Turn, Turn, Turn: Part 1
Original Airdate: March 30, 1987

[Bakery store]

MARY BETH: Petrie, Isbecki, Esposito eats three. I'd like at a cinnamon bun.
BAKERY STOREOWNER: Look, lady, I don't have all day. (there is a sound of skidding tyres and crashing vehicles) Geeze, will you look at that!
(Mary Beth follows the bakery storeowner to the door. A car has the driver's door smashed in and the bonnet up at a strange angle)
MARY BETH: We want the cops here. Call for help. Dial nine-one-one. Do it, mister! Do it!!

[Manhattan street corner]

(a van has come out of on street and crashed into the car going across. The van is on its right side. A man is trying to climb out of the driver's window)
MARY BETH: Are you all right, sir?
VAN DRIVER: My friend!
(another man is in the passenger seat with his arm out of the window trapped by the roof. Mary Beth calls two passers-by to help the van people)
MARY BETH: Good for you! Good for you!
(she goes over to the car. There is a woman standing against the alley wall. The engine is smoking. An unconscious, injured man is in the car. Mary Beth can't open the driver's door. There is a baby crying in a baby seat in the back. A fire breaks out in the engine. The car doors are locked. Mary Beth uses her gun butt to smash a window and release the doors. She cuts her hand withdrawing it. She starts to unstrap the baby)
BAKERY STOREOWNER: Hurry up, lady! It's gonna blow!!
(she releases the baby and runs to the opposite corner where the Squad car is. Flames engulf the car)

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: Good morning, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Good morning, Sergeant. (taking something out of the microwave) Chocolate poppy seed cakes. I got the last two. Your partner, what's she doing? Sleeping in this morning or is she having breakfast at the Trump Tower?
CHRISTINE: Oh, actually Detective Lacey should be here at any minute, Lieutenant, from the ME's office.
CHRISTINE: The Haspel homicide.
SAMUELS: You wouldn't stall me, would you, Cagney? (a uniformed officer knocks and comes in) Yeah, what is it?
BASIL: Sergeant Cagney, it's your dad again. He says it's urgent.
CHRISTINE: Would you excuse me, Lieutenant?
SAMUELS: No, that's all right. (handing her the phone) Here, take it here.
CHRISTINE: Oh, thank you. (into phone) Pop?! What's wrong? ...Charlie, would you speak to me? (turning away from Samuels) What do you mean, 'You don't remember?'. ...Pop!, Pop, listen for a minute. All right, I'll call you later. ...No, I can't!! ...I want you to come over here. ...OK. (she rings off) Charlie's pushing seventy, ...Lieutenant. His memory's not quite as sharp as it used to be.
SAMUELS: Still hitting the sauce pretty hard, huh? ...He's not getting any better.
CHRISTINE: Well, Charlie's not exactly...
SAMUELS: You know, my first partner, Tom O'Hoolahan, one of the toughest gold shields on the One-One-Six, whose wife died five years ago, brain tumour, and Tom took to the bottle pretty hard. Tom went to AA. It worked. (offering her a chocolate poppy seed cake) Here, take on of these, will ya? You're getting too damned thin.
CHRISTINE: (taking the cake) Oh, thank you, Lieutenant.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Mary Beth has arrived and is handing out the pastries. Her right hand is bandaged up)
MARY BETH: The doctor says there don't appear to be any internal injuries, but they have to keep him overnight, you know, for observation.
CHRISTINE: (coming up. Mary Beth hands her a pastry) What happened to your hand?
PETRIE: Your partner was injured in the line of duty, Sergeant.
CORASSA: Lacey saved the baby!
KAZAK: Seconds before the gas tank explodes.
CHRISTINE: Are you all right?!
MARY BETH: Couldn't be better.
ISBECKI: It took a lot of guts, Lacey.
CHRISTINE: What happened?
MARY BETH: Well the father. I think it was the father. It could have been an uncle or a friend of the family. I mean, the kid's only three weeks old, so... The crash made no sense. It was a collision and the father was dead on arrival. The baby is gonna be in a home until we find its mother. It was an out of date license plate. Iowa. And then the reporters followed us all down to the hospital and they took pictures to see if the mother can recognise the baby.
ISBECKI: They took your picture too?
CHRISTINE: You're drooling, Victor.
MARY BETH: I take terrible pictures. (to Chris who is looking at the two pasties) I thought you liked cinnamon sponge.
ESPOSITO: It's a heck of a way to start the day!
BASIL: (to the crowd around Mary Beth) Excuse me. (showing in a TV reporter) Detective Lacey.
ESPOSITO: Kerstie Kumoto!
KERSTIE KUMOTO: WURA TV, (shaking Mary Beth's hand) Night-Time News. It's a pleasure and an honour to meet you, Detective Lacey.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
KERSTIE KUMOTO: Guys, could you give us some room back here. (to Chris) Would you, ma'am?
CHRSTINE: Sergeant!
(space is made for the TV cameraman. To Mary Beth)
KERSTIE KUMOTO: Now just be natural. I want to hear the real story behind the real woman. (Mary Beth smiles and giggles as the reporter takes the microphone) I'm on the scene in the Fourteenth Precinct with the hero of the hour, Detective Mary Beth Lacey. A tough, no-nonsense lady who put a young baby's life before her own.

[Laceys' lounge]

KERSTIE KUMOTO: (on TV) What drove you to the brink of death?
MARY BETH: (on TV) I would have to say, er, it's all in er, a day's work.
(Mary Beth laughs out aloud on the TV report. Harvey and the boys are watching with Mary Beth)
KERSTIE KUMOTO: (on TV) A wife, mother of three and a dedicated NYPD professional who says that saving another human being is all in a day's work. I'm Kerstie Kumoto, WURA TV, Night-Time News.
(Mary Beth laughs out aloud again)
MARY BETH: Oh, that's horrible. Oh, turn that off!
HARVEY: All right, time for homework, guys.
HARVEY JR.: You looked cool, Mum.
MICHAEL: Yeah, I think the kids at school will want your autograph.
MARY BETH: (to Harvey Jr.) Thank you, honey. (kissing Michael) Me and Prince, huh? (the boys go upstairs) Too bad I wasn't wearing my blue blouse in the periwinkle blue with the high collar and the ruffles. It brings my cheekbones better.
HARVEY: You took a hell of a chance, Mary Beth. What if that gas tank had exploded five seconds earlier? Baby John Doe wouldn't be the only orphan around here.
MARY BETH: Harvey!
HARVEY: First the damn guy on the roof and now this. You don't have to play hero to prove that you've still got your nerves.
MARY BETH: Honey, I wasn't trying to prove anything. If you had been on that street you would have done the same thing, and that's the truth, and you know it.
HARVEY: I'm telling you, baby, you just scare the hell out of me sometimes.
MARY BETH: (as he goes to kiss her) Funny thing, Harvey, I wasn't scared at all.
(she kisses him)

[Chris's loft]

(Chris gets some ice and puts it in two glasses)
CHRISTINE: Look, I wasn't gonna bring this up again. We've gotta talk, Pop, and I want you to be clear headed.
CHARLIE: Oh come on Chrissie, one or two drinks is not overdoing it!
CHRISTINE: It's easier than stopping at two.
CHARLIE: Oh, please don't start nagging me, will ya? I told you I wanted to do this gradual.
(she pours clear liquid from a bottle into the glasses)
CHRISTINE: Well it's not good enough.
CHARLIE: Oh, so that's it now, is it, huh? Your old man is not good enough for ya.
CHRISTINE: Stop it! I did not say that!
CHARLIE: Well, then, what the hell are you saying?!!
CHRISTINE: (putting a glass in front of him) You've changed. The way you act. The way you talk to me. When we have a conversation, you don't even remember five minutes later.
CHARLIE: So I get a little fuggy. They say the memory is the second thing to go. Ha, ha, ha. (she sits opposite him) Never mind, Chrissie, you're gonna get old someday too, you know.
CHRISTINE: Charlie, I think maybe you might wanna go to AA.
CHARLIE: Me!! AA! Are you out of your mind? Have you ever found me passed out in the gutter? Have you? Alcoholics Anonymous! Honey, those people are drunks. Hey, look at me. Come here. Is that what you're thinking about your old man?
CHRISTINE: Of course not. I didn't...
CHARLIE: Look, you know, I'm Irish. I like to have a few nips of whisky. So are you gonna nail me to the cross for that?
CHRISTINE: Charlie, I'm not saying...
CHARLIE: Those people are different over there, Chrissie. They can't even hold a job. They can't get through the day without having a snort. Do you how many times I've quit, cold turkey?
CHRISTINE: Lots of times.
CHARLIE: You bet you're life, lots of times. Hey, I've gone days, weeks, without having anything.
CHRISTINE: It's just that I worry about you, Charlie. (beginning to cry) I want you to take care of yourself.
CHARLIE: (getting up and putting his arm around her) Oh, honey. Hey, baby. Sweetheart. Who is ever gonna take any better care of me than you are? (they embrace and he gives her a peck) I've got a great idea. Let you and me go to the movies. "Casablanca" is playing down at the Revival House. Do you remember the first time we saw that together? It was your er, tenth birthday.
CHRISTINE: My ninth.
(Chris gets up and goes to the breakfast counter. Charlie joins her)
CHARLIE: Ninth. That's right. Your mother and Brian had the flu. And it was just me and you.
CHRISTINE: Maybe tomorrow night, Pop.
CHARLIE: Yeah, sure, why not? It's playing all week.
CHRISTINE: I'm kind of tired. I think maybe I'll turn in early.
CHARLIE: Never let it be said that Charlie Cagney wore out his welcome. Tomorrow night, the next night. Whenever. We got a date. You gonna be home?
CHRISTINE: Sure. I'll call you later.
CHARLIE: Fine. (he beckons her and gives her another peck) See you later. (at the door he turns back) Here's looking at you, kid.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Petrie is reading the "New York News")
CORASSA: (reads out the front page headline) 'Lady cop spills own blood to save baby from burning inferno'.
ESPOSITO: She made the front page!
PETRIE: (as Mary Beth comes in) You're looking good, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Oh, do you think so?
PETRIE: Better than Detective Dupnik.
CORASSA: Oh, I wouldn't take it that far.
MARY BETH: Good morning, Chris.
CHRISTINE: Good morning, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: (about the newspaper she has brought in) Harvey bought about a dozen of these. You know, for souvenirs. Wouldn't you know that yesterday was the day that I forgot I wanted to try my new eye shadow. I've got this gorgeous new shad that Harvey just loves. Burgundy Baise. Baise is French for 'kiss'.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I remember. It's a great picture. Looking at a cop and what she's doing. What more do you want?
MARY BETH: A nice big close-up of the baby so that maybe somebody could recognise him.
CHRISTINE: We had notice the phone hasn't been ringing. Maybe the real mother wanted to abandon her.
MARY BETH: Maybe not.
(both their phones ring)
MARY BETH: (into phone) Detective Lacey, Fourteenth.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Cagney.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Yes.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Hi, Charlie. ...I don't know yet.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Ah ha.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) I'll have to call you later. ...Mm hm. ...Yeah, I know. ...I can't go, Pop. ...Bye.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Thank you. (they both ring off) The car was registered to a Mrs. Jane Bagwith. White. Female. Thirty-four years of age. Last known registered, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Their ex-landlord says they packed their bags seven months ago and headed East.
CHRISTINE: You know why it came back without a call? Because nobody reads anymore. They all fry their brains with Kerstie Kumoto. in a "Night-Time" made for bimbos.
MARY BETH: Come on, Sergeant. This is why they pay us. A glorious day for a little legwork, huh?
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, I have DD5s from last January. I don't have time to breathe. This is your baby! No pun intended.
MARY BETH: Do you know the best thing about working with you? No matter how overworked you are. No matter what your personal feelings are regarding a particular case, I can always count on you. Why? Because you're a professional. The type of professional who can always come through for their colleagues, for their partner.

[Precinct House front desk]

(Mary Beth, coming in, is besieged by three women)
WOMAN #1: Detective Lacey!
MARY BETH: Yes, ma'am.
WOMAN #2: You saved my baby!
(the women continue to remonstrate. One hugs Mary Beth. Chris separates them and manages to get Mary Beth into the Squad room)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Mary Beth's desk is covered in flowers)
ESPOSITO: Isn't it something, Mary Beth, huh? Everybody loves a hero.
MARY BETH: (showing Esposito a card from one display) Isn't that nice?
ESPOSITO: They're gonna name a sandwich after you.
MARY BETH: (reading another card) 'Joan of Arc lives. Love and kisses, Detective Harry Dupnik'.
ESPOSITO: (looking at a gift) Bottled in New Jersey. Some people got no taste.
SAMUELS: (from his office) Hey, Lacey!
MARY BETH: Coming, sir. Pardon me, Manny.
ESPOSITO: Yeah. Sure. Sure. Are you hungry, Victor?

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Have a seat. Lovely day, huh?
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: Five million New Yorkers seeing your face splashed across their front page while they're drinking their morning coffee. How many cops get that kind of attention?
MARY BETH: It's a real honour, sir.
SAMUELS: And it makes the Department look good too. Mother of that baby turn up yet?
MARY BETH: We're doing our best to find her, sir.
SAMUELS: Good, good, good. Knelman wants us on top of that. Hey, you find her. It could mean another front page for you. Who knows.
MARY BETH: One is enough for me.
SAMUELS: Well, I expect you deserve more than that. I'm recommending you for Departmental recognition. (extending his hand) I'm very proud of you, Detective. (shaking her hand) Very proud of you.
MARY BETH: (getting emotional) I'm proud to serve under you, sir. (Samuels opens the door) Thank you, sir.

[Detectives' Squad room]

BASIL: (coming up as Mary Beth comes out) Detective Lacey. This a report of last month's hospital admissions. There is no male births displaying deafness.
MARY BETH: Oh, you know what they say, Basil, one man's stumbling block is this woman's stepping-stone.
CHRISTINE: (coming off the phone) Thank you. ...Yeah. (to Mary Beth) Inspector Dusnak from Cedar Rapids. Mrs. James Beckwith and her husband, Tom, have been on and off welfare for the last six years.
MARY BETH: Well that narrows the possibilities.
CHRISTINE: Oh, yeah. like a needle in a haystack.
MARY BETH: The woman wasn't with the father, Christine. Where are you gonna start?
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, it's your plot. Come on! Give it a rest.
MARY BETH: Lieutenant Samuels says that Inspector Knelman says that this is the top priority.
CHRISTINE: Perhaps he'd like his face on the front page of the paper also!
MARY BETH: Christine, the baby needs his mother.
CHRISTINE: All right. All right. Can I make a phone call? (she dials. Into phone) Hey, Cha...
CHARLIE: (on answer-phone) This is the private apartment of Irish Charlie Cagney.
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth) Listen, I've got one those things with Madonna's voice. (into phone) Oh, hi Pop. Anything can happen by Friday. It's a crazy world and anything can happen, so we're on for tonight. I'll see you later. Bye.
MARY BETH: (who has come up and listened) You're a good person, Christine.
CHRISTINE: So was Pat Nixon. Look what happened to her.

[Precinct House yard]

MARY BETH: Lieutenant Samuels says it could mean a commendation.
CHRISTINE: Atta girl, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Well, anybody appreciates a little recognition.
CHRISTINE: Is that the best Samuels can do for you? What about your promotion? Do you know how many guys have gone above you while you've waited?
MARY BETH: I know.

[Squad car]

CHRISTINE: In this precinct alone three guys have gotten the bump this year.
MARY BETH: I know, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Well, Mary Beth. you're the fair-haired cop of the month, so ...use it or lose it. Go for the gold, Mary Beth. Take my advice. Huh? Put the pressure on Samuels. You only live once. Bite the bullet. So listen to me.

[Corridor outside Charlie's apartment]

CHRISTINE: (rat-tat-tatting on the door) Hey, Pops, open up, it's me! (knocking again) Come on. After dinner I'm buying the popcorn.
(she opens the door with her own key)

[Charlie's apartment]

(Charlie is laying flat out on his back on the floor. Chris kneels down and tries to rouse him)
CHRISTINE: Pop!! ...Can you hear me!! ...Charlie!!! (she tries mouth-to-mouth CPR to no avail) Oh, Jesus. (she goes and gets the phone. Into phone) Operator. ...Operator. Yes, this is Sergeant Cagney, NYPD. This is an emergency. Ten-thirteen. A member of our Force is down. Please send an ambulance to four-eight-two, Garfield Place, apartment three-ten, Brooklyn. ...Yes. Hurry! Hurry!! (she rings off and tries mouth-to-mouth CPR again and then starts chest compressions) OK, Pops, breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Breathe! Come on, Pops. Come on, Charlie, breathe!! (more mouth-to-mouth and then back to chest compressions) Come on, Pop, breathe with me. One. ...Two. ...Three. ...Four. ...Five. ...Six. ...Seven. Breathe, Pop, breathe. Come on. Pop, breathe. Breathe!!! Breathe, damn it!! (she continues and then shouts out) Somebody help me!!! Breathe! Breathe!! Breathe!!!...

[Hospital waiting area]

(Mary Beth arrives)
MARY BETH: Christine.
(Chris goes to get up, Mary Beth, in going to embrace Chris, knocks a table lamp on her left. Mary Beth sits down beside her)
CHRISTINE: Apparently they say he was dead when they got there. Dead on arrival. You know, you sometimes hear those stories about patients who die on tables and, even with heart failure, they just come back to life. Miracles happen all the time. Right?
MARY BETH: All of the time.
CHRISTINE: They let me ride in the ambulance. What else have people got? I didn't know what was happening. Charlie was playing about all of the time. You get scared. You know, I don't get scared at all. I held his hand the whole way. Nothing. No one was there. Damn it. His hand was warm. It wasn't cold at all. When we got here, the doctors said there was nothing they could do. They said 'That's it. There's nothing we can do'. I said 'No, that's my father! ...Would you give up if it were your dad'. They said a lot of nothing. And then they started working on him in the end. Damn it. How I hate hospitals. They couldn't revive him in the end.
MARY BETH: What happened, Christine? Do you know what happened?
CHRISTINE: Er, cerebral haemorrhage, they think. He may have fell over. I don't know. He was beside that damn coffee table. I told him about the table. I told him so many times to be careful of those corners. That they were dangerous. He said 'Chris don't treat your dad like he was two years old'. You know how Charlie is. So hotheaded.
(Mary Beth puts her arm around Chris)
MARY BETH: Stay with us tonight. OK?

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth comes in her nightclothes. Harvey is already in bed. Mary Beth gets into bed)
HARVEY: Hi ya. I've been thinking about getting Ma something special for her birthday this year. Maybe a trip to Bermuda. They've got those special excursion rates.
MARY BETH: I don't care about the money, Harvey.
HARVEY: Yeah. The lady's worked hard all her life. What's she got to show for it?
MARY BETH: A family who loves her very much.
HARVEY: Oh yeah. Sure. But anyhow, how much fun does she have? You know she won't spend a thing on herself. Not when she can buy a new dress for Alice.
MARY BETH: I think a trip to Bermuda's a wonderful idea.
HARVEY: Two weeks. ...Maybe three. I think we ought to wait a couple of months when the timing's better.
HARVEY: Yeah. We ought to have her over for dinner more often. Treat her a little special. Take her out to the movies.
MARY BETH: We will ...spend more time at Muriel's.
(Harvey gives her a peck. Mary Beth puts the light out and snuggles down)
HARVEY: Have you thought about your Dad losing kids?
MARY BETH: (she turns the light back on) No, I have not. Charlie Cagney loved his daughter, Harvey. He stood by her.
HARVEY: Is he still writing to you?
MARY BETH: I'm not writing him back.
(she turns the light back off and puts a pillow over Harvey's head)
HARVEY: (muffled) Good night, sweetheart.
(Mary Beth hears a door go. She gets up and goes and opens the bedroom door)


(Chris is dressed and about to go downstairs)
CHRISTINE: I was going to let you know.
MARY BETH: Are you OK?
CHRISTINE: You can't do anything. I'm sorry.
(she leaves)


(Chris knocks back a drink)
BARTENDER: Are you going? (she hands him the glass which he refills) If there's anything else, ...let me know.


(Mary Beth is dressed in black. Chris is in jeans)
MISS. DURST: (holding up a plan and addressing Mary Beth) Mr. Cagney chose the Garden of Hope for his final resting place. So that means, if you take this path here, you turn right at the gate and that's the Garden of Tranquillity...
CHRISTINE: (grabbing the plan) I'll find it. Thank you.
MISS. DURST: Your father was a wonderful man to do business with. So er, prompt with all his payments.
MARY BETH: And you say it's all-included, everything I mean?
MISS. DURST: Oh yes! Yes indeed. Mr. Cagney wanted the whole package. Of course, only the basic coffin is included. If you want any options, resin sealed, satin plush lining, we have the models in our showroom. They go from the modest to the...
CHRISTINE: I don't care about the price, I want the best.
MISS. DURST: Certainly, Miss. Cagney. Oh, we will need a suit of clothes for you father and er, what hours would you like the viewing?
CHRISTINE: The what?!
MISS. DURST: The viewing of the body in our mortuary.
MISS. DURST: Oh. Well, er, are you certain that there aren't any other members of your family who might want to?
CHRISTINE: (waving dismissively) Oh ...no.
(Chris walks away. Mary Beth follows)
CHRISTINE: You'd hate it, Mary Beth. I remember when Schona Walshfield... You're looking in an open casket. 'Don't she look pretty?'. No dignity. Do you think he'll want them looking at his face?!!!.
MARY BETH: (laughing) That's Charlie. That's Charlie, all right.
CHRISTINE: Maybe Brian'll wanna look at him, but nobody else! If they can't remember Charlie the way he was, to hell with them!!
MARY BETH: Christine, this is the Garden of Hope. A lovely view, huh?
CHRISTINE: There I was. The bartender plying me with more and more. Funeral department's bought and paid for.
MARY BETH: Maybe he didn't want that on your shoulders, Chris. ...Chris, he loved you so much. He took care of things like a father does.

[Charlie's lounge]

(Chris returns. The place has been turned over)

[Charlie's bedroom]

(she goes to the bedroom and opens a cupboard. She takes his NYPD uniform out and cuddles it to her. She reaches up and takes down his peaked uniform cap)
BRIAN CAGNEY [OC]: Christine? Is it you in here?
CHRISTINE: (tearfully) Yeah.
(she goes over to him as he comes in and he embraces her)

[Outside Charlie's apartment]

(Chris and Brian are sitting in the yard)
CHRISTINE: How's Brigit?
BRIAN CAGNEY: Loves the life. Got your wanderlust.
BRIAN CAGNEY: Anne and the girls wanted to come, but she flew over last Friday. I told her to stay. We should get away together more. But time goes by.
CHRISTINE: Charlie always loved this neighbourhood.
BRIAN CAGNEY: Well I couldn't get him to California. Not even to see his own grandchildren.
CHRISTINE: That doesn't mean he didn't wanna be with you. Charlie was so set in his ways, you know.
BRIAN CAGNEY: Remember how it used to be when we were all together?
CHRISTINE: I only remember the fights.
BRIAN CAGNEY: We're on to that again.
CHRISTINE: The only reason she treated me the way she did was because I wanted to do my own thing.
CHRISTINE: She nagged me all the time. Poisoned me. Tried to tie me to her apron strings.
BRIAN CAGNEY: I hated the way he talked to her.
CHRISTINE: She always started it. Charlie wasn't the one who was complaining, you know.
BRIAN CAGNEY: Nobody told Charlie Cagney what to do. She was only a woman.
CHRISTINE: Why did they get married?
BRIAN CAGNEY: We always wished we were the Andersons.
BRIAN CAGNEY: "Father Knows Best".
CHRISTINE: I hated that show!
BRIAN CAGNEY: You never missed it.

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Everybody in the Department had a lot of respect for your father. A real cop's cop. (Chris smiles) I er, put a call into the ME's Office about your father's death report. You'll probably wanna sees this.
CHRISTINE: (barely audible) Thank you, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: All the alcohol in his system. It's easy to understand how he couldn't help himself. Point two-five, that's a heavy dose. And the way they described the cut. I figure that he fell and he started haemorrhaging. The condition that he was in, he just ...couldn't call for help. ...It's a damn shame. ...A damn shame.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Lieutenant.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(when Chris comes out of the office the other detectives watch her. Mary Beth is interviewing a Rosa Perez)
MARY BETH: Chris, are you all right?
CHRISTINE: I'm fine.
MARY BETH: (to Rosa Perez) As I was saying, we already have a name and a physical description of the baby's mother.
CHRISTINE: (standing and looking round the office) I'm fine. Really I am!
ROSA PEREZ: I would like to see how you know this mother.
MARY BETH: We're not allowed to give out that information.
ROSA PEREZ: Your information is wrong! I tell you that baby is mine!! (she goes to her handbag for a photo) This is Francisco Perez.
MARY BETH: That's very good of a baby, but you see your baby has dark hair. This baby's hair is light.
ROSA PEREZ: They dyed his hair to hide him.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Perez, your baby's eyes are brown. This baby's eyes are blue.
ROSA PEREZ: I tell you it's my son!!! I know my son!! My own flesh and blood!
CHRISTINE: (as Mrs. Perez continues emotionally, Chris stands up) All right, take her out of here! Or I'm calling the Desk Sergeant to have her taken out!!!
(Mary Beth, Samuels and everybody looks on aghast)
MARY BETH: It's gonna be all right, ma'am. Would you like to come with me?
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth leaves with the sobbing Rosa Perez) The woman's out of control!


(they are all standing around the coffin. "Danny Boy" on Irish on an Irish bagpipe is being played in the background)
PRIEST: (sprinkling holy water on it) May the angels lead you to Paradise. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
ALL: Amen.
(Chris is dressed in a long black dress with a large white collar reminiscent of a nun's habit. The priest shakes Chris and Brian's hands. Chris then lays a single white rose on the coffin and then turns to the gathered assembly)
CHRISTINE: Charlie always said that he never had a bad time at a good Irish wake. So my brother ...and I would like to invite you all of you to a party at Flannery's. You'll all be my guests!
(the Squad files past and all shake hands with Brian and Chris. Then Tony Stantinopolis gives her peck as well. Donna La Marr approaches Chris and holds out a hand to her. The priest takes Chris's arm and leads her away. Brian takes the proffered hand)
MARY BETH: (moving over to Brian with Harvey) It was a lovely service, Brian.
BRIAN CAGNEY: I think Dad would have liked it.
CHRISTINE: (as the priest leaves her) Thank you.
DAVID KEELER: (approaching from behind) Chris.
CHRISTINE: (turning) How are you?
DAVID KEELER: I'm sorry. I know how close you and your father were.
CHRISTINE: Thank you. I appreciate that you realise...
DAVID KEELER: Chris, when I said I was sorry, I wasn't just talking about your Dad. What do I have to say? That you were right and I was wrong. Chris, I've loved being with you today. Let me take you to Flannery's.
CHRISTINE: No. Thank you, really. I'd like to stay with my Dad.
DAVID KEELER: OK, then I'll wait for you.
DAVID KEELER: I'll see you at Flannery's.
CHRISTINE: Whatever you like. You're more than welcome.
(Chris turns to the coffin. Brian goes to say something else and then leaves)


CHRISTINE: (comes up to the priest who is talking to Tony Stantinopolis at the bar. She is already a bit under the weather) Father.
(she puts her arms around both of them)
PRIEST: Christine, my girl.
CHRISTINE: (to Tony) Hi.
PRIEST: I was just telling Tony here, about the work St. Basil's is doing with young singles. Why don't the two of you stop by next Sunday? (Chris looks at Tony and laughs) It's been too long since we've seen you at Mass.
CHRISTINE: Well, you know what they say, Father. Like dad, like daughter. Now how's everybody doing? Charlie wouldn't want anybody to go thirsty. Let me fill that up.
PRIEST: You're a hard woman to say 'No' to.
TONY STANTINOPOLOIS: That's what I keep telling her.
(Chris gives Tony a kiss)
CHRISTINE: (taking the priest's glass) I'll be back. (she goes to the end of the bar where David is standing) Hi, guys! I'm getting serious. (to the barman) Refill these. I'll have another double. (she sees David. They stare long and hard at each other and then she looks away. To the bartender as the refills arrive) Thank you. (arriving back with the refills) There you go, Father. Be fine. (putting her arm round Tony) But I'm fine.
(Chris goes up towards Mary Beth and Harvey who are talking to Donna La Marr)
DONNA LA MARR: Do you remember Noreen Dixon in the movies?
(Chris barges straight between them pushing Donna against the bar)
HARVEY: Remember? It's the story of my life.
CHRISTINE: (turns back. Putting her arm around Harvey) The Squad are right over there. Come on.
MARY BETH: We're doing fine. Do you need any help?
CHRISTINE: (to everybody) Come on, you guys. Eat drink and be merry. (to Mary Beth and Harvey) Come on. (to Donna) You may kick off too.
DONNA LA MARR: Haven't you had enough?
(Chris ignores her)
CHRISTINE: (putting both her arms around Harvey) You tell me how I feel. How does this sexy body feel?
HARVEY: Never felt better to me. You're my kind of women that share everything.
(Mary Beth hugs Harvey and they circle round gently, laughing)
CHRISTINE: Oh oh. Oh oh.
HARVEY: Oh oh?
CHRISTINE: I've gotta make the Lieutenant happy. A Sergeant's job is never done. Right, Mary Beth. You're good enough for him anyway.
(Mary Beth chuckles. Chris goes)
MARY BETH: Donna, she's kidding.
CHRISTINE: (coming up to Samuels and Isbecki) How are my favourite men?
ISBECKI: Cagney!
ESPOSITO: (coming up to Chris) It's a heck of a send off. Your old man will be real proud.
CHRISTINE: Hey, if you've gotta go, Esposito, you might as well go in style.
(they all clink glasses)
SAMUELS: Well, there was a time your old man was giving it me because I haven't got enough Irishmen in the Squad. He said that I was a bigot.
(they laugh)
CHRISTINE: He did try. You know my father. He never did pull any punches, did he?
COLEMAN: (shouts across. Chris joins him and Petrie) Do remember when Charlie was on our backs every day about those Chinatown heists.
PETRIE: (as Isbecki follows Chris) He figured he knew his old beat best.
ISBECKI: He wanted to give us the lead.
CHRISTINE: Well, you take the man out of the uniform, but then you've got a man with no clothes on. (they all laugh) That's Charlie, you know?!
CORASSA: (coming up) The good Lord broke the mould after he made Charlie Cagney.
CHRISTINE: The hell they did!
(Chris slaps Corassa's bottom just he puts his glass to his lips)
(he spills drink down Samuels' lapel. Chris whips a handkerchief out of Petrie's top pocket and wipes Samuels down)
BRIAN CAGNEY: (coming up) I'm going, Christine. I have to get to the airport.
CHRISTINE: No!! The party's just starting! (she puts her arms round Brian's waist) Everybody, do you remember my brother, Brian? Isn't he handsome? I used to think he looked like James Dean.
BRIAN CAGNEY: Chris. Can't wait.
CHRISTINE: All right. (putting Petrie's handkerchief in Samuels' top pocket) Excuse me, Lieutenant. I'll be back!
(Samuels gives Petrie his handkerchief back)
ISBECKI: You can't tell me she's not cracking up a little.
(Chris and Brian go the entrance to the bar)
BRIAN CAGNEY: I hate to leave you with all of Dad's affairs to clear up.
CHRISTINE: There's nothing to it. All right? You go home to your wife and kids.
BRIAN CAGNEY: Come with me.
CHRISTINE: To California?! ...Now!!
BRIAN CAGNEY: Tomorrow. The day after. ...Soon.
CHRISTINE: OK. I can't go now. I'm not dressed or anything.
BRIAN CAGNEY: Great dress.
(he cuddles Chris to him and then eventually has to free himself to leave. She hesitates for a minute before coming back in. Mary Beth joins Chris at the bar)
CHRISTINE: (tearfully) Trip on advertising money. You can't trust anybody.
MARY BETH: Christine, he's your brother.
CHRISTINE: I'm only gonna be here couple of days. I'm going to California.
MARY BETH: Oh, that's a super idea! You must have seven, eight weeks left over.
CHRISTINE: And I think that er, I'll maybe use it in the Summer.
MARY BETH: Yes, you should get to know both your nieces better.
CHRISTINE: But I'll miss Coney Island.
MARY BETH: The UN Building and er, Carnegie Hall?
CHRISTINE: He loved Coney Island. Every time we'd go there he was planning the most cockermamie ice cream. Of the pink kind.
(Chris is getting tearful. Mary Beth moves behind her)
MARY BETH: You have your family here, Christine. Charlie was not the only one who loved you.
(Donna comes up)
CHRISTINE: Hey, Donna! Having a good time? I'm having a hell of a good time! Too bad Charlie couldn't make it, huh?
DONNA LA MARR: Chris, stop. I know how bad you're missing your dad right now, but later on, ...don't be a stranger. OK?
CHRISTINE: You left him when he needed you. And now he's dead.
(Chris goes to move away)
DONNA LA MARR: No, Chris !
(Chris goes down the bar and summons the bartender)
CHRISTINE: Listen up, everybody! Fill your glasses. We're gonna make a toast to my Pop. (she moves up a stool and goes to get up on it. David helps her up. She picks up her glass unsteadily) To Charlie Cagney! New York's Finest! ...When I was a little girl my Dad told me that when I grew up I could be anything that I wanted to be. And all I wanted to do was grow up and be a cop like my Pop. And that's what I did. ...He was the best. My Dad. ...He was kind and he was warm and he was tough. ...He was tough enough to scare the Devil back to Hell. ...Um, Charlie had a lot of problems, but ...he never quit. My Pop ...never ...quit. ...I know how much all of you loved Charlie. ...And I know how much he cared for you. (raising her glass) To my father. ...Please. ...I'll see you again someday, Pop.

To be continued...

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