The Man Who Shot Trotsky
Original Airdate: March 3, 1986

[Precinct House front desk]

(Coleman is booking Arnie, a street performer, while Petrie and Isbecki go through his pockets and put several wallets on the counter. A derelict comes up)
PETRIE: Well, it's not a bad days work, Arnie.
DERELICT: I wish to report a homicide.
COLEMAN: We'll see if we can't grant you that wish.
ARNIE: You can't do this to me. People come and watch me dance. They spend their money. I bring the City revenue.
PETRIE: Arnie, they can't spend it if they don't have their wallets.
ARNIE: You put me in jail, the people will stay home. You'll regret it.
COLEMAN: Keeping the streets safe?
(they take him off to the holding cell. He dances backwards ahead of them)

[Detectives' Squad room]

(the duo each with a bunch of files follow Petrie, Isbecki and Arnie in)
CHRISTINE: Hey, Arnie, you're looking sharp.
ARNIE: (still dancing) Today the Precinct. Tomorrow the White House!
CHRISTINE: Two cases of break in. Petty larceny.
MARY BETH: Oh, I can see what's coming a mile away.
CHRISTINE: (leafing through the files) First connections, Mary Beth. How many more of these can you take?
MARY BETH: I know what's on your mind, Christine. (throwing her files on her desk) So do you wanna get to the point? Shoot.
CHRISTINE: I wanna go after Mansfield. Is that fast enough?!
MARY BETH: Leave it go, Chris.
CHRISTINE: No. We have the time now and we certainly could use the excitement.
MARY BETH: Every time things get dull around here, you drag that one out and we get nowhere. He went underground. Leave it to Narcotics.
CHRISTINE: It is dead at Narcotics.
MARY BETH: It is dead at Narcotics because we blew the collar.
CHRISTINE: No, it is dead at Narcotics because I blew the collar. I'm the one who is unhappy.
MARY BETH: We both got grief from the man. Now what do wanna go and get more for?
CHRISTINE: I say we go out on the streets and just turn up some accounts and see what comes up. I mean, he can't stay underground forever.
MARY BETH: (pointing to the files on the desks) Yeah? And who does this?
COLEMAN: (he has come in with the derelict) Can I have your attention here?! ...This gentleman wants to report a homicide.
DERELICT: Someone just shot Leon Trotsky in Union Square Park.
(the room stays silent)
COLEMAN: Homicide requires a detective on the scene. Lieutenant wants to know who's catching it?
ISBECKI: Cagney and Lacey are.
CHRISTINE: Oh, afraid not, Victor. No, no. We just had a very hot tip on a breaking drug case, didn't we, Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: Right? Er, he's all yours, fellas.
ISBECKI: No, we can't. We have Arnie.
CHRISTINE: (rushing out, followed by Mary Beth) Well, Newman and Corassa. Looks like your lucky day!
CORASSA: Coleman, he's a nutcase. Call Belle Vue.
COLEMAN: Homicide just reported. It checked out.
NEWMAN: Leon Trotsky was a Russian revolutionary.
NEWMAN: He's been dead over forty-five years.
COLEMAN: It could be a hell of a collar!

[Brooklyn street]

(the duo are at the back of a mobile pharmacy)
CHRISTINE: (handing a her card) Than you very much.
MARY BETH: You know my feelings about using informants, Christine.
CHRISTINE: I tell ya, this our only chance. We've already tried it the Narcotics way. Mansfield is too smart to sting.
MARY BETH: If he's so smart, what would he be doing in Brooklyn?
CHRISTINE: The Sixty-Fifth caught a major supplier last month. The place is just ripe enough for him to move in.
(they get into the car, each with a coffee)

[Squad car]

CHRISTINE: I know it. I don't wanna hear about last time.
MARY BETH: OK. Who are we talking to?
CHRISTINE: Hector Estevez.
MARY BETH: Is that that kid who stole your car?!
CHRISTINE: Yeah. I've asked him to keep his ears open for me.
MARY BETH: And you trust the kid?
CHRISTINE: He helped me find my car, didn't he?
MARY BETH: As I recall, you threatened him with Grand Larceny Auto. That's what helped you find your car.
CHRISTINE: So he needed a little persuading.
MARY BETH: Fasten your seat belt, Chris. ...Put your seat belt on or I'm not moving. (Chris rips the seat belt across her and fastens it) Thank you.

[Brooklyn street]

(Hector is unloading a rack of dresses from a van)
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: (greeting her) Cagney! You're looking good!
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Hector. I'd like you to meet my partner. This is Detective Lacey.
MARY BETH: How ya doing, Mr. Estevez.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: Today?! Much better than expected. To what do I owe this pleasure? Do not, tell me. You've lost your car ...again?
CHRISTINE: Not since you left the business.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: You hurt my feelings. And to think that I've been saving one of these especially for you.
(he holds up a wedding dress)
MARY BETH: I like him.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: You know, Cagney, These are top clothes.
CHRISTINE: Have you got something?
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: No. I just wanted a chat.
CHRISTINE: Hector, you said you would get in touch if you heard anything at all.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: You know, the first principle of business, Cagney, is motivation. You asked me to do a dangerous job. I had no motivation. How can I do this job?
CHRISTINE: OK, Hector, what is it you want?
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: Well, it's my brother, Ernesto. He's er, a spiritual ...advisor who must travel from place to place and can not always watch the meter.
CHRISTINE: So how many parking tickets does he have?
CHRISTINE: Look, you find out if it's Mansfield. If it is, then we'll talk business.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: Oh, I like talking business with you.
CHRISTINE: Be at the diner. Eight o'clock. See you later.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: Cagney! Again. You and me. It's an honour. You see, in my neighbourhood, (taking off his hat) the hombre acts asks the lady out.
CHRISTINE: And I thought chivalry died. See you tonight, Hector.
(they walk off)
MARY BETH: Chris, I can't go with you tonight. Muriel's taking the boys to a movie so Harve and I have two more hours together. It's a very big deal, Christine. We're hoping that Alice sleeps half the time.
CHRISTINE: So what do you think?
MARY BETH: I figure it would be nice if she slept the whole time.
CHRISTINE: I mean about Hector!
MARY BETH: Oh, it's a long shot, Christine. If there is a supplier, why, it could be anybody.
CHRISTINE: Who knows. It could be Mansfield. I say we dig around. See what we come up with.
MARY BETH: OK. We'll stop by the Six-Five station.
CHRISTINE: No, Mary Beth, come on.
MARY BETH: We owe them, Christine.
CHRISTINE: I don't wanna waste my time making courtesy calls. He's ours! If he comes out here we're gonna be the ones to nail him.
MARY BETH: All right. We will track down Detective Bisconti and at least let somebody know we're around.
CHRISTINE: (not happy) Oh!
MARY BETH: Protocol, Christine.

[Brooklyn alley]

(they are at the scene of a crime)
BISCONTI: Forget it!
CHRISTINE: Bisconti! Wait a second! I will even let you have the assist.
BISCONTI: What you mean is you'll let me back you up in case you get in trouble.
CHRISTINE: Now, that's a terrible attitude!
BISCONTI: What are you working on?
CHRISTINE: Nothing, just routine stuff. Nothing you'd be interested in.
BISCONTI: See you later, Serge. (to a police photographer) Make sure you get pictures of everything.
CHRISTINE: (going after him) Hey!
MARY BETH: Christine.
CHRISTINE: Bisconti!! Give us a break here. Huh? Call it a favour.
BISCONTI: You owe me already!
CHRISTINE: I paid you back! I handed you that Stranski collar on a silver platter.
BISCONTI: Oh, yeah. What about the Spencer case?
CHRISTINE: (smiling sweetly) Do you want something on the Spencer case?
BISCONTI: Look, Cagney, I'd love to help you out but the Sixty-Fifth is my Precinct. You gotta learn to cooperate.
CHRISTINE: (to Mary Beth as Bisconti goes off) So much for protocol.

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

(Mary Beth comes in. Harvey is lighting candles on the coffee table)
MARY BETH: I don't know what it is with Christine. I'm thinking of suggesting we change partners. (she takes off one boot) I'm so sorry to be late, sweetheart. We had to go over to Brooklyn, and then, at the last minute, we got called downtown.
(she sits on the settee beside Harvey))
HARVEY: Hey babe, forget it.
MARY BETH: You're not upset?
MARY BETH: (as he unzips and takes off her other boot) Oh, that's nice.
HARVEY: How's our little girl?
MARY BETH: Sleeping like a baby. (as Harvey goes to massage her foot) Do you wanna go and look at her?
HARVEY: In a while.
MARY BETH: (he kisses her) Mmmm. Harve. ...Harvey, the boys are gonna be back any minute.
HARVEY: You're wrong, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: The movie got out at six-thirty, Harve.
HARVEY: Mum took 'em for ice cream.
MARY BETH: (as they continue to peck) Doubles I hope.
HARVEY: Sundaes.
HARVEY: The works.
MARY BETH: A man after my own heart.
(just then Alice starts to cry)

[Brooklyn diner]

(Hector is sitting at the counter)
CHRISTINE: (coming in) Twenty-eight! Is it?!
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: You ought to learn to relax, Cagney. (taking the two coffees he had ordered to a table) I don't think this cop business is so good for you.
CHRISTINE: Twenty-eight is hardly what I'd call a few! You owe me, Hector!
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: How was I to know? OK, tonight ...I buy you dinner.
CHRISTINE: I don't think I have much of an appetite.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: You will. I'm gonna make you one happy muchacha.
(Chris suddenly looks round as a man comes and sits at the counter just behind her)
CHRISTINE: (dropping her voice) Is it Mansfield? (Hector nods) Are you sure?
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: On the grave of my mother. That is the name of the supplier. Sergeant Cagney! I get the tickets fixed or what?!
CHRISTINE: Yeah. Thanks.
CHRISTINE: Good work, Hector.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: Good?!! It's great! And tonight ...I'll bring you a special bonus. Free of charge. Word on this deal is that it would not be healthy for your man. So now, he's making one ...big ...drop. Then, ...'Adios'.
CHRISTINE: This evening? When is the deal?
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: End of the week.
CHRISTINE: Can you find out who his buyer is?
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: (thinking about it) Maybe. But how can I do this job if I ain't got no...
CR/HECTOR ESTEVEZ: ...motivation.
CHRISTINE: OK, Hector, I'll have you registered as a confidential informant.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: I do you these favours. You want me to be a pigeon for chicken feed. Now I think, maybe, there is special dineros for special hombres like me. Say five hundred.
CHRISTINE: (shouting) Five h...!!! (bringing her voice down) Are you crazy?
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: I don't think so. ...But maybe you don't really want this, do you?
CHRISTINE: (as he gets up to leave) Sit down, Hector!!! I'll see if I can get you two hundred.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: Look, Cagney, I like you. ...And I want you to respect me.. Now you expect me to do what you ask for two hundred dollars?
CHRISTINE: I'll try for three. ...But I want you to find out who's making the buy from Mansfield. I'll be here tomorrow a two o'clock. You got that?
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: You drive a hard bargain. If I ever need a business partner, I might look you up. (getting up to leave) Maybe I'll even let you (and posing) model my dresses.

[Ladies toilet]

(Chris comes in holding a file and smiling. She stands behind Mary Beth who is in front of the mirror seeing what a new dress looks like)
MARY BETH: (downbeat) Morning.
CHRISTINE: (brightly) Morning! How did your night go?
MARY BETH: It didn't. Tonight we're trying going out. (looking down at the dress which she had been adjusting) Do you like it?
CHRISTINE: Nice! ...Well, at least my night paid off. ...Hector showed. He said the supplier was Mansfield.
MARY BETH: What a surprise.
CHRISTINE: I've got something here, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: What you have is the word of a kid who is saying exactly what he knows you wanna hear.
CHRISTINE: (holding up the file) No. I have this. Bisconti ID'ed a body in the Sixty-Fifth yesterday. Subject of identification, Donald Fraser. He was Mansfield's muscle. I think Mansfield's been calling on all the buyers on someone else's territory. And somebody killed Mansfield's bodyguard to scare him off.
CHRISTINE: Maybe?!!! It all fits. According to Hector, Mansfield was coming in, making one big deal and then leaving. ...We can do this, Mary Beth. ...Mansfield.
(a smile breaks out on Mary Beth's face)

[Samuels' office]

SAMUELS: You two haven't forgotten already what happened the last time?
MARY BETH: No sir! We have not.
SAMUELS: Well, crazy as it sounds, the DA's Office does not like when our detectives entrap their collars.
CHRISTINE: This time we can nail him making a real drop. He can't enforce entrapment.
SAMUELS: You know, we should probably get back to Narcotics.
CHRISTINE: Narcotics has never done anything with it, Lieutenant!! Besides it was me and Lacey who were jerked around by this creep. We're the ones that deserve another shot!!! (Samuels is about to say something) We'd like another shot, Lieutenant.
MARY BETH: With due respect, sir, the Six-Five did find his bodyguard in a trash bin yesterday. It can't mean nothing, sir.
SAMUELS: You're treading dangerous water here. If you blow this one, the DA's gonna want the hide of both of yous.
CHRISTINE: But if we pull it off, Lieutenant, then the whole Squad is gonna look good.
SAMUELS: Not to mention what it's gonna do for you. ...Cagney, three hundred dollars, that's pretty steep. This informant of yours ..better be reliable.
CHRISTINE: (taking the requisition for cash he has signed) Thanks, Lieutenant.

[Detectives' Squad room]

SAMUELS: I would like to know why something like this can go down in my Precinct and I gotta read about in the daily Activity Report!
(he hands the report to Isbecki)
ISBECKI: Trotsky, comma, Leon A. Oh, that! That was this real fruitcake yesterday! He reported a homicide. Me and Corassa checked it out and there wasn't a corpse!
SAMUELS: Then would you like to explain to why a stiff named Trotsky is set up for an autopsy, huh?! Where is Newman and Corassa?
PETRIE: They're appearing in court.
SAMUELS: Well then, you two go down to the morgue. I wanna find out what the hell's going on a round here!!!


ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER: The toe tag says 'Trotsky, Leon A. Male Caucasian. DOA Lexington Hospital'.
PETRIE: Who ordered the autopsy?
ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER: Detective Bronshtein from the Fourteenth.
ISBECKI: There is no Bronshtein in the Fourteenth.
ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER: Are you calling me a liar?!
PETRIE: No, no, no. We're calling this a possible hoax. You see Leon Trotsky died in nineteen forty, so we don't think the homicide victim could be Trotsky.
ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER: The toe tag says 'Trotsky, Leon A.'. Now I've been in this business for more than twenty-three years and I don't believe everything I read. ...Except when it comes to toe tags.
PETRIE: Was there anything in his personal effects that could substantiate his identity?
ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER: Er, just your common everyday pocket items. Communist manifesto. Bottle of Russian vodka. A half-eaten blueberry blintz.
ISBECKI: Oh, too bad. He died before he finished his blintz.
PETRIE: May we see the body?
ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER: Don't tell me. You wanna see if he looks like a man who read Tolstoy.
PETRIE: No, we wanna see there is indeed a body.
(the rack is slid out)
ISBECKI: (reading the toe tag) 'Trotsky, Leon A.'.
ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER: As reported. And to me he looks very ...
ISBECKI: ...Russian...
PETRIE: ...and very dead.
ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER: And very well preserved for somebody who died forty years ago.
PETRIE: (turning over the toe tag) Wait a minute. 'Henderson, William T.'. What do you make of this?
ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER: Possibly a split personality.

[Squad car]

(on stake out)
MARY BETH: Three thirty-four, Christine.
CHRISTINE: I know what time it is.
MARY BETH: Let's face it, Hector's not showing up.
CHRISTINE: Give it a few more minutes.
MARY BETH: Oh, I hate this.
CHRISTINE: He said the the buy was going down this week.
MARY BETH: He also said that he would meet us two hours ago.
CHRISTINE: Punctuality's not one of his strong points.
MARY BETH: I hate using this kid, Christine.
CHRISTINE: (having ignored Mary Beth) Hector said he lives with his brother. (starting the car) I'm going round there.

[Corridor outside the Estevez apartment]

(Chris knocks and the door is opened)
ERNESTO ESTEVAN: What do you want?
CHRISTINE: I'd like to speak to Hector Estevez, please.
ERNESTO ESTEVAN: (going inside) Hector ain't here.

[Estevez apartment]

(a family is gathered round a table)
CHRISTINE: I'm Sergeant Cagney. This is my partner, Detective Lacey. You must be Hector's brother, Ernesto. Right?
MARY BETH: We apologise for interrupting your family's meal, Mr. Estevez.
ERNESTO ESTEVAN: Like I said, Hector's not here.
CHRISTINE: Oh, when would you expect him back. I'd like to leave a message for him.
ERNESTO ESTEVAN: He might come in tonight, he might not. With Hector, you never know.
CHRISTINE: He didn't happen to mention a little favour I did for you, did he?
ERNESTO ESTEVAN: Hector should not have asked you to fix those tickets. I can take care of things myself.
CHRISTINE: I'm sure you can. (giving Ernesto the message) There's a telephone number here and the time and the place I would like him to meet me tonight.
ERNESTO ESTEVAN: I've gotta get ready for work. My food's getting cold.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Mr. Estevez.

[Manhattan street]

CHRISTINE: I've felt more warmth from my freezer.
MARY BETH: What did you expect?
CHRISTINE: A simple 'Thank you' for the tickets would have been nice.
MARY BETH: You didn't do that for him and he knows it. The man is not stupid, Christine. His brother is your informant. Do you think Hector's the only one involved here? It affects his family too. They have to live in this neighbourhood.
CHRISTINE: I'm not going to apologise for doing my job, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: Do you think he cares that we want some dope dealer? His brother's working for the cops now. That's all this means to him.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Harvey is waiting, all dressed up, deep in thought)
NEWMAN [OC]: How could a stiff wind up with more than one toe tag?
MARY BETH: (rushing in) Hi. Just give me two minutes. OK, sweetheart?
CORASSA: Who filed the autopsy report?
PETRIE: It was a phoney. Someone called Lev Bronshtein.
HARVEY: Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, Leon Trotsky's real name.
ISBECKI: Yeah? I wondered why he changed.
NEWMAN: I wonder why Victor Isbecki didn't.
HARVEY: Yeah, well maybe he knew some day he was gonna be assassinated.
MARY BETH: (into phone) Yeah, Mrs. Jay, what's going on? ..Oh no.
HARVEY: You know, he was killed in Mexico City. The same place Lee Harvey Oswald went ...the year he shot Kennedy.
PETRIE: You're not saying there was a connection?
HARVEY: Sure. You see the man who killed Trotsky was a Stalinist agent named Ramon Mercader. He was released from prison in nineteen-sixty. He could have got in touch with Oswald and set up the whole Kennedy assassination.
MARY BETH: (coming up) Harvey, excuse me. I've just given the babysitter a call. She thinks she's coming down with something. We should go home.
HARVEY: (turning back to the assembled detectives) You know, Oswald picked up the Russian. He may, just may have been recruited by Ramon Mercader.
PETRIE: You believe that assassin trained the other.
HARVEY: Wait. There's more.
MARY BETH: Honey! We should go home. ..Sweetheart. Good night everybody.

[Manhattan street]

MARY BETH: Some poor slob with too much Muscatel in his belly, claims that Leon Trotsky got shot in Union Square Park and you're telling me that it's connected with the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy!
HARVEY: (stopping Mary Beth) And you're telling me that Jack Ruby just happened to be in that tunnel when they brought Oswald out!
MARY BETH: (walking away) Ohhhh!!!
HARVEY: Mary Beth, the whole Warren Commission was a whitewash!
MARY BETH: Oh, Harvey, I thought you and I agreed that you were gonna talk about this one day a year, and one day only! November twenty-second only!
HARVEY: (as they go down the subway) Yeah, but didn't we miss a year?!

[Brooklyn park/underpass]

(a brazier is glowing with a couple waifs by it. Graffiti is around. Chris paces up and down)
HECTOR ESTEVAN: (running down a staircase wall) You should not come to the park alone! Nobody told you it could be dangerous?
CHRISTINE: Where were you today?
HECTOR ESTEVAN: I was busy. ...Doing your job.
CHRISTINE: Find out who the buyer is?
HECTOR ESTEVAN: Right down the business. Estevez, (mock saluting) reporting for duty, ...Sir!
HECTOR ESTEVAN: Smart, ...Officer Cagney! Are you gonna arrest me?
CHRISTINE: Oh, cut it out, will you, Hector. Come on, talk to me.
HECTOR ESTEVAN: Your man, Mansfield, he's selling to a dealer, Dr. R. Martinez.
CHRISTINE: How do you know?
HECTOR ESTEVAN: A little filly took a shine to me. She's a runner for Martinez. Had some coke. Excellent stuff. Said there'll be more, Friday night. Got a dinero?
CHRISTINE: I'm waiting for the award. Listen. I want you to get back to her and find out where it is.
CHRISTINE: I'll get some more money.
HECTOR ESTEVAN: You've got some attitude, Cagney. Next you're going to have me doing your reports.
CHRISTINE: Look, I will take over as soon as I know where the deal is.
HECTOR ESTEVAN: Well, maybe I should go and ask Martinez himself.
CHRISTINE: You stay away from Martinez!
HECTOR ESTEVAN: And you stay away from my family! You've had no business going to my place!
CHRISTINE: Well, then you show up when you're supposed to!!
HECTOR ESTEVAN: I got you what you wanted.
CHRISTINE: We're not through yet, Hector. Will you tell me what this is all about. Are you backing out on me?
HECTOR ESTEVAN: Maybe you just don't know when to quit!!!
CHRISTINE: I thought I could count on you!! I thought you were smart enough to handle yourself. Now maybe I was wrong. (Hector walks off. She shouts after him) I shouldn't have asked a boy to do a man's job!!! (he stops) Maybe you don't have what it takes.
(she turns and walks away)

[Detectives' Squad room]

SAMUELS: Not only does the Press have this story, but now the Mayor's Office is getting letters wanting to know why this Precinct is covering up the murder of a Russian!
PETRIE: Lieutenant this is some Comm's idea of a joke.
SAMUELS: Oh yeah?
ISBECKI: It turns out to be that body belongs to some poor...
SAMUELS: I don't care if it belonged to the Commissioner himself!! I want you to go down to Union Square Park, find the one who was in here and get to the bottom of this mess!!!

[Precinct House front desk]

(Chris comes up to the computer terminal)
TERMINAL OPERATOR: Nothing yet, Sergeant.
CHRISTINE: Well thanks for trying.
MARY BETH: (coming in with the dress that she had been trying on on a hanger) I'm not even chalked in yet and you're on the computer already. (to the operator) Hey.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, I couldn't sleep. Came in early to try and get a jump. Found out the name of the buyer last night. Raphael Martinez. Only we don't have a yellow sheet in him.
MARY BETH: So Hector showed up, huh?
CHRISTINE: Yeah. Stoned!
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, will you stop worrying? Hector's gonna get us what we want. Trust me.
MARY BETH: And you'll head him up for more. (Chris gets uncomfortable) Conference, Christine. (Chris doesn't move) Please.

[Ladies toilet]

(Mary Beth has hung the dress up)
CHRISTINE: He came through for us. We have a name now. (no reply) I don't know what the hell it is you want, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: I want you to let him off the hook.
CHRISTINE: I haven't got any hooks in him.
MARY BETH: He showed up stoned. You're still using him anyway.
CHRISTINE: He's an informant, Mary Beth. He knows what the risks are.
MARY BETH: Ah, don't pretend to me that don't have feelings for this kid. A kid, Christine. What is he, nineteen? Twenty? I've seen the way you work. He's not gonna be able to say 'No'. And you got him off after a major dope dealer.
CHRISTINE: He's given us the only lead we've got!
MARY BETH: Well, what happens after this? What happens to his family? Vaya for Hector!
CHRISTINE: I say he can take care of himself. Trust me on this one.
MARY BETH: That's what you wanna believe, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, I can't back off right now!! We'll lose Mansfield.
MARY BETH: Then maybe we lose him. What else is new?
CHRISTINE: I can't believe you just said that.
MARY BETH: All that you can see is the thing that you want. Mansfield got you dancing. He made you feel like a fool the last time and you can't let it rest.
CHRISTINE: (going to leave) I can't take this.
MARY BETH: He made us play by his rules and it blew up in our face! ...Admit it!! And make peace with it!
CHRISTINE: I am after this man because I hate what he does and I've told you that! He makes these deals. He doesn't give a damn how many lives he destroys!! ...I want him and I'm gonna get him.
MARY BETH: No matter what?
CHRISTINE: You got it.
(she walks out)

[Outside the Vagabond Theatre]

(the sign says. "The Man Who Shot Trotsky by P.L. Polonais. Last three performances". Petrie and Isbecki are looking up at the sign)
DERELICT: There, you see.

[Print works]

PETRIE: Mr. Polonais, I presume.
POLONAIS: Yeah. What can I do for you?
ISBECKI: You're under arrest.
POLONAIS: (holding out his arms) At last you've found me!
ISBECKI: You have the right to remain silent. If you give you the right...
POLONAIS: No! I don't need it. The armbands!

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Polonais is in the holding cell)
PETRIE: Well, actually, it was kind of invented, sir. You see, he paid the derelict to come in here. And then he contacted the Press and wrote those letters to the Mayor's Office.
ISBECKI: He created the necessary forms himself and then his friend who worked at the morgue...
PETRIE: ...wrote on the toe tag.
SAMUELS: Are you trying to tell me this joker here set this whole thing as a publicity stunt?
PETRIE: All at the City's expense.
NEWMAN: Too bad his play school closed.
ISBECKI: (laughing) Come on, sir, you've gotta admit it's pretty funny!
SAMUELS: Yeah. Sure. Sure it's funny. And I'll be sure to let the Inspector know that you found it amusing, Isbecki!
(Samuels goes to his office)
ISBECKI: Maybe I ought to beat it.
(later the duo are at their desks. Mary Beth gets her handbag out)
CHRISTINE: What are you doing?
MARY BETH: I'm gonna change. Harvey Lacey and I have a date tonight ...which we're not gonna miss. ...We've been at it all day, Sergeant. And getting nowhere, I might add. So please don't start on me with those looks.
CHRISTINE: I tell you something, Mary Beth, (leafing through a file) there's something here.
MARY BETH: I agree. Staring at those records all night is not gonna make it appear. Why don't you go home and get some rest?
CHRISTINE: I think I'll hang around a while. I've got a few more things I want to check out. Besides Hector might call.
MARY BETH: Do what you like.
MARY BETH: Good night.

[Hotel restaurant]

(Mary Beth is wearing the dress)
HARVEY: You really think you can get this guy?
MARY BETH: She does.
HARVEY: What about you?
MARY BETH: I would love some more champagne.
HARVEY: (pouring) It's good to see you back at work, Mary Beth. I know how much you missed it.
MARY BETH: Yeah? Wanna know what else I miss?
HARVEY: Mary Beth, we've got each other for the next three hours all to ourselves. (toasting) Here's to tonight. The most beautiful woman in the world. ...I love this place. Oh Mary Beth, do you see these beautiful Tiffany paintings. (as Mary Beth looks up, he puts a small box with a bow on it on the table in front of her) Aren't they beautiful?
MARY BETH: (indicating the box) Is that for me or you want me to get the waiter?
HARVEY: This...
(Mary Beth giggles, Harvey laughs)
MARY BETH: Oh. (opening the box) Oh Harvey! It's a room key for here. (pointing upwards) U...
HARVEY: (pointing upwards) Ready and waiting. In our name, babe.
HARVEY: Wait a minute, Mary Beth. Hold it. I know what you're gonna say. 'We can't afford it'.
MARY BETH: I wasn't gonna say that.
HARVEY: And I know we've only got it for a couple of hours. But, Mary Beth, I think that we deserve it.
MARY BETH: (kissing his outstretched hand) We do, Harvey. But taking a room here... Harve, shouldn't have.
HARVEY: I know.
MARY BETH: (holding up another key) Because I did too.
(he takes her key and she puts his down the front of her dress and they laugh and toast)

[Detectives' Squad room]

SAMUELS: (putting on his coat) Cagney, what are you doing here so late? Don't tell me. I can guess. Mansfield case, huh?
CHRISTINE: We got the name of the buyer today.
SAMUELS: Cagney, I understand how you feel about this one, but ...I can't keep it from Narcotics any longer.
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant, please, you can't take this away from us now.
SAMUELS: I know that the hit on the bodyguard looks like something but it's not. (sitting down) It's not enough. Only besides that, what have you got? All you've got is the unreliable word of an informant.
CHRISTINE: Who will not deal with Narcotics. You bring them in, we're gonna lose Hector, Lieutenant. Something's happening tomorrow. I know it.
SAMUELS: How do you know it?
CHRISTINE: Because Hector says the buy's going down this week and I don't wanna lose this tomorrow! If Hector leads us to Martinez, then we can sit on him and he'll take us to the buy. And to Mansfield!!
SAMUELS: You're talking a very long shot here.
CHRISTINE: I'm talking one more day!
SAMUELS: Seeing as you're the Sergeant, you should probably know that occasionally're forced to pull a wrong punch. It could take as much as twenty-four hours before the whole mess gets straightened out.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Lieutenant.

[Chris's loft]

(Chris is in bed. The phone rings)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Hello. ...Who?. ...What have you got? ...OK, I'll be right there! ...Give me thirty minutes.

[Brooklyn diner]

(Hector is sitting there. Chris comes in and sits opposite him and they stare at one another. He puts a piece of paper in front of her which she looks at)
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: The runner was going to meet Martinez, so I followed her a bar ...on Havemeyer Street.
CHRISTINE: Is this where the deal is coming down?
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: It's his hangout. Our business is now concluded.
CHRISTINE: I'm afraid not, Hector. You're supposed to find out where the deal is, not where the buyer hangs out.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: Maybe you don't think so, so I'm gonna tell you one more time. I'm through, Cagney. Go find yourself another pigeon.
CHRISTINE: I tell you something. Hector. As soon as you've finished your job.
(she puts an envelope in front of him)
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: What is this with you, lady? Don't you ever stop?!
CHRISTINE: No. Not until I get this man off the streets.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: Don't jive me, Cagney!!! The streets are full of dealers!
CHRISTINE: I want this one.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: This man, he really did something to you! ...This is personal. ...You ...and him.
CHRISTINE: I nailed him once. ...I made a mistake though. He walked. I'm not gonna let that happen again.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: So, this dude, he made you look bad in front of all your compadres.
CHRISTINE: I don't give a damn what it looked like!
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: Then why don't you quit?!
CHRISTINE: Because I can't!! And now, I'm too close. I'm a cop, Hector. That's who I am. And I worked like hell to get him and I got him good. ...And when I watched that bastard walk and I couldn't touch him. ...I don't like to lose. I have to believe that I can get him, ...and I don't think I can get him without your help. ...I need your help, Hector.
HECTOR ESTEVEZ: You know, Cagney, you're not an easy lady to say 'No' to.
(he pushes the envelope back towards her and gets up to leave)
CHRISTINE: I have to know where the deal is! ...I'll never ask you for anything again. ...You have my word. (she puts the envelope inside a newspaper laying on the table) You forgot your paper?
(he checks the contents of the envelope, folds it in the paper and leaves)

[Detectives' Squad room]

PETRIE: (opening the holding cell) Good news, Mr. Polonais. You're being released on you own recognisance, at least until the DA's Office decides what to do.
POLONAIS: Wait a second! What happened to obstructing governmental administration? I mean, they can't do this to me.
ISBECKI: (coming up) They can't do what?
POLONAIS: Release me. I demand to go to Rikers.
PETRIE: You don't wanna spend any time in jail, sir.
ISBECKI: Why do you wanna go to Rikers.
POLONAIS: Research for my next play.

[Havemeyer Street]

(Chris has been on a payphone and then goes back to the car)
CHRISTINE: I spoke to Ernesto's wife. She says Hector took off early this morning and she hasn't seen him since.
(they get in the car which is parked along from the bar on the other side of the road)

[Squad car]

CHRISTINE: Looks like this bar's our only lead .
MARY BETH: I don't think so. Mansfield doing business in a place like that?
CHRISTINE: He's had to get his hands dirty here. It looks like the dealers come to him. Look, I think we should move on, and drop in one block behind.
MARY BETH: I remember the procedure. It hasn't been that long.
MARY BETH: Ah, who knows? If we get some of the junk off the streets it's worth it. It's when we use informants, I never will feel good about it. (silence) I'm starving. Do you want something?
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth goes to get out of the car) Mary Beth!
(a man with a briefcase is walking along on the other side of the road)
MARY BETH: Martinez?
CHRISTINE: I don't think so.
(the man goes in to the bar)
MARY BETH: Could be a banker.
CHRISTINE: Could be bringing the money to Martinez.
MARY BETH: (as a limousine drives up to the bar) Oh, get a load of this! This is it, Chris.
CHRISTINE: (into radio) Central. This is detective car twenty-four on surveillance of a black limousine licence plate number nine-six-two. B for Boy, M for Mary, A for Adam. New York.
POLICE RADIO: Copy car twenty-four.
CHRISTINE: (Into radio) Alert all units. Do not intercept. I repeat, do not intercept. Will advise location.
POLICE RADIO: Ten-four, car twenty-four.
(another man has come out with the briefcase and gets in the limousine which drives off. Mary Beth starts the car)
CHRISTINE: Go. (into radio) Detective car twenty-four leaving now. Proceeding north on Flatbush Avenue. Will advise.
CHRISTINE: (into radio) This is car twenty-four continuing surveillance of limousine now travelling west over Brooklyn Bridge. Will advise.
(later the limousine has arrived in a run down warehouse area of Manhattan. The Squad car is still in touch)
CHRISTINE: (into radio) Detective car twenty-four. Surveillance complete. Present location. Three hundred block, Vernon.
(Mary Beth pulls up)
CHRISTINE: (into radio) Requesting immediate back up. We're going in.
POLICE RADIO: Ten-four, car twenty-four.
CHRISTINE: They're in there, Mary Beth. (as they prepare) Nice going, Hector. ...So where the hell is the back up?! I'd hope they'd be closer to us than this.
MARY BETH: They'll get here. Give 'em time.
CHRISTINE: We don't have time! They're weighing it, testing it, making the exchange. In one minute they could be gone.
MARY BETH: If we go in there without back up, they'll scatter.
CHRISTINE: So we just go straight for Mansfield. ...Have you got a better idea of weeding him out?! It's the only chance we've got. ...Let's go. (Mary Beth doesn't move. Chris shouts) Let's go!!!
(Mary Beth starts the car and they roar round into a yard and then into the open door of a warehouse)


(the deal is in progress. They leap out of the car. Three of four men scatter including Mansfield wearing a hat)
CHRISTINE: (to the fourth man) Police!!! Drop the gun!!!
MARY BETH: Put it down!!
(the man does)
CHRISTINE: Hands up!! (to Mary Beth) Have you got him?
MARY BETH: Go!! (to the man) Back off! Back off it! Now lay down on the floor. On your face and put your hands behind your neck. Put your hands behind your neck!
(Chris is stalking the others. A shot rings out. She ducks. She sees Mansfield running round a corner. She runs up to the corner)
CHRISTINE: Hold it!!! Freeze!!! (Mansfield stops) Very slowly put your gun on the ground. (Mansfield turns around) Don't try it Mansfield. Just put the gun down.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: Sergeant Cagney! How nice to see you.
CHRISTINE: I'm gonna ask you one more time. ...Put the gun down. (he does) Kick it towards me.
(he does)
BRUCE MANSFIELD: We've got to stop meeting like this. Don't you agree?
CHRISTINE: (walking towards him) Put your hands up.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: Where would you like them?
CHRISTINE: On the boxes behind you. Turn around. (he does) You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.
BRUCE MANSFIELD: (part turning) Oh, by the book. I'm impressed.
CHRISTINE: (pushing him back) If you give up the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law.

[Precinct House front desk]

CHRISTINE: (coming in dancing followed quietly by Mary Beth) Not bad! We did it. Not bad!
COLEMAN: The Lieutenant's looking for you.
CHRISTINE: I don't wanna know, Coleman, I'm on a roll here!

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (bursting in with her arms raised) Put your wallets away, boys! My partner and I are buying! (the duo stands there smiling. There is no reaction from the other detectives) OK, OK, we'll let you buy. ...If it'll make you feel batter. ...Hey, guys, don't tell me you didn't hear about what came down?
PETRIE: Oh, we heard about it. Nice collar.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Marcus.
CHRISTINE: Nice?! Nice collar?
SAMUELS: (coming up) Lacey. Cagney. I want to see the both of yous in my office.
CHRISTINE: Is this...
MARY BETH: ...about the Mansfield collar?
SAMUELS: Into my office, please.
(just as they are about to go into the office, Ernesto Estevez bursts into the room followed by Coleman and some uniformed officers)
ERNESTO ESTEVEZ: Detective! Hey, Cagney! (the detectives restrain him) You killed my brother! You bastard!
CHRISTINE: (as they try to wrestle him out) Wait!!! (Samuels tries to pull her back) Wait!!! (she shakes him off) ...Let him go.
(they let him go and he and Chris face one another)
ERNESTO ESTEVEZ: What do you get, Cagney?! ...Ah?! ...A promotion maybe. ...What about my brother? What did Hector get? A bullet in his head and your cash stuffed in his mouth!! (silence. Holding up a bunch of dollar bills) What is this?!!! Ah?!! ...Are you paying for the funeral in advance?!!! (he throws the dollar bills in her face) We don't want nothing from you!! ...Nothing!
(he turns and leaves)

[Police Headquarters auditorium]

(Chris is on the stage in full uniform. Mary Beth is in the audience in civilian clothes)
CHIEF OF POLICE: Detective Sergeant Christine Cagney, shield number seven-thirty has courageously distinguished herself in the line of police duty along with her partner Detective Third-grade Mary Beth Lacey who has received a Special Commendation from this Department. The Police Department of the City of New York, in keeping with its greatest traditions, therefore awards to Detective Sergeant Cagney this Police Combat Cross. (he pins the award on her) Congratulations, Detective Sergeant.

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