The Zealot
Original Airdate: November 10, 1986

[Criminal Courts Building courtroom]

MARY BETH: There was a video camera set up, and a light. Mr. Molina was doing something to the light although I could not tell what?
BRANDMAN: Go on, Detective Lacey.
MARY BETH: Next to the camera was a bed. Tammy Russell was laying on that bed.
BRANDMAN: Was this seven year-old child wearing any clothes?
MARY BETH: No sir, she was not.
BRANDMAN: Your partner has already testified as to the photograph and the tape that you seized from the basement. Is this one of those photographs?
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
BRANDMAN: Can you identify the little girl in this photograph?
MARY BETH: Yes sir, she is Tammy Russell.
BRANDMAN: I would like the jury to review the exhibit at this time.
DELAWTER: Objection, Your Honour! Counsel knows this should be reserved until after his submission.
BRANDMAN: Your Honour, we are dealing with the most heinous of crimes perpetrated against innocent children. The jury deserves to see this exhibit now so they can get the full implication of this testimony.
JUDGE: Objection overruled. You may proceed.
BRANDMAN: Thank you, Your Honour. As we talk about what happened to this little girl, I want you to remember the look on this poor child's face...
DELAWTER: Objection!!
BRANDMAN: that you can understand the horror behind hear deadened eyes!
DELAWTER: Objection!!!
JUDGE: I wouldn't push my luck, Mr. Brandman.
BRANDMAN: Of course, Your Honour.
(the jury continue to pass the photograph along)

[Corridor outside courtroom]

(Delawter and Molina come out followed by the duo and Brandman)
MARY BETH: It makes me nervous when they motion for a delay.
BRANDMAN: They can delay all they want. They can delay 'til hell freezes over because I'll be right on their tails when they go back into court. Every time you nail garbage like Molina, you kill off another piece of a billion dollar industry. Word gets out, the pieces all add up.
CHRISTINE: Score one to the good guys.
BRANDMAN: Then maybe one other little girl won't end up like Tammy Russell.
CHRISTINE: Can you believe he's defending him?
BRANDMAN: It's just a job for people like Delawter. They make the bucks. Leave their consciences at home.
MARY BETH: He'd be singing a different tune if it was his own kid being photographed.
BRANDMAN: Not to worry, Detective. You two ladies were terrific.
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth) Can't argue with him there.
MARY BETH: We were lucky to be in the right place when the case came down.
CHRISTINE: It's been great working with you, Mr. Brandman.
BRANDMAN: Call me Paul. (Chris nods) Give me a hundred more cops like you, I just might close down this whole industry. As a matter of fact, this calls for a celebration. Why don't you let me take the two of you out to dinner?
MARY BETH: Us out to dinner?!
CHRISTINE: It sounds worthy of a celebration to me.
BRANDMAN: I know a great little French place over on West 47th Street.
MARY BETH: Oh, you mean tonight? I'm sorry, my husband's on the bowling team. I have to go home. But er, you two go ahead and er, ...celebrate for me.
(Mary Beth turns to Chris and smiles knowingly as they wait for a lift)
BRANDMAN: Sergeant?
CHRISTINE: Call me Chris. Sergeant's a little formal.
BRANDMAN: So, what do you say, ...Chris.
CHRISTINE: I never say 'No' to French food. Even on bowling nights.
BRANDMAN: Great. I'm gonna take the stairs. I'll call you later.
MARY BETH: I thought you swore off DAs.
CHRISTINE: One just tries to be broadminded, Mary Beth. (as she gazes after him) It's a constant struggle.
CHRISTINE: So Harvey all ready has a new bowling team, huh?
MARY BETH: No, it's the same one.
CHRISTINE: Oh. (as they get in the lift) I always thought they bowled on Tuesday nights.
MARY BETH: They do


(a piano is playing. Rain is streaming down outside)
BRANDMAN: I'm glad that you came to dinner.
BRANDMAN: We have a future together, Chris. I know it. You bring in the collars, and I'll get us the convictions.
CHRISTINE: Kiddie porn's a tough collar.
BRANDMAN: Well, that's tougher for the kids. I mean, these are little kids, Chris. They're four to five years old. The pop of a flash bulb ...and their innocence is gone ...forever! I think you understand. I think you know what I'm feeling.
CHRISTINE: I think you do.
BRANDMAN: We're gonna beat the odds, Cagney. We're gonna beat the Molinas of this world to their knees. You and me both. You're incredible.
BRANDMAN: You've been indispensable to me.
CHRISTINE: I'm just doing my job.
BRANDMAN: Believe me, I know smart when I see it.
BRANDMAN: You're something special, Chris. You have an energy, a zeal that excites me.
CHRISTINE: We have a guy at the Squad who's like that when he's turning a profit.
(she laughs)
BRANDMAN: Imagine what we could accomplish together. My probing, your drive.
CHRISTINE: I'm not even gonna test that.
BRANDMAN: I'm sorry. Once I get started it's hard for me to stop. Here I am sitting opposite a beautiful, talented woman and all I can do is run off at the mouth. I apologise.
CHRISTINE: I accept.

[Laceys' bedroom}

(Harvey is sitting in bed reading a magazine. Mary Beth is doing her hair)
MARY BETH: He's so handsome, Harvey. Smart too. Very good at his job.
HARVEY: I thought you were gonna stop with the matchmaking.
MARY BETH: I didn't make any matches. He invited the both of us. I happen to be taken. He has a way about him, Harvey. You know, he gets you all fired up. He makes you remember that what you're doing is important.
HARVEY: Hee, hee, hee.
MARY BETH: What are you laughing at?
HARVEY: Nothing, babe.
MARY BETH: What's so funny?
HARVEY: Miss. October. She wants to be a computer programmer. Me I'm gonna be a rocket scientist.
MARY BETH: (pointing to the magazine) What is that? "Foxy Lady"?
HARVEY: Don't look at me, it's not mine.
MARY BETH: Not yours? What did it fall out of the sky and drop on our yard?
HARVEY: Found it in the boys' bathroom.
MARY BETH: What's Harvey Jr. doing with garbage like that?
HARVEY: Probably reads the interviews.
MARY BETH: Very funny, Harvey. You'll have to talk to him.
HARVEY: He's a healthy boy, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Yes. And healthy boys cannot get to read about Miss. October's professional aspiration.
HARVEY: It's a very healthy aspiration. Besides computers are only a hobby. She wants to a marine biologist.
MARY BETH: Tomorrow, Harvey!
HARVEY: I'll talk to him.
MARY BETH: Tomorrow!
HARVEY: Guess what her favourite food is?
MARY BETH: Chopped liver.
HARVEY: Fudge ripple ice cream.
MARY BETH: Fascinating.
HARVEY: Nobody should be allowed to look this good eating fudge ripple ice cream. (Mary Beth gets into bed and turns out the light) Mary Beth, do you want to know her favourite movies?
MARY BETH: Good night, Harvey.
HARVEY: (moving closer to her) What's your favourite movie?
MARY BETH: Don't touch me.
HARVEY: Don't touch me? Did we see that together? (there is a lot of giggling and thrashing around) Probably one of those Italian movies with subtitles.
MARY BETH: Dona toucha me!
(more giggling and thrashing around)
HARVEY: Dona toucha me!!


CHRISTINE: A toast! To us! (they drink and look at one another and smile) What?
BRANDMAN: Your eyes really are blue.
CHRISTINE: The same colour they were this afternoon.
BRANDMAN: Then they looked dark. In this light they look soft and shining. ...Another toast, Chris. ...To you. ...To your eyes.

[Detectives' Squad room}

TRUEWORTHY: (a suspect to Petrie) Anthony Trueworthy.
PETRIE: (filling in a form) Got that.
(Isbecki is leaning over Petrie's shoulder)
ISBECKI: Come on, Marcus, this one's different.
PETRIE: Five foot four.
TRUEWORTHY: Four and three quarters.
PETRIE: (to Isbecki) Gorgeous and blonde. How's that different?
ISBECKI: She's just smart! I mean it. She's a lecturer.
PETRIE: (to Trueworthy) Age?
TRUEWORTHY: Thirty-five.
ISBECKI: That doesn't matter. She's taking night school. American Cowboy, Modern Myths. Well, she teaches.
TRUEWORTHY: It's a myth. The only real men were the indians.
ISBECKI: Non'body's talking to you.
TRUEWORTHY: (indicating Petrie) Well, he is.
PETRIE: Well, if she's gorgeous and intelligent, then what's the problem?
ISBECKI: She asked me out. Well, I can handle that, but what do I do?
PETRIE: What did you say?
ISBECKI: Well, I thought we'd go to a banquet. (Petrie takes Trueworthy off) Marcus, I can't go out! She's a teacher! She reads!
MARY BETH: (coming in pursued by Esposito) Harvey Jr.'s already has a watch.
ESPOSITO: (following her) Have one with a reversible wristband and Congress on the back. (she takes the watch) You see, they've gotta know where they stand.
MARY BETH: Detective Esposito,...
ESPOSITO: You think about it. (taking the watch back) We'll deal later.
CHRISTINE: Good morning.
MARYY BETH: Good morning.
CHRISTINE: (tapping her watch) I think it's morning. (shouting to Esposito) And I think that my Statue of Liberty watch just died.
MARY BETH: Did you buy that off Esposito?
MARY BETH: Sorry to be late, Christine, but the book says that Alice is at the prime age to walk and this is the fourth time that Harvey made me wait. I told him if you watch a baby, they never walk.
CHRISTINE: That's not supposed to happen until the tenth month!
MARY BETH: You been reading baby books, Christine?!
CHRISTINE: In the dentist's office. You know. Well, they do have a lot to read there, Mary Beth. "Root Canal Journals". "Tooth Times". "Gums Digest". (getting up) Sounds great with Alice.
MARY BETH: Yes. and you should see her, Chris. She's so cute when she smiles. You can see the two little teeth on the top. And then two little teeth trying to peep, down the bottom. Make you melt, she's so cute. Oh, speaking about cuties, how was dinner with Mr. Brandman?
CHRISTINE: Er... Fine. Dinner sums it up. ...After dinner ...and two bottles of wine ...and dialogue with a lot of innuendos ...I left him in a cab headed back to his office! Can you believe that?! The ones I don't want, I can't get rid of. It's not fair, Mary Beth. The man is totally dedicated to his work!
MARY BETH: Said the pot to the kettle.
COLEMAN: I've got something for you ladies to be catching.
CHRISTINE: (pointing to Coleman's arm which is in a sling) Well it looks like you tried to .
ESPOSITO: (coming up) He says he slipped in the bathtub.
MARY BETH: (trying to grab the form that Coleman is holding) What have you got for us, Sergeant?
COLEMAN: Oh, a little something to beef up your jacket. A homicide. They found a lucky stripper in an alley behind Times Square. Lucky Strip. Do you get it?
CHRISTINE: We've got it.
MARY BETH: (trying to grab the form again) Good-bye, Sergeant.
COLEMAN: You're gonna thank me for this later. A real juicy one, Cagney. (Mary Beth grabs the form) Of course you're gonna have to sweat it out with the DA's investigators first.
CHRISTINE: The DA's in on it?
COLEMAN: Yes, one of their own. Uniforms on the scene recognised the body. Some sex crime hush up.
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth, looking very disturbed) Is there a tentative ID?
(Mary Beth looks back at her and says nothing)


(a body bag is loaded onto a stretcher)
CHRISTINE: You're asking me to believe that an Assistant District Attorney investigating sex crime was one of your tricks last night?
LISA DELMONICO: Look, Honey, I'm a working girl. I didn't ask him what he did for a living. But whoever he was, dear, he was with me.
CHRISTINE: Did he question you about anybody?
LISA DELMONICO: No questions. The guy came and went. (Chris looks round as the stretcher is loaded into a hearse) Look, this is a very dangerous job I've got. These days I'm the one who asks questions. (to Mary Beth) Try getting a straight answer from anybody about anything.
MARY BETH: What time did he leave you, Miss. Delmonico?
LISA DELMONICO: Call me Lisa. Around er, twelve-thirty. You can ask that big-mouthed desk clerk.
MARY BETH: Is this your present address and telephone number?
CHRISTINE: Don't disappear, Miss. Delmonico.
LISA DELMONICO: No, honey. (to Mary Beth) I've just got my kids into a great day-care centre. You know, where am I gonna go?!
MARY BETH: We'll be in touch. (indicating she can go) Go ahead. Go on. ...Go ahead. (to Chris) Did you say you wanted to let her slide?
CHRISTINE: Oh, come on. It's not very likely. A hundred dollars in his wallet. Even Momma Dukes wouldn't. Any way she isn't strong enough to have knocked him over.
MARY BETH: Are you all right?
MARY BETH: So what was he doing out here in the middle of the night?
CHRISTINE: Following up on a case, Mary Beth. This is not some mugging or random beating. Somebody wanted him out of the way.

[Molina's office]

DELAWTER: I have advised my client not to speak to you.
CHRISTINE: Oh, that's right. There is an ongoing trial, isn't there. Heavy charges too. Promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child. Obscenity in the first degree. (aside to Mary Beth) Funny how the prosecuting attorney landed up dead.
DELAWTER: Are you accusing Mr. Molina.
MARY BETH: Nobody is accusing anybody here.
DELAWTER: Have you got a warrant for his arrest?
DELAWTER: But then what exactly are you doing here? He had nothing to do with any of that.
MARY BETH: Then why won't you let your client answer the questions?
DELAWTER: Because my client has got a business to run. Now, if you ladies will excuse us...
CHRISTINE: We know all about your client's business. (Going over and tapping a computer screen) It must be pretty easy to process the pictures on this baby here.
DELAWTER: Sergeant, I am warning you!
MOLINA: I run a mail order business.
DELAWTER: Stan, I'll handle this.
CHRISTINE: Oh, that's right. I forgot. (to Molina) What is it you sell?
DELAWTER: All right, Sergeant. That is enough!
MARY BETH: This is a homicide investigation, Mr. Delawter. Now your client can answer our questions here or we can all go downtown. Take you pick.
CHRISTINE: Let's start over, shall we? (to Molina) Where were you last night between ten PM and two o'clock this morning?
DELAWTER: My client was in a bar. The Heinsberg Tavern on Lexington Avenue. He was there all night.
MOLINA: You can check it out.
CHRISTINE: (as the duo leaves) You bet your arse I will.
MOLINA: I'm not that stupid!
DELAWTER: Will you shut up!
MOLINA: (shouting after the duo) If I wanted to waste your pretty boy, I would have done it long before the trial!!!

[Heinsberg Tavern]

MARY BETH: (into phone) Sure. ...OK. ...We'll be over. ...Thank you.
CHRISTINE: (comes over with two glasses) Iced soda. From the manager. He called the night bartender. The man remembers Molina very well. Said he almost had to throw him out at closing time.
MARY BETH: So, no help here.
CHRISTINE: That doesn't mean he didn't hire somebody to hit him. Did you have a word with the ME?
MARY BETH: He said he'd call when it's ready. He suggested we pick it up.
CHRISTINE: What?! He can't shoot it over to the Precinct!
MARY BETH: He thought we might like to talk to the next of kin. And she's on her way to the morgue.
CHRISTINE: I guess we'll stop by.
MARY BETH: A Dr. Judith Brandman. She's his wife, Chris.
CHRISTINE: (after a long silence she taps her watch) I am gonna kill Esposito. ...Kill him! I'm gonna kill him.
MARY BETH: (to the manager as she follows Chris out) Thank you.

[Corridor outside morgue at Medical Examiner's]

JUDITH BRANDMAN: Paul and I separated two years ago.
CHRISTINE: You never divorced?
JUDITH BRANDMAN: That would have destroyed his pension. Excuse me, I have to get back to the hospital.
CHRISTINE: (shouting after Judith Brandman) We need a few more minutes of your attention, Doctor!
MARY BETH: Ma'am, we understand that this is painful for you.
CHRISTINE: When was the last time you saw your husband, Dr. Brandman?
JUDITH BRANDMAN: Last April, ...May. I don't remember.
CHRISTINE: Did you talk about anything in particular? Maybe a case he was working on.
JUDITH BRANDMAN: Look, I don't know why you're asking me this. He's no part of my life anymore.
CHRISTINE: He's still your husband! And he is dead!!
JUDITH BRANDMAN: Don't! ...I am not gonna let you intimidate me. I won't go through it!
(she walks away, then stops and goes and looks out of a window. Chris starts to go over to her but Mary Beth restrains her. Instead Mary Beth goes over)
MARY BETH: Where we found his body in an alley, off of Times Square... Now anything that you can tell us may help.
JUDITH BRANDMAN: So you think it was someone Paul prosecuted.
MARY BETH: We have to consider the possibility. Yes.
JUDITH BRANDMAN: He promised me. 'Two years of delay. That's all I want. Let me finish this one trial. I can't lose him now'. ...When I decided to go into medicine, Paul thought he'd never see me. All those hard stories about doctors. I just wish someone had warned me about lawyers. ...Look, I'm sorry, I can't help you. I really have to go.

[Manhattan street]

CHRISTINE: OK. We'll go by his office. Pick up his calendar, files, everything.
MARY BETH: Christine, I've been thinking about this trip over to the DA's Office and I don't think...
CHRISTINE: Terrific, Mary Beth. They spend all their time picking over extra bodies!
MARY BETH: I know more about his general cases than my family.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth! I do know how to investigate a homicide. OK? If you don't mind I'd like to get on with it.
MARY BETH: Christine!
MARY BETH: Are you sure you gonna be OK behind that wheel?
CHRISTINE: I'm perfectly fine. I'm just trying to do my job here. (as they cross the street to the Squad car) I promised Brandon's super I'd stop by. Any objection?
MARY BETH: Not from me.

[Brandman's apartment]

ALBERT FRY: (letting the duo in) Holy Mother of Mercy! And I thought lawyers made a profit. (the place full of piles of files and documentation) You would have thought the guy could have indented for some furniture. And a little decoration, maybe.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Mr. Fry. We'll let you know when we're through.
ALBERT FRY: I've gotcha. Feel free to clean up.
(Chris looks at a pin board with newspaper articles on including one 'D.A. Declares War on Kiddie Porn'. Another from a Parent Teacher Association has a photo of Brandman and a caption 'Child Pornography')
MARY BETH: (looking at a box of documents) 'President's Commission on Child Pornography'. 'Supreme Court Decision on Child Pornography'. 'Child Protection Act'.
CHRISTINE: (reading from another article on the pin board) 'Exploited Children Show Lingering Effects'. (from another one) 'After Effects of Kiddie Porn'.
MARY BETH: I'm gonna check the bedroom.
(Chris's gaze goes back to the photo of Brandman)

[Detectives' Squad room]

ESPOSITO: Did you hear the one about the two nuns and the hyper cup?
CORASSA: I don't like religious jokes.
ESPOSITO: No! It's true. In Arizona.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Yes sir. ...could be helpful. Yes sir. ...Thank you for calling back. Good-bye.
MARY BETH: He's sending the preliminary report. Cause of death, cerebral haemorrhage through the blow when his head hit the pavement. But there is something new. Multiple lacerations on the right side of his face because of a heavy beating. And his assailant was probably large, left-handed.
CHRISTINE: Gee, that narrows it down.
MARY BETH: Did you get anything from Forensics?
CHRISTINE: Nothing. What about his calendar?
MARY BETH: Well, it's mostly public speaking engagements. Almost every night. Community groups and police. (handing the calendar to Chris) Visits on child abuse. I wonder when he slept.
CHRISTINE: The man was doing a service, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: I didn't say he wasn't.
CHRISTINE: (looking through the calendar) It's gotta be here somewhere. I've just gotta keep digging.
ISBECKI: (coming up) Christine. Have you got a second.
ISBECKI: Come on, Chris. You're a woman that's been around. You're mature.
CHRISTINE: Victor. If that was your attempt to win my favour, you just blew it!
ISBECKI: Come on, what do you want me to do? Bare my soul?
CHRISTINE: Do I look like a priest?
ISBECKI: Come on, Cagney, I've got a date tonight. Well, she's er... What do older women like? I know what they like but what do I talk about?
CHRISTINE: Just use the old standby, Victor. Yourself! (to Mary Beth referring to a box of files from Brandman's apartment) I'm taking it home. Victor! Stick with tootsies!
MARY BETH: Good night, Chris.
CHRISTINE: Good night.
MARY BETH: See you tomorrow.
ISBECKI: What's eating her?
MARY BETH: It's been a tough day, Victor.
ISBECKI: Hey, Lacey, you're an older woman!
MARY BETH: Oh, gee, look at the time. It's later than I thought.
ISBECKI: I mean, you are married, and maybe not as experienced but...
MARY BETH: Good night, Victor!
ISBECKI: (to himself after Mary Beth has gone) It isn't easy, getting enlightened.

[Chris's loft]

(Chris is sitting in her nightclothes, listening to a smooth piano trio LP, eating a Chinese takeaway and reading one of the Brandman documents. The phone goes. She switches on the answer phone)
CHRISTINE: (outgoing message) This is Christine. I can't take you call right now. Please leave a message and I'll get back.
DAVID KEELER: (on phone) Chris, when you get in. This is David. I've got a couple of tickets for the Knicks. Do you wanna go out. I guess you're working late again. Bye, boss. Give me a call when you get the chance. Bye.
(she makes a note and then gets up and, while still reading the document, she goes and pours herself a shot of Scotch. She sits down again and carries on reading)

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth is laying face down on the bed and Harvey is sitting astride her massaging her back)
MARY BETH: That feels so good, sweetheart. Did you talk to Harvey Jr.?
HARVEY: We talked tonight.
MARY BETH: How did it go?
HARVEY: It went good.
MARY BETH: You did talk to him about that magazine?
HARVEY: We did.
MARY BETH: Good. ...Are you gonna tell me what he said or do I gonna have to ask him?
HARVEY: Yeah, he told me he's past that stage.
MARY BETH: What is that supposed to mean?
HARVEY: I guess he's on to bigger and better things. ...It isn't his. It's Michael's.
MARY BETH: Michael's?!
HARVEY: Yeah. Now relax, Mary Beth, it is not that big a deal.
MARY BETH: (sitting up) Our twelve year-old son is reading "Foxy Lady" magazine and you are telling me it is not a big deal!
HARVEY: Well, at least he's reading! Look! Boys look at magazines. I looked at magazines. I turned out OK.
MARY BETH: OK is not perfect, Harvey!!
HARVEY: (as she gets up) Mary Beth! Boys Michael's age start getting curious about girls.
MARY BETH: Looking at pictures like that is not the way that I want him to learn about girls!!!
HARVEY: What would you rather have him do? Be a Peeping Tom? Maybe play doctor! (Mary Beth screams and goes into the bathroom and slams the door) Mary Beth!! What are you doing?!!! Where are you going? Come back!!!
MARY BETH: (opening the door with the a sheet draped around her) I'm not in the mood for this, Harvey Lacey!
HARVEY: Mary Beth, (she slams the door in his Face) you cannot protect him from this! You see it everywhere! You see it on TV! You see it on billboards! You see it in ladies' magazines!!
MARY BETH: (opening the door again) Leave off!!!
HARVEY: What about underwear ads?! (she comes out of the bathroom and goes to the bedroom door) And tell me!! Tell me why do you need naked ladies to sell perfume!!
MARY BETH: (her voice breaking) I am going to check on our baby.
HARVEY: (with the door slammed in his face) Will you answer me that!!!

[Gaming arcade near Times Square]

MARY BETH: (showing a photo to a young couple) His name is Bruce Medwin. He would have been around here some time in the last week. (they shake their heads) Maybe one of your friends saw him or maybe you saw him leaving with one of your friends.
(the young couple walk away)
CHRISTINE: (Chris coming up holding a photo as well) Nobody's seen Medwin.
MARY BETH: They're not gonna talk to us.
CHRISTINE: Maybe Medwin's already gotten to them.
MARY BETH: Somebody got to these kids a long time ago.

[Seventh Avenue near Time Square]

MARY BETH: it creases me talking to these kids.
CHRISTINE: He was killed by a kiddie pornographer, Mary Beth, and to find him, you have to talk to kids. Now I went through his cases and narrowed it down to five. Two fits. One is small-time. One is recently released from jail. Are you with me on this?
CHRISTINE: Which leaves us with one, Bruce Medwin, who was trawled last week. Paul, nailed him, right here, on a big sting operation with the Seventeenth. I am telling you, Mary Beth, he is our man. Medwin comes back to set up shop and Paul's body is found in the very area one week after a brush with the police. I think Paul was on to something.
MARY BETH: Look at these babies, Chris. Lord, what are they doing here.
CHRISTINE: We'll keep checking the video arcades. That's where Medwin picked up his runaways. Give a hundred bucks and take 'em to a hotel. I better make a list.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(in the evening)
MARY BETH: (into phone) That is all I need. ...Right. ...Thank you for your time, sir. (she rings off) The parole officer finally got our message. He said Medwin had a job over the Bridge.
CHRISTINE: Did you talk to his employer?.
MARY BETH: Yes. It's an airtight, Christine. Medwin worked a nightshift.
CHRISTINE: Fine. According to Paul's conviction, it's pending appeal.
MARY BETH: Christine?!
CHRISTINE: This list is like something out of Mary Poppins. (Mary Beth holds her head) Day care operators. Postal workers. That's your ordinary, everyday pornographer.
MARY BETH: We've been at this all day, Chris.
CHRISTINE: It's called police work, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: How many child pornographers and paedophiles are on that list?
CHRISTINE: Lots! It could be any one of them.
MARY BETH: Maybe we've been looking in the wrong direction here. I think we ought to go back to the beginning. Maybe...
UNIFORMED OFFICER: (passing by to Chris) Sergeant Cagney, line one.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Sergeant Cagney. ...Hi, Charlie. ...I'm fine. ...Listen, Charlie, can I call you back? ...I'm kind of busy right now. ...Yeah. ...OK. Swell. ...Bye.
MARY BETH: How's Charlie?
CHRISTINE: (offhandedly as she continues to study the list) He's fine.
MARY BETH: Still on the wagon?
CHRISTINE: Yeah. Not a drop. Three weeks.
MARY BETH: That's great. That's good. ...You two going out to dinner?
CHRISTINE: I don't know. Maybe. ...Look at this! Dale Hoffman. Runs a video store in the Village. He's been charged three times.
MARY BETH: Christine. Lisa Delmonico was with Paul Brandman the night he got killed.
CHRISTINE: We already talked to her.
MARY BETH: We didn't push her very hard.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, Paul was the best at what he did, and when you're good, you have enemies. We're looking for enemies, not some two-bit whore.
MARY BETH: Are you pulling rank on me, Sergeant?
CHRISTINE: (after they stare at one another for some time) Fine. If it makes you feel better, we will call her in and question her tomorrow.
MARY BETH: Which is almost here. I'd like to call her today. Right? (Chris ignores her) Coming?
CHRISTINE: No. Not right now. I wanna finish up here.
MARY BETH: Suit yourself. ...Night.

[Laceys' bedroom]

HARVEY: (throwing some laundry from a basket to Mary Beth)
HARVEY: Here you go, kiddo.
MARY BETH: Harvey, every single one of these is wrong side out.
HARVEY: I'm sorry, babe. You know, one of these days we are gonna get ourselves our own washer. No more of this laundromat.
MARY BETH: Yeah, maybe by then they'll invent one that sorts and folds.
MICHAEL: (coming in) Mum, have you ironed my blue shirt yet?
MARY BETH: Ironing is tomorrow night, Michael.
MICHAEL: Can you do it now?
MARY BETH: Michael, I said tomorrow and then that's when it's gonna be. And you do know how to use that iron yourself, young man.
(Michael walks out slowly)
HARVEY: Nobody forces those women to pose in those magazines.
MARY BETH: Oh, what is this?! I can't get upset around here over anything without you pinning it on my job.
HARVEY: Who said anything about your job? Sweetheart, you're overreacting!
MARY BETH: Don't tell me I am overreacting because I don't want our son growing up thinking a woman is some piece of meat!
(Harvey closes the bedroom door)
HARVEY: The boy's body is changing, babe. He doesn't know what to do. If looking at pictures can help, who is it hurting?
MARY BETH: I don't like it. OK. It's degrading to me. It's degrading to women's bodies.
HARVEY: And you don't like it because he wants to look at 'em!
MARY BETH: And you want him to look, it makes him a man?!
HARVEY: No, but what are you gonna do?! Take it away?! I mean, where does it stop?! Are you gonna keep him from going to the library?! Maybe, you burn a few books! Eh!!
MARY BETH: I want Michael to understand that those are real people. They have real feelings in a real life.
HARVEY: Don't you think I know that?
MARY BETH: Well, did you tell him?
HARVEY: No! But I trust my son enough to know that he'll figure it out. ...You've got the problem, Mary Beth. You talk to him!
(Harvey stalks out. Mary Beth picks up the blue shirt)

[Michaels bedroom]

(there is a knock at the door)
MICHAEL: Come in.
(Mary Beth comes in carrying the blue shirt on a hanger and with the magazine under her arm)
MARY BETH: Finish your homework?
MARY BETH: That's my kid. (she hangs the blue shirt on the door and hands him the magazine) I understand that this belongs to you. There's a lot of very beautiful women in that magazine. Our bodies are such a miracle, Michael. It's kind of like a personal gift that we get. But I think sometimes when we look at pictures like this, we forget to think about who the person that is inside. Do you know what I mean? Who they are.
MARY BETH: That's why I thought that it would be a good idea if you and I were to look at these pictures together and talk a little bit.
MICHAEL: Do we have to, Mum?
MARY BETH: Yes, Michael, we do. (pointing to the magazine) Go ahead. (he opens up the magazine. She hold the picture up to him) This picture...

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Isbecki is in a huddle with Petrie, Corassa and Esposito)
ISBECKI: So after dinner we go back to her place, right? She builds up the fire. She turns the lights down real low. She pours me a couple of brandies, right? I'm getting really turned on, right? All of a sudden she whips out a tape and pops it into the VCR.
ESPOSITO: Oo! What was it? Sam Smith?.
ISBECKI: No. No way! She's got class. "The Alamo". Now how could she know that that was my favourite.

[Interview room]

LISA DELMONICO: He came up to me on the corner. He wanted a date, so we did it!
MARY BETH: You stink as a liar, Lisa. Your eyes wandered all over the place. And you're sweating on your lip there. Wipe that off. A lot of people push you around in your business, huh?
MARY BETH: Maybe some DA tried to lean on ya because he wanted you to spill on some kiddie porn freak. And you didn't like that. So you hired a friend to scare him off. Only this somebody went to far and, bingo Lisa, you're in for murder.
LISA DELMONICO: He never did. We never talked. It was just straight business, I'm telling ya!
MARY BETH: You're telling me what! You're holding out on us and I can smell it a mile away.
CHRISTINE: Just scared sweat and cheap perfume.
LISA DELMONICO: (shouting) He was a John! I never... Gee, why are you doing this to me?!
MARY BETH: You're an over-the-hill, nothing little street whore who's going up for the murder of a DA. You haven't got a prayer.
LISA DELMONICO: I told ya. I didn't do it!
MARY BETH: Yeah. Good-bye, Lisa. You're going away for a long time.
LISA DELMONICO: (jumping up as Mary Beth goes to leave) Look. My kids. Come on, honey. (she puts photos out her handbag down on to the table) I've got babies. Look. You got babies?
MARY BETH: Well, you know what happens there. They will take them away.
LISA DELMONICO: No, you can't.
MARY BETH: They'll put 'em up and farm them out to strangers. You know that.
MARY BETH: Lisa, Lisa. You ought to talk to us.
LISA DELMONICO: If he finds out, he's gonna kill me.
MARY BETH: Who is Silky? ...Who is Silky?! (Lisa sits down again) So stupid.
(Mary Beth gets outside the door)
LISA DELMONICO: He used to be my...
MARY BETH: (coming back) Yeah?!
MARY BETH: Yeah. What about him?
LISA DELMONICO: He's been beating up by my regulars. (breaking down) I told him not to do it to Paul.
CHRISTINE: We're not interested in your business problems. We've got a murder here!
LISA DELMONICO: (still half-crying) I think that Silky must have been laying for him. I didn't have nothing to do with it. I swear it. It was Silky. The man's gone crazy. Paul ...was one of my regulars. I've been seeing him for a couple of years. ...I liked Paul. He was real straight. ...Nothing weird. ...Decent. ...You know?
(Chris is left looking blankly ahead)

[Central Park]

(they stop in the middle of the Gapstow Bridge)
CHRISTINE: I wanna take a close look at the Myerhoff case. Paul nailed him last year but I think he was part of a network.
CHRISTINE: Could have had help on the outside.
MARY BETH: Christine.
MARY BETH: What about Lisa Delmonico?
CHRISTINE: What about her? Don't tell me you believe her story?!
MARY BETH: I think we should check it out. That's all.
CHRISTINE: Oh, I think it's a waste of time.
(they walk off the bridge)
MARY BETH: She said he'd been seeing her for two years.
CHRISTINE: Because that's what she wants us to think. Because she used to work for him, she had it in for her pimp, Mary Beth. She just wants us to hassle him.
CHRISTINE: Forget 'maybe'! Let her find somebody else to do her dirty work.
MARY BETH: What if she's telling the truth, Chris?
CHRISTINE: What?! That's crazy!
CHRISTINE: Paul said that he had work to do.
MARY BETH: Why is it so crazy?
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth!!! Trust me! Paul is not the kind of guy that pays for a tumble every week.
MARY BETH: How do you know that, Chris? You heard his wife. You saw the way he lives. He'd got nothing to do every day except work.
CHRISTINE: I don't wanna talk about it. Why don't you drop it? All right?
MARY BETH: He may have been a good a good man, Christine, but don't turn him into a saint.
CHRISTINE: I said 'Stop it'!!!
(Chris goes and looks over a wall, contemplating. Mary Beth hangs back. Chris turns and looks at Mary Beth and then turns away)
MARY BETH: Hey, Sergeant. (Chris turns back) Wanna go and do some police work?


(a man is sitting at the bar. He has his arm around a girl. He gives her a peck and she goes. The duo comes in and goes up to the man at the bar, moving each side of him)
CHRISTINE: You must be Silky.
SILKY: Well, that depends who's asking.
MARY BETH: (putting her shield in front of him) Detective Lacey, and Sergeant Cagney, Fourteenth.
SILKY: Hey, get serious. Where did you get that thing?
CHRISTINE: The same place they hand out the warrants.
SILKY: Oh, that's a shame. You and me, we could have done some real fine business together.
CHRISTINE: Well, ...maybe it's not too late.
SILKY: What do you have in mind?
MARY BETH: Some questions. A little talk downtown.
SILKY: You've got no brief for me, lady cats. I'm clean.
CHRISTINE: Really? We understand you have a beef with a few Johns.
SILKY: (standing up) Johns? You see! What did I tell ya! You got the wrong guy. I sell real estate.
CHRISTINE: I'm sure you do.
MARY BETH: Gee, I like your ring. What are those stones there?
SILKY: Diamonds.
MARY BETH: That's a very heavy setting. You could probably do some damage if you were to, say, hit somebody.
CHRISTINE: Especially a lefty like yourself. That could leave a real impression if you were to hit (tracing her finger down his cheek) along the right side of the face.
(he slowly finishes his drink and as he makes a break for it, the duo grabs his arms and put his face down on the bar)
SILKY: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
MARY BETH: Don't be dumb. Don't be dumb, we've got backup on both doors.
CHRISTINE: I've got him, Mary Beth. (as she cuffs him) You have the right to remain silent. If you give up the right to remain silent, anything you say can, and will be, held against you in a court of law.

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (into phone) Can't you do any better than that? ...Yes, soon would be nice. (she rings off) Forensics is backed up. They said they'd try to get around to it tomorrow morning.
MARY BETH: Once they wash that ring with a scrub brush, they'll find some traces.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. We need witnesses.
MARY BETH: We'll get what we need, Christine. We'll find some witnesses. We'll do what we have to do.
CHRISTINE: (to her self) Oh, damn this headache. Mary Beth, give me an aspirin.
MARY BETH: (having looked in her desk) In my locker.
DETECTIVE: Lacey! Line three.
MARY BETH: Thanks. (into phone) Detective Lacey. ...Yes sir. (Chris goes to the locker room) ...I understand, sir. Yes.

[Locker room]

CHRISTINE: (holding up the aspirin) I found them. Thanks.
MARY BETH: Assistant District Attorney Brewster called. He's the one that's taking over in the Molina trial. He wants us to bring him up to date tomorrow morning, if that's all right.
CHRISTINE: Sure. I'll take my headache with me.
MARY BETH: You know, the other day, when we finished testifying, I was glad, relieved, you know. I'm not going to have to look at those pictures anymore. I don't know, it's a little hard to turn it off when I walk through my front door. I get worn out sometimes. But I keep trying! You have to. For your family. For yourself. I guess Paul thought he had to take it home for all of us.
CHRISTINE: Do you know what he told me? Last year there were only five Kiddie porn convictions in the whole City. Would you believe that? Five! We lost one of the good guys, Mary Beth. I know Paul really cared.
MARY BETH: Maybe cared too much.
CHRISTINE: I can't believe you said that!
MARY BETH: He made work his whole life, Chris.
CHRISTINE: Well, damn it!! You saw what he was up against! It takes someone who was willing to fight that hard to get anything done.
MARY BETH: All I'm saying is, maybe it would have been better if he spread it around a little bit. Maybe shared the load.
CHRISTINE: Don't tell me we have people waiting in line to fight this one! Nobody wants to tackle kiddie porn, Mary Beth. Hell, you can't even look at the damn pictures! ...They needed someone like Paul on their side.
MARY BETH: What about the price he paid?
(a long silence)
CHRISTINE: I really liked him.
CHRISTINE: Did it change anything that he was seeing a hooker?
CHRISTINE: I don't know. I do know I wish it could have been different. ...What a waste! Why would he wanna be with her?!!
MARY BETH: You had nothing to do with that, Chris. Neither did his wife.
CHRISTINE: I've got to think about Molina and the new DA. ...What?
MARY BETH: You look a little tired. Why don't you leave it for now. We'll have plenty of time in the morning.
CHRISTINE: Night, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Night, Christine.
(after Chris has left she pats a photo of Michael on the inside of her locker door)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Chris signs out, picks a folder of files to take home, goes towards the door and then ceremoniously goes and drops them back on her desk)

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