Schedule One
Original Airdate: September 29, 1986

[Manhattan streets]

(the duo is looking at patterned dresses in a boutique window)
CHRISTINE: All right, let me ask you this, Mary Beth. What would you do if you had two million dollars?
MARY BETH: Lunch hour is over, Sergeant. We'd better get back.
CHRISTINE: (as they walk down the street) I wish they were bringing back polka dots. They're so patterned. I hate patterned dresses.
MARY BETH: I was standing up packing the good china until one twenty-seven this morning.
CHRISTINE: The movers do that stuff for you.
MARY BETH: This is my best china, Christine. English willowware. Harvey gave me it for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. The set's complete except that we broke three bed and butter plates.
CHRISTINE: There are companies that specialise in matching the patterns, you know.
MARY BETH: I'm concentrating on saving the ones I have. (pointing upwards as they cross a junction) Look at this. I don't believe it. (a man, Vega, comes down a fire escape carrying something) Hey! Dumb ball! Police!
(the man runs off into an alleyway and out into another street. The duo gives chase into another alleyway)
CHRISTINE: You! Hold it!
(Chris gets ahead. She follows the man round a corner. Mary Beth gets to the corner)
MARY BETH: (gun drawn) Freeze! Police!
(Chris flattens her self against the alley wall. The man is carrying a portable TV)
MARY BETH: I can't run like I used to, Christine.
CHRISTINE: You worry me when you do things like that.
MARY BETH: All right, you! Lose the TV and get your hands on the wall.
CHRISTINE: She said against the wall. (he drops the TV and quickly puts his hands on the wall) You could have just put it down. (showing her shield) Sergeant Cagney.
VEGA: I got it for my sister Grace.
CHRISTINE: What makes you think you have anything we want?

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Mary Beth comes in)
SAMUELS: (coming up to Kazak and another detective) Three weeks the two of you have been working on that Soho rape and you've nothing to show for it yet! (to Aspromante) How many times have I got to speak to you about last weeks DD5s!
ASPROMANTE: I'm working on them now, sir.
(Mary Beth comes up to Samuels)
SAMUELS: In a minute, Lacey. Corassa!!! You were late this morning. What, did you stop for brunch or what?!
CORASSA: Sorry. I slept right through the alarm, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: That's the third time this month and that's three times too many! (to Petrie) And what about that con man over at the Port Authority? What news on that?!
PETRIE: I'm working on it.
SAMUELS: You're working on it! Where is Isbecki?!!
PETRIE: He's in the john.
SAMUELS: Well, what is he doing in there?!!! Never mind.
(Coleman comes up and says something)
SAMUELS: Ah! When it rains it pours!
PETRIE: (to Mary Beth) Will you sign this card for Di Marco?
MARY BETH: (signing it and passing it back to Petrie) Here you go.
MARY BETH: I need to talk to you in you office, Lieutenant. It's important.
SAMUELS: Well, why didn't you say so!

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Yeah. So?
MARY BETH: We have a perpetrator in custody, Lieutenant. A burglar we caught possessing stolen property.
SAMUELS: Yeah. How does this make the streets of New York safer? What is the big important thing that you had to tell that you had to close the door for?
MARY BETH: I think maybe you'll wanna talk to him, sir, before we bring him in. Sergeant Cagney has him over by the West Side Drive.
SAMUELS: What are you actually telling me, Lacey?
MARY BETH: He says he wants to make a trade. He says he has information on a cop scooping heroin.
SAMUELS: You don't need me, Lacey. Bring the perp in and then notify IAD.
MARY BETH: Sir, he says the officer is a gold shield man from the Fourteenth.
(Samuels thumps his hand on his desk)

[Squad car]

SAMUELS: You think you saw one of our guys scooping, huh?
VEGA: Oh, no sir, no thinking about it, sir. I saw him for sure. I saw him near here down at the waterfront.
VEGA: A week ago. Maybe two.
CHRISTINE: Maybe three.
(Mary Beth is keeping a lookout outside the car)
VEGA: Hey, I didn't log it on my calendar, OK?
SAMUELS: All right. Go on!
VEGA: Anyway, I was running off. But I saw this guy, he dipped into the stache bag and dropped it into an envelope, oh, and he pocketed it.
SAMUELS: What did he look like?
VEGA: A tall white dude, in his late thirties, maybe early forties.
SAMUELS: How tall?
(Vega gets frustrated)
CHRISTINE: How tall?
VEGA: Over six feet? I don't know! Taller than you are, that's for sure.
SAMUELS: (opening the car door) Vega!

[Outside the car under West Side Drive]

SAMUELS: I want you to walk right now. If the information checks out, then we'll give you some help with the burglary.
CHRISTINE: We have the right the address?
SAMUELS: It'd better be! You disappear, we're gonna find you, and while we're looking, we're gonna put the word out on the street.
CHRISTINE: That there's a new informant around.
VEGA: Hey! Hey, I'm not running out, OK?
SAMUELS: We're gonna contact you tomorrow at your place early, so be there! We're gonna check out some things first.
VEGA: You're the boss, Man! (backing away and touching his hat) And ladies! You're the boss.
(he runs off)

[Charlie's apartment]

(they are doing the washing up)
CHARLIE: Hey, I ran into Frank Kelly down at Flannery's the other night. Poor guy's going stir crazy since he picked up his pension. I told him living the life of Reilly wasn't easy. Do you know, what Frank and I were talking about the other night is? The worst thing about picking up your gold watch is losing your buddies. I said 'Hey! They're like family, you know'.
CHRISTINE: I know you guys always stuck together.
CHARLIE: Hey, Jackson wasn't the original stonewaller, not by a long shot.
CHRISTINE: You mean you never turned anybody in?
CHARLIE: Never. Never. Never, never, never, never! And that's the way it was, Chris. There was only one thing that you ever turned in one of your own for. And I told you what that was a long time ago.
CHRISTINE: A cop dealing drugs.
CHARLIE: That's right. After that he's not a cop anymore. He is scum.

[Samuels' office]

(the duo is in the office looking out at the detectives into the Squad room)
SAMUELS: There's Corassa. Isbecki. Farrell on night shift. And O'Connor, he's taller than both of them.
MARY BETH: The description fits Uzacki too, sir.
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant, I know that we have to follow through on this. Aren't we all moving a little fast here. We're all going on the word of a junkie.
SAMUELS: What, you never trusted the word of a hype before, Cagney? If you believed that, you wouldn't have brought me in on this. I wanna believe this guy's a nut, but I've gotta know that for sure.
CHRISTINE: We're talking about nailing one of our own.
SAMUELS: No, we're talking about proving that we're clean here. That's the purpose of this investigation. (seeing Petrie outside the door he lowers his voice) I want you to prove that junkie's not one of these twenty guys.
(Petrie knocks)
SAMUELS: All right! Yes!
PETRIE: (opening the door) I'm sorry, Lieutenant. But I'm due in court, but I wanted you to know that we've got a lead on that Port Authority con man.
SAMUELS: Good. Good. Good work, Petrie. Let me know the progress, will ya.
PETRIE: Right, Lieutenant.
(Petrie goes, closing the door)
SAMUELS: We've got no positive ID. Let's consider the alternatives
MARY BETH: Yes sir!
SAMUELS: So, Corassa. He comes late every day. Leaves early every day. Maybe the guy's strung out.
MARY BETH: Corassa's a very straight person, sir. Why don't we check for needles?
SAMUELS: What about O'Connor? Or Farrell? When I was working, my partner had a buddy that got killed. Within six months my partner was a washout. Alcoholic. ...What, am I the only one working here?! I feel like I'm talking to myself! Cagney, you got an idea?
CHRISTINE: Er, Farrell, he's been on the day shift for years. Maybe he's bitter, and needs the money to cut loose.
SAMUELS: Isbecki?
MARY BETH: Oh, no. I don't think so, sir. He practically killed that junkie that was dealing down by PS one-ten.
SAMUELS: Maybe he's a user himself.
CHRISTINE: Have you taken a look at that body?!!
(Mary Beth looks at Chris. Chris realises she is)
CHRISTINE: Well, ...junkies don't look like that.
SAMUELS: His mother's sick though. Long stay in a hospital. It costs a fortune nowadays. Medicare's supposed to cover that. What do you think?
CHRISTINE: I think they're all stretched.
SAMUELS: Yeah, they're all stretched. Now you prove it, Sergeant. As a matter fact, both of you, get down to Records. Check their activity sheets. Look for whoever has made a recent off-duty narcotics collar.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
SAMUELS: (as they make to leave) Wait a second. No one has got to know about this. I mean no one!
MARY BETH: Yes sir.

[Records office]

MARY BETH: Nothing on Uzacki. So far only Farrell has a lone-wolf narcotics collar. Why don't they ever clean this place up?
CHRISTINE: Just for official records issue a public directive.
MARY BETH: It's like some horror movie, the way they accumulate. Harve and I bought something for the kitchen. Thank God Muriel wasn't around when we swept out from under the sink.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, about what the Lieutenant said. You shouldn't let Harvey in on any of this.
MARY BETH: I'm not deaf, Christine!
CHRISTINE: I'm only just covering the bases.
MARY BETH: Consider them covered.
CHRISTINE: OK. (pulling out another file) Why don't they put this stuff on computers?! (looking at the file) Here we go. Isbecki! One lone-wolf collar, three weeks ago.
MARY BETH: Narcotics?
MARY BETH: Well, here is an off-duty arrest by O'Connor. Last month...
(a uniformed officer comes in, causing her to pause. He takes a file out of the cabinet beside her and then goes out)
CHRISTINE: That's three already this year.
MARY BETH: Yeah. (showing Chris) This one. (Chris takes it) I've got cardboard boxes here and I've got cardboard boxes at home. I'm beginning to dream about cardboard boxes. You know, Christine, all my life I've wanted to live in my own home, but when I thought about it, I never thought of actually moving.
CHRISTINE: You know what they say about being careful what you wish for, Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: Now, there's a depressing thought.
CHRISTINE: I think it's a case of, change equals psychological loss.
MARY BETH: Where did you get that?
CHRISTINE: Besides basic sexual response that's all I remember from Psych one-oh-one. ...Mary Beth, look at this. Corassa's sheet. Six solo dope collars, January. One of 'em just last week.
MARY BETH: I hate this.

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

(Mary Beth tries to get in the door. It is on the chain)
(Harvey is busy packing)
HARVEY: Just a minute! Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: Hi, Harve.
HARVEY: Hi honey. (opening the door) Why, you look beat, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: I ran out of aspirin. ...Harvey Jr. finish his homework?
HARVEY: Yeah. He's been called to Tiffany's. Aspirin, ah? (he takes a list out of his pocket) Let me see here. Just a minute. Aspirin? There it is. That's the M batch, seven-nine. Maybe it's a hunger headache. Would you like some supper?
MARY BETH: No, I'm not hungry. He knows the rules, Harvey. No telephone calls during homework, and you're supposed to remind him.
HARVEY: That's right, Mary Beth, one of us has to. So why don't you take a few days off, huh, until after the move?
MARY BETH: I can't. I'm working on something important.
HARVEY: And all this, Mary Beth, this isn't something important? You've got responsibilities here too, babe. I need a partner to help take up the slack.
MARY BETH: I will change my clothes and I will help you.
HARVEY: Oh, it's the move that's getting you down, isn't it?
MARY BETH: I guess so! You know change is psychological loss.
CHRISTINE: It's what Christine said. What do you think?
HARVEY: I think that in a few weeks you won't even miss this place. Think about where we're moving to, Mary Beth. A front lawn. A back yard for the kids. A garden. A pretty bathroom.
MARY BETH: I'm sure it's something, Harve It's gonna be great. I know it is.

[New York Delicatessen, West 57th Street]

(the duo comes in with Corassa)
CORASSA: When you said 'breakfast' I was thinking about something a little more uptown.
CHRISTINE: Hey, it's the best place in Manhattan, right here.
MARY BETH: And the cheapest.
(they sit on stools at the counter)
CORASSA: (ordering) Can I get a cup of coffee?
CHRISTINE: You must drink enough coffee for the whole shift, Al.
MARY BETH: Yeah, you look tired, Al. What, you got another job on the side?
CORASSA: Ha, ha. Sure, I'm trying to make enough money to pay for a facelift to get rid of that tired look. (Vega is sitting at a table, watching) Can you tell me what this is about?
CHRISTINE: We're concerned, Al.
CORASSA: OK. I'm working in security. That's why I'm dragging my butt. I'm getting about three hours sleep.
MARY BETH: Well, what are you pushing yourself like that for?
CORASSA: I don't know. I think it's middle age. (Vega looks across and mouths 'No') Come to think of it. It 'd be nice to get ahead now. Put a little nest egg aside. Be able see something. (to Mary Beth) You know what I'm talking about.
MARY BETH: You bet your life.
CHRISTINE: I forgot the bagels (to the waiter) and a side of lox, please. (to Corassa) My treat, Al.
CORASSA: Terrific!
CHRISTINE: (to the waiter) Lox for everybody!

[Manhattan street]

(O'Connor is outside a café with Chris. Mary Beth brings coffees out. Vega is reading a paper, leaning against a wall across the street. He shakes his head)


(Isbecki is sitting at the counter between the duo)
ISBECKI: So, I was on a holiday, you know. Four days on the beach. So I was sitting on the porch chatting with this girl. (Vega appears from the back) She was beautiful. She was gorgeous, and all of a sudden her mother walks out onto the porch. Apparently she worked in a gas station. She had overalls on. Her mother was just fantastic! I mean, I lost it. I almost lost the whole thing. But I did it. I turned it around. I didn't try to embarrass her by the mere fact that I was drooling over her.
MARY BETH: No kidding.
(Vega nods. Isbecki continues telling Mary Beth. Vega nods to Chris again)

[Chris's loft]

(there is a knock at the door)
CHRISTINE: Just a minute!
(she takes a plate of bagels out of the microwave, puts it on the table and unlocks the door)
SAMUELS: Good morning, Cagney.
CHRISTINE: Good morning, Lieutenant.
(taking his coat off, he peers at the Corvette dashboard 'modern art'. Chris claps her hands in front of his face)
CHRISTINE: Ha, ha. (taking the coat) Here, let me take that.
SAMUELS: Nice place.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
SAMUELS: Real nice. How much do you pay for a place like this?
CHRISTINE: Oh. Not much. A couple of fingers. Just a normal kind of place, you know. Here, please. Sit down.
(she offers him a bagel off the plate)
CHRISTINE: Oh, it's your diet. I'm sorry.
SAMUELS: Oh, no. That's all right. I'll watch it at lunch.
(there is another knock at the door)
CHRISTINE: Oh, excuse me, Lieutenant.
(she opens the door)
MARY BETH: Sorry I'm late. My whole life has labels on it. Every thing is in boxes. I couldn't even find... Oh, good morning, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Oh, good morning, Lacey. How ya doing?
MARY BETH: Honestly, sir? I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping last night. (sitting at the table) It's not easy to think about Isbecki getting into this garbage.
SAMUELS: I know what you mean.
MARY BETH: Yeah. Of course, Harvey was up, banging around all night, packing the dresses in batches A and B, one to four. (Samuels looks bemused) He's gotta a kind of neat labelling system. It's for our move. ...We're moving. (to Chris for the coffee) Thanks.
(Chris sits down. There is a pregnant silence)
CHRISTINE: It's just the word of a junkie, folks.
SAMUELS: All night I'm asking myself, if it's him, why? It doesn't seem to make sense. Is it his mother's hospital bills? So I stopped at Records this morning. Isbecki claims her as a dependant. So she's covered by his insurance and by Medicare. So where's the motive?
CHRISTINE: The motive doesn't even matter. We have no case at all here. Now what jury is gonna believe a junkie over Isbecki and if it turns out to be a DA reject.
SAMUELS: I don't give a hoot in hell what the DA says, Cagney. If Isbecki is actually guilty, I don't want him getting off free. I won't have a dirty cop working in my precinct. Whatever happens in the Fourteenth reflects on me. Whatever the jury says, they won't have to be around when the shift's over.
MARY BETH: Excuse me, Lieutenant, but we could watch him for weeks and still not learn anything.
SAMUELS: That's right! So that's why we're gonna wave a carrot in front of him and see if he bites.
CHRISTINE: Great. Setting up one of our own.
MARY BETH: Are we talking entrapment, sir?
SAMUELS: (throwing down his fork) Will you stop making me the heavy here?! I don't enjoy this, Cagney!! I like Isbecki!!! ...Set him up for a phoney stache bag. ...Put it around we've been tipped. And then we may hit the place over the weekend. Then I'm gonna hand the file over to you, Cagney. I want you to plant it on your desk ...and walk away. We'll sit on the place. If Isbecki shows there, then we'll take him in the act.
(another pregnant pause)
CHRISTINE: I won't do it. I'll take part in the stake out, Lieutenant. But I can't plant that file.
SAMUELS: All right, then. I'll do it. (he gets up) But you think about this. Because this is how it works when you're the boss. (picking up his coat) The air gets pretty thin. (he knocks his chair with the cat. Chris catches it)
CHRISTINE: Sorry, Lieutenant.
MARY BETH: (after Samuels has gone) I...

[Hospital underground car park]

(night time. Isbecki drives in. The duo follows in a black sedan which is not the normal Squad car)

[Black sedan]

CHRISTINE: I really think this wild goose chase.
MARY BETH: Are you still serious, Christine?
CHRISTINE: I said it before. It's the word of a junkie.
MARY BETH: Still the Lieutenant's right. We've gotta know if there's a bad apple in our barrel.
CHRISTINE: I swore off and technically speaking the Fourteenth is the Lieutenant's barrel.
MARY BETH: Corruption in the Force makes me sick if it happens. You know that.
CHRISTINE: We're only doing this to cover the Lieutenant's behind.
MARY BETH: Yeah. What if it was your behind that was being covered, Christine?
(no reply)

[Hospital room]

(there is a photo of Isbecki by the bed. He comes in quietly. His mother is on oxygen. She tries to speak. Isbecki takes her hand and kisses it. She is still unable to say anything)

[Black sedan]

MARY BETH: (looking at her watch) Poor Harvey. That's another night he's gonna have to pack all by himself.
CHRISTINE: If you wanna go home, Mary Beth, why don't you go home?
MARY BETH: I didn't say that, Christine.
CHRISTINE: You say things all the time ...without saying them!
MARY BETH: You go putting words in mouth all the time.
CHRISTINE: Anyway, let's just not talk. OK?
MARY BETH: OK. I didn't say anything in the first place.

[Detectives' squad room]

(the next morning)
ISBECKI: (handing Petrie a file) Tell me something. How did you know he was a con. I thought he was a little effeminate.
PETRIE: Judith Krantz did not write "Wuthering Heights".
ISBECKI: Oh. Oh yeah! Sure. Well I hope you throw the book at him. Taking it out on helpless old ladies like that. (the duo comes in. Samuels sees them from his office) Well' I haven't seen you two recently. What have you been doing on nights.
CHRISTINE: A hot dog for a hot dog, Victor.
SAMUELS: (coming out of his office) All right, everybody. Listen up. Don't make any plans for the weekend. Shutters up. No twenty-eights. (there is general disappointment) There is a drugs stache in our precinct. Low security. Loads of dope. They want us to let the place operate a little longer. The dealer's expected to drop off another load any day now. It might happen any day this weekend. In which case, you're on call. Everybody.
MARY BETH: (in the ensuing hubbub) Yes sir.
SAMUELS: Hold it down a second. If we come down on 'em big, there's Commendations in it. That's all.
MARY BETH: That's it. Harvey's gonna kill me.
ISBECKI: Well, at least you get out of the heavy lifting, Lacey.
MARY BETH: Somebody's gonna break something, Victor, unless I'm there to help.
SAMUELS: (with the plant file) Sergeant Cagney. I want you to check this out when you come back. I'll leave it right here on your desk.
CHRISTINE: Yes Lieutenant.
PETRIE: (putting on his coat) Are you coming, Victor?
ISBECKI: (gesturing over his shoulder) Oh, I've got something...
PETRIE: I'm not waiting. I'm taking Claudia to dinner tonight.
ISBECKI: Go ahead. I'll see you tomorrow. (to Samuels) I've gotta visit my mother in the hospital.
SAMUELS: OK. Just let Coleman know where you are. As a matter of fact transfer to holiday rates.
ISBECKI: Yeah. Thank you very much.
(he picks up a file from his own desk and goes over and puts it down by the plant file and then has a sneaky look at the plant file)


(night time. Samuels opens a box with a part-eaten pizza in it. He picks up a piece and then puts it down in disgust)
SAMUELS: I shouldn't have had that last piece of pizza.
MARY BETH: Anchovies always give Harvey heartburn.
(Mary Beth opens the pizza box and begins to eat a piece)
SAMUELS: How is he?
MARY BETH: He's er, kind of busy, sir. What with the move and all. We're moving.
SAMUELS: Oh yeah?!
CHRISTINE: I like it with pepperoni and onions.
SAMUELS: Moving's not easy.
MARY BETH: Yeah. It's a lot of stuff to do.
SAMUELS: Last big fight Thelma and I had was about moving. She wanted to and I didn't. ...I've gotta know that the same guy is on the same corner selling me my newspaper. ...Every day.
MARY BETH: Yeah. ...I've gotta find a new dry cleaners now.
(through the storeroom window they see a car draw up. Isbecki gets out)
SAMUELS: Here he is. Come on. Let's go.
(they conceal themselves. Isbecki comes in with a torch and gun drawn. He goes up a staircase. The three of them watch. Isbecki comes back down the staircase)
SAMUELS: Victor!
ISBECKI: Lieutenant!! Hey, what are you guys doing here? Hey, I had an incredible grill lunchtime, and dropped my car down First Avenue. And I see this dirt ball strolling down the sidewalk...
SAMUELS: Victor!!! Don't block. Come on over here. I wanna talk to you.
(Samuels takes Isbecki aside and gestures to him to give him what he's got from the stache. The duo watches)
SAMUELS: Do I have to take it from you? ...Come on!!! (Samuels inspects the contents of an envelope, shows the bag of white powder to the duo and pockets the envelope) Why? ...Why, Victor? (he grabs Isbecki by the lapels, throws him against the wall and begins to punch him in the stomach) Why, you stupid dog!!
CHRISTINE/MARY BETH: (rush forward and try to pull Samuels off) Hey, Lieutenant!!! Let him go!!!
(they pull him off and hold him back)
SAMUELS: Why?!!! Why did you do the dumbest move in the book?!!! Why!!!
ISBECKI: For my mother, damn it!! She doesn't have something to kill the pain. She's up all night screaming. I just couldn't bear to see her like that anymore. ...She's dying of cancer!

[Isbecki's apartment]

(Samuels is sitting there with Isbecki. The duo comes in from separate rooms)
MARY BETH: Not a thing, sir.
ISBECKI: I told you.
SAMUELS: You thought we should have believed you?
CHRISTINE: We haven't done anything here, Victor. Do you want us to have a real search! All right, we'll rip up your carpets, tear your cabinets out and pull your plumbing out!
ISBECKI: Look, I swear to you that this is only the second time I've done it.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, maybe we should canonise you.
ISBECKI: Yeah, she begged me to kill her. How do you pull the plug on your own mother? I couldn't do it.
CHRISTINE: So you get her street drugs.
ISBECKI: It helps her! How else could I get it? The hospital won't give it to her. The morphine they give her just makes her sick. And she's allergic to everything else. Look, my mother is ill. It's just her and me. She's all I've got. And this cancer's killing us. You think you've gotta be there for her. Six years in remission.
MARY BETH: Six years?
ISBECKI: Then, bingo! It comes back and starts eating her up.
CHRISTINE: So you give her heroin.
ISBECKI: I just wanted to give her one good night's sleep.

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

(there is a knock at the door. Harvey answers it with Alice in his arms)
MARY BETH: Sorry, I'm late, Harvey.
HARVEY: Sh. I almost got her to sleep.
(he takes Alice to the bedroom and comes back and slumps against the wall. Mary Beth comes and nestles her head on his chest)
HARVEY: Now, you walk in here and act like nothing is wrong.
MARY BETH: (stepping back and slapping her sides) Sorry!
HARVEY: (as she stretches out in a chair) I've been waiting for you for hours, going bonkers, Mary Beth. How do I know you're not bleeding to death, laying in some alley? I sit here, and I wait. I see pictures in my head, and you waltz in here like nothing is wrong.
MARY BETH: I told you I was gonna be late. I called you.
HARVEY: Not this late. Coleman said you signed out at six!
MARY BETH: It was an important stake out.
HARVEY: Will you give me a break. I had to lie to the boys so they wouldn't worry about you!
MARY BETH: I said I was sorry. Do you want me to get down on my knees?
HARVEY: Tell me what is going on!
MARY BETH: I'm tired and I'm sad and I don't wanna talk about. I know that's what you wanna do, but that is not what I wanna do.
HARVEY: Fine! (he puts his hand up to shush her) OK.
(he walks away)
MARY BETH: It's very cold in here.
HARVEY: The heating's on, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: I don't feel it, Harvey.

[Chinatown café]

MARY BETH: The doctor confirms his story. (looking at her notebook) They don't know why exactly, but there's a tiny percentage of people who, quote, respond better to heroin, unquote.
CHRISTINE: And he can't schedule it for Mrs. Isbecki medically even if it helps. And she's allergic to everything they tried.
MARY BETH: The doctors use it over in England but they can't do it here. Isn't that something? Isbecki obtained it on the street but people dying in pain can't get it without breaking he law.
SAMUELS: It's still drugs. He still got caught for scooping. It's still something the patrol guys say that we've gotta turn him in for. It's like what the patrol guys... It's what it says's just a guide!
MARY BETH: So, what do we do, sir?
SAMUELS: Nothing. It's just the word of a junkie, like you said yourself. It could be a DA reject. (they see a uniformed officer come in. Samuels lowers his voice) OK. I don't want you to make a decision today that you can't live with tomorrow. So I've instructed Isbecki to be in my office tomorrow at nine AM sharp. I want the two of yous to be there at eight with your votes.
MARY BETH: With due respect, sir, I think that this is a bosses' decision. I'm a Detective Third-grade, not God.
SAMUELS: The thing is, Lacey, you've got no choice. ...I don't wanna tell it to you as how to vote. But if we're to let him off, it's gotta be unanimous.
CHRISTINE: One negative vote ...and we turn him in.
SAMUELS: That's the only way that this thing can work. Let's drop down to the bottom line here. What we're talking about is a felony. What Victor did for his mom, we would be doing for Victor. If word should get out ..somehow, ...we'd all be in the same boat together. No survivors.

[Central park]

MARY BETH: I don't wanna make this decision.
CHRISTINE: I didn't think he'd risk his career just like that.
MARY BETH: That was his.
CHRISTINE: What about ours?
MARY BETH: He did it for his mother, Christine.
CHRISTINE: He didn't even know if it would help her, for crying out loud.
MARY BETH: Last week I was thinking, if I was dying and nothing could stop the pain, would I want my kids to do that for me. ...I don't think so, but it's an act of love.

[Ladies room]

(they come in from the park)
CHRISTINE: All I can say is that he's lucky he's got people like us to back him up.
MARY BETH: You sound like you've decided already.
CHRISTINE: As Charlie says 'There's twenty-five thousand of us, eight million of them'.
MARY BETH: We're talking about Schedule One dope here, Christine. Not free coffee.
CHRISTINE: I know that, so we push him to the wall. Put the fear of God into him!! So he never does it again! ...I wonder how bad his mother is.
MARY BETH: Now what if word gets out that we covered up for him?
CHRISTINE: I know I'd never make Police Commissioner, that's for damn sure. ...Damn Isbecki!!! What a stupid mistake!!
(Mary Beth grabs Chris by the arm and pushes her against the wall)
MARY BETH: Come here!
MARY BETH: A felony is more than a mistake, Christine. We send people to prison for less than this almost every day!
CHRISTINE: Do you think Isbecki should go to prison?
MARY BETH: I did not say that, Christine!!
CHRISTINE: Do you know what happens to cops in prison, even in segregation? (no reply) He wouldn't go to prison. Not Isbecki. He'd draw his gun first.
MARY BETH: I don't think he would do that.
CHRISTINE: Yeah? Have you got a guarantee?
MARY BETH: Have you got a guarantee he's never gonna scoop smack again?
CHRISTINE: If you want a guarantee, turn him in!!! Then you'd be protected!! If you don't wanna lie to yourself that much, why are you doing this?!
MARY BETH: Oh, I see, I'm lying to myself, but you are not.
CHRISTINE: What in hell is that supposed to mean?
MARY BETH: Get in here!
(Mary Beth bundles Chris into a WC and closes the door behind them)
CHRISTINE: What are you doing?
MARY BETH: If we decide to do this, we are letting Isbecki off a felony. The man stole heroin.
CHRISTINE: Would you give me a break! You sound like the "French Connection"!! You're forgetting Isbecki was helping his dying mother! You're turning in one of your own.
MARY BETH: You feel the only other person to consider is Isbecki. I've got four other people I have to think about. I'm speaking about my family. I need this job.
CHRISTINE: (coming out of the WC) So does Isbecki!
MARY BETH: Does that you're gonna vote to let him go?!
CHRISTINE: I don't know!!!
(Chris shakes her head and leaves)

[Front porch of the Laceys' house]

(Harvey turns off a light inside, locks the door and comes out to Mary Beth)
HARVEY: Hell of a way to move in here.
MARY BETH: I don't wanna stay tonight, Harve, not yet. How about tomorrow night?
HARVEY: I don't like it, Mary Beth. I can't accept it. But whatever you have to do, do it and get it over with.
(he takes her hand to leave but she pulls him back to her. He kisses her head)

[Chris's loft]

(it's 2.20 AM. Chris is sitting propped up on the bed. She gets up and moves onto the settee, hanging over the back)

[Samuels' office]

(8 AM. The duo comes in)
SAMUELS: I vote we let him off. ...Cagney?
CHRISTINE: Let him go.
MARY BETH: (after a pause) I vote we let him off.
SAMUELS: There won't be a lot of skin left if the head-hunters get a hold of us. (a long silence) I'm sending Petrie out on his own today. Theoretically Victor is off sick. I'm expecting him here nine AM. When he arrives I want the two of yous to follow him in.
CHRISTINE: Yes Lieutenant.
(9.18 AM. No Isbecki. Samuels looks at his watch. 10.15 AM. Still no Isbecki)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(later Chris comes back in and sits down)
CHRISTINE: It's quarter to eleven. Where the hell is he?
MARY BETH: Right there.
(the duo follows Isbecki into the office)

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: Two hours late.
ISBECKI: (looking round at them) My mother just died.
(they look at him)
SAMUELS: I'm sorry
(he puts his hand on Isbecki's shoulder)

[Laceys' lounge kitchen]

(the removal men are taking out the settee)
MICHAEL: All right. Be careful with that. ...Turn that around the corner. ...OK. ...Don't scratch it.
HARVEY: (to Michael) Got all your stuff?
HARVEY: See you down at the truck. (coming and putting his arm round Harvey Jr. who is standing there forlornly) This is it, eh, Harve? (Mary Beth gets back from the precinct) Well, look who's here. Hi. (going to Mary Beth) Everything OK?
MARY BETH: Yeah. Yeah, it's gonna be fine.
HARVEY: (looking at Harvey Jr.) The kid's having a tough time.
MARY BETH: (going over to Harvey Jr.) Hey, number one, what's wrong? She's only six subway stops away. I know how you feel.
HARVEY JR.: No, you don't.
MARY BETH: Yes, I do. I lived fifteen years of my life in this apartment. I'm losing a friend too.
HARVEY: (coming back in with a removal man and pointing) That's the last of it. (putting his arms around Harvey Jr. from the back) You should go down and keep an eye on your brother.
(Harvey Jr. leaves reluctantly)
HARVEY: Time to go, babe.
MARY BETH: I just wanna check around and see if we left anything.
HARVEY: Sure. I'll see you down in the car.
(he gives her a peck. She looks around, uses her coat to polish a knob on the oven and then looks out of the window)
HARVEY: (shouting from the street) Mary Beth! You wanna hurry up. The truck driver's waiting! ...Mary Beth!!
MARY BETH: (turning back at the door and almost in tears) Goodbye.
(she goes out and closes the door)

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