Original Airdate: April 7, 1986

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth wakes up, finds Harvey is not there, gets up, checks Alice and goes through to the kitchen)

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

(Harvey, in his pyjamas, is working on his business papers)
MARY BETH: Harvey. (he holds up his hand to silence her) Come to bed. ...Honey, it's late. You've gotta get some sleep. ...It's cold. ...At least put on your robe.
HARVEY: I've got one mother already. I don't need two. OK?!
(Mary Beth leaves him to it)

[New York Delicatessen, West 57th Street]

(the duo comes out of the delicatessen)
CHRISTINE: (handing Mary Beth a sandwich in a napkin) Here.
MARY BETH: Do you know of a phone booth anywhere? One with a phone that works.
CHRISTINE: Relax. You can phone Harvey from the Precinct.
MARY BETH: Lousy, stinking weather. You'd think that one hour could go by in this City without a homicide.
(Mary Beth unwraps the sandwich)
CHRISTINE: It's supposed to be Springtime. The weather does things to send people crazy.
(Mary Beth doesn't like the sandwich, tosses it towards a trash bin, misses, picks it up and throws it in violently)
CHRISTINE: Chippy today, aren't we?!
MARY BETH: I had a long night.
CHRISTINE: Alice keeping you up again?
MARY BETH: No, the baby's fine.
CHRISTINE: Do you wanna talk about it?
MARY BETH: It's this job that Harve is on. He's put the labourers off. He'll work it out.

[Office building foyer]

TV REPORTER: (to the TV camera) Fleeing the Khmer Rouge, Mr. Hong came to this country, established a legal practice, and rose to become a respected citizen...
RADIO REPORTER: (pointing a microphone) Any Press statement?
CHRISTINE: (to a radio reporter) We just got here. OK?
RADIO REPORTER: (pointing the microphone at Mary Beth) Can you speculate on a motive?
MARY BETH: Would you care to get that thing out of my face?
(the duo leave the radio reporter standing there)

[Charles Hong's office]

HELEN MAULDIN: (picking up a baseball from a stand on the desk) Charles was so delighted when he got this. ...Like a kid.
CHRISTINE: Miss. Mauldin, please take a another look around. Are you sure there's nothing else missing?
HELEN MAULDIN: No. Not offhand. (the outline of the victim is chalked on the typewriter mat on the desk) I'm ...sorry. It's ...all so damned senseless. And for what? A few pieces of jewellery and a typewriter.
MARY BETH: Ma'am, how long have you been in this office?
HELEN MAULDIN: Six years. Ever since we went in practice together. I helped him with his English and he saved me from a life of corporate law.
CHRISTINE: Did he have any known enemies?
HELEN MAULDIN: Not Charles. (going to a filing cabinet) I'll take a look in our files and see if any other stuff was taken. He was more than just an immigration lawyer. He set them up in businesses. He got them housing, car loans. ...Anything they wanted.

[Office building basement]

(the duo are interviewing the caretaker, Pulaski)
PULASKI: Yeah. Most mornings he'd be in his office by seven, banging away at the typewriter. And I'd drop by, and we'd have coffee and bagels. Talk baseball. Baseball? Hm, would you believe it? Five years ago this guy didn't know a batting average from the Brooklyn Bridge and last week he's quoting Dwight Gooden's ERA.
CHRISTINE: You say that when you went to Mr. Hong's office that the door was unlocked.
PULASKI: Wide open! And there he was, the poor guy. You'd think there'd be a little justice in this world.
MARY BETH: That's what we're working on here, Mr. Pulaski.
CHRISTINE: Can you tell us something about Mr. Hong's character?
PULASKI: Yeah. A real gentleman. Polite and refined. He really upgraded the neighbourhood, if you know what I mean.
MARY BETH: No sir, we don't know what you mean.
PULASKI: You know, the element that was here before. Mr. Hong'd bring in his own people. And they'd take over the stores and the markets. (sighing) The best thing that ever happened to this place.

[Manhattan street outside the Hong's office building]

CHRISTINE: If people got to know that Hong had money... Tomorrow morning we'll check the fences and the pawnbrokers.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Hong give you anything over the phone?
CHRISTINE: No, she's still in shock. I don't think we should talk to her for a while.
MARY BETH: Oh, when you know how hard that man worked for his family, it can't be easy. Did you hear anything about the car ad yet?
CHRISTINE: Tonight's the night! I can feel it in my bones, Mary Beth. The moment that somebody sees it...
MARY BETH: A buyer already! That's great. So you've had the transmission fixed and you're sure it's running OK now?
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, what you don't understand is that what people are looking for in this car is style. Classic lines! Speed! It's what a lot of car buyers want.
MARY BETH: Is that so?
CHRISTINE: Do you know how much this thing is costing me to keep running with the insurance payments and the garaging and the toll charges. The damn thing is eating me alive.
MARY BETH: Yeah, things are tough all over, Chris.

[Parking garage]

(the Corvette returns with a scream of tyres and brakes to a halt)
CHRISTINE: (getting out a little shaken up) Well?! How's that for pick up, huh? (an elderly, refined lady gets out of the driver's seat) And so low on the ground. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?
ELDERLY LADY: Not for me. I can't speak from experience. Could you open the hood and let me take little peek inside?
CHRISTINE: Sure. Er, you've gotta remember now this car is considered a classic.
ELDERLY LADY: So why are you trying to get rid of it?
CHRISTINE: I'm not! I'm just trying to sell it. I don't wanna get rid of it.
ELDERLY LADY: Not to me, you're not, unless you give me some answers.
CHRISTINE: (having difficulty getting the hood open) Well ... I've had it for a while and I felt I was ready for a change.
ELDERLY LADY: That's what I felt about the shop.
CHRISTINE: (failing to open the hood) Beautiful colour, isn't it? Canary yellow.
ELDERLY LADY: How are the brakes?
CHRISTINE: Safe. Some minor adjustments to do, but nothing major.
ELDERLY LADY: The transmission is shot. The steering is loose. The hood doesn't open. The engine is destined to go where my dear friend Bessie got up and went last winter!
CHRISTINE: Are you saying that the car isn't right for you?
ELDERLY LADY: I'm saying this car is not fit to be driven and if you're smart you'll take it to a mechanic and get it fixed before you get yourself killed. Or even worse. ...Sued!
(the elderly lady leaves and Chris still can't get the hood open)

[Laceys' kitchen/lounge]

MARY BETH: (coming in) Hi everybody.
(Harvey and Michael are watching the TV)
HARVEY JR.: (who is reading) Hi mom.
MARY BETH: No, no. Don't rush me all at once. (hearing Alice gurgling in a small crib) Hey! ...Hey. (picking her up) How are you my baby?
(Harvey goes to the TV)
MICHAEL: What are you doing, Dad?
HARVEY: I wanna watch the weather.
HARVEY JR.: You've been watching the weather all day.
MARY BETH: Muriel gone home already?
HARVEY: Half an hour ago. Dinner's in the oven.
MARY BETH: Well, you should have told her to wait until after rush hour.
HARVEY: She wanted to leave. My mother's old enough to make her own decisions.
HARVEY JR.: Mom, I'm late for Tiffany's?
HARVEY: (to Harvey Jr.) Hey.
HARVEY JR.: Dad won't let me go.
MARY BETH: What do you wanna go out in this weather for?
HARVEY JR.: I have a make up test Friday. Tiffany was gonna help me study.
MARY BETH: Harvey, you've just had a cold. You'll end up getting pneumonia and all.
HARVEY JR.: Come on, Mom, I won't get pneumonia.
HARVEY: If you need to study, you're staying home.
HARVEY JR.: But she's not...
HARVEY: End of discussion.
(Harvey gets a beer from the fridge)
MARY BETH: (nursing Alice) Hey, hey, what's the matter? What's the matter with you? It's OK. (following Harvey) Did you talk to Garibaldi?
HARVEY: Half an hour ago. It's still five below in Saratoga. Fifteen with the wind chill on it this time of year. (looking in the fridge) What is this? What's going on? What are we doing? (taking out large cartons of milk) Helping support the dairy farmers of America or what?
MARY BETH: Harvey, listen to me.
HARVEY: Three cartons of milk open!
MARY BETH: I know...
HARVEY: Do you know how fast this stuff spoils?
MARY BETH: I know that things look pretty bad, Harvey.
HARVEY: What do you guys think? Do you think that we're made out of money or what?!
(the boys look up as they can hear their parents)
MARY BETH: As soon as the weather warms up...
HARVEY: (to the boys) What do you care if we're losing five hundred bucks a day?! Huh?! Paying a whole crew for sitting around all day doing nothing!
MARY BETH: You're only three days behind. That's all.
HARVEY: Yeah? And the weatherman says more snow on the way.
MARY BETH: Since when do you believe everything you hear? (a false laugh) Oh, honey, we have to look on the positive side.
HARVEY: (looking back at the boys) You'd think they'd learn by now. Michael! Harvey! Get in here!!


ARROYO: Gold Rolex! Gold money clip! Lady, look around. The only gold I got in this place is in the back of my mouth.
MARY BETH: (handing her a piece of paper) How about this electric typewriter, serial one-six-seven-three-four-two-seven?
ARROYO: Do I look like I have traffic in business machines?
MARY BETH: (handing her a card) If you see any of these things, notify us at once.
ARROYO: Is that the stuff that got from that ...Cambodian guy? The one that got shot.
CHRISTINE: Did you know Charles Hong?
ARROYO: Oh, them people. They come in here! They take over everything! Liquor stores, groceries, you name it!! That Hong. He was the one that gave them the money to swallow us up.
CHRISTINE: Sounds that you weren't very fond of your new neighbours.
ARROYO: Twelve years I have this store! They've got no respect for the people who was here first!! Let 'em go back to where they come from.

[Manhattan street outside the pawnbrokers]

CHRISTINE: She's not one of Hong's biggest fans.
MARY BETH: People love to hate each other, don't they? And they can always find something to hate. These Puerto Ricans. The refugee Cambodians, make it in ahead of them. They resent it. Vamoose! Vamoose.
CHRISTINE: What are we supposed to do? Interview every Puerto Rican from the neighbourhood. The only clue we have is stolen goods. How many more pawnbrokers.
MARY BETH: Six more. And then there's Mrs. Hong.

[Detectives' Squad room]

MARY BETH: (into phone) Sir! ...Sir, I did not say 'Relax'. I said Rolex. ...R, O, L, E, X, as in expenses. ...It's a watch. ...No. I don't wanna buy one.
COLEMAN: Cagney! (handing her an envelope) Special delivery here for ya.
CHRISTINE: Oh yes. What is it?
COLEMAN: Does this look like the man with X-ray eyes?!
CHRISTINE: You know, Coleman, you light up the room ...just by leaving it!
MARY BETH: (into phone)...Sir. If anyone tries to pawn any of these items, please let us know at once. ...Especially the Rolex watch, sir. ...Thank you. (slamming down the phone) Relax!
CHRISTINE: Sound advice, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: (abruptly) What have you got?
CHRISTINE: Valuations from Hongs clients' files. (leafing through the documents from the envelope) Contracts. Contracts. Contracts.
MARY BETH: Well that was the last pawnbroker on the East Side. I say we're up against a dead end here.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth! Wait a minute. Looks like Hong does have some enemies. They aren't all Puerto Rican. Look at this.
MARY BETH: 'Dear sir, you are one month behind in your care payments'. Who isn't? (Chris hands her the next page) 'If we do not receive your payment within three days...'.

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: Hong's law partner claims that he was a selfless do-gooder. Loved by the Cambodians. Funding them in some of their businesses. (handing him the document) But then he's sending this nasty collection note to people who fell behind on their payments.
MARY BETH: The secretary says that there's a cab driver named Tamuk Lampoll who tried to buy time. When Hong avoided his phone calls, this cab driver started making threats.
SAMUELS: He maybe a deadbeat. What makes you think he's a killer?
CHRISTINE: We contacted the Cab Commission for Lampoll's trip card the night of the homicide.
MARY BETH: At eighteen-fifteen he drove around empty. Right around the time the ME figures that Hong was shot. Then at ten-fifteen PM, sir, he picked up his next fare. At Waverly and Sixth.
CHRISTINE: Same area as Hong's office.
MARY BETH: The ME's report also shows that he was shot with a twenty-two-calibre pistol at close range.
CHRISTINE: Close enough to leave powder burns under the skin.
MARY BETH: Close enough to suggest that it was somebody who knew him.
SAMUELS: Er, I don't see what you're waiting for. Bring him in.
MARY BETH: Yes sir.
CHRISTINE: Thank you.
SAMUELS: Take a chair, Cagney. I wanna talk to you about your car.
CHRISTINE: My car? What about my car?
SAMUELS: Well, I don't know. After thirty years of er, station wagons and sedans, I think that maybe it's time for me to make a change.
CHRISTINE: Er, Lieutenant, I really don't think that my car would be right for you.
SAMUELS: Why not?
CHRISTINE: The truth is ...I've always pictured you in a Jaguar. (Samuels is flattered and smiles. Chris smiles back) Excuse me, Lieutenant.

[Cab company]

(the dispatcher is indicating to the duo the driver of a cab that has just returned. He is greeted warmly by a younger man)
CHRISTINE: (showing her shield to driver) Mr. Lampoll?
TUMAK LAMPOLL: Yes, I am Lampoll.
CHRISTINE: We are investigating the death of Charles Hong. We'd like you to come with us, sir.
MARY BETH: To the Station House to answer a few questions.
TUMAK LAMPOLL: Yes. I understand.
SIRIK LAMPOLL: My father didn't do anything wrong! All he did was believe Hong's lies. Like everybody else here. Hong was a criminal! You have no right at all.
TUMAK LAMPOLL: Sirik! (he holds his father back who says something to him in Cambodian) These people are only doing their job! Here! (holding out the cab's change box) Please, give them respect.
(Sirik grabs the box and glares at the duo)

[Interview room]

TUMAK LAMPOLL: In Cambodia, I was doctor. Here I not allowed to practice. I work twenty-hour day driving taxi. I have to work to take care of my family.
CHRISTINE: And Hong gave you the money for that taxi.
TUMAK LAMPOLL: I borrow money from him. I promise to pay him back.
MARY BETH: But you didn't keep up the payments?
TUMAK LAMPOLL: One month ago I had accident in taxi. I not work. Not make money for one full week.
MARY BETH: And Mr. Hong wasn't happy about that?
TUMAK LAMPOLL: He talked to me in letters. He say 'Pay me money or I take back your taxi!'. Mr. Hong, he want more, more! In Cambodia I know who my enemies are. In America, it not too easy to tell.
CHRISTINE: Then you did consider Charles Hong to be one of your enemies?
TUMAK LAMPOLL: I try to make him understand. I went to talk to him last Friday night.
MARY BETH: He was alone...
CHRISTINE: ...and you had a gun.
TUMAK LAMPOLL: No!! I went to talk. Just talk!
CHRISTINE: But you argued?
TUMAK LAMPOLL: No. When I arrived he was sitting at desk. His head on typewriter. His eyes looking at me. He already dead!!

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the duo comes in from the interview room)
MARY BETH: Looks like he was deliberately pushed to the wall.
CHRISTINE: I don't know. But he didn't shoot Hong.
NEWMAN: Cagney! There's a call for you. I put it on three.
CHRISTINE: Thank you. (to Mary Beth) I gotta get back.
ISBECKI: (who has followed them in) Coleman asked me to give you these messages. Harvey! ...Harvey?!! ...Harvey!!! (Mary Beth snatches them from him) Ain't love grand?
MARY BETH: Better than your bad jokes.
ISBECKI: (turning to Petrie) Hormones.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) ...Yes, Mr. Slade. ...Exactly as advertised. ...Ah ha. ...A seventy-two Corvette convertible. ..I'm the owner. ...Lustre paint job. ...Yeah. Always garaged.
ISBECKI: (aside to Petrie as they come up behind her) Yeah, with six mechanics looking at it.
(Chris tries to shush them. Isbecki bursts out laughing)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) ...Well,'s as the ad says. ...'Must be seen to be believed!'
PETRIE: One way to keep a clear conscience.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) ..Sure. Late afternoon is perfect for me. ...Mercer Street Garage. ...Great!!! ...OK. I'll see you then. ...Bye. (she rings off. Petrie and Isbecki are still laughing) Go ahead and laugh. By Friday I'll be minus one car and five thousand dollars richer.
NEWMAN: As the ad says 'Must see to believe'.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Harve, ask your mother to turn it down. ...Then go in our bedroom and close the door, Harve. ...Alice is in there? ...No. No, I don't want you to wake up the baby, Harve. No. ...I know. ...Ah ha. ...Ah ha. ...Er. Harve, I know. ...Bye Harve. (she rings off) That was Harve.
CHRISTINE: Harve Who? (Mary Beth blanks her) That was a joke. ...Look, about the cabbie. Before we check the gun I wanna talk to Hong's widow.
MARY BETH: Check the gun! Christine, we have enough to book the man. We can talk to the widow after!
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth! But she's got a motive! She gonna get all of Hong's money. I just wanna look at her face-to-face before we dismiss her as a suspect.
MARY BETH: What ever you say, Sergeant.

[Hongs' apartment]

SOPHY HONG: I'm afraid Charles and I didn't talk very much about his business. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.
CHRISTINE: When you and your husband were out in public together did you ever sense that he feared for his life?
SOPHY HONG: To be honest I can't remember the last time we were out together.
MARY BETH: Mrs. Hong, sometimes we have to ask questions that are personal.
CHRISTINE: Were you and your husband having marital problems?
SOPHY HONG: I loved Charles. But we grew apart. His law firm just became everything to him. The things that mattered once began to matter less and less until...
(Mrs. Hong stops in mid-sentence)
MARY BETH: Until what?
SOPHY HONG: We lost our only son to the Khmer Rouge. We were going to start a new family here. Instead he started business! Success was all he had left to be with him. Money was everything. Family nothing. That's the American Way, isn't it?
MARY BETH: Mrs. Hong, what can you tell us about a man called Tamuk Lampoll?
SOPHY HONG: We met him and his sons when we first came to this country. A good man. I believe he'd been a doctor in Phnom Penh.
CHRISTINE: He drives a taxi here. He owed your husband a lot of money.
SOPHY HONG: You think Lampoll fell out with Charles?
CHRISTINE: We think it's a possibility.
SOPHY HONG: I'm not surprised. In America people change.

[Manhattan street outside the Hongs' apartment building]

CHRISTINE: I wish I had that sort of money, Mary Beth? Did you see those Chinese armoires?
CHRISTINE: They cost around five thousand dollars. And how about that screen with inlaid jade? Not too bad!
MARY BETH: Well, what I saw, Christine, was a very unhappy woman.
(they get in the car)

[Squad car]

CHRISTINE: I don't wanna book Lampoll yet.
MARY BETH: Christine!

[Locker room]

MARY BETH: Lampoll says he wants more time to pay back his loan. Hong won't give it to him. Lampoll, desperate, goes over the edge ...and shoots him.
CHRISTINE: What about the typewriter?
MARY BETH: What about it?
CHRISTINE: Well you said it, Mary Beth, the man is desperate. So he steals Hong's wallet and his watch. Maybe he needs money, but to stop and take a huge office typewriter.
MARY BETH: He couldn't be choosy. It was the only one they had.
CHRISTINE: No, Mary Beth, it doesn't make any sense.
MARY BETH: Christine, a man committing murder is not interested in making sense!
CHRISTINE: That's another thing. I don't buy Lampoll's a murderer.
MARY BETH: In America people change.
CHRISTINE: You were in the room with him. He looked us right in the eye!
MARY BETH: What I saw was a man willing to do anything to protect his family. He went too far, that's all!
CHRISTINE: He works twenty-hour shifts. The man plays by the rules.
MARY BETH: A lot of people play by the rules. They borrow from the banks. They work like dogs. They get behind the eight ball, so what do they do? They break the rules.
CHRISTINE: For what? Fifteen hundred bucks. Peanuts!
MARY BETH: To the Rockefellers maybe. And other people with trust funds!
CHRISTINE: Just because I have a trust fund it does not mean that I don't understand money problems.
MARY BETH: Then think about it, Christine. Lampoll comes here. Works from morning 'til night grabbing for the brass ring like the rest of us. This is America! All you have to do is pay your dues, keep your nose clean and you too can become a millionaire. Right?! Just like in the movies!
MARY BETH: This was a man working his heart out, Christine! And the thing he wanted keeps moving further and further away from him so he could never touch it. Under that kind of pressure even a decent man could lose himself.
CHRISTINE: It still doesn't explain the typewriter.
MARY BETH: Good night, Chris.

[Parking garage]

(Kevin Slade is inspecting the car)
CHRISTINE: You happen to be looking at a bona fide muscle machine here. I mean, you put the pedal to the metal in this baby, huh, and you can ...kiss you friends goodbye. You know what I'm saying?
KEVIN SLADE: Oh God. I've been waiting my whole life for something like this.
CHRISTINE: Yeah! Well you got it now!
KEVIN SLADE: You know, ...this would be my first car.
CHRISTINE: Are your parents giving it to you as a graduation present?
KEVIN SLADE: Graduation present? Get serious. I've been working double shifts in Tasty Brew ever since Junior High. ...How does it start in cold weather?
CHRISTINE: Cold weather? Consistent. Always consistent. Sure.
KEVIN SLADE: Oh, that's good to hear. Especially since I'll been getting up pretty early in the morning to get my grandmother out to Mineola.
CHRISTINE: Long Island?!
KEVIN SLADE: Yeah. Well she hates to be late for morning mass. How's about repairs?
CHRISTINE: Well, you know, any car you buy, you're gonna have repairs. Old or new.
KEVIN SLADE: Little ones, I hope. I'll be putting my last dime into this baby. If the taillight went out, I'd be broke.
CHRISTINE: You know, Kevin, this is a very expensive car.
KEVIN SLADE: Hey, it looks it.
CHRISTINE: I mean, parking in the City is not cheap. You've got insurance. You have to pay tariff. And there's tolls on the bridge, they add up.
KEVIN SLADE: Well, maybe grandmother'll be wanting to help, huh?
CHRISTINE: Kevin, can we talk?

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

(the family is around the table. Harvey is looking at the development plans and papers. Mary Beth is reading at a book. The boys are playing cards)
MICHAEL: Mom, Ricky Pitman's going to sports camp this Summer.
MARY BETH: Anywhere exciting?
MICHAEL: Burlington, Vermont. A lake in the middle of the woods. He said it's better than day camp. He said that they've got horseback riding, water skiing, archery.
HARVEY: Nothing wrong with your day camp.
MICHAEL: There's nothing to do there At least at Ricky's camp....
HARVEY: Yeah, maybe we can't afford Ricky's camp. Have you ever thought of that? Mm?
MARY BETH: He just mentioned it, Harve!
MICHAEL: (to Harvey Jr.) The games not over!
HARVEY JR.: It is now. Night, Mum.
MARY BETH: Good night. (Harvey Jr. gestures to Michael to go to bed too) I'll come in. (after the boys have gone) Taking it out on Michael's not fair.
HARVEY: Yeah, I know. I'll tell him I'm sorry. (slamming the papers down on the plans he gets up) I am sick ...and tired of beating my head against a wall.
MARY BETH: What are you talking about?
HARVEY: I'm talking about packing this job in all together! Cutting our losses while we still can.
MARY BETH: You're not serious.
HARVEY: If we get out now we lose about four thousand dollars, Mary Beth. That's a hefty hunk of change, but at least it's not everything. Marty Cathelin, he's been pestering me for weeks to go in with him and his father-in-law. Eighteen bucks an hour, three months guaranteed.
MARY BETH: And then what?
HARVEY: Then I look for another job. Maybe it'll take a little longer, but at least that way, we know we will be able to get the house.
MARY BETH: Saratoga is the one that you've been waiting for, Harvey.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, if the weather does not break we could wind up losing everything.
MARY BETH: We can borrow from the pension fund. I could go to the credit union...
HARVEY: Sure, sure.
MARY BETH: ...and we'll fill out every lousy...
HARVEY: A debt that we never get out from under!
MARY BETH: OK. Then if we have to, we'll take it out of the house savings. Whatever it takes.
HARVEY: Gamble away all our years of sweat and saving!!! Now, this is crazy!!!
MARY BETH: Crazy!! You want crazy! Crazy is the way that you have been acting!!!
HARVEY: Back off, Mary Beth.
(he gets up) MARY BETH: Bouncing off the walls and yelling at the kids!!
HARVEY: All right! All right!!
MARY BETH: No, it's not all right!!!
HARVEY: (shouting at the top of his voice) What the hell do you want from me?!!!
MARY BETH: (shouting back) I want you to quit making everybody miserable!!! And taking it out on everybody and treating everybody like the enemy!!! Where are you going!!!
HARVEY: Anybody calls I'm up on the roof!
MARY BETH: Good!! Go up on the roof!!! That doesn't solve anything!!! (she gives a sarcastic curtsy after he's gone) I hope you freeze your nose off.

[Squad car]

CHRISTINE: I've been thinking about that cabbie all night. The way I view it, a taxi driver working for a fleet is clearing eighty, ninety dollars a night on percentage. Whereas a driver-owner can make a hundred and fifty ...clear profit. Do you know what I mean. Of course that's on an all night eight-hour shift. We know that Lampoll doesn't work long hours, don't we?
MARY BETH: I can't follow what you're saying.
CHRISTINE: Do you think Angie Dickinson keeps her gun in her bra or her stocking?
MARY BETH: Mauldin?

[Lampoll's apartment]

(the extended family is gathered round)
CHRISTINE: You split the driving of the cab with your father. Right?
SIRIK LAMPOLL: I did. Before you took him away.
CHRISTINE: I know the two of you were blown out.
SIRIK LAMPOLL: Hong liked to live good. And between the loan payments, his lawyers fees and the rent on this flat. Hong had it made!
CHRISTINE: Wait a minute. Did Hong own this building?
SIRIK LAMPOLL: And everyone in it.
MARY BETH: A lot of people that borrowed from Hong, they lived here too?
SIRIK LAMPOLL: That was part of the agreement he made us sign. He said that in America you must work hard to make yourself a success. But what he didn't tell us how hard. ...Excuse me. I have to get back to work.
(he picks up the change box and ushers the duo out)

[Helen Mauldin's office]

HELEN MAULDIN: For your information, Sergeant, we charge the legal limit on our loans. It maybe high, but then so is the risk.
CHRISTINE: What about the lawyer's fees. The ten thousand dollars you attach to each loan.
HELEN MAULDIN: Our clients feel it is a small price to pay for the opportunity that we offer them.
CHRISTINE: For what?! Living in tenements, packed like sardines!
HELEN MAULDIN: These people are used to living in close quarters. Maybe if you knew more about Cambodian families you would understand the culture.
MARY BETH: That's funny. I didn't see fourteen relatives crammed in Mr. Hong's apartment, and (to Chris) what did he have there,? About eleven rooms.
HELEN MAULDIN: Back in Cambodia they would be dodging bullets! Here they have a chance to survive. To ...start new lives.
MARY BETH: And make you and Charles Hong rich!
HELEN MAULDIN: Ha. You obviously know nothing about the kind of man he really was.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, that's what we're finding out.
HELEN MAULDIN: Charles really cared about these people. Really cared. And I was proud to call myself his friend ...and his partner. Good day, ladies.

[Precinct House front desk]

(the duo comes in)
CHRISTINE: A lot of good that did. All she did was defend Hong as if he was some kind of a saint.
MARY BETH: We can go back to the clients' files and check on everybody in debt to Hong and Mauldin. (to the female uniformed officer on desk duty who gives her a message) Thank you.
CHRISTINE: Why did she defend him? It kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it? Was he that good? Or was he better than good? (to the officer) Do I have anything.
MARY BETH: Do you think they were sleeping together?
CHRISTINE: She said she loved the work. Maybe they needed more than work to keep them occupied!

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the duo comes in)
PETRIE: (pointing to a large plastic bag) The Harbour Patrol picked it up dragging the East River for stolen cars. The serial number matches the one from your homicide investigation.
CHRISTINE: Do you think it would have killed them to have washed it off?
ISBECKI: I bet they didn't do the windows either!
MARY BETH: Do you have some place to be, Victor?
ISBECKI: What is it with you, Lacey? You've been sucking a lemon all week.
PETRIE: (to Isbecki) Come on.
ISBECKI: (following Petrie) Do you see what I mean? Hormones.
(Samuels walks past and sees them looking at the typewriter)
CHRISTINE: It's Hong' s typewriter, all right.
MARY BETH: Why would somebody go to the trouble of stealing a typewriter so they could dump it in the East River.
CHRISTINE: Tamuk Lampoll said that he found Hong's body slumped over this very typewriter. If he's innocent...
MARY BETH: ...then the real killer had to be on the premises when Lampoll left.
CHRISTINE: Had to be somebody who could come back in, steal the typewriter to make it look like a robbery, and then remove it from the building without being questioned.
MARY BETH: Sophy Hong.
CHRISTINE: Or Helen Mauldin.
MARY BETH: It's late, Christine. I've gotta go.
CHRISTINE: Come on! We can go over this in thirty minutes! I have to be crosstown by five anyway.
MARY BETH: First thing in the morning. OK?
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth goes to sign out) Terrific. (following Mary Beth) Terrific, Mary Beth! We've been busting our bums over this all week. Do you want to tell me the reason why you wanna go home?!
MARY BETH: No, Christine, I do not wanna go home. ...But I am!
(Samuels has continued to watch them)

[Outside a car repair garage]

(a mechanic is inspecting the Corvette)
CHRISTINE: You come very highly recommended. There's a man in my building, Jordan Marquette. He's got a T-bird that was making noises. Now it just purrs like a kitten! And I thought that maybe you could help me.
MECHANIC: I'm afraid we have a real sick patient on our hands here.
CHRISTINE: Well, how much would it gonna cost to ...operate?
MECHANIC: Well, with the suspension, the brakes, the clutch work, the engine rebuild. Not to mention...
CHRISTINE: (as he goes to lower the hood) Careful!
MECHANIC: ...brain damage. We're talking, maybe, major buckolas.
CHRISTINE: Could you be a little more specific?
MECHANIC: From the looks of it, you've got yourself a real lemon. ...Just like the colour, huh?
CHRISTINE: It's called canary yellow!
MECHANIC: Then it fits. This cars for the birds.
CHRISTINE: I happen to like this car, OK?!
MECHANIC: Maybe that's why you can't sell it. You're too sentimental.
CHRISTINE: I'm not all sentimental.
MECHANIC: Then I have the perfect solution. I have a ...friend ...who for a modest fee will see to it that your auto (getting conspiratorial) is professionally appropriated!
CHRISTINE: (quietly) You mean stolen/
MECHANIC: It's only covered for theft of course?
CHRISTINE: Oh, yes. The police are down on this sort of thing. They give it some terrific coverage.
(she shows him her shield)
MECHANIC: Ha, ha, ha. I was only kidding! You look like a woman who can take a joke.
CHRISTINE: Yeah? Now what makes you think that?
MECHANIC: You've been driving one!!! Now, look. Look. Honestly I can't take any money for fixing the deceased.
CHRISTINE: Well, what can you suggest then?
MECHANIC: Face the facts. (he puts his arm round her and takes her to the breakers yard next door) All good things must come to an end.
CHRISTINE: You don't...
MECHANIC: They shoot horses, don't they?

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth wakes up and finds Harvey is not in bed. He is standing by the window)
MARY BETH: Harvey. ...Honey.
HARVEY: Looks like the end of the world out there. I don't wanna work for Marty Cathelin. I don't wanna go back to that any more. But I want us to have that house, Mary Beth. (he rejoins her) God do I want it.
MARY BETH: Harve, ...we've had seventeen years of ups and downs together. If we have to stay in this apartment another seventeen years, it wouldn't kill us.
HARVEY: And maybe I've bit off more than I can chew.
MARY BETH: Don't say that.
HARVEY: I mean, what do I know about turning old barns into malls? I mean, what if I screw up and the developers hate it?
MARY BETH: Oh, sweetheart, don't.
HARVEY: Maybe God's trying to tell me something with that weather out there. I don't know anything anymore.
MARY BETH: Harvey, what is it you want? What do you really want?
HARVEY: I wanna work for myself. Be my own boss. I wanna give you and the kids the best.
MARY BETH: Come on then. (they get up and cuddle while looking at Alice in her cot) Do you know what she told in a dream. She told me that she thinks you're gonna do a wonderful job in Saratoga. She seems to believe in you. I believe in you.
HARVEY: Could you guarantee it?
MARY BETH: (shaking her head) No guarantees in this life, babe. You'll make it happen, Harvey, I know you will.
(they continue to cuddle)

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: Either Hong's wife shoots him because he's been cheating on her, or Mauldin does the job because he wants to end the affair.
SAMUELS: What about alibis?
CHRISTINE: Mauldin says that she was with one of her Cambodian clients who happens to owe her one hundred thousand dollars and Sophy Hong says that she was at home and the doorman confirms it, which wouldn't be too hard to arrange.
SAMUELS: Well, it sounds like you're on to something. What does Lacey think?
CHRISTINE: She agrees with me.
SAMUELS: Ha, ha. There's nice.
CHRISTINE: I beg your pardon.
SAMUELS: Well, I haven't heard your partner agree with anybody all week. Don't tell me you haven't noticed?
CHRISTINE: Well, she's been ...a little out of salts, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: More than a little out of salts. Do you know what the problem is?
CHRISTINE: I don't think that there is a problem.
SAMUELS: I'm not asking you to tell me what it is!
CHRISTINE: Lacey's not letting it interfere with her job, Lieutenant. And her work is up to its normal high standards. I really don't think you have anything to worry about.
SAMUELS: Well, all right, all right, I'll take your word for it. So you can go now.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Cagney! There's on thing though. This problem which your partner doesn't have. Make sure it doesn't get to be a problem for the both of yous.
CHRISTINE: Yes, Lieutenant.

[Ladies room]

CHRISTINE: (coming in) Mary Beth?!
MARY BETH: (from a WC) Right here, Christine! (she comes out and splashes water on her face) So what's this about what Samuels thinks?
CHRISTINE: He said that we're really on to something with this triangle theory. So I think that maybe we should start by talking to Mrs. Hong again.
MARY BETH: (leaning over the hand basin, wiping her eyes and sounding weepy) Yeah, give me a minute will ya, Chris?
CHRISTINE: Well, Mary Beth, how's the family?
MARY BETH: (half laughing, half crying, Chris half laughs) The boys are fine, thank you. And Alice is making more and more sounds every day. She's got a great pair of lungs on her, that little girl.
CHRISTINE: And Harvey? Is everything OK with the job now?
MARY BETH: (still in a broken voice) Actually, Christine, things aren't looking so good. Now every day, with this cold, we have to sit out the weather. Now, of course, that's an arm and a leg.
CHRISTINE: Well, that's bound to clear up. It's just a matter of time.
MARY BETH: (recovering) Yeah, that's what I told Harve. That we have to hang in there, but he's thinking about quitting and walking away and taking our losses.
CHRISTINE: Oh, you know how men can be when they get upset. ...Give it a minute. I bet if you talk to him...
MARY BETH: I did talk to him, Chris. I told him 'Don't be afraid'. I told him how much I believe in him. As long as I've known Harvey, he's been waiting for a big break. ...We both have. All these years I've been making two paycheques stretch to the end of the month and ...having to think about it when you buy a pair of shoes. Sending clothes to the cleaners. This job in Saratoga, this was supposed to be the one that made the difference. To tell you the truth, Christine, I don't think it will. I don't know if it ever will. (her voice breaking) I don't like let Harvey know that.
CHRISTINE: Harvey's a terrific guy! He's gonna be fine. (Mary Beth nods her head) So you're scared? Who wouldn't be? Huh? You believe in him. That's what he needed to hear. (Mary Beth nods again) Being a partner, ya know, that's all that really counts.
(Mary Beth forces a smile at the mirror and does her eye makeup)

[Manhattan street outside the Hongs' apartment building]

(the duo comes out)
CHRISTINE: Mrs, Hong didn't even know who she married in him.
MARY BETH: It may not be enough.
CHRISTINE: So we'll have to make it enough.

[Helen Mauldin's office]

(Chris is giving papers to Helen Mauldin)
HELEN MAULDIN: Look, I have got a lot of people waiting, if you don't mind.
MARY BETH: Poor Mrs. Hong. Her husband's dead a week already. And she's still getting his mail. Like this new stationery, for instance.
CHRISTINE: (picking up a sheet from the desk) He ordered a thousand of these?! This is strange. His name appears alone on the letterhead.
MARY BETH: Yeah, but there's no business address!
(Helen Mauldin stares at the papers and remains silent)
CHRISTINE: Look, I can imagine how you felt. Realising that your partner is moving to an uptown office without you.
HELEN MAULDIN: I don't know what you're talking about.
CHRISTINE: You taught him more than just English. You showed him how to make the big bucks. 'Hell hath no fury like a partner scorned'.
HELEN MAULDIN: I ...extremely busy.
CHRISTINE: You know, we oughta just talk to your alibi. That cabbie. Maytek? He said that he's willing to testify that you persuaded him into making his statement.
HELEN MAULDIN: (laughingly) I persuaded him?!
MARY BETH: That's what he said and he speaks very good English.
HELEN MAULDIN: Mm. But that's his word against mine. You've got nothing to go on. ...And you know it.
MARY BETH: We also have a witness who saw you lugging a certain typewriter out of this office building.
HELEN MAULDIN: Well, I can explain that.
CHRISTINE: (after a long pause) Please? ...We're all ears.
HELEN MAULDIN: I would er, like to call my lawyer.
MARY BETH: Be our guest.
CHRISTINE: (out of the side of her mouth to Mary Beth while Helen Mauldin phones) What witness?

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: Nice work today, Detective.
MARY BETH: There's more to be done but I think we'll get a conviction, Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. At least Lampoll's free.
CHRISTINE: (Chris has searched her handbag and pockets) Mary Beth,'s kind of embarrassing. Have you five dollars I can borrow for a cab?
MARY BETH: Oh, I guess I can handle that. Your car died again, huh?
CHRISTINE: In a manner of speaking.
MARY BETH: You know, Christine, some people might have a problem selling a car that doesn't run.
CHRISTINE: Actually I decided not to sell it.
MARY BETH: Are you gonna get it fixed finally?
CHRISTINE: I already did.
MARY BETH: I thought you said your car died.
CHRISTINE: A true masterpiece never dies, Mary Beth. No, no, it lives on forever! Good night.

[Chris's loft]

(Chris pours her self a glass of wine. She walks over to the Corvette dashboard which has some black plastic draped over it. She flicks some wine at it and the lights come on)
CHRISTINE: Huh. Sure. (raising her glass) To modern art.

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Harvey in a thick coat and scarf is putting his shoes on. Alice gurgles. Mary Beth, wrapped up in bed with heavy woollen mufflers on her arms wakes up)
MARY BETH: Honey. (Harvey puts a finger to his lips) Sweetheart, come to bed. Come on, we need to get some sleep.
HARVEY: I know. And if I leave now, I can be in Saratoga by seven.
MARY BETH: (sleepily) Saratoga. (coming to) Saratoga!
HARVEY: I've just got off the phone with Garibaldi. The wind chill's down-temperature's up ten degrees. He talked to his carpenters. They're ready to go. ...And I know I am.
MARY BETH: (wrapping his coat round him) Come here.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, thank you.
MARY BETH: For what?
HARVEY: Talking me through this. Babe...
MARY BETH: I love you too. ...Go! ...Get going! (he kisses Alice and turns back at the door) This is going be the best mall that Saratoga's ever seen. (she blows him a kiss) I'll call you as soon as I get up there.
(after he has gone, she picks up a pillow and cuddles it)

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