difficult.
MARY BETH: In Allentown, Pennsylvania, is that correct? Why didn't you take your baby?
JANE BECKWITH: It was a small apartment. Tommy Jr. was already on the bottle and his father... He went for me. Tom had always taken care of me. (tearfully) Look, I feel bad enough! Please, can't you take me to my baby?
MARY BETH: He's a beautiful baby. What did he weigh at birth?
JANE BECKWITH: Seven pounds.
MARY BETH: Seven pounds even?
JANE BECKWITH: Well, around seven pounds.
MARY BETH: My three kids were seven-three, seven-eight and a half and seven pounds fourteen and a half ounces. What hospital was he born in?
JANE BECKWITH: He was born at home.
MARY BETH: What was your doctor's name?
JANE BECKWITH: We couldn't afford one.
MARY BETH: No doctor? No midwife?
JANE BECKWITH: We haven't been able to get on benefit since we moved to New York.
MARY BETH: This baby's mother must miss him terribly.
JANE BECKWITH: Yes, I do. And I want him back now.
MARY BETH: So does his true mother.
(Mary Beth gets up to leave)
JANE BECKWITH: That's my baby!!
MARY BETH: Mrs. Beckwith, we have no proof that this is your baby. It's only a matter of time before we match the baby up with a missing child report.
(Mary Beth switches off the tape recorder)
JANE BECKWITH: That's my baby!!! I love him.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Beckwith, it's life in prison for kidnapping. If you cooperate with me I can help you get your sentence down.
JANE BECKWITH: But I love him!!! I took better care of him. I never left him sitting alone. I have the right to a baby! He belongs to me. Oh God.

[Corridor outside Chris's loft]

(Chris is slumped on the floor outside her loft door)
TONY STANTINOPOLIS: Come on, nancy girl, let me help you up.
CHRISTINE: (holding a can of beer) I can get up by myself.
TONY STANTINOPOLIS: (lifting her up) Oh, come on! (she almost falls down) Oh! ho, ho!
CHRISTINE: Oh, wow, you've...
(she has spilt beer down her blouse)
CHRISTINE: I'm all wet!
TONY STANTINOPOLIS: I didn't realise...
CHRISTINE: It's my good blouse. I bought it in France. I'll probably get the flu.
(he is holding her steady. She begins to giggle)
TONY STANTINOPOLIS: I said I was sorry.
CHRISTINE: (continuing to giggle drunkenly) I know you are. But I mean...
CHRISTINE: I smell like a brewery.
CHRISTINE: You know what?
TONY STATINOPOLIS: (he hugs her to him) It's fine. It's fine.
CHRISTINE: Touch on.
CHRISTINE: (she presses herself against him) Touch on. Come on. Are you a man? All right.
CHRISTINE: (pushing herself away from him) You can't even fake it. (going into her loft) Give my regards to Danny.
(Tony goes to his loft)

[Chris's loft]

(she pours herself some Scotch, gets ice and a box from the fridge. As she tries to open the box she plays the answer-phone back)
CHRISTINE: (outgoing message) This is Christine. I can't take your call right now but if you leave a message I'll get back to you.
(she has opened the box and got its contents out)
MARY BETH: Christine, I've been looking for you. I've interviewed Jane Beckwith. It turns out she kidnapped Baby John Doe. (she begins to eat the contents of the box, a chocolate sponge) We've traced the child to Gary, Indiana. I got a hold of the real mother. She's coming in to get him. I'll tell you all about it when you call me back. I'm home all night.
(she slumps down and tries to eat the sponge. There is a knock at the door)
CHRISTINE: Go away! You're out of here not damaged.
DAVID KEELER [OC}: Chris. It's me, David.
CHRISTINE: I'm not home.
DAVID KEELER: (coming in) You left the door open.
CHRISTINE: And to what do I owe this intrusion?
DAVID KEELER: I was worried about you.
CHRISTINE: I don't blame you. Do you know what that damn geek did? He spilt beer all over my blouse. See how it's clinging to me. Pretty sexy, huh? (she gets close to David who holds her up) Do you wanna go to a wet T-shirt party, David?
DAVID KEELER: How about some coffee, huh?
CHRISTINE: No!!! (he walks her towards the work counter) I want you to help me. Do you remember how good you used to be at that? And that was what it was all about, wasn't it? (as he tries to prepare some coffee) Wasn't that was the best part? Sex!! Admit it. Come on! Admit it!!
DAVID KEELER: Come on. I'll get you something to eat.
CHRISTINE: (backing away from him) No!!! (staggering by herself) Dance with me! (putting her hair up and pouting) Dance with me. (he extends his hands. She weaves towards him, takes his hands and they embrace and begin to sway) Nobody ever dances with me anymore. (she begins to hum. She collapses at the knees. He hangs on to her) I'm sorry.
DAVID KEELER: You're gonna feel a lot better in the morning. Come on, Christine, let's get you to bed.
CHRISTINE: (getting excited) That's what I had in mind!
DAVID KEELER: I've never had a wet dame hanging to a rope. (he switches on the bedroom light) I'll get you some coffee.
CHRISTINE: You're gonna have to take advantage of me. (she breaks away) I gave you permission. I'm all yours. Come on! Do it! (she begins to undo her blouse and dance raunchily and backs up to him) Bm, bm, ...bm, bm, ...bm!
(she breaks away and half throws off her blouse and then puts it back on while continuing to dance)
DAVID KEELER: (pulling her back to him) Come on, Chris. Stop. Stop!
(she manages to kiss him and tries to eat him and then tries to undo his trousers)
DAVID KEELER: (pushing her away) Chris!!!
CHRISTINE: What? (she slaps him round the face) Forget it!!! (getting angry in her drunken stupor and shouting) There are a million guys who would like to be seen with me! (throwing herself on the bed) I can do it with anybody!!! I'm by myself.
DAVID KEELER: (he climbs on the bed alongside her) I'm here.
(she puts her arms around him and begins to cry)
CHRISTINE: Please don't go.
(she cries)

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: I told you, Sergeant Coleman, she's out in the field.
COLEMAN: Don't give me that. She's not taken leave and she didn't call in. It's been two days and I've gotta tell the Lieutenant something!
SAMUELS: (coming up) Lacey.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: Where is your partner?
MARY BETH: She's out in the field, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: For two days straight now? Next time she calls, you put me on the line.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: (as he turns away he shouts) I can't wait for her any longer. All right, everybody, listen up! I never could keep a secret anyway. The fact is, nine AM tomorrow morning, Mary Beth Lacey will henceforth be addressed as Detective Second-grade!! (general applause and cheering. Coleman and Corassa shake her hands) And with this promotion comes seven thousand dollars!!! (more applause and cheering) So we all know that she can now afford to throw a traditional party in a class A manner and personally I plan to start myself tonight at Flannery's! (shaking her hand vigorously) Congratulations!!!
MARY BETH: Than you very much, sir!
PETRIE: You better call Flannery's to tell them it's a special invasion.
MARY BETH: I'll do it now. (she goes to her desk and picks up the phone. She can hardly control her emotions. She dials. Into phone) Oh, Harvey, get off the phone. ...Honey!!!
(she rings off, pauses and dials again)
CHRISTINE: (on answer-phone) This is Christine.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Chris?
CHRISTINE: (on answer-phone) I can't take your call right now but if you leave a message and I'll get back to you.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Chris, it's me. Where are you?!!

[Chris's loft]

(there is an empty plate and a half-empty wine glass by the answer-phone)
MARY BETH: (on answer-phone) I can't keep covering for you. ...Are you there? (Chris is on the settee in her pyjamas looking very miserable) I made it, Chris. ...They gave it to me! ...I got my promotion.
CHRISTINE: (as she tries to get up, and sounding tearful, she drops a glass of whiskey she had been nursing) Hey, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: (on answer-phone) Come on and celebrate with me, will ya? Seven o'clock tonight at Flannery's. (she tries to get up again) I'm very happy, Chris. (she collapses to her knees) Call me back.
(in the end she manages to get up. There is a near-empty whisky bottle on the coffee table. She goes to the bedroom. David returns with supplies. There are empty beer cans all over the counter. He sees her fall down trying to get some clothes out of the wardrobe)


(Mary Beth s boogying in line to rock music with Petrie and Corassa and others. She breaks off to have a twirl with Harvey. Petrie and Esposito dance up and down the line arm in arm. Isbecki takes over from Harvey)
CORASSA: I propose a toast to Detective Second-grade Mary Beth Lacey.
ALL: Yeah! Yeah! Hooray! hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!
COLEMAN: (coming up as Harvey and Mary Beth have a peck) There is somebody over here who wants to see ya.
MARY BETH: Oh, she finally showed up, huh? Christine!
LINDA CHANDLER: (holding Baby John Doe and with a man) Detective Lacey?
MARY BETH: Yes, ma'am!
LINDA CHANDLER: I'm sorry. They told me where you'd be at the Precinct and we just had to come.
MARY BETH: Well, I'm glad you did. Who are you?
JIM CHANDLER: (shaking Mary Beth's hand) Jim and Linda Chandler, Detective.
(Mary Beth realises)
LINDA CHANDLER: We just wanted to thank you in person for saving our baby's life. We never thought we would see him again. Every time I think about it I just want to cry.
MARY BETH: I'm glad you're all together again.
LINDA CHANDLER: It's like a miracle. I just wanted to show you (showing the happy baby) ...and I thank you.
MARY BETH: And what is his name? What's his real name?
MARY BETH: Eric James Chandler. It's a much better name than John Doe. Eric is a lucky person.

[Chris's loft]

(there is a sound of her throwing up in the bathroom. David steadies her as she staggers out with him)
DAVID KEELER: Come and sit down. (he steadies her across the room as she mutters incoherently) Chris, I'll take care of you.
(he sits her on the settee)
DAVID KEELER: Chris you gotta stop that.
(he puts a blanket round her. At first she snuggles down across his knees. There is an unintelligible exchange and then she sits up)
CHRISTINE: I'm OK. I need a good night's sleep. There is a lot of stuff that I have to figure out.
DAVID KEELER: Chris, I can do it for you.
CHRISTINE: Oh yeah! You can leave me now.
(she takes hold of the near-empty whisky bottle)
DAVID KEELER: Will you stop that?
CHRISTINE: Stop it!!! It's my bottle!!
DAVID KEELER: You're killing yourself!
CHRISTINE: Are you gonna stop me?
DAVID KEELER: (he fights her for the bottle) No!!!
CHRISTINE: I wanna drink the bottle!!!
DAVID KEELER: (finally wrestling the bottle from her) No, Chris, no!!
(she chases him across to the counter and tries to get to the bottle)
CHRISTINE: What the hell are you doing?!! Hey, that's my booze!!! Give it to me! I wanna finish it!
CHRISTINE: You have no right to do that!!!
DAVID KEELER: (wrestling her away from the counter) Oh, yes I have a right!! (they fall to the floor) Chris, you don't even know who you are when you're drunk like this!! Please!!!
(the phone goes)
CHRISTINE: (shouting as he holds her down) I'm Christine Cagney!!! I can help myself!!
DAVID KEELER: (shouting at her) What are you doing?!!! (Mary Beth is leaving a message on the answer-phone) No Chris! Chris, I love you!! I love you!
MARY BETH: (on answer-phone) This is Mary Beth Lacey. Thanks a lot for showing up. But not a lot.
(David gets to the phone)
DAVID KEELER: (into phone) Lacey?
MARY BETH: (on phone) Yeah?
DAVID KEELER: Can you come down? Christine needs you.
(Chris gets to her feet and frantically tries to find a drink. Later there is a knock at the door)
DAVID KEELER: (opening the door) Thanks for coming, Mary Beth. (quietly) She's resting now. I think it was a false alarm.
MARY BETH: Hello, Chris.
(Chris is on her knees with her head on a chair)
CHRISTINE: (still very drunk) Hey! Mary Beth. You should never, ever come to party without a bottle. The beer is mine, all right, but you can have the potato chips. David, where are the chips?
DAVID KEELER: (to Mary Beth) I guess we really need your help. She needs a shower. You make some coffee.
CHRISTINE: Those cookies are mine!!!
MARY BETH: No bother.
CHRISTINE: No booze for her. All right? Hold it up over your head like the Statue of Liberty!
DAVID KEELER: If we clean her up. Get some food and coffee into her, she'll be as good as new.
MARY BETH: I don't think it will help.
DAVID KEELER: I don't know what else to do.
MARY BETH: I'm surprised she's not passed out.
CHRISTINE: Are you listening to me? I know what I'm talking about. (gesturing to the closed window blind) I've seen the whole scene. Fireworks and everything. (climbing unsteadily on to the settee) It's right outside this window.
MARY BETH: You look a little tired.
DAVID KEELER: Mary Beth, I guess I fell a little bit worn out.
MARY BETH: Well, what do you think? Maybe I should take the next shift. Go home and get some rest. I'll call you at eight o'clock tomorrow morning.
CHRISTINE: (pulling back the window blind and singing) 'America, America'.
DAVID KEELER: I can't keep awake.
CHRISTINE: Boom went the cannon! There's my fireworks man. (David goes to her as she stumbles down) There's my fireworks man, right?
DAVID KEELER: Christine, you'd better sit down.
CHRISTINE: No! (looking at Mary Beth) She better get out of here. (to David) You can take care of me just fine. I'm fine, all right, David.
MARY BETH: Right David?
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth) Thank you for your company. (making a drinking gesture as David struggles to hold her. Still to Mary Beth) Well, I'm just blind with the booze so you must be the little fairy! (to David) Get rid of her because I just wanna get on with the party, OK?
DAVID KEELER: Chris. ...Christine, I'm gonna go home and get some sleep.
CHRISTINE: No!!! Where you going?!! (taking her to Mary Beth) Christine, I'll see you tomorrow.
MARY BETH: Good night, David.
CHRISTINE: Good night, creep. (he leaves. She staggers around) The guy's got no guts! Well, good riddance to bad rubbish, I'd say. What good does he do anyway? Huh?! He just a traitor Macdonald. He should wear a red coat. Let him go.
MARY BETH: I thought that was old news between you two.
CHRISTINE: Let 'em all go! (Mary Beth locks the door) They all go anyway nowadays. (Chris has sat down) Charlie. My mother. And even my dear brother, Brian. What did he do? He upped and moved three thousand miles away. Surfing. Sun. Wife and kids. And when I go and visit him, what does he do? He picks on me. That's what they all do anyway. Do you care? C'est la vie!
MARY BETH: I'm not leaving.
CHRISTINE: Police. You and Harvey and the kids. And you're in perfect harmony. Charlie could have gone all night and day. Me? I'm dirty. (looking at her soiled pyjamas) Dry cleaners. I chuntered all over his white shirt and trousers. He was screaming like a crazy person. These things popped out of his head and made my heart beat fast. I got scared and planned run under table, but I didn't. So then I thought, maybe he was gonna live with me. Mm. I really care for that man. I want to put him in a box and tie him around with string. And in February, and I made him a valentine. And I wrote in it 'This is the last valentine that I'll ever give you' And then when he kissed me, I brought up all those beers. And he just walked out of the door. I waved for a long time. After I thought the car was gone I just kept on waving. (she crawls onto the settee) Oh, Charlie. If we identify the baby and find it's mother, that'll make us a five! I think Samuels will appreciate that.
(she puts her head down and goes to sleep. Mary Beth runs her finger through Chris's hair and then turns the main light off. The next morning Chris is still flat out, face down on the settee. Mary Beth is sitting on the other settee. Chris stirs and pushes herself up gingerly.)
(she notices Mary Beth and then looks round)
MARY BETH: David left his tie.
MARY BETH: David Keeler? ...He left without his tie. ...He was here last night. (Chris looks as if she is going to be sick) Do you wanna an aspirin?
CHRISTINE: I don't need a mother.
MARY BETH: So you say.
(Chris gets up goes towards the bathroom)
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth offers the aspirin) I run my own show. Thank you.
MARY BETH: You're doing a hell of a job of it.
CHRISTINE: I may have some problems right now.
(Chris goes into the bathroom)
MARY BETH: Yeah, I've had problems. First I had flushing my job down the toilet. Then I was drinking myself to death.
CHRISTINE: I don't mind being in pain, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: All right, go ahead, be in pain. When you're in pain, you're drunk. Every time you're in pain you're drunk. As a matter of fact when you're happy you drink. Or bored or scared. Whatever it is you have Scotch.
CHRISTINE: (she is cleaning her teeth) Do you think you're God?!! Give me a break.
MARY BETH: Why don't you give yourself a break? You were so busy being what you think is perfect. that you're not needing anybody and showing your Daddy what a great cop you are.
CHRISTINE: Don't you dare attack Charlie!! I won't have it! He's not here to defend himself. Charlie's gone.
MARY BETH: You are not the first person who ever lost a parent. This is not about Charlie's death, Christine. That's an excuse.
CHRISTINE: You're a fine one to talk. You've got a father and he don't see ya! I'm an orphan!
MARY BETH: You're forty-one years old! When are you gonna be a grown-up?! You don't have a lot of years left, at the rate you're going!
CHRISTINE: I don't care.
MARY BETH: I care. Remember me? Your partner! The one whose promotion party you missed.
MARY BETH: Yesterday.
CHRISTINE: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so happy for you, Mary Beth. ...I'll make it up to you. I'll throw you a party. We'll have a great one right here. The best you ever had. I'll get waiters with white gloves on. I'll get you a jazz band in.
MARY BETH: I don't want a stupid band!! I want my partner back! I had a partner. She looked something like you. She was smart and funny. A born cop. But she has not been around for quite some time. The woman I've been working with recently is just rude and selfish and irresponsible. And she's trashing her life!
CHRISTINE: And it's my life!
MARY BETH: Nothing is enough for you. ...Nothing! If you were made Commissioner and had a million dollars and Robert Redford in your pocket, it would not be enough for you? Nothing ever fills you up! Nothing ever makes you feel all right!
CHRISTINE: Charlie did!! He loved me no matter what!
MARY BETH: Charlie killed himself. He just didn't fall, Christine. He was a drunk. (pulling Chris round face to face) Your father was a drunk!! (shaking her by the shoulders) Christine!!! How about you?! You shut me out if you want to! But I'm gonna say this for the record. He had point two-five percent alcohol. I saw the report. You saw the report. Your father slipped and fell and bled to death!!! Because he so damn drunk (pushing Chris away from her) he couldn't even get up!! (Chris stumbles against a cabinet) Is this what you want? Say it was an accident? Call Charlie Cagney a saint. Say whatever the hell makes you happy. But we will know it's a lie! (Chris is bowed over with remorse) Oh, Chris.
(Mary Beth hugs Chris from behind)
CHRISTINE: I don't believe that.
MARY BETH: He couldn't move.
CHRISTINE: He hadn't been drinking.
MARY BETH: Chris, if he hadn't been drinking...
CHRISTINE: ...he'd be alive!!! I hate him for it!!! I hate him!! I just hate him for it!
(Mary Beth struggles with Chris)
MARY BETH: I love you and I don't wanna lose you.
CHRISTINE: (crying) I love you too. I don't know what to do. (she collapses into Mary Beth's arms) I don't know what to do.
(Mary Beth hugs Chris as she sobs)

[AA meeting room]

AA LEADER: Are there any newcomers who are here for the first time tonight? So that we can get to know you better, please tell us your name and why you're here.
(Chris looks at Mary Beth who does not look back at her. Chris raises her hand and stands up)
CHRISTINE: My name is Christine. ...I am an alcoholic.

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