Post Partum
Original Airdate: February 17, 1986

[David Keeler's office]

(a uniformed military cadet is there)
CHRISTINE: Mr. Brennan, when you were arrested, were you on a weekend pass? ...What were you doing in that hotel room. ...Where did you get the cocaine? ...Were you gonna use it? Were you gonna sell it? ...Are you trying to protect someone? (a long pause) Why won't you answer my questions.
ANDREW BREENAN: (standing up) No, offence, ma'am. But I don't think I want to talk to you anymore.
CHRISTINE: Yes, you're starting to repeat yourself.

[Manhattan street]

DAVID KEELER: Maybe it looks like he's guilty, but I know he's not.
CHRISTINE: The kid was caught in a hotel room with two grams cocaine. To top it all off he won't talk to his lawyer, his family or anybody else.
DAVID KEELER: I was hoping that as a cop you would succeed where we failed.
CHRISTINE: Hey, I tried. All right?!
DAVID KEELER: I think he's scared.
CHRISTINE: Well, I think he has every reason to be.
DAVID KEELER: I just don't believe that Andy Brennan could be doing coke.
CHRISTINE: Do you think you know what makes a drug user?
DAVID KEELER: His grandfather and my father were Army buddies.
CHRISTINE: So you're doing this as a favour?
DAVID KEELER: No! I'm doing this because I believe he's innocent.
CHRISTINE: Well you're the only one who does, David. Leave him out.
DAVID KEELER: Chris, he won't make a guilty plea. He's a couple of months before graduation. They'd kick him out of school.
CHRISTINE: Well, there's nothing you can do with a hothead like that, is there?!
DAVID KEELER: Unless you know another hothead who might get through to him.
CHRISTINE: Are you trying to charm me?
DAVID KEELER: Will you just talk to his grandfather with me tomorrow?
CHRISTINE: I'm busy!
DAVID KEELER: About his arraignment. I need somebody who's more objective. Who's done investigative work.
CHRISTINE: I'm flattered. I also have cases of my own.
DAVID KEELER: I can make it worth your while.
CHRISTINE: I'm working on my cases.
DAVID KEELER: We can do it later. We can go to a movie after dinner.
CHRISTINE: I am going to Queens. And I'm taking pictures of my partner's family.
DAVID KEELER: What are you doing afterwards?
CHRISTINE: I don't even know!!! ...What am I doing after the movie. (he gives her a peck) Don't even tell me

[Laceys lounge/kitchen]

(Harvey and the boys in suits and ties are lined up behind Mary Beth who is sitting with Alice3 on her knee)
CHRISTINE: Harvey, Jr., I've seen you look a lot sexier than that.
MARY BETH: It's a family portrait, Christine.
CHRISTINE: (to Harvey's mother) Why don't you get in there with the rest of them. Come on, Mrs. Lacey?
MURIEL: Muriel, please.
MARY BETH: Come on, get in the picture.
MURIEL: Maybe next time.
CHRISTINE: Here, Mary Beth, can you get Alice to smile?
MARY BETH: In a month or two she'll smile. In a minute or two she'll cry. Snap the picture.
CHRISTINE: OK. ...Good. One more. ...There! Perfect!
HARVEY JR.: Can we go now?
HARVEY: Oh. Go! get out of here! You guys go and get changed.
(Chris carries on snapping Mary Beth and Alice)
MARY BETH: Oh, Chris, don't. What are you doing?!
CHRISTINE: When I'm lonely this'll remind me about family life.
MURIEL: (holding her arms out to take Alice) Let me take her. You can go and talk with your friend. Come on! Come to grandma. Come to grandmother.
(Muriel takes Alice off)
MARY BETH: Thank you, Muriel.
HARVEY: Sitting down beside Mary Beth) Want some coffee?
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, in case I forget it, there's something I want to talk to you about. David wants me to help him investigate the case.
MARY BETH: She's gained five ounces since you saw her last.
CHRISTINE: I beg your pardon!
MARY BETH: Twelve whole pounds she weighs. Can you believe it?
CHRISTINE: Oh. She carries it very well. (Mary Beth starts to talk to Harvey) Mary Beth, are you listening to me? I think the kid's as guilty as hell.
(Harvey says something quietly to Mary Beth)
MARY BETH: Thank you, sweetheart. (to Chris) She's twenty-four inches long, Christine. That's in the upper eighty-fifth percentile.
CHRISTINE: Well, maybe she'll be a basketball player!
HARVEY: (getting up) I wouldn't mind.
MARY BETH: Harve Jr. and Michael would love it. Al they call her. You give her a nice name like Alice Christine, and they cal her Al.
CHRISTINE: (Mary Beth invites Chris to sit beside her) Listen, Mary Beth. Are you going to be able to come back on Monday?
MARY BETH: Yes. We still have to get my doctor's OK and I still have to re-qualify for firearms. We'll do that on Thursday. Right?
CHRISTINE: Yes. Yeah, that'll be nice.
MARY BETH: Good. Do you wanna go look at her?
CHRISTINE: I just saw her! She's beautiful! With the possible exception of myself, she's probably the prettiest baby I've ever seen.
MARY BETH: You really should see her when she's eating.
MARY BETH: Not recently. She's very active now when she eats. Do you wanna go see?
CHRISTINE: Er, well, maybe some other time. Tonight I've got to write some letters and return some phone calls. You know how it is?
MARY BETH: Well, if you have to go you have to go.
CHRISTINE: (rushing to the door) Yeah.
MARY BETH: Thanks for coming and doing the pictures.
CHRISTINE: Oh, I was glad to help out. I'll talk to you later. (shouting out) Goodbye, Harve!
HARVEY [OC]: Bye, Chris.

[Laceys bedroom]

MURIEL: (in baby talk) Look at that face.
MARY BETH: She has a perfectly beautiful face, huh?
MURIEL: Your mother'd be happy that the baby has her name.
MARY BETH: She'd be happy knowing I had a daughter.
MURIEL: Ah! I always wanted a daughter.
MARY BETH: My mother always used to say 'I hope some day, you know, our Harvey is raising a girl'. And now someday I will.
MURIEL: So, I'll be coming each day at seven-fifteen at first. Does that seem right to you?
MARY BETH: (picking Alice up) You better get used to it, my Alice. You've got a working mother.
MURIEL: If I get used to it, so will she. (Mary Beth puts Alice down) ...You look tired.
MARY BETH: I am tired. Yeah. (to Alice as she begins to undress her) And I'm about to be tireder.
MURIEL: Why don't you let me give her her bath?
MARY BETH: Oh, no, we're doing fine. Thank you. Muriel.
MURIEL: Can I give her a bottle.
MARY BETH: Do you know something, Alice? Anytime my mother cried, I cried too. I don't know what it was. Yes. Nobody else does that to me. Not your daddy. Not your brothers. (Muriel leaves Mary Beth to it) And I love you guys as much as I do her, probably more. Must be my mother's blood. (realising Muriel has gone and closed the door) I guess grandma had other things to do. Yes. Someday you'll have other things to do too.

[Sergeant Major Brennan's lounge]

SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: Retired after thirty-five years. Good years they were. And all that time I never had one black officer. Oh, they do grades now. But it really would have meant something then. My grandson was going to go to West Point and become an officer.
CHRISTINE: Did he used to take his weekend passes with you?
SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: Ever since his parents died.
CHRISTINE: For the last four months he's been staying in the City. Do you know why?
SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: There's a whole lot to explore in New York.
CHRISTINE: Do you know where he goes? What he does? Who his friends are?
SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: All I know is, Andrew is innocent. And if I wasn't sure of that I would never have posted his bail.
CHRISTINE: Did he tell you anything about this?
SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: He told me it was all a terrible mistake.
DAVID KEELER: With all due respect, Bob, would Andy lie to you? To reassure you, because he loves you.
SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: A cadet is bound by the Honor Code. He doesn't lie, cheat or steal.
CHRISTINE: Sergeant Major Brennan, if your grandson is involved in drugs, maybe the Honor Code is meaningless to him.
SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: You don't become a Sergeant Major in the United States Army without being a good judge of character. I'm telling you, that my grandson, Andrew, does not use drugs.

[Detectives' Squad room]

COLEMAN: Forget it, Isbecki.
ISBECKI: Come on, Coleman. It's not exactly a State secret. You know, all we wanna know is who won the Lacey Baby Quinella.
COLEMAN: A bookmaker is like a priest. My lips are sealed.
NEWMAN: Coleman, imagine it's like a draw where you send them a stamped, addressed envelope and they send you back the winner!
COLEMAN: You can send as many envelopes as you want. I am not telling you who won the dough. If the winner wants to tell you, that's his prerogative.
NEWMAN: 'His', he said 'His' (Chris comes in) and that eliminates Cagney...
CHRISTINE: What eliminates Cagney?!
ISBECKI: We're trying to find out who won the Lacey Baby Quinella.
CHRISTINE: Crime at a standstill presumably?
NEWMAN: Come on, Cagney, it's not like it's the only thing that we're doing.
ISBECKI: I am also trying to find a date for tomorrow night.
CHRISTINE: Well, let me if you find out who won the bet.
NEWMAN: You'll be the first to know.
CHRISTINE: And if Isbecki gets a date, I don't wanna know.
PETRIE: (passing her) Cagney, Lieutenant wants to talk to you.
CHRISTINE: Thanks, Petrie.
(she waves to Samuels who is standing in his office with another man. Samuels comes out, closing the door)
SAMUELS: Cagney. The man in my office. I told him he should talk to you. That you may know more about this. At least you would know how to handle it. The bottom line is I don't wanna deal with it. So I'm gonna tell him that I'm turning it over to you.
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant! Would you like to brief me first? I mean, this may seem silly but I tend to be a little likely to screw things up unless I have a vague idea of what's going on.
SAMUELS: That man in my office is looking for his daughter.
CHRISTINE: A missing person?! They're so depressing. Give it to Newman!
SAMUELS: No! Maybe this one is a bit different. You see, he says he hasn't seen his daughter in thirty years.
CHRISTINE: Then maybe it's best if we turn it over to Missing Persons.
SAMUELS: Er, ...normally I would, but this is er, a special situation.
CHRISTINE: They all say that, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: His daughter is Mary Beth Lacey.

[Harvey's site office]

HARVEY: He said he went back to the old neighbourhood, huh?
CHRISTINE: Apparently. All they knew was that she was a cop now and married to a man named Lacey.
HARVEY: You didn't give him my phone number or address did ya?!
CHRISTINE: No, I didn't give him nothing.
HARVEY: Martin Zzbiske. ...When I ask about him, she always clams up.
CHRISTINE: He told me he left when she was eight years old.
HARVEY: I don't know what you want, Chris.
CHRISTINE: You know, Harvey, he seemed like a nice man.
HARVEY: Oh yeah. Well, Hitler had a hell of a smile too.
CHRISTINE: He came back, Harvey! After all these years.
HARVEY: I wonder what the guy wants!
CHRISTINE: He said he wanted to see his daughter.
HARVEY: Oh, is that right?! Huh? Where has he been for the last thirty years? I mean, a man walks out on his family. Now what kind of a man is that?
CHRISTINE: (taking out a piece of paper) Look, Harvey, he said he wanted Mary Beth to have this. He's at the Beaumont until checkout time on Friday.
HARVEY: I'll tell her her father's trying to see her.
CHRISTINE: I think she already knows that, Harvey.
HARVEY: What?!
CHRISTINE: He said he wrote her three letters. Sent 'em to the Precinct.
HARVEY: There's a phone.
CHRISTINE: She sent 'em back unopened. 'Moved. No forwarding address'.

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

MARY BETH: He had no right to go and do that.
HARVEY: He went to the Precinct. He gave this to Chris to give to you. He's staying there 'til checkout time, Friday. (she doesn't take the piece of paper. She leaps up to rush to the bedroom) Mary Beth, are you gonna ignore this like you did those letters?
MARY BETH: I'm just gonna check the baby and go to bed.
HARVEY: Will you tell me why you didn't tell me that he was writing you?
MARY BETH: (looking him straight in the face, close to) It didn't interest me. And I didn't think that it would interest you.
HARVEY: Come on, baby, are you telling me you're not even curious.
MARY BETH: When I was a little kid I was curious. I was curious why he left us. I used to think about it a lot. ...And then I stopped. ...And I am not gonna start again now.
HARVEY: Mary Beth, I hate him for hurting you. But there is more to consider here.
MARY BETH: (trying to leave) Not for me!
HARVEY: (stopping her) Mary Beth, the man is your father.
MARY BETH: On a piece of paper at some City Hall, maybe. ...Nowhere else.
(Mary Beth goes to the bedroom. Harvey puts the piece of paper under the phone receiver)


NIGHT CLERK: (coming up with a copy account) Saturday is a low-occupancy night so the hotel encourages West Pointers to stay here.
MANAGER: By offering special rates.
CHRISTINE: (to the night clerk) What did you get?
NIGHT CLERK: Well, Andrew Brennan registered alone. Made no phone calls, charged nothing to his room and had no visitors.
CHRISTINE: (looking at the account) I thought you said a single room was fifty-five dollars a night.
NIGHT CLERK: Yeah, a weekend special.
CHRISTINE: (handing the account back) It seems you overcharged Mr. Brennan for his room.
MANAGER: (the night clerk looks at the manager) Hey, it happens! What, do you wanna us to do about it? Have a refund waiting for at Rikers Island?
CHRISTINE: Let's see the room.

[Hotel bedroom]

MANAGER: The music was on. Very loud. We called up. Nothing. We knocked on the door. Still no answer. So I used my passkey.
CHRISTINE: The police report says the place was in a shambles.
MANAGER: The guy was coked to the gills. Look what he did to this mirror, huh? When I came in, he was down on his knees trying to gather all this white powder off the rug.
CHRISTINE: Is there a chance that he had somebody else here in this room with him?
MANAGER: Like I say, he registered alone. That's the only door, so where would anybody else go? ...Out the window! (pulling back the curtain) Ah ha! Hermetically sealed.
CHRISTINE: Could the cocaine have been in here before the cadet checked in?
MANAGER: Oh, sure! Some dude, he left five hundred dollars worth of cocaine laying around the room. Oh, come on honey, how long have you been a cop?! He was coked out of his skin.
CHRISTINE: Don't call me honey. (walking out) Thanks.

[Chris's loft]

CHRISTINE: That Honor Code says that a cadet cannot lie, cheat or steal. It says nothing about snorting.
DAVID KEELER: I need bagels. Where's the bagels?
CHRISTINE: David, you're not listening to me!
DAVID KEELER: (slamming the cupboard door where he his looking) I don't have to. Everything you're saying you've been saying, so where the hell do you keep the bagels?
CHRISTINE: I would try the spice rack. Why don't you face the facts and clean him out?!.
DAVID KEELER: Chris, most of the time I end up defending people who are guilty. I know it. The cops know it. The judge knows it! (Chris is pouring them both large shots of Scotch) It's my job to protect their rights. Only this time, this once, I have a client who I know is innocent and I wanna prove it.
CHRISTINE: (handing him a glass) And I'd like to help you prove it. But the fact is that you have a client who was caught red-handed. He won't even defend himself for God's sake!
CHRISTINE: Well,'ve got nothing going for ya! Family loyalties and some sort of intuition that the kid's clean!
DAVID KEELER: Do you think that I should give up the case?
CHRISTINE: I think that you should just get away from this.
DAVID KEELER: Maybe you're right. How about tomorrow. We both take the day off.
CHRISTINE: You and me?
CHRISTINE: (putting her arms around him) Well, ...they owe me a few days.
DAVID KEELER: I'll take you to this beautiful place I know upstate.

[Colonnade at West Point]

MAJOR: I understand why Mr. Keeler is here to see Cadet Brennan. I'm not quite so sure why Sergeant Cagney's here to see his roommate.
CHRISTINE: Why else would I go to the country!
MAJOR: Excuse me?
DAVID KEELER: It's a background investigation, Major.
MAJOR: I have to tell you I couldn't be more surprised by the accusation. Mr. Brennan happens to be one of the finest cadets we have at the academy.
ANDREW BRENNAN: (coming up and saluting with another cadet) Mr. Brennan reporting as ordered, Sir!
GUTIERREZ: Gutierrez reporting as ordered, Sir!

[Entrance hall at West Point]

GUTIERREZ: There's no way that my roommate used drugs at the academy. Everything is unlocked and open for inspection at all times. There is no way he could hide it. And er, I don't think that Andy used drugs in the city either. He's not that kind of guy.
CHRISTINE: (indicating a bench to sit down on) Er, ..please.
GUTIERREZ: Thank you.
CHRISTINE: How does your roommate spend his weekends?
GUTIERREZ: He doesn't talk about himself that much. But I figured that he took a hotel room instead of going to his grandfather's like he used to, because he had a girl.
CHRISTINE: Is that because cadets and girls are kept apart?
GUTIERREZ: No, ma'am. You've got us confused with the Boy Scouts. You see, there's not much that we can't do just as long as we don't lie about it.
CHRISTINE: I see. Well, your roommate had a single room.
GUTIERREZ: There goes my girlfriend theory.
CHRISTINE: Do you think he might have smuggled her in?
GUTIERREZ: No, ma'am. That would be a violation of the Honor Code. (Chris looks perplexed) ...It would be stealing.
CHRISTINE: Would you mind explaining this Honor Code to me?

[Hotel reception]

DAVID KEELER: I thought we might look at the skiing while we were up there. I still don't understand why we had to come back right away.
CHRISTINE: I got a hunch.
NIGHT CLERK: (coming back) Oh, I've checked with weekend clerk. The cadet in question did request a double room. But there was a mix up in Reservations. We only had a single available. Cadet Brennan accepted the single but insisted upon paying for a double room.
DAVID KEELER: (to Chris) Why would he do that?
CHRISTINE: (to the bell boy) Excuse me. Just one moment. Thank you. (she moves David aside) Remember college when we took one room and fourteen people would pile in and sleep on the floor?
CHRISTINE: Well cadets can't do that. Their Honor Code won't allow it. If you pay for a room for one, only one person can sleep in it. If a second person sleeps in it without paying, that is stealing. (David looks perplexed) ...Andrew Brennan paid extra for the room because somebody was gonna spend the night with him!
DAVID KEELER: So now you think he's innocent?
CHRISTINE: I think there's a chance.

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

HARVEY JR.: I don't play my records half as loud as she cries.
MARY BETH: I will be the judge of what is too loud in this house.
MICHAEL: So she could be screaming in this house!
HARVEY [OC]: (shouting) Hey! open up! It's me!
MARY BETH: (to Harvey Jr.) Go answer the door for your father.
HARVEY: (carrying a bag) Hello! (Harvey Jr. immediately walks away. To the others) Hello! Huh, this is not the way that the Hunters were met by the Gatherers, I'll tell you that.
MICHAEL: The who? The Hunters and the Gatherers, haven't you ever heard of them?
HARVEY JR.: (stalking out) Like the meat-eaters and the vegetarians. Am I right?
HARVEY: (the phone rings) I'll get it.

[Laceys' kitchen/Chris's loft]

HARVEY: Hello.
CHRISTINE: Hi ya, Harve.
HARVEY: Hi, Chris. How ya doing? (Mary Beth makes frantic side-to-side gestures and mouths 'No') Oh, I'm sorry, Chris, she's not at home.
(Mary Beth puts the salad she has been preparing on the table)
CHRISTINE: Mm hm. Said she had to go out to get the salad for dinner. Right?
HARVEY: Gee, You're good. You're very good, Chris.
CHRISTINE: I was just phoning to see if we're still going to the firing range on Thursday.
HARVEY: (looking at Mary Beth) Thursday? (she nods) Yes.
CHRISTINE: Can I trust her with a gun?
HARVEY: Ah well, ...if not,'s been nice knowing ya, Chris.
CHRISTINE: You too. ...Bye Harve.

[Laceys' lounge/kitchen]

HARVEY: (ringing off) I don't like doing it.
MARY BETH: Why does Muriel buy fruit scones. Nobody here eats fruit scones.
HARVEY: So, tell her. ...I'll tell her.
MARY BETH: What kept you tonight?
HARVEY: Oh, I just thought I'd stop off and buy some (going to the bag) Champagne.
MARY BETH: What's the occasion?
HARVEY: Sit down, babe. ...Do you remember I bid for the Garibaldi?
HARVEY: Yes! Saratoga Springs, here I come!
MARY BETH: That's fantastic.
HARVEY: I got it. Oh, I got it.
MARY BETH: (getting up and embracing him) Oh, Harvey!
HARVEY: We got it.
MARY BETH: I'm so proud of you.
HARVEY: (kissing her) We got it!
MARY BETH: Move over Frank what's-his-name?
HARVEY: Right! I've gotta leave tomorrow. I've gotta get subcontracts up, a crew.
MARY BETH: Tomorrow?
HARVEY: Yeah. I'll only be gone for a couple of days.
MARY BETH: (moving away) Tomorrow.
HARVEY: Yeah. Er, Mary Beth, it was you who wanted me to go after this job in the first place.
MARY BETH: Yeah. So?
HARVEY: So it means more money towards a down payment on a house.
MARY BETH: It also means that you'll be away from home a lot.
HARVEY: Yeah. But my mother will be here.
MARY BETH: I'm not talking about your mother, Harvey, I'm talking about you!
HARVEY: Well, I'll be gone two, three days a week for three months, maybe four.
MARY BETH: Well, why don't you just move there, Harvey! Save yourself the travel fare.
HARVEY: Oh, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: I wouldn't want your wife and family interfering with your plans.
HARVEY: My plans?!
MARY BETH: Do you wanna eat before you go?!! Or do you have to run!
HARVEY: Now since when is it 'my' plans? (she carries on preparing food) Look, I don't have to go 'til tomorrow morning.
MARY BETH: Oh, you have time for both dinner and breakfast? Aren't we lucky?
HARVEY: Are you mad, Mary Beth?
MARY BETH: Do you want Chinese or Italian?
HARVEY: You're not mad at me!
MARY BETH: How about French?
HARVEY: You're angry at your father!!! And I am not gonna take the rap!!
MARY BETH: Who asked you to!! Do you wanna call the boys for dinner?
HARVEY: Yes. You know, it might be nice for them to have something they never had! A grandfather, I mean!!!
MARY BETH: Don't you dare. Don't you dare tell them about him.
HARVEY: Why don't you at least find out why he left like he did?!!!
MARY BETH: If I want to find out more about his disappearing act! ...I shall read about Houdini.
HARVEY: Stay angry for the rest of your life. Well, it's hurting you more than it's hurting him!
MARY BETH: (shouting to the boys) Harvey! Michael! (to Harvey) Dinner!
(Harvey sweeps some things off the work surface)

[Corridor at the DA's office]

(they are walking along)
DA STRICKLAND: I am not about to dismiss a dead-bang case just because some jerk overpaid his hotel. Come on!
CHRISTINE: Even if it means ruining a kid's life?
DA STRICKLAND: Cocaine ruined this kid's life. Look, all I'm doing is my job.
DAVID KEELER: Just prosecuting drug offenders. And getting a whole lot of publicity for it too. Eh, Strickland? Some headlines. 'Cocaine Cadet Snowed in at West Point'.
CHRISTINE: My favourite was 'The Tooter Saluter'.
DAVID KEELER: Yeah, that was unfortunate.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, it was.
DAVID KEELER: (stopping him) You're not somebody who's got eyes on the Borough Council seat are you, Strickland?
DA STRICKLAND: (walking off) I'll ignore that. You've got one more chance at a plea bargain.
CHRISTINE: Cadet Brennan is protecting somebody.
DA STRICKLAND: Look, you two think he's innocent. I think he's guilty.
DAVID KEELER: See what the jury think!
(David stops Chris while Strickland walks on and says something)
CHRISTINE: (to Strickland) Hey! wait a minute!
CHRISTINE: If you we give you Proof Positive that someone else owned the cocaine, will you drop the charges?
DA STRICKLAND: I want Proof Positive and someone else in dock.

[David Keeler's office]

CHRISTINE: Is there any reason your grandson wouldn't want you to meet someone, Sergeant Major?
CHRISTINE: Could it be someone of whom he thought you might disapprove?
CHRISTINE: Maybe he's embarrassed. He doesn't wanna embarrass you.
SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: You mean if he's seeing a married lady? ...Or is he a homosexual? ...No. Andrew was brought up in the strictest sense of what's acceptable. In my family anyway.
DAVID KEELER: Is he confused?
SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: As confused as I am. He never kept any secrets from me. None that I've known of anyway. ...But maybe that's what secrets are all about.
DAVID KEELER: (shaking his hand) If I can do anything more for you, Bob.
SERGEANT MAJOR BRENNAN: Please call. ...Make me happy.
CHRISTINE: Sergeant Major.

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: Cadets don't have private phones in their rooms so if anybody wants to make a long distance phone call they have use a cellphone credit card.
SAMUELS: Yeah, so what's the point, Cagney?
CHRISTINE: Well, if Brennan's been seeing someone for four months, Lieutenant, we know he's called her. So if we could see the records, then by a process of elimination, we can see just who she is.
SAMUELS: Let me see if I got this straight. All right? If this had been your case, in your spare time you're aiding the defence. How do you explain that?
CHRISTINE: Well, maybe that's what makes it interesting.
SAMUELS: Yeah. OK. I'll get you a subpoena. (Chris brings the form out from behind her back. As he signs the form) But, you know, if you've got this much spare time on your hands, Cagney, maybe I ought to partner you with Newman and put you on the Bonita case.
CHRISTINE: Lieutenant. No!
SAMUELS: Unless, of course, er, Lacey's coming back.
(Chris sees Mary Beth has just come in)

[Detectives' Squad room]

PETRIE: You look great.
MARY BETH: Thank you, Marcus.
NEWMAN: Well, do the things look pretty much the same around here?
MARY BETH: I was happy to see that Quinella thing off the wall.
ISBECKI: (rushing up) You don't happen to know who won, do you?
PETRIE: Victor!
ISBECKI: Did you miss us?
MARY BETH: I did actually.
PETRIE: Didn't I tell you how wonderful it was to have a daughter?
ISBECKI: Over ...and over ...again.
MARY BETH: (as Isbecki steers Petrie away out of the room) And you were right every time.
NEWMAN: (following) I think it was Samuels. He says he doesn't bet, but maybe he did, and he won.
ISBECKI: It's gotta be somebody who's real cheap. Who bet the least money?
PETRIE: Do you think somebody ripped you guys off?
CHRISTINE: (comes up with a big smile on her face) Welcome back.
MARY BETH: (deadpan) Thank you. ...Can I have my gun and my shield?
MARY BETH: I believe they are locked in your desk drawer, Sergeant. (Chris gets them out together with Mary Beth's mug) I hope it wasn't too much of a strain safeguarding my things.
CHRISTINE: I should have come to you directly.
MARY BETH: You got that right.
CHRISTINE: But I went to Harvey, Mary Beth, because I didn't know what to say to you. I knew what I would say to you, but I knew what you would say back. ...Or what you wouldn't say.
MARY BETH: You finished?! I don't wanna be late for the firing range.
(Mary Beth stalks out)
CHRISTINE: (to herself as she follows) I hate it when she acts like me.

[Pistol range]

(the duo are side by side firing in ear defenders)
CHRISTINE: (shouting) You're not even sure yet!
MARY BETH: (shouting back) I can't hear ya!
CHRISTINE: Don't you want to know what he looks like?!
(Mary Beth continues to fire)
CHRISTINE: Do you wanna know what he does for a living? (Mary Beth mis-fires. She shoots one more shot and they take off the ear defenders) What he asked about you?
MARY BETH: Not interested.
CHRISTINE: He thought your mother had died, you know?
MARY BETH: I'm here to be qualified, not analysed, Christine.
(having reloaded, Mary Beth puts the ear defenders back on)
CHRISTINE: Chris, go ahead! Block out the world! Pretend you don't care! I know you do!
(Mary Beth resumes firing)

[Precinct house front desk]

(Petrie, Isbecki and Newman come in)
PETRIE: You have more information on the Baby Quinella than anyone else.
ISBECKI: Lacey's doctor.
(the three come up to Coleman)
PETRIE: Coleman! That new watch of yours is a beauty.
COLEMAN: Do you like it? Waterproof. Shockproof. It cost a mere four hundred and forty-five dollars.
NEWMAN: What did you do with the leftover fifteen bucks?
COLEMAN: I promise I won fair and square. Only it wouldn't look good. So what was I supposed to do? Had to keep it low, all to myself, all through the week.
NEWMAN: That does it, Coleman, that is the last time that I ever enter one of your pools.
COLEMAN: Wanna bet!!!
ISBECKI: OK. (giving him a bill) I'll take twenty.

[Locker room]

CHRISTINE: (taking a photo wallet from her locker) I picked these up at lunch today.
MARY BETH: Thank you.
CHRISTINE: Pictures of the kids look great. As a family portrait, I would say 'Excellent'.
MARY BETH: Well, what do I owe ya?
CHRISTINE: Nothing. It's a present.
MARY BETH: I don't wanna a present.
CHRISTINE: Well, you can't always have what it is you want.
MARY BETH: (looking at the photos) You've got one with her crying, huh?
CHRISTINE: Look, I know, that in time you're gonna forgive me, Mary Beth. What is it gonna take forgive him?
MARY BETH: My mother used to forgive him, and every time she did, he gave her something else to forgive him for. When he ran out on her, he did us both a favour.
CHRISTINE: Look, I know talking to him would be...
MARY BETH: Good luck with your cadet, Christine.
CHRISTINE: Mary Beth, once your father leaves here, you may never hear from him again.
MARY BETH: That would be nice!
CHRISTINE: Oh, you don't really mean that.
MARY BETH: Don't tell me what I mean!! (Mary Beth goes to leave and then turns back) After he left, my mother went to work. And she was gone when I got up. And she was getting home when I was going to bed. Weekends ...she was so tired, I would give her breakfast, I'd rub her back. I used to read to her. I wanted to make her life real easier. I couldn't make it better.
CHRISTINE: Is not seeing him going to make it better for her? ...Or you?! Mary Beth, when we're kids we make up our mind about people. But sometimes, later on we realise that we made up our minds too soon. I mean, it isn't as if we know everything. ...We didn't.
MARY BETH: Thank you, ...for the pictures.
CHRISTINE: (as Mary Beth is about to go out) Listen, you don't have to like him!! You don't even have to forgive him! ..Why not see him. Talk to him.
MARY BETH: (turning to face Chris) Because ...he doesn't deserve it.
CHRISTINE: (shouting after Mary Beth as she goes out and slams the door) Sometimes you don't get...

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth is nursing Alice)
MICHAEL: (coming in holding a toy car) Mum! Mum, can you fix this?
MARY BETH: Oh. Oh, you're father will be back tomorrow night. Can it wait until then?
MICHAEL: I guess. ...Mum, is Dad gonna be away a lot?
MARY BETH: A few days a week for a few months. That's all.
MICHAEL: But what if we need a man around and he's not here?
MARY BETH: (putting Alice in her cot) What, you mean like if ...we blow a fuse or something?
MARY BETH: Well, we could always call the super.
MICHAEL: Or your father!
MARY BETH: Come and sit down. (they sit on the bed) You were listening when you shouldn't have been listening, huh?
MICHAEL: Mm hm. ...Mum, is Dad coming back?
MARY BETH: Of course. Why would you think he wouldn't?
MICHAEL: Your dad didn't.
MARY BETH: Oh, Michael, ...this is not the same thing at all. Your father has gone to a job so that maybe someday, we can have a house. He's thinking about us. My father went away and never came back ...because he was the sort of person that thought only about himself. Your father's not like that. ...I bet you think it'd be ...maybe, be neat to have a grandfather, huh? (Michael nods) You deserve a better one than him. You see what my father did, walking out on us... I feel that that unforgivable.
MICHAEL: So you don't wanna see him or speak to him again?
MARY BETH: That's right.
MICHAEL: I hope that I never do anything that's unforgivable.
MARY BETH: Oh, baby! (she gives him a kiss and a hug) You could never do anything that I wouldn't be able to forgive you for. You're my son.
MICHAEL: But you did that!
(Mary Beth looks down)

[Colonnade at West Point]

(they are sitting on a bench)
CHRISTINE: But I have the phone number. She lives at the Clara Barton Residence for Women on 10th Street. And in the past three months you called there thirty-five times. Now if I have to, I can talk to every one of the fifty women that live there. It can't be that hard to find out which one has been dating a cadet. (no reply) Look, Andy, ..I'm gonna find the girl. And I'm gonna get you out of this mess whether you want it or not! So why don't you just give me the name?! OK? (still no reply. She gets up) Man, will you listen to me?!!! I didn't get out of bed at four-thirty this morning and drive fifty miles to talk to some stubborn kid who stays silent because of some ...outmoded sense of chivalry!!!
ANDREW BRENNAN: (getting up) Is that what it is? ...Outmoded?
CHRISTINE: You're damn right that's what it is!! So why are you protecting her?
ANDREW BRENNAN: That's what a man does for the woman he loves.
CHRISTINE: Will you give up your entire career for some cokehead?
ANDREW BRENNAN: Haven't you ever had anyone who loved you enough to give up everything for you?
CHRISTINE: You're living in another century.
ANDREW BRENNAN: Are you all that happy with this one?!

[Ballet school]

SUSAN: I don't know what you're talking about.
CHRISTINE: Well, the maid in the hotel described you. 'She loves the ballet. You can always tell a dancer by the way she walks'
SUSAN: (walking away) Excuse me.
CHRISTINE: I guess the two of you had a fight in the hotel room that night because you wouldn't give up the cocaine. Of course nobody could hear it because the music was so loud.
SUSAN: Look, I've got a performance to do.
(she walks away again. Chris pursues her)
CHRISTINE: The coke was yours and maybe he knocked it out of your hand. You took off before the hotel security arrived. ...How am I doing?
SUSAN: I don't have to talk to you.
CHRISTINE: Well, Susan, I checked you out. You've already had two priors. Do you think you can get off on probation again?!
SUSAN: You can't prove anything.
CHRISTINE: A conviction will ruin his career. ...Don't you care about Andy? (the ballet mistress calls) I loved him! He said he loved me, but not enough to show me to his grandfather. He was afraid. That's what he said.
CHRISTINE: He hurt you, so you're hurting him.
SUSAN: Oh, he'll his commission.
CHRISTINE: He will get expelled from West Point! Do you know what that'll do to him?!!
SUSAN: He was ashamed of himself. Like he was ashamed of me.
(she walks away)

[DA Strickland's office]

DA STRICKLAND: You can't pin anything definite on the girlfriend, right?
CHRISTINE: I doubt it. Nobody noticed it. The cadet won't talk.
DA STRICKLAND: So that's it, huh? I'm supposed to give up on a dead-bang win for a Wally.
CHRISTINE: And the knowledge that you're doing the right thing and that's prosecuting an innocent man.
DA STRICKLAND: (walking away) Like I mean...
CHRISTINE: Oh, I get it. You're more concerned on holding your press interviews, aren't you, Strickland?
DAVID KEELER: Look at your position. Down with leniency on recreational drugs. No one's above the law.
CHRISTINE: Afraid you're gonna look like a fool if you let go of the case. Right?!
DA STRICKLAND: I'm not worried.
CHRISTINE: Well, you should be. 'Cos you're gonna look more like a fool if a Detective Sergeant on the NYPD gets on the stand and starts testifying on behalf of the Defence. Where would your dead-bang case be then?
DAVID KEELER: Or your political future?
DA STRICKLAND: Let me remind you Detective Sergeant Cagney, you have no official jurisdiction in this case. It comes outside the Fourteenth Precinct.
CHRISTINE: And let me remind you Councillor, that any police officer may be subpoenaed by any attorney for any case for which she has knowledge.
DA STRICKLAND: Don't you two have someone else to harass?
DA STRICKLAND: (going out) All right! You win. I drop the damn case!
CHRISTINE: (as they pick up their coats to leave) Was it as good for you as it was for me?
(David laughs)

[Hotel reception]

BELL BOY: I hope you enjoyed your visit, Mr, Dobriski.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Thanks, Eddie, I did. Nice. ...Zzbiske. Zzbiske!
BELL BOY: Zzbiske. Right. (Mary Beth is at one end of the desk) Your bill is all ready, sir. If you'll sign it.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Thanks. I appreciate it Eddie. (tipping him) I'll see you the next time.
BELL BOY: Thank you, sir.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: You're welcome.
(Mary Beth watches him check out. He spots her and she turns away and goes and sits down. She looks back at him. He looks at her and then moves towards her)
MARTIN ZZBISKE: (realisation dawning) Mary Beth. ...Mary Beth!
MARY BETH: (getting up) No!
MARTIN ZZBISKE: (stopping her) Mary Beth. ...Please! ...You look so much like your mother. Extraordinary. I bet you didn't know who I was. Er, I'm a little older than you remember. (Mary Beth stares at him) This is just so that you can be sure. It's my business card. ...You look a lot older. Very beautiful. ...The spitting image of your mother. ...Would you like to go somewhere? Maybe eat some lunch. I promise I won't ask you to eat your vegetables or green food, as you called it. (Mary Beth continues to stare) Would you like to take a walk?
MARY BETH: You're leaving. I wouldn't wanna hold you up.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: No! Why do you think I came here?
MARY BETH: I have no idea.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Mary Beth. Your mother and I, ...we were young. I didn't know what I wanted. I kept ...messing it up. I couldn't handle it. I couldn't accept ...having a wife ...and a kid nineteen. I wasn't ready to be anybody's father.
MARY BETH: Bad timing, huh?
MARTIN ZZBISKE: And bad character. ...I'd be better now. And I want you to know that.
MARY BETH: I have no intention of getting to know you. OK?!
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Mary Beth. Please. I'm your father! Your family!!
MARY BETH: No! We're related!! That is all. Family's not what you're born into. Family's what you make of it. Family's what you didn't have time for.
MARY BETH: I don't.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: (stopping her as she tries to leave) Please! (she looks down at his hand on her elbow) Would you do one thing for me? ...Would you just tell me about my grandchild? The Lieutenant said you were on maternity leave.
MARY BETH: My husband and I have three children. Harvey Jr., Michael and ...Alice.
MARTIN ZZBISKE: Alice!! That would have made her happy.
MARY BETH: How the hell do you know what would have made her happy?!!!
MARY BETH: She told me that she knew she could never love anybody else. She didn't even wanna try. A whole lot of woman wasted waiting for a memory to come back. ...Not me. ...I don't know you. ...I can't remember loving you.
(she leaves him standing there)

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth has returned home and looks down at Alice in her cot. The baby gurgles. Mary Beth gives her a kiss and then sits on the bed looking at her and nearly crying)
MARY BETH: I loved him so much. ...And I missed him so much. ...I didn't know where he was. ...And when I asked my mother, she didn't wanna talk about him. ...She never wanted to talk about him. ...He (choking) made her cry. ...And we know what happens when she cries. (Mary Beth gets out the wallet and takes out a photo and shows Alice) See that?
(she then gets out the business card and puts it with the photo and then puts them in a book)
HARVEY: (at the doorway) Are you OK, babe?
MARY BETH: (looking down at Alice) Yes.
HARVEY: (coming in and putting his arm round her) You saw him, didn't ya?
MARY BETH: (nodding and almost crying) Mm hm.
(she breaks into sobs)
HARVEY: Mary Beth!!!
MARY BETH: I'm not forgiving him, Harve. ...I'm not.
HARVEY: I know. I know. ...I'll never leave you, Mary Beth.
MARY BETH: ...I know. ...I love you, Harve.

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