Original Airdate: January 26, 1987

[Silvas Bar}

(Esposito gets a drink and goes to the phone and dials. He is watching a man in a hard hat hand some money to another man, who counts it and gives it to Rekubian. Rekubian shakes the hand of the man with the hard hat who then leaves the bar)

[Manhattan street}

(the man in the hard comes out into the street from the bar. There is a van marked "Consoni Brothers, Pest Control" across the road)

[Pest Control van}

(inside Mary Beth is videoing the man in the hard hat)
CHRISTINE: Nice and steady. Hold him in frame. ...Are you sure he's in focus, Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: You are not Alfred Hitchcock here, Christine, and I have done this before. (as a car flashes in front of the man) Sorry.
(the man runs across the street and gets into a car immediately behind the van. Corassa, in a hard hat, makes notes as he watches the car drive off)
CHRISTINE: We've been cooped up for a week. I just wanna make sure we make this case.
MARY BETH: That's why I'm manning the camera. Woman. Perfect. (realigning the camera and videoing) Here's another one.
CHRISTINE: Are you focussing on his face?

[Precinct House room}

(the duo, Samuels, Corassa and Esposito are watching the week's videos. A man comes with a briefcase from the direction of the bar and gets into a car)
CORASSA: OK. It's his third time in this week.
ESPOSITO: Must be into Rekubian for a shed load.
CORASSA: His vehicle's registered to his company. Vickers Better Tires.
(another man comes from the direction of the bar)
MARY BETH: That's Carmine Fischter. He's a bookie from Greenpoint.
(another man in a fedora gets into Cadillac Eldorado car)
SAMUELS: Who's Mr. Eldorado here?
MARY BETH: Don't know yet, sir. The DMV hasn't gotten back to us on the plates.
ESPOSITO: Rekubian sure gave him a big hello.
CORASSA: Wait a minute, I know that face.
ESPOSITO: What's wrong? "Time"? "Newsweek"? "Playgirl"?
CORASSA: I said face!
(Corassa shakes his head while looking at Samuels. Samuels spreads his hands indicating he doesn't recognise Mr. Eldorado)
SAMUELS: Very good work, people. Very good. We better get ready to make our move.
CHRISTINE: In the time we've been stuck on this case, Lieutenant, the backlog of cases has built up.
SAMUELS: I know that, Cagney.
CHRISTINE: We've got visual IDs. We've got video IDs. We've got enough to land this loan shark. If that's not enough...
SAMUELS: It's enough. OK, It's enough. All right. Give me the evidence and I'll see what I can do to get you the green light.
ESPOSITO: I wanna nail this sucker, good and clean.
SAMUELS: (as the others leave) Cagney! Seeing as you're so hot to get on other assignments, it just so happens I got one for you.

[Samuels' office}

CHRISTINE: Performance evaluations!!
SAMUELS: (pointing to the file she is holding) Standards of Assessment are on page three. When you're through, I wanna see a list of detectives ranked numerically. Number one being best.
CHRISTINE: (trying to hand the file back) Lieutenant, if I want to, can I decline?
SAMUELS: No, you're a superior officer, Cagney. The impartial appraisal of subordinates comes with the territory. You should welcome this as a test of leadership! Of objectivity!
CHRISTINE: Of how to pass the buck!

[Detectives' Squad room}

(Chris is in with Samuels)
CORASSA: I wish I were still in uniform.
PETRIE: I wish I were. Coleman's got some experience.
ISBECKI: This time, D, E, A, D.
PETRIE: Don't you think you're over-reacting?
ISBECKI: Listen, she doesn't like me. She never has liked me. Now's her chance to show just how much.
MARY BETH: Sergeant Cagney is not vindictive. She tries to be fair.
PETRIE: Most of the time.
ISBECKI: I'll take your place. She's your partner. You have no worries.
(Corassa sees Chris come out of Samuels' office. He grabs a file and rushes across to her)
CORASSA: Here's my Activity Report, Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: A day early?
CORASSA: I try to be punctual.
CHRISTINE: Since when?
ISBECKI: (to Petrie as Chris comes up) Hey, we'd better hit the streets. We're not going to waste out time just hanging around here. Come on, Marcus!
ESPOSITO: (pursuing Chris and putting a dollar bill in her hand) Sergeant, I want you to meet Andrew Jackson, our sixth President.
CHRISTINE: (looking at twenty dollar bill) He was our seventh President. (trying to hand it back) I'm not allowed to take bribes.
ESPOSITO: Nah! Get out of town! This is twenty bucks I owe you from the last time we played poker.
CHRISTINE: Oh, yeah!! It was so long ago, I almost forgot!
ESPOSITO: (smiling broadly as Chris pockets the bill) I never forget a debt!
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth as Esposito turns away) There goes a man with ethics.
(as Chris sits down at her desk she finds a single red rose with a white bow. She looks over at Isbecki's desk)
MARY BETH: Brace yourself, Christine, I've got a feeling this is only the beginning.

[Samuels' office}

(he is surreptitiously discarding tea bags from a large jug of brown liquid which he then pours into a Bourbon bottle)

[Laceys' lounge}

MARY BETH: (laying back and holding a sleepy Alice) You are gonna be so gorgeous. You're gonna wake up gorgeous. You're a very pretty girl. Yeah, the prettiest girl in Queens. But no Rhett Butlers until your sixteen. Do you understand me, Alice?
MICHAEL: (coming in) Hi.
MARY BETH: Hey. What are you doing home so soon?
MICHAEL: Daddy home yet?
MARY BETH: No, he's still at the bowling alley. What happened? Did you guys have a fight?
MARY BETH: Show me your forehead.
MARY BETH: All right, suit yourself. I'll call the Bensons and ask them how come you didn't stay overnight.
MICHAEL: Mum! No!!
MARY BETH: Michael, what is going on? ...Huh?
MICHAEL: If I tell you, you'll have to promise me you'll be a mum and not a cop.
MARY BETH: Michael, what happened?!
MICHAEL: Promise me!
MARY BETH: OK, I promise you.
MICHAEL: Josh was smoking pot and he wanted me to smoke it with him.
(Mary Beth cuddles Michael's head)

[Laceys' bedroom)}

HARVEY: (throwing something on the floor) You cannot expect a twelve year-old to handle these kinds of things, Mary Beth. Especially when it is the parents pushing the drugs.
MARY BETH: Michael did say the Bensons were pushing drugs on him.
HARVEY: A kid smokes dope right under his parents' noses! He offers it to Michael. What else do you call it?
(Mary Beth is still sorting out dresser drawers)
MARY BETH: Honey, are you gonna help me here or not?
HARVEY: Don't change the subject!!
MARY BETH: Michael did the right thing. He said no. He came home. He talked with me.
HARVEY: What the hell were those people thinking?! I mean, it's bad enough. It's all over the place. But in their living room! They're feeding it to their own kid. To our kid.
(Harvey gets up and gets his coat)
MARY BETH: What are you doing?
HARVEY: I'm not gonna stand for this.
MARY BETH: Where are you going?!
HARVEY: To the Bensons!
MARY BETH: I promised Michael I would say nothing.
HARVEY: I didn't!
MARY BETH: I already told him the steer clear of Josh.
HARVEY: That's not good enough!
MARY BETH: Fine! Fine! (opening the bedroom door for him) You go ahead and bash a few heads in. And next time, when it happens again, you'll feel much better. That'll teach Michael. (Harvey stops. She quotes him) 'That's not the way to teach kids, Mary Beth. You've gotta let them learn for themselves'.
HARVEY: (coming back) A neighbourhood house should be a safe place, Mary Beth. Boy, I hate what those people are doing.
MARY BETH: I know, Harvey. I hate it too.
(she closes the bedroom door)

[Silvas Bar]

(Esposito is talking to Rekubian who has an associate. There is a henchman)
REKUBIAN: Wally the bartender tells me you've been placing bets with him. Says you're OK. Me, I'm a little less trusting. Gamblers have a tendency to forget their obligations. Do you know what I mean?
ESPOSITO: My ex-wife reminds me every month, which is why I'm coming to you.
REKUBIAN: (fingering Esposito's crucifix) Divorced? A nice Catholic boy like you.
ESPOSITO: You don't know my ex-wife.
REKUBIAN: What'll you take?
ESPOSITO: What I'd like is seven, Mr. Rekubian, but what I need is five hundred.
REKUBIAN: (to the henchman) Danny, the guy at the end of the bar. (it's Corassa) I think I remember that face in Nassau.
(Danny goes across. The duo is at a table watching. Danny sits beside Corassa)
CORASSA: (to the bartender, finishing his drink and leaving) Later Wally.
(Danny spreads his hands in Rekubian's direction)
REKUBIAN: OK, kid, I'll go to five. Now the thing is, it's a hundred and fifty over principal. Paid weekly. Being on time counts.
ESPOSITO: Oh, I've got it, Mr. Rekubian.
REKUBIAN: (counting out the money and then making a note in his account book) Now, Manuel C. Vanesjellas. Right?
ESPOSITO: That's right.
(the duo gets up)
REKUBIAN: Now you're in the book.
ESPOSITO: (taking out his shield as the duo comes up) Bank's closed! You have the right have the right to remain silent.
MARY BETH: (to Rekubian's associate) Move.
ESPOSITO: Anything you say will be used in a court of law.
(Corassa comes back in to apprehend Danny who is trying to sneak out)
REKUBIAN: (shouting over) Hey. Wally, I owe you one. (to the detectives) I'll be walking by the time you've finished your paperwork.

[Precinct House front desk]

COLEMAN: No mail, for you, Josie.
JOSIE: That one is.
COLEMAN: Octopus, your middle name, right?
JOSIE: Right!
CHRISTINE: (coming up and taking a document from her rack slot) Hi, Coleman. (looking at the document) I don't believe it!
COLEMAN: Hey, listen, Cagney. The same thing happens when I evaluate the Uniforms. It is the worst week of the year. It's a miserable job, you know, all the fawning, the creeping. You know what? It doesn't matter how you rate 'em, they still end up hating you.
CHRISTINE: Thanks for making my day, Coleman.
COLEMAN: Hey, Cagney, that's what fellow sergeants are for.

[Detectives' Squad room]

ISBECKI: (pursuing Chris in) Oh, Serge, just a minute, I've got something to read to you.
MARY BETH: No luck on the number code, Sergeant.
CORASSA: (to Chris) I thought we were onto something with the actual licence signs.
(Esposito, Mary Beth and Chris continue to try and decode Rekubian's account book)
CORASSA: (coming up to them) Right. Manuel C. Vanesjellas becomes Q, G, Z.
MARY BETH: (pointing to an entry in Rekubian's account book which Chris is referring to) Right there.
CHRISTINE: Q, G, Z. Five hundred dollars!
CORASSA: (doing a high-five with Esposito) There you go, partner!
ESPOSITO: Are we a team or are we a team, huh?
CHRISTINE: Oh, it's nice to see the two of you working together.
ESPOSITO: Oh, come on, Sergeant, you know how it is, you do the work, you deserve the perks.
CORASSA: A little recognition wouldn't hurt either.
CHRISTINE: Maybe I'll call the New York Post.
CORASSA: I was thinking somewhere closer to home.
(a female uniformed officer comes up with a document)
UNIFORMED OFFICER #1: Here's the info you requested from the DMV.
CORASSA: You're looking happy there.
UNIFORMED OFFICER #1: I'm not the only one, Al.
ISBECKI: (gets up and moves towards Chris reading) 'Dear Detective Isbecki, We at Our Lady of the Angels would thank your selfless efforts in organising our basketball team. Your Job-like patience and generous...
PETRIE: Victor, it's Joab-like.
ISBECKI: What? Oh yeah. '...your Joab-like patience and generous spirit will serve as inspiration in years to come. Yours most sincerely, Sister Beatrice Chipeta'.
PETRIE: Very impressive, Victor.
ISBECKI: Oh, you know, Marcus, I believe a cop should take a sincere interest in the needs of the community.
CHRISTINE: It was an all-girls basketball team, Isbecki?
ISBECKI: What's the difference? It's the sensitivity that counts.
CORASSA: Our friend, Mr. Eldorado, has turned up. The car's registered to a Julie Kleber of Brooklyn Heights.
(the name seems to ring a bell with Chris)
MARY BETH: She hasn't got anything on this month's account though.
CHRISTINE: What about last month.
PETRIE: There's a Julie Kleber who's a law student over at Brooklyn Criminal Courts.
CHRISTINE: Do you know who she works for?
PETRIE: I think it was Judge er, O'Grady.
CORASSA: Oh, my God! Of course I knew I recognised that face. Judge Timothy M. O'Grady, Criminal Courts. He's been on the bench since the Stone Age. T, M, O equals X, Q, S.
MARY BETH: X, Q, S. There it is in the book. Do you realise what we've got?
CHRISTINE: (smiling broadly) Here comes the judge!

[Squad car]

MARY BETH: Seventeen years I've been going to court and I still expect all the judges to be on our side.
CHRISTINE: You know politicians. Power leads to temptation. (she is working on the performance evaluations) Would you believe this dirt job he dumped on me. A test of leadership, my butt!
MARY BETH: I would do the extra work for the extra money, Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: I figured the best way to get into this was to do the easiest one first.
MARY BETH: Oh yeah.
CHRISTINE: "Ability. Flexibility". Aced that one.
MARY BETH: Well, that sounded simple.
CHRISTINE: "Police Ethics". Well above standard. What stitches me about this is all the brown-nosing going on! I feel I'm gonna lose something from my box. Today there was a Press report put in there by Corassa, about how he kept a man jumping from the Empire State Building.
MARY BETH: No fooling. How did I miss that one?
(Mary Beth laughs)
CHRISTINE: It happened thirteen years ago! (carrying on working) OK. This is a piece of cake. Finished! It's easier than grading a grade A student.
MARY BETH: Sounds as though you're getting good at it, Sergeant. I'm sure you're being fair. And granted it may be hard. Keeping impartial on the type of work I do. But I am not worrying about this. I trust your integrity. And I know you're gonna do right by everybody.
CHRISTINE: I'll be all right. I know Petrie will agree with me. OK. Next!

[Judge O'Grady's office]

JUDGE O'GRADY: Cagney? Cagney. You wouldn't happened to be related to a Charlie Cagney? Ex-cop. Worked a beat in Chinatown.
CHRISTINE: He's my father.
JUDGE O'GRADY: (jumping up from behind his desk) Well, I'll be damned! So you're Charlie's kid. God, this world gets smaller by the minute. (he sits down on an easy chair opposite the settee the duo is sitting on) Your father and I, (he offers them candy from a bowl which they decline) we go way back together. Ha! I even sent you a communion gift. Twenty-five dollar bond as I recall. Or was it fifty?!
MARY BETH: Your Honour, how well do you know a Raymond Rekubian?
JUDGE O'GRADY: As well as I know anyone I drink with. Even a judge has to bend an elbow now and then.
MARY BETH: With a convicted loan shark, sir?
JUDGE O'GRADY: Look, it wasn't as if he was wearing a sign.
MARY BETH: Your initials do appear in Mr. Rekubian's account book.
CHRISTINE: Along with a five thousand dollar loan. A no-credit payment entry.
JUDGE O'GRADY: Ladies, the phonebook's full of people with my initials. All I know is, the man buys my brand and picks up the tab.
CHRISTINE: And always buying none.
JUDGE O'GRADY: (laughing) Oh, you police, you're all comedians. Look I've been downing doubles in that joint since you were a twinkle in your Dad's eye. My liver may be sullied ...but my conscience is clean. (his phone buzzes) Excuse me. (into phone) O'Grady here. ...Hey, Mardie! What do ya know?! What do ya say? ...What do ya mean? ...I told you I wanted those buttons to glow in the dark. ...Listen, pal, election time's right around the corner. ...No glow, no dough. Get the picture?
(he rings off and laughs)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the duo returns)
CHRISTINE: I never heard so much bull in all my life. It amounts to bribery. I don't know this man from Adam and he's coming across as some family member.
MARY BETH: He's a charmer. I'll give him that.
CHRISTINE: Charming? The man's more slippery than a eel.
MARY BETH: It'll take more than initials in a book to get him off the bench.
(a male uniformed officer comes in with documents for Chris and Mary Beth)
UNIFORMED OFFICER #2: Run down on yellow sheets. Hot of the press.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
CHRISTINE: Thanks. (calling him back) Basil, I asked for a yellow sheet on Rekubian.
UNIFORMED OFFICER #2: Well, this can be easily rectified.
(he swaps the two documents over)
CHRISTINE: What case is that?
MARY BETH: Neighbours.
CHRISTINE: Trouble with fairy lights?
MARY BETH: Morbid curiosity, that's all. Wouldn't you know it. Rhonda Benson, possession on marijuana, two dates, sixty-nine. Paul Benson, same charge, seven, four, sixty-nine.
CHRISTINE: So, what's the big deal? Your neighbours getting coked up in the commissary? Well, they get pot, we don't.
MARY BETH: What have we got on Rekubian?
CHRISTINE: Well, he's had his share of days in court. Only once did he face a rap on a racketeering case. Thrown out for lack of evidence. Do you fancy a wild guess who the judge was?
MARY BETH: The not so honourable Timothy M. O'Grady.
CHRISTINE: (passing the document to Mary Beth) The old drinking buddy himself.
ESPOSITO: (who has been ear wigging) Sergeant, can I talk to you a second?
CHRISTINE: No, not right now.
ESPOSITO: Just to tell ya how disgusted I am. How sick it makes me to my stomach with this endless sucking up. You know what I mean? It's like, I'll tell ya... It's like they have no respect for your sense of judgement.
CHRISTINE: I see. But you do?
ESPOSITO: Oh sure. Oh sure. Come on. Let's face it. It'd be a real shock if I were to get hit over the head...
(Chris's phone goes)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Cagney, Fourteenth. (Esposito carries on) Yeah, Charlie. Hi. (and on) Yeah, I know. I want to talk to you. (and on. Chris puts her hand over the mouthpiece) Would you shut up already, Esposito?!!!
ESPOSITO: Excuse me, Sergeant. (Chris continues to talk to Charlie. To Mary Beth) You see that's what I respect about her. She don't play favourites.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) I'll see you there.

[Laceys' kitchen]

MARY BETH: You better get started on homework, young man. It's getting late.
MICHAEL: Miss. Sutton didn't give us any. Mum, you never smoked pot, did you?
MARY BETH: I'll tell you the truth, Michael. ...Yes, I did.
MICHAEL: You did!! How old were you?
MARY BETH: A lot older than you. I was seventeen.
MICHAEL: Did you like it?
MARY BETH: Marijuana?
MICHAEL: Josh and Rexy Gilga, they were giggling a lot. Did you?
MARY BETH: Nah. I gave it up after a few times. I didn't like to carry on until I knew what I was doing.
MICHAEL: Josh says his mother would rather have him smoke it in front of her instead of sneaking around and smoking it.
MARY BETH: Well, I don't happen to agree with Josh's mother. Dope is dangerous, especially for somebody young like you who's body is still growing.
MICHAEL: Josh says that what his mother said, that's why they grow their own. So there isn't anything weird in it.
MARY BETH: Is that so? Josh sure does have a lot to say, doesn't he?

[Billiards hall]

(Chris and Charlie are playing pool)
CHRISTINE: You're really keen on this man?
CHARLIE: Oh yeah. Timmy and me go all the way back to the old Democratic Club on Ocean Avenue. Three ball in the corner. He was a sweetheart. (he takes the shot) He was generous too.
CHRISTINE: Maybe to a fault.
CHARLIE: Hey, come on, Chrissie, even the best of us make mistakes. We all only human after all. Your shot.
CHRISTINE: He's a judge, Charlie. We expect him to be more than human. That's why I'm going after him. Four in the corner.
CHARLIE: Hey. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it.
CHARLIE: Look. Listen to me. I don't very often ask you for a favour, do I? I'm asking you for one now. Please will you lay off Tim O'Grady?
CHRISTINE: I smelt this one coming a mile away, Charlie, a mile away.
(she takes the shot)
CHARLIE: Chrissie, please, the guy is a real prince. A cop couldn't have a better friend.
CHRISTINE: Don't do this to me, Charlie.
CHARLIE: He's the one getting those slime balls in court and handing out stiff sentences.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, well this loan shark is a slime ball too. He's got a friend in court. Your friend.
CHARLIE: OK. Let's talk about my friend. The guy who when the neighbourhood puts out the stop signs, weeds out the bad boys.
CHRISTINE: (taking another shot) Nine.
CHARLIE: And the guy who can count on to holler loud when the boys are turning the park into a parking lot.
CHRISTINE: That's what he supposed to do, Charlie. That's his job.
CHARLIE: Chrissie, Tim... It's gonna bum things up for his re-election. Do you really wanna crucify a guy for having one harmless little break?
CHRISTINE: Do you know what you're asking me to do, Pop?
CHARLIE: Oh, come on will you? Don't play girl scout with me! Are you gonna stand there and tell me you never turned your head before?
CHRISTINE: It's your shot. ...Your shot!!
CHARLIE: Look, listen, let me tell ya. All right, maybe he made a little mistake. Huh? But the bottom line is when you see a friend in trouble you wanna lend him a hand. It's the way it works! ...Doing favours. That's what makes the world work. Come on!

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (as the duo comes in) Well, what are we doing today? I wanna get Rekubian. We will nail the guy. He's so damn sure of himself.
MARY BETH: Why shouldn't he be? He's got a judge in his pocket.
CHRISTINE: Are we on that again?
MARY BETH: Some of us never left it, Christine.
CHRISTINE: What is it to get through to you? It's not going to be easy to convict a judge without concrete evidence.
MARY BETH: Maybe we ought to let the DA decide what we've got.
COLEMAN: Cagney.
COLEMAN: (with a message) Peter called for you again.
CHRISTINE: (throwing the message in the bin) Mary Beth, this judge is a part of the Old Boy network.
MARY BETH: So what you're saying is you wanna end this thing?
CHRISTINE: No, damn it! That isn't what I'm saying. I'm saying we have to have some proof before we move. For all we know the man could have been having a harmless drink with Rekubian. He could be clean.
MARY BETH: Who is talking here? You or Charlie?
CHRISTINE: What in the hell...
PETRIE: (coming up and giving Chris a document ) You wanted the ME' report on the Bonsomi case?
CHRISTINE: (taking the document and throwing it down) Couldn't you have put it on my desk?!!!
PETRIE: First you ask for it and then you throw it away.
CHRISTINE: I thought you were looking for points.
PETRIE: But the Lieutenant asked me to give it to you. I don't need to impress you, Sergeant.
(Mary Beth gets up and goes over to the chalkboard. Chris pursues her)
CHRISTINE: Are you accusing me of siding with Charlie, because of his friend?
MARY BETH: I did not accuse you of anything!!
CHRISTINE: Yes you did.
MARY BETH: Conference, Christine!

[Ladies room]

MARY BETH: What I am saying is I understand what it's like to be pushed into something against your better judgement.
CHRISTINE: Nobody is pushing me into anything! Including you. I'm doing what I think is right.
MARY BETH: It is our responsibility to get that lousy crook off the bench, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, following orders is not your strong suit.
MARY BETH: Oo. I get the drift, ...Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth goes through the door) I was not talking about the evaluation.
MARY BETH: (turning back) When you grade me on Ethics, are you gonna flunk me there too?
(Mary Beth leaves, slamming the door)

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: (shouting through the door) Cagney!
CHRISTINE: (coming in) What's up, Lieutenant?
SAMUELS: Any breakthrough on the Rekubian case?
CHRISTINE: The evaluations. It couldn't have come at a worse time, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: A little bit of officer wisdom, Cagney. Do the job. Tomorrow comes anyway. Coffee?
(Samuels gets out the bottles and mugs. Chris sits down)
CHRISTINE: You've become a philosopher, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: (starting to pour the drinks) Every day ...just about this time, all Squad Commanders ...become philosophers.
CHRISTINE: Are we having the same coffee?
SAMUELS: Oh, yours is older. You have earned the good stuff.
(Samuels seems to have forgotten which is which. He hands one mug to Chris)
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
SAMUELS: (raising his mug) The job!!
CHRISTINE: God love it. (Chris takes a sip and nearly spits it out) What the hell is this?! (Samuels says something as they exchange mugs) I beg your pardon?
SAMUELS: The one with the tea was for me. I'm on the wagon. My guts. ...Hey will you do me a favour, will ya? You just keep this between us. OK?
CHRISTINE: Oh. (smelling her mug) Mm. ...To the job!

[Laceys' sitting room]

(Mary Beth is working on the new curtains)
HARVEY: We move all the way out here, and Michael, he isn't thinking about tree houses, all he wants to ask about is getting high. The Bensons did this, Mary Beth, and it stinks! Are you listening to me?
MARY BETH: I've been listening to you all night, Harvey.
HARVEY: Those people are breaking the law and you could do something about it.
MARY BETH: I am not gonna play cop in my own neighbourhood. This is my home. I'm off-duty here.
HARVEY: I thought that cops were never off-duty. How come you lump that damn gun around with you all the time!
MARY BETH: Do you wanna fight about that too!!
HARVEY: I am trying to make a point here.
MARY BETH: What do you want from me? Next week are you gonna send me out to give tickets for double-parking and...
HARVEY: Hey, Mary Beth, you've run out of space now. We are trying to do something for our son!
MARY BETH: Michael did all right for himself.
HARVEY: OK. Where does it stop, huh? When he starts giving dope to every kid in the neighbourhood. What happens when six kids get together? Do you think Michael will come running home then?
MARY BETH: I trust our son.
HARVEY: So do I. It's the Bensons I don't trust. One of us has got to do something!!
MARY BETH: I'm the one that made the promise, Harvey. If anybody breaks it, it's gonna be me.
MARY BETH: So what?
HARVEY: So what are you gonna do?!!
MARY BETH: I'm gonna finish hanging these drapes.
(Mary Beth climbs down from hanging a curtain. Harvey rips it down)
HARVEY: We have got a problem here.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Chris is working on the evaluations. Corassa and Esposito creep up and look over her shoulder)
CHRISTINE: Can I help you gentlemen?
ESPOSITO: I was just passing by.
CHRISTINE: Fine. Keep passing.
ESPOSITO: Like I said she's a great disciplinarian.
CHRISTINE: Esposito!
ESPOSITO: (backing away) And firm. Very firm.
COLEMAN: (coming up) Cagney, what gives with the evaluations? The Lieutenant wants to know.
CHRISTINE: Coleman, I am working on them. I only have a few left.
COLEMAN: It could take forever here. I have people clamouring for the results.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Coleman. (she sees Mary Beth come in and gets up and goes to meet her) Mary Beth, I was thinking about yesterday.
MARY BETH: I have been thinking about it too.
CHRISTINE: OK. Well, I wanted to tell you...
MARY BETH: No, let me tell you first. Yesterday I gave you a hard time about Judge O'Grady and I was wrong. It's no so cut and dried,
especially as it can hurt somebody that you love.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth,...
MARY BETH: Now whatever you decide to do, I'm not gonna do an exposure.
CHRISTINE: I think we can nail this on the Judge.
(Mary Beth rushes and gets their coats)

[ADA Strickland's office]

CHRISTINE: Mr. Strickland, the man was seen publicly hoisting drinks with a loan shark.
MARY BETH: The very same loan shark whose case he threw out on a practically invisible technicality.
STRICKLAND: Ladies, from what you're telling me at worst, at very worst, he's guilty of poor judgement and ...drinking companion! (handing the evidence pack back) OK?!
MARY BETH: Sir, may I remind you of the Judicial Conduct Code, article thirteen B, quote, one cause for the removal of a jurist is delinquency affecting general character or fitness for office, unquote.
STRICKLAND: Look, Judge O'Grady has a long and solid record. You know what I'm saying? Are you people really willing to destroy his career over this? Mm?
CHRISTINE: Well, then we'll just have to put this one on file, won't we!
MARY BETH: Ah! Gee. The Lieutenant is so touchy about this type of thing. He's probably gonna want us to crawl with our findings to the Department's Legal Division.
CHRISTINE: Mm hm. And knowing those headhunters they're gonna be asking all kinds of questions. Like why we didn't give this evidence to a DA in the first place.
STRICKLAND: (as the duo is about to walk out the door) All right! Ladies.
STRICKLAND: (taking the evidence pack) May I?
STRICKLAND: Personally I think there's a lot of smoke with no fire. But seeing as you're so insistent, I'll forward this to the judiciary, fitness commended.
MARY BETH: You're a champion of jurisprudence, Mr. Strickland.
(after they have gone he throws the evidence pack down disdainfully)

[Precinct House front desk]

(the duo returns)
CHRISTINE: I love it when you're underwhelmed.
MARY BETH: That's a start, Christine. We dig deeper, that's all.
COLEMAN: Cagney! Lacey! Messages!
MARY BETH: Thank you.
CHRISTINE: Poor judgement, my butt. Does he think he can rely on his drinking buddies?
MARY BETH: Let's go for iron-clad, Chris. I think we can turn Rekubian.
CHRISTINE: I'll have to see Charlie to tell him.
MARY BETH: Of course you will.

[Charlie's apartment]

(there is a knock at the door. Charlie opens it)
CHARLIE: Hey, Chrissie.
CHRISTINE: Hi. (she looks at the glass he is holding) The reason that I came... (she spots Judge O'Grady) What the hell's he doing here?
CHARLIE: What do you mean, 'What the hell's he doing here'. He's my friend. He came invited!
CHRISTINE: Oh, excuse me, Charlie, I didn't mean to impose. I came by to tell you something, but it seems that His Honour has already gotten to you first. He didn't waste any time spreading the word to you, did he?
CHARLIE: You've got no call to talk like that!
CHRISTINE: Oh, sorry, I forgot, Charlie, you're pals.
CHARLIE: Back off, Chrissie!
CHRISTINE: And of course the greatest gesture a friend could achieve is that he's pushed you of the wagon!
CHARLIE: Knock it off!! That's enough!
JUDGE O'GRADY: OK, Charlie. Rosary should be over. I've gotta pick up Maureen.
CHRISTINE: Be careful, Your Honour, drinking and driving is dangerous.
JUDGE O'GRADY: For the record, young lady, your father is my friend. If anyone's pushed him off the wagon, it was you. (at the door shaking hands) Charlie.
CHARLIE: Be seeing ya, Timmy. (O'Grady goes) I gave that man my word of honour that everything'd be taken care of! If you can't count on your own flesh and blood, who can you count on?
CHRISTINE: I didn't make any promises, Charlie.
CHARLIE: Has it ever occurred to you what this might mean to me. Or is Mayor Tim O'Grady too big a nut in your chest to resist?
CHRISTINE: You may have forgotten, Charlie, that I am a cop! I do have responsibilities.
CHARLIE: Yeah, well, to hell with them!! Your family and your friends come first!
CHRISTINE: (holding up two empty spirit bottles) He's your friend. No friend of mine.
(she throws the bottles in the trash bin)
CHARLIE: Damn it, Christine, he is your friend and you don't even realise it. You know, sometimes getting a detective shield doesn't depend on merit alone. Sometimes you need a little influence. A little push and shove.
CHRISTINE: Go on, Charlie.
CHARLIE: The man made a few phone calls. Next thing you know, you and Lacey got your promotion. You figure it out. ...You did have to rate pretty high even to be in the running. It doesn't hurt to have a friend in your corner.
CHRISTINE: You asked him to do that and you didn't tell me?
CHARLIE: I didn't ask him to do anything, Chrissie. He did it because he wanted to do it!
CHRISTINE: (picking up her bag) The biggest load of crap I ever heard in my life!
(she goes out, slamming the door)
CHARLIE: Chris!!

[The Bensons front door]

(Mary Beth knocks. The door opens)
MARY BETH: Mrs. Benson?
RHONDA BENSON: I'm Rhonda Benson.
MARY BETH: I'm Mary Beth Lacey.
RHONDA BENSON: Michael's mother. Oh, I'm glad to meet you. Won't you come in?
MARY BETH: I don't think so, ma'am. I'm also Detective Lacey, Fourteenth Precinct, Manhattan.
RHONDA BENSON: Oh, I didn't know you were a police officer.
MARY BETH: I am here to tell you that you are never to offer marijuana to my son again.
RHONDA BENSON: Are you arresting me, Mrs. ...Detective Lacey.
MARY BETH: No ma'am. I'm here because I'm Michael's mother. I'm doing you a favour. This is not an official visit. You better clean up your act, lady, and get rid of that crap you're growing or my next visit here will be very official.

[Michael's bedroom]

(the next morning. There is a knock at the door)
MARY BETH [OC}: Michael, it's getting late. (no reply from Michael. She knocks again. He looks round at the door but says nothing. Mary Beth opens the door) Did you hear me knocking?
MICHAEL: I heard.
MARY BETH: Everybody is downstairs already.
MICHAEL: I'm not going to school.
MARY BETH: (coming in) Oh yes you are, young man. Here. Here's your favourite grey striped shirt and your not so favourite grey pants. Let's get to it.
MICHAEL: I said I'm not going!
MARY BETH: Michael, I apologise. I should have talked to you beforehand. I should have told you that I was gonna have to break that promise.
MICHAEL: You said that you would never do that again.
MARY BETH: Yes, I said that. I'm sorry that I broke the promise but I'm not sorry I did what I did.
MICHAEL: It was like that you didn't trust me.
MARY BETH: I do. I do. I said you did the right thing to come to me. I'm proud of you for that.
MICHAEL: I can't trust you anymore.
MARY BETH: Michael, you can trust me. Look at me! You can trust me to protect you until you're old enough to protect yourself. I should never have made that promise, Michael, but you should not have asked me. I did what I did because I love you.
MICHAEL: Mrs. Benson is a very nice person.
MARY BETH: She may be, but she allows dope in her house and I can't approve of that. No matter how you slice it, that's against the law.
MICHAEL: I don't like it when you're a cop.
MARY BETH: I would feel the same about this even if I wasn't a cop.
MICHAEL: But you are!!
MARY BETH: Yeah. And I'm your mother. How about if Joshua comes over here even if you can't go over there.
MICHAEL: Josh is not my friend anymore.
MARY BETH: Well, that's a shame. That's his loss. (ruffling his hair) Sorry, sweetheart.
MICHAEL: Who am I gonna have lunch with now?
MARY BETH: There's other kids. There's kids that don't do dope. You'll see. Come on. (trying to get him dressed) Oh, come on. (cuddling him) Come on.

[Locker room]

(Coleman, Petrie, Isbecki, Corassa and Esposito are all getting changed. Corassa throws a football to Isbecki)
COLEMAN: All right, so who's gonna be number two.
ESPOSITO: I wanna be in the top five. Do you wanna wager?
PETRIE: What chance Lacey'll get first place.
CORASSA: Come on, Cagney's doing the ratings.
ESPOSITO: What's she gonna do? Flunk it?
ISBECKI: Marcus, if you were the guy doing the rating, I'd end up at number one. Am I right?
ESPOSITO: Oh, come on, it's in the cards. Do you wanna bet against fate.
ISBECKI: Marcus, am I right?
ESPOSITO: Lacey. She's number one.
COLEMAN: I'll take a piece of it.
ESPOSITO: Oo hoo! it's like taking candy from a baby.
COLEMAN: It's all right. I'll still take your money!
ISBECKI: Marcus, I know I'd make you number one.
PETRIE: That's for watching your back.
ISBECKI: (as Coleman puts is shirt on) You should come down to the gym with me, Coleman. (pointing to Coleman's stomach) I can help you.
COLEMAN: What? There's nothing the matter with me. I'm in perfect shape. You're the one that's built unnatural.
(Isbecki turns and walks out)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Chris is at the water fountain)
SAMUELS: Good morning, Cagney.
CHRISTINE: Oh, Lieutenant. (she runs to her desk, picks up the evaluations) Lieutenant! Here they are.
SAMUELS: The fabled evaluations, huh? I was beginning to wonder if they'd ever get here.
CHRISTINE: Sorry, Lieutenant, it wasn't quite the breeze you said it was gonna be.
SAMUELS: Well, there are breezes and there are breezes!
ESPOSITO: (coming towards Chris with Coleman) So, my ex-wife, she reads my Tarot cards and she sees me right there in the top five.
COLEMAN: (holding his hand out) That is not proven.
(Chris turns away disgusted)
ESPOSITO: Don't you believe in Tarot cards?
COLEMAN: I am not paying you a cent until we know for sure.
ESPOSITO: How are we going to know for sure unless the evaluator herself does?
CHRISTINE: There's no profit in this, Esposito.
ESPOSITO: Sergeant, we need a little help settling a bet.
CHRISTINE: I haven't finished yours as yet!
ESPOSITO: (to Coleman) Oo. Oo. Is she beautiful or what?
MARY BETH: (rushing in past Coleman and Esposito) Good morning.
CHRISTINE: You're late.
MARY BETH: I realise that, Christine. I was trying to take care of some family business.
CHRISTINE: As long as everything's all right for later in the day.
MARY BETH: David Keeler call again?
CHRISTINE: Nice shot, Mary Beth. What's wrong with you?
MARY BETH: Or with you?! (the phone rings. Into phone) Detective Lacey, Fourteenth. ...Yes. ...Yes. ...Oh, where was this? ...What happened? ...Yes. ...Thank you. ...Thank you. (she rings off) The Uniforms over in Cape Vincent. One of Rekubian's goons did a job on a customer. Messed him up pretty bad. Enough so he's made a roll over on Rekubian.
CHRISTINE: That's good.
MARY BETH: Good?! We're talking about dead to rights. Next stop Timothy M. O'Grady. Well, come on, what does it take to brighten your day, Sergeant?
CHRISTINE: Conference, Mary Beth.

[Ladies room]

(Mary Beth is sitting in the corner. Chris is pacing back and forth)
MARY BETH: I'm listening.
CHRISTINE: According to Charlie, O'Grady made some calls and peddled his influence ...to push through our gold shields. (sitting down beside her) I'm real sorry, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: For what?! He made a few phone calls, so what?
CHRISTINE: For years we have broken our butts to get where we are, proving ourselves over and over again, just to find out from my father that somebody else did it.
MARY BETH: What are you talking about? We got our promotions because we earned 'em.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. And because O'Grady used his judicial clout.
MARY BETH: Sure. Yeah. That's what he told your father. Anything to get the credit, Christine. The man's a politician.
CHRISTINE: It doesn't make sense. He's putting the groove to Charlie because of some lousy favour. And he's driving a wedge between my father and me which, I tell you, I don't need right now. (getting up) I never asked for O'Grady's help! Hell, I didn't need it.
MARY BETH: So tell them. (getting up) I don't owe the man a damn thing. Whatever I got, I got on my own with my own sweat. He's got no piece of me. How about you?
CHRISTINE: If we don't bring him in now, he's gonna own us.

[Interview room]

(Rekubian is brought in by the duo)
REKUBIAN: This is a lot of nuts and bolts to drag me down here like this.
MARY BETH: Sit down.
CHRISTINE: Forget the slap on the wrist. We're gonna have you tried as a persistent felony offender.
MARY BETH: Minimum, fifteen to life.
REKUBIAN: Get out of here! You got nothing on me.
CHRISTINE: Well, the DA doesn't take too well to loan sharks who beat up their customers.
REKUBIAN: Hell, I never even touched the guy! Look, it's his word against mine. This is still America, isn't it!
MARY BETH: It sure is, buster. And juries are very sympathetic to victims with broken faces.
CHRISTINE: Do you get the picture, Rekubian?
REKUBIAN: Ha, ha, ha. Look, lady, I've been on the ledge before. I got friends. I always land on my feet.
CHRISTINE: Well, you can forget that, because your friend is in trouble. In fact his mayoral robes are about to be up for grabs.
MARY BETH: (in his ear) Do yourself a favour, Mr. Rekubian. We're the only friends you've got now.
CHRISTINE: A man like you isn't exactly built to do hard time. You know what I mean?

[ADA Strickland's office]

STRICKLAND: (coming in) What can I do for you, ladies?
MARY BETH: (as Chris hands him a file) Oh, we have a gift for you.
STRICKLAND: Ah, more gossip on Judge O'Grady, huh?
CHRISTINE: Read it. Our old friend, Rekubian, spilled his guts on the Judge. It's amazing actually. Once he started, we couldn't get him to stop.
MARY BETH: It seems that he and the good Judge have been trading favours for years.
STRICKLAND: Well, (tossing the file down, standing up and looking at his watch) I suppose it's worth looking into.
CHRISTINE: We think so. Oh, I'm sorry about the copies. We had the originals delivered upstairs. To the boss.
MARY BETH: He said something about wanting us all to have a meeting on this as soon as you were um ...prepared.
CHRISTINE: We thought Wednesday would be nice.
(Chris throws the file back in front of him. He sits down)
MARY BETH: (undoing her coat) Have you got any coffee?

[Precinct House front desk]

SAMUELS: (taking a bite from a bar) I'll tell ya, chocolate isn't chocolate any more.
COLEMAN: You know, it's the same thing with halva. You can't get halva anymore. There's no tradition.
(as the duo comes in, Samuels and Coleman are continuing the conversation in Yiddish)
SAMUELS: (to Coleman) Right? (to the duo) Come on. I've been looking for the two of yous since you got back. How did it go?
CHRISTINE: Well, Strickland seems to be experiencing a rush of fresh enthusiasm, Lieutenant. As a matter on fact, he is going to be filing the charges personally
MARY BETH: Some wins are sweeter than others, sir.
SAMUELS: Good work.
MARY BETH: You mean 'Mazel Tov', sir.
SAMUELS: Hey, Lacey you're becoming a lamden.
MARY BETH: A dank, mein her.
SAMUELS: (as they go off) Oh, Cagney. You'd better prepare yourself. There's a reception committee in there awaiting your arrival.
CHRISTINE: What's the occasion?
SAMUELS: The evaluation. By the way, Sergeant, ...nice job.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the detectives are reading Cagney's evaluations)
ISBECKI: Sergeant Cagney!
CORASSA: (reading from his report) 'Somewhat inflexible'. (leaping and going over to Chris) Since when do I have an inflexible attitude?! I'm a walking rubber band!
CHRISTINE: (as others crowd round) Come on, guys, give me a break.
ISBECKI: Well, maybe I have a problem with communication. I'm the strong, silent type. But, slagging me for 'Appearance'? You should get your eyes checked.
PETRIE: Come on, Victor. Do you remember the fishnet shirt?
ISBECKI: It was a fashion. Mr. Topley and Topley himself
(Mary Beth sits down and opens her evaluation)
PETRIE: Oh, grow up, Victor.
ISBECKI: Hey, she'd got the hots for me. She liked it.
CHRISTINE: If you guys have got a problem, you can take it to appeal.
ESPOSITO: Cagney. You have rubbished me. I want you to take this away and sleep on it.
COLEMAN: Payment time, Esposito.
ESPOSITO: Oh, get out of town. (Chris sees Mary Beth head out with her evaluation) All bets are off pending the outcome of my appeal.

[Ladies room]

(Mary Beth is washing her eyes)
CHRISTINE: (coming in) I tried like hell to be fair, believe me I did.
MARY BETH: You had decisions to make. I am sure you made them as honestly and objectively as you possibly could.
CHRISTINE: Are you all right with this?
CHRISTINE: Are you sure?
MARY BETH: Oh, sure I'm sure.
CHRISTINE: You probably weren't too happy with the part about 'being rigid in your approach'.
CHRISTINE: You are the Sergeant. You call 'em like you see 'em.
CHRISTINE: Look, it is good to have opinions, and your opinions are good. And when push comes to shove, you always follow orders. ...Most of the time.
CHRISTINE: And the part about being indecisive. (Mary Beth folds her arms like Chris already has and moves closer) Maybe I was a little hard on you there. Maybe I was a little hard on you through the whole thing. Maybe I didn't want people to think that I was doing favours.
MARY BETH: Great. It is not the most important thing in the world. ...I'll live. OK?
MARY BETH: Don't worry about it. All right?
CHRISTINE: All right. Anyway, you came in third. Gee, it's better than being the bottom of the barrel!
MARY BETH: May we drop this?
CHRISTINE: Sure. I'm not perfect in my job. (as Mary Beth starts to walk out) There's nobody anywhere I'd rather have as a partner.
MARY BETH: Really?

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