Act of Conscience
Original Airdate: January 13, 1985

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Samuels is in his office, shouting, with the door open. There is a man sitting inside the door. The Squad room is listening)
SAMUELS: (into phone) Yes Inspector, I realise that there is nothing personal involved. ...No. ...It... ...No, I understand your position perfectly.

[Precinct House front desk]

CHRISTINE: (to Coleman, throwing the door open and coming in cheerily) Good morning!
COLEMAN: You think so?
CHRISTINE: Yatsumi! I'm an alchemist.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Chris stops in he doorway)
SAMUELS: (into phone) Inspector, I don't really care whose decision it was, all I'm telling you is that I've got enough problems here already! Without any more!! ...Yes. ...I am listening to you.
CHRISTINE: (to the others) What's up?
(they shush her)
SAMUELS: (into phone) They're all very capable... ...Well, I'm in the habit of making the assignments here.
CHRISTINE: What's going on?
PETRIE: It seems we've got ourselves a new transfer here. The Lieutenant's trying to do what he can to rectify the matter.
CHRISTINE: (pointing to the man in the office) Is that him? (Petrie nods) Well, he looks harmless enough from where I'm standing.
PETRIE: You better check your eyesight, Cagney. That's Patrick Lowell.
CHRISTINE: He's Patrick Lowell? He's been transferred here?
NEWMAN: Say what you will about him. The man's got guts.
CORASSA: Guts? You call ratting on your partner 'guts'. Listen, I don't care if a cop peddles dirty pictures in church, Newman, you just don't go splitting on another cop.
ISBECKI: Cops don't rat on cops.
NEWMAN: It's not that I'm agreeing with what the guy did.
CORASSA: Aren't you?
(Samuels slams down the phone)
SAMUELS: Cagney!
(she points to herself)

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: Yes, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Have a seat.
CHRISTINE: (staying standing) Thank you, I'm fine right here, Lieutenant.
SAMUELS: Detective Lowell. This is Sergeant Cagney.
LOWELL: (standing up and offering Chris his hand) How do you do.
(Chris ignores it)
SAMUELS: Detective Lowell is attached here from the Seventh Ward, Brooklyn. It seems they've got an overload of staff there.
CHRISTINE: (looking Lowell straight in the face) Is that a fact?
SAMUELS: Yeah. Seeing as we are understaffed here, the Detective's gonna fill the gap.
CHRISTINE: Ah, Lieutenant, if you don't mind, I'm due at the Task Force Headquarters in about thirty-five minutes.
SAMUELS: Cagney! Detective Lowell, you don't mind if I have a word with the Sergeant?
LOWELL: Not at all. (looking at the hostile Squad room) I'll just go outside and try and make myself comfortable.
SAMUELS: (as Lowell leaves, closes the door and Chris sits down) Cagney, You know, that I've been on this job a long time now. Long enough to know that on occasion we have to do things that we may not feel too crazy about doing. What I am trying to say to you is that there are times when we do things just solely, and I mean solely for the good of the Department.
CHRISTINE: I understand.
SAMUELS: (frustrated) Lowell has been assigned to you as a partner.
CHRISTINE: What? (standing up) No! ...No!!!
SAMUELS: (as Chris continues to protest) Save your protests. Walking against this one is gonna get you nowhere!
CHRISTINE: I'm a superior officer, and I should have some say with whom I work!!
SAMUELS: Well, ordinarily you would! It's just, that in this case, Inspector Knelman thinks that you're the right officer for the job!
CHRISTINE: Oh, really!!
SAMUELS: Yes, and I happen to think that you're someone who's sense of professionalism far outweighs any personal feelings you might have.
CHRISTINE: (turning away) Oh, it makes me sick.
SAMUELS: Bottom line is that Lacey's on maternity leave makes you the only one available!
CHRISTINE: What is it? Has Knelman got it in for me or what!!
SAMUELS: Cagney. Enough!!!
CHRISTINE: Oh, come on, Lieutenant, you know he's had it in for me ever since I brought Hennessey on charges! And that is what this is about, isn't it?
SAMUELS: Cagney, you're a Sergeant now! I want you to pull yourself together and start acting like one!! (picking up a file) Now there's been a series of stickups at the automatic tellers in the Wall Street area. I'm gonna take you off of the Task Force and I'm putting you and Lowell on stakeout. (handing her the file) Here!!
CHRISTINE: (taking the file and flipping it open) Why not! Huh? I mean, what? A two hundred dollar ATM mugging is much more important than a four million dollar armoured car robbery? ...Lieutenant. Excuse me, please.

[Detectives' Squad room]

CHRISTINE: (coming up to Lowell who is seated at Mary Beth's desk unpacking his belongings including a photo) Let me give you a little advice. Don't get too comfortable.

[Precinct House yard]

(Coming out on their way home)
PETRIE: Four point seven million dollars lifted with hardly a trace from an armoured car.
ISBECKI: Yeah. My bet's on organised crime.
CORASSA: I said 'one thing at a time'. You guys placed all your bets with Coleman yet?
NEWMAN: Yeah, I heard that Lowell had his pockets set on fire at the Seventh Ward and he still stuck it out for ten days. (Corassa laughs) I'm putting twenty down that he stays fifteen.
ISBECKI: Naw. It's gonna take longer than that. Barring any bonfires it's gonna take him three days to realise that everybody hates him. It's gonna take him four more to realise just how much everybody hates him. Probably another week for it to sink and another week to get a transfer. I think we're talking about twenty-one days here.
PETRIE: Coleman bet that Lowell won't last a week at the Fourteenth.
ISBECKI: Yeah? What's the Fourteenth got that the Seventh Ward hasn't.
CORASSA: (getting in his car) For a start, there's you, Isbecki.
(Petrie and Newman laugh as they get in their cars)

[Laceys' lounge/ kitchen]

CHRISTINE: Can you believe this crap. I get pulled off the armoured Task Force. The only glory detail of the month, you understand! And they put me on some penny-anny money machine muggings. (Mary Beth is sitting on the floor, her legs extended, deep breathing and staring at one of Harvey's bowling trophies placed between her feet) Breathe! In, out. In, out. ...Perfect! ...And then to cap the whole thing off, I get Lowell as a partner!! If you don't mind my saying so, Mary Beth, it would never have happened if you and Harvey had controlled yourselves. (as Mary Beth looks up, Chris points to the trophy) Er, just concentrate on the focal point, OK. ...Do you know what it's gonna be like to be working with this guy, huh? There's not a cop in the City who doesn't want to spit in his face. Did you also know he was still in uniform when he pulled this stunt? That's right. Equal breaths. Equal breaths. Easy. Equal breaths. That's it. ...Perfect. ...Mary Beth, I wish you'd just deliver so I can get out of this mess. (holding up a stopwatch) There! Fifty seconds. All right! One last, final, cleansing breath! (going through the motions) ...Perfect.
MARY BETH: (as Chris slumps on the settee) As I recall, this man blew the whistle on six police officers in the case. Those guys were using their badge to line their pockets. I'd say they deserved to be weeded out.
CHRISTINE: I didn't say that they didn't. But how does Lowell do it? He broke ranks and he spilled his guts to outside agencies. He went to the Press!
MARY BETH: Well, maybe he tried going through the Department and didn't get anywhere. It happens you know?
CHRISTINE: Well, maybe he should have tried a little harder. You don't have to hang the Department's dirty laundry out in public.
MARY BETH: Now where have I heard that before?
CHRISTINE: What's that supposed to mean?
MARY BETH: Oh, that's the same line that Knelman used when you brought the charges against Hennessey for sexual harassment.
CHRISTINE: Are you saying that what Lowell and I did is the same thing?
MARY BETH: Well, I'm not saying that it's exactly...
CHRISTINE: (getting up and going for her coat) It isn't even close to the same thing!!! I kept my charges in house and you know it, Mary Beth!!
CHRISTINE: Where are my mittens?!
MARY BETH: I'm saying that you acted out of integrity. Maybe Lowell did too.
CHRISTINE: (searching her coat for the mittens) I don't know where I put them.
MARY BETH: Christine, you showed that a police officer cannot be above the law. So did Lowell.
CHRISTINE: Found them!
MARY BETH: Oh, Chris, come on!
CHRISTINE: That bastard went outside! And you know what really ticks me off? He got a TV movie and a gold shield for it. Now what did I get? Flack from the Brass. And now I have got Patrick Lowell as a partner! There's the difference.
MARY BETH: (as Chris storms out slamming the door) Chr...

[Squad car}

(in the evening on stakeout near an ATM in the Wall Street area. Lowell gets back in the car)
LOWELL: Boy it's cold out there. You know nature has no business calling in weather like this. (he pours a drink from a flask) It's cinnamon. You know, my wife, Sylvia, ever since we moved from the country, she's got this thing about cinnamon and spices and natural stuff. Next thing you know, she's gonna put dill weed in my hot chocolate. (he laughs) Do you want some coffee? (Chris just shakes her head) ...My dad used to work with a Matt Cagney over in Flushing. Is he any relation?
CHRISTINE: My father's name's Charlie. And he's never worked in Flushing.
LOWELL: Oh, then you're a police brat too? Boy, can I remember...
CHRISTINE: I don't wanna hear about it.
LOWELL: No, I don't suppose you do.
CHRISTINE: I read the papers. I see the names. I even saw your performance the day of the Commission hearing. Lowell, I know all I want to know about you.
LOWELL: OK, I get the picture.
CHRISTINE: I wanna skip yours. What's it gonna be? TV movie? About a cop wearing a crown of thorns who saved the world from six rotten apples.
LOWELL: For what it's worth, I turned the TV movie down.
CHRISTINE: The widow of the cop that killed himself, ...she'll be so glad.
POLICE RADIO: All cars with the call sign of the Fourteenth Precinct. This is a ten-thirty. Possible mugging at Metro Television. Location Lafayette and 14th corner.
CHRISTINE: (into radio) Car fourteen responding.

[Outside Metro Television}

WITNESS: Then we see the guy laying out in front of the money machine barely conscious and blood all over the place. And my buddy, Ira, he thinks that a dosser's passed out. But I ain't never seen a wino wearing hundred dollar loafers.
CHRISTINE: You say you can't describe the car.
CHRISTINE: And didn't get the licence plate, right?
CHRISTINE: Did you happen to get a clear look at any of the passengers?
WITNESS: Only the driver. He was a white kid, dark hair, and with one of those big purple thingamajigs on his face.
CHRISTINE: What, like a cabaret mask?
WITNESS: Yeah. Right, right. (to Lowell has come out from the building where the ATM is) Did I happen to see you a couple of months ago on TV?
LOWELL: It's possible.
CHRISTINE: (to a uniformed officer standing beside her) Mixed up Hollywood. (the officer nods. To the witness) Thanks.

[Detectives' Squad room}

COLEMAN: (carrying a tray) Hey! Doughnuts! Doughnuts! Courtesy of Willy Wood. His wife's had a baby boy.
(the detectives pile in)
CHRISTINE: (into phone) Cagney. Fourteenth.
NEWMAN: Hey! Cream. I hope he's gonna have a large family.
LOWELL: Hey, that's OK. I'm a pie loaf man myself.
CHRISTINE: (into phone) I appreciate it. ...That's OK. ...Thank you. (to Lowell) The beat officer says he's got a lead on the getaway driver. Apartment three C. (getting up with her handbag) Billy De Salvo, fourteen-twelve Calyer Street. Are you ready?
(Corassa knocks Lowell's coffee over him. Lowell leaps up)
CORASSA: I'm sorry. It was a little accident.
(Chris glares at Lowell)
CHRISTINE: When you've cleaned yourself up, I'll be in the car.

[Corridor outside apartment 3C}

(Chris knocks, twice. The door opens on the chain)
CHRISTINE: Is this the De Salvo residence?
GINA DE SALVO: (cradling a baby) Yes.
CHRISTINE: (showing her shield) We'd like to talk to Billy, please.
GINA DE SALVO: He's not here.
LOWELL: Do you know where he went?
GINA DE SALVO: No. ...Yes. He must be at work. His uncle has a garage, and he works with him and he says he's got the makings of a real good mechanic.
CHRISTINE: Do you mind if we come in?
GINA DE SALVO: Oh. (taking the chain off) Wait a minute.

[De Salvo apartment}

GINA DE SALVO: He didn't do anything! ...I swear to God he didn't do anything!
(as Lowell looks in another room and Chris looks out of the window, a cupboard door bursts open and Billy makes a run for it)


(Chris and Lowell, guns drawn, chase Billy onto the staircase)
GINA DE SALVO: (coming out of the apartment, yells after him) Billy! Stop!
(he hesitates, looking back, turns to run, bumps into somebody coming up the staircase and falls down to a landing)
CHRISTINE: Freeze, Billy! ...Right there! ...Hold it right there.
(Lowell frisks him against a wall)
BILLY DE SALVO: I didn't do nothing. I swear. ...I didn't do nothing, I swear.
(Chris reads him his rights. Gina comes down the stairs still holding the baby. Billy looks back despairingly before they take him away)
BILLY DE SALVO: I didn't do nothing, I swear.

[Brooklyn street]

(Chris and Lowell are walking along with the beat officer, Ronelli)
RONELLI: You know, I kind of hoped that having a wife and kid would might help straighten Billy out. You see, me and Billy, we go way back. The first time I collared him, he must have been eleven, twelve years old. About the same time he started running with The Street Raiders.
(the officer buys a newspaper)
CHRISTINE: Any chance that he's still with them?
RONELLI: There's nobody to be with. In fact Billy's about the only one that isn't doing time in Attica.
LOWELL: Any idea who he's running with now? (the officer stops and looks at him) ...I asked you a question. Do you know who he's with these days?
(they resume walking)
CHRISTINE: Have you got him in a gang now?
RONELLI: Yeah, we've got about a half dozen gangs in Bay Ridge alone. The best bets would be The Templers and The New Finger Movement.
CHRISTINE: OK. I'll check them. (shaking the officer's hand) Thank you.
RONELLI: (as Chris walks away) Listen, for what it's worth, you know, Billy's not a bad kid. He's even done community service on some occasions. But jumping people at money machines, that just doesn't seem like Billy.
LOWELL: You've been very helpful. Thanks a lot.
RONELLI: (to Chris) Is he with you?
CHRISTINE: We ride in the same car.

[One Police Plaza foyer]

(a guide is talking to a party of school children as they come down the main escalator)
GUIDE: Prepare yourself, children, for a whole piece that transforms twenty-five thousand individual police officers into a single unified force.
CHRISTINE: (coming in with Lowell) Well, what do you know?! The fabulous foursome! Huh? keeping the City safe from poor, defenceless, honest perps. How's it going?
NEWMAN: (with Corassa to Petrie and Isbecki) We've got something to do. We'll see you back at the force.
PETRIE: Official word has it that terrorists are behind the robberies, so now all the teams are scrambling to pin the job on their favourite crackpots.
ISBECKI: Well, the Two-Nine have got some small-time black military leader, and the One-Oh-One are betting on some Puerto Rican revolutionary. My bets are on the neo-Nazis or the GKK.
CHRISTINE: That's the spirit, Isbecki! You crack this case for the glory of the old One-Four. Me personally, I have a very exciting rendezvous with the Youth Gang Division.
ISBECKI: (putting his arm round Lowell) Cagney, can I talk to your partner for a second? I won't keep you for a minute. (to Lowell) I just wondering how things are settling in for ya.
LOWELL: Oh, fine, thanks for asking.
ISBECKI: It must be very tough for you, knowing that everybody hates your guts and all. ...Well, what I'm trying to say is I've come to the conclusion you're not a quitter. I mean, what's the big deal if people treat you like a leper. You're a big boy. You make your own decisions. But I don't think you're the type to ask for a transfer just because of a little coffee.
LOWELL: So, how much have you bet?
ISBECKI: What do you mean 'bet'?
LOWELL: On how long I'll stick it out.
ISBECKI: I don't know what you're talking about.
LOWELL: (walking away) Well, I hope you didn't bet too much. (stepping in the lift which Chris is holding for him) Because, you know, I tend to do the unexpected.

[Youth Gang Division]

TAYLOR: (looking through a filing cabinet drawer) Bay Ridge. ...Bay Ridge?
TAYLOR: (closing the drawer) Sorry, it must have been misplaced. Did you try checking with the original precinct?
CHRISTINE: We just came from there! They said that all the files on neighbourhood gangs are stored here at central headquarters.
TAYLOR: Don't believe it. They've got their own copies. You just show them a little muscle. They're bound to deliver.
CHRISTINE: Do you expect me to schlurp all the way over to Brooklyn. I'm on a case here. I don't wanna play games.
TAYLOR: Sorry, if the file has been misplaced, ...or thrown out, ...which is what should have happened to that partner of yours. The Force doesn't need rats like him.
CHRISTINE: Officer, I want you to put on your bifocals and find me that file or I will speak to your superior.
TAYLOR: OK. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll keep looking, and if you come back later without your friend, who knows, it may turn up.

[Laceys' lounge kitchen]

(Mary Beth is in the kitchen. Harvey is in the lounge)
MARY BETH: Harvey.
MARY BETH: Is my typing disturbing your ball game?
HARVEY: No, honey, you go ahead. This game is a sleeper.
MARY BETH: Harve, do you want me to bring you some popcorn or a beer or something?
HARVEY: (coming and standing behind her) Mary Beth, if you don't wanna type, no one is making you.
MARY BETH: I've been typing this over and over.
HARVEY: Oh. Over and over. (reading) 'Now is the time for all blonde cops to come to the aid of their pregnant partner'.
MARY BETH: I was going to send it to Chris.
HARVEY: Oh, I'm sure that Chris has a good reason for not showing up tonight.
MARY BETH: Listen, if she doesn't wanna do my breathing exercises with me, I'm not gonna push her. She's just the backup. You're the coach. ...You are planning to be there, aren't you?
HARVEY: Ringside seat, kiddo.
MARY BETH: She called. She said she was working, but ...she's still mad.
HARVEY: Hey! Whoa! I'm not gonna let you blame yourself for this one. She wanted you to agree with her about Lowell and you did not tell her what she wanted to hear.
MARY BETH: No, it's worse, Harve. I compared her to him.
HARVEY: What's the big deal? Lowell, he nailed a bunch of cops for being on the take. Chris, she turned in her boss for sexual harassment. They both did what they thought they had to do!
MARY BETH: Harvey, being a police officer is like being a member of a club. You have to play by the rules. Especially the unwritten rule that says that one cop does not bust another. You know, there's a lot of people still give her a hard time for what she did.
HARVEY: Sweetheart, you know what she did was right.
MARY BETH: Oh yeah! I'm the one that was all for turning Hennessey in.
HARVEY: Chris doesn't do anything she doesn't wanna do!
MARY BETH: Fine. Which is why she is not here tonight.
HARVEY: Well, she's not but I am! Now what do you wanna do? Do you wanna type or do you wanna go to your mother's?
MARY BETH: Are those my only choices?
HARVEY: Not if I can help it.
(she takes his hand and they go from the kitchen)

[Detectives' Squad room]

PETRIE: (into phone) Yes, I realise you went to great pains to steal all that money. ...No. ...Yes. ...Yes. I'll be waiting for your call. ...Good-bye, Mr. Teffer.
ISBECKI: (about the piece of paper he has been holding up during the call) Well?
PETRIE: Nothing to do with the Task Force.
ISBECKI: Marcus, now we're working on a Task Force, we cannot afford to ignore anything.
PETRIE: Victor, this man is offering to return the four million if his landlord gives him back his security deposit.
ISBECKI: Maybe we should put him at the bottom of the list.
(Petrie crosses him off the list)

[Interview room]

CHRISTINE: OK, Billy, let's try it again.
BILLY DE SALVO: What do you want from me? I told you everything.
CHRISTINE: Oh, come on! You don't really expect me to believe you pulled this job alone.
BILLY DE SALVO: It makes no difference to me what you believe.
CHRISTINE: You think that protecting the rest of your gang makes you a big shot, don't you? I think it makes you a sucker. ...That man. ...You know, that man that your friends put in the hospital the other night? Well, he's in a coma, still, Billy! The DA doesn't like having his citizens in a coma, so I think you're looking at some pretty serious time here. ...All right? We're talking armed robbery. Attempted murder! Charges that'll put your butt on ice for about twenty years minimum!! For what?! For whom! For them!!! ...Would you wise up? All you need to do is to describe the car! ...You can't be crazy enough to take this rap alone!! ...(grabbing his chin) Will you look at me when I'm talking to you?!!! (with no response, she sits down in front of him) Maybe you're not crazy. Maybe you're just plain dumb. ...You've got a wife and a baby. ...Are you willing to trash them to protect these punks?! ...What's Gina supposed to do between visiting days, huh Billy? ...Mm? ...Sit home and grow old waiting for your parole date. Me. I'm backing her that she's not as dumb as her husband. ..I'm backing that she's gonna get herself a new old man in no time. Maybe Vinny. Maybe Double D. Maybe some other...
BILLY DE SALVO: Shut up!!!
LOWELL: I think we ought to take a break here. And maybe Billy wants to ...reconsider having his lawyer present.

[Outside the interview room]

CHRISTINE: What the hell was that all about?!
LOWELL: The kid's got rights.
CHRISTINE: We gave him his rights! He waived them. I had him all set up for turning. You deliberately screwed it up. Why!!!
LOWELL: From the five muggings you've got at least three reliable witnesses.
CHRISTINE: What is this? Soft justice for juvenile delinquents?
LOWELL: The victim's not yet dead and even if he survives, he's not gonna get five terms for life. I just think he should be able to make a decision for himself.
CHRISTINE: I don't believe I'm hearing this. You're worrying about moral dilemmas and a man is in a coma. What kind of cop are you?
LOWELL: Maybe not a very good one.

[Samuels' office]

CHRISTINE: Just as I was on the point of getting the kid to crack, Lowell opens his big mouth and he ruined everything! Yesterday I had to drive downtown. Two times to get youth gang related info. The first time we were there, the detective said that he couldn't find anything! Later I drove downtown without him, and, lo and behold, everything miraculously appeared!
SAMUELS: All right, what's the point you're trying to make here, Cagney?
CHRISTINE: The point is that I cannot work with this guy. He is dead weight! ...And I want him removed.
SAMUELS: Damn it, Cagney! Do you think that you're the only one around here who wants that?! Nobody wants him out of here more than me. Nobody! If I had my way... (he slams his pen on the desk) I don't have my way. The man's a tie, Cagney. So are you. ...You got a job to do. Do it.
CHRISTINE: I'm sorry, Lieutenant.

[Detectives' Squad room]

COLEMAN: (as Chris comes out of the office) Cagney, a message for you.
CHRISTINE: Thank you, Coleman.
(she reads the message, looks back at Samuels and then rushes out)

[Interview room]

(Lowell is there with Billy)
BILLY DE SALVO: Do you have a match?
LOWELL: Sorry, I don't smoke.
CHRISTINE: (rushing in) Word came through from the hospital. That guy your friends beat up. ...He's died.

[Detectives' Squad room]

(Isbecki is trying to pick the padlock on a cash carrying bag)
SAMUELS: Is this the call you traced?
ISBECKI: In the flesh. One Stanley Poe. Self-proclaimed urban terrorist and armoured car robber.
STANLEY POE: (in a beret with a badge on it, pops up from behind the bag) Self-proclaimed? Bull! I am an urban terrorist! And I did rip off the four million.
SAMUELS: (reading from the patch on his flak jacket) W, H, A, T. What's WHAT?
STANLEY POE: The Whole of Humanity Against Technology. (to Isbecki) You may not note this down.
(Petrie and Corassa are also trying to pick locks on bags. A uniformed officer arrives with a pair of bolt cutters which Isbecki takes)
STANLEY POE: But we're alive. ...And growing. And we'll keep on growing as long as there are demented souls who care more about machines than people!
PETRIE: Mr. Poe is an ex-toll collector. Isn't that right, Mr. Poe?
STANLEY POE: Twenty-two years on the Bronx Whitestone Bridge. And they dumped me for an automatic coin collector. But I got even. (punching the bag Isbecki is working on) I got their quarters back all right.
ISBECKI: Bingo!!! (as the bolt cutters break off the padlock) Six o'clock news, here we come. Ha!
(he takes a handful of Monopoly money out of the bag. The watching crowd of detectives bursts out laughing)
SAMUELS: You've got enough there to buy a whole slew of hotels on Boardwalk or Park Place!


(there are several line-up candidates there with Chris, Billy De Salvo and Public Defender Shimmel. Lowell sits and watches)
CHRISTINE: (pointing to Newman) Councillor, so what do you think? Does our detective look dangerous enough for you?
SHIMMEL: Well, he is younger than your other ringers, I'll give you that. Actually ...he could look a little er ...scruffier.
CHRISTINE: Newman, would you mind unbuttoning your shirt?
NEWMAN: OK. But I'm not sure it's gonna make me look any scruffier.
CHRISTINE: Newman, you're supposed to be in costume but you've got a clean white T-shirt.
NEWMAN: Yeah, but my mother told me the same thing your mother told you.
CHRISTINE: She'll understand, Newman. (ripping the front of his T-shirt) Just believe me. Councillor, if you have no further objections.
SHIMMEL: Look, I don't mean to be particularly difficult but...
CHRISTINE: Not at all.
SHIMMEL: ...I do have to make sure my client gets a fair shake.
CHRISTINE: As you should, sir. And I would like to get on with this line-up.
SHIMMEL: Of course.
BILLY DE SALVO: Hey, wait a minute! What about my earring?
CHRISTINE: Mr. Shimmel, is it possible that your client could see his way to ...removing it?
BILLY DE SALVO: Forget it! I've got a constitutional right to wear an earring.
CHRISTINE: An oversight of our founding fathers.
(she takes off one her earrings and puts it on Newman)
NEWMAN: How do I look?
CHRISTINE: Delicious, as usual. (to the other ringers) Anyone else need an earring?!

[Viewing gallery]

(a man and a woman are sitting looking at the line-up)
CHRISTINE: Take a clear look at each face. ...Start from left to right, please. ...Do not stop at number one. Just go right across the line. ...Take your time, please. ...Clear your thoughts completely. ...And just concentrate on each face. ...Do you recognise any of these men?
(the woman shakes her head)
MAN: Sorry.
LOWELL: Look hard. Look hard as you can.
WOMAN: It's just it was so dark and everything happened so fast.
LOWELL: Now try again. You've gotta concentrate.
SHIMMEL: All right! Just wait a minute, Detective. I'm not gonna stand by quietly while you lead these witnesses.
CHRISTINE: Er, Mr. Shimmel, please. None of us wanna do anything stupid. (to Lowell) Do we?!
LOWELL: Now, take another look. ...You've seen one of those faces before. ...He threw you on the ground, he took your wallet and kicked you in the ribs.
SHIMMEL: Sergeant, I demand you put an end to this at once!
CHRISTINE: OK, that's it!
WOMAN: I'm sorry we couldn't be of more help.
CHRISTINE: (to the witnesses as they leave) Thank you.
SHIMMEL: Next time, you try hell fire. You might get better results.

[Interview room]

(Chris and Billy are sitting face-to-face on chairs. She lights his cigarette. Lowell is leaning against the wall)
CHRISTINE: Too bad my partner isn't here. (Billy looks at Lowell) I mean my real partner. She's on maternity leave. ...She's great with guys like you. She'd want you to have music. ...We're not having music for you, Billy? ...How about hard, cold facts? (Billy moves his chair away from Chris's) ...This code of silence is a cross. ...A man died. You drove the getaway car. ...And if you don't talk, you're going up for murder. (Billy looks at Lowell) Now do you think Double D and Vinny would protect you? So why are you protecting them? (Chris moves her chair back towards Billy's and offers him an ashtray) Here. ...Because you're scared. And they're gonna keep you scared. ...Fear is the only weapon they've got. ...If you stay silent, you'll stay in jail. ...I know you think that makes you some kind of hero. ...I think it makes you a jerk. ...Silence is not loyalty, Billy. ...From this point on, it's suicide. (Billy looks at Lowell again) So what are you gonna do? Are you gonna stand up and do what's right or are you gonna keep your mouth shut and let those filthy cruds walk the streets. You tell me.
(Billy turns his chair away from her)

[Outside the interview room]

LOWELL: Interesting words.
CHRISTINE: I was applying pressure.
LOWELL: I see.
CHRISTINE: Perhaps I was applying it where it didn't belong.
LOWELL: Have you got a double standard? One for perps, one for cops.
CHRISTINE: Same for you isn't it. Perps and cops, I mean.
LOWELL: Why don't you give me a break?!
CHRISTINE: (walking away) I'm gonna get Billy's wife to talk some sense into him.
LOWELL: (shouting after her) That's the last thing he needs right now.
CHRISTINE: The last thing I need right now is trouble from you. Now are you coming or what?!
LOWELL: Why don't you let him decide this for himself?
CHRISTINE: Because without Billy's testimony those punks walk on a murder rap.
LOWELL: You can't force someone into an act of conscience!
CHRISTINE: I wish we had a choice.

[Corridor outside apartment 3C]

(Chris knocks then realises the door is open)

[De Salvos apartment]

(the place has been trashed. There is the sound of sobbing from the bedroom. Gina, holding the baby is huddled under the hand basin)

[Interview room]

(Gina is there with Billy)
GINA DE SALVO: Honey, I didn't wanna let them know anything. I swear. I swear to God that I didn't let them. They knocked the door open. They wanted to know if you were gonna talk. I tried to run. And Double D grabbed me by my shoulder. And spat in my face over and over and over again!
BILLY DE SALVO: (putting his fingers on her lips) I will make them pay.
GINA DE SALVO: He says he'll come back and give me sweet talk.
CHRISTINE: We are willing to reduce the charges against you, Billy. And recommend probation and also keep you and your family in protective custody. All you have to do is testify. ...You wanna get back at 'em? ...You wanna get 'em good? ...You know what you've gotta do.
(Lowell walks out. Chris follows. Billy and Gina embrace)

[Detectives' Squad room]

COLEMAN: A little late this morning, aren't you, Cagney?
CHRISTINE: Hi ya, Coleman. (checking her watch) Let's see. Yes, I suppose I am by some people's standards, but lucky for me, those people don't matter very much.
COLEMAN: Well, you don't have to get so huffy about it.
CHRISTINE: When you've got the problems I've got, Coleman, you get to be huffy.
COLEMAN: Oh well, it's a privilege to look forward to.
CHRISTINE: (as she signs in she spots that Lowell using Mary Beth's line has signed out at 8.14 after signing in at 8.00) What's this?! His idea of a short day. Where the hell's Lowell?
PETRIE: I haven't seen him.
ISBECKI: Or missed him.
NEWMAN: He stalked in and out before I had time to finish my morning coffee.
CORASSA: Ah, maybe that's it. Every time he sees a coffee cup or even smells a rookie, he just flies the coop.
CHRISTINE: Did you ask him where he was going, Newman?
NEWMAN: You mean, did I talk to him?
CHRISTINE: Yes. I mean.
CORASSA: You forget, Cagney, that in the Squad room and your partner are not on speaking terms, never were and never will be.
ISBECKI: Well, I only hope he comes back. It'll be more days and more money bet on him.
CHRISTINE: Well, I'll remember that, Victor. I'll tell him when I see him.
NEWMAN: By the way, Cagney, congratulations. I hear you got the kid to talk.
CHRISTINE: Yeah. Finally. What about you guys?
PETRIE: (indicating Isbecki) He got claiming it was neo-Nazis.
ISBECKI: How was I supposed to know it was an inside job?
CHRISTINE: How did they do it?
PETRIE: It turns out to be a couple of their own drivers and a shipping clerk. So here we are chasing every Watchtower, fly-by-night terrorist group that never existed, and all the time the money is sitting in some warehouse in Astoria.
CHRISTINE: Who cracked the case?
NEWMAN: A security guard. It seems that the geniuses forgot to pay (breaking out laughing) their thirty-four dollars calling fee.
CORASSA: So the guy looks in the locker and finds four million bucks.
ISBECKI: Can you imagine anybody being that stupid?
CHRISTINE: (as Lowell appears) Where the hell have you been?
LOWELL: The hospital.
CHRISTINE: What's going on?
LOWELL: Billy was knifed last night.
CHRISTINE: Is he all right?
LOWELL: He'll live. This time anyway.
CHRISTINE: He was supposed to be in protective custody!!
LOWELL: Well, it wasn't protective enough!!! (going out) He's all right. What do you care?

[Locker room]

CHRISTINE: Why didn't you call me?! Or leave a message.
LOWELL: Hey! I took care of it.
CHRISTINE: Hey, Lowell, I know that you're a loner. All right! And you like to do things your own way. The fact is I am your superior officer which means you keep me informed at all times!
LOWELL: Oh, what are you getting so upset about! It's all over for you!! You can't wait for the court date so you can wear skirt material.
CHRISTINE: Watch it, Lowell!
LOWELL: Oh, yeah, you listen to me! Yeah, yeah. It's ended for you. For Billy it's just starting. The guy's a full-fledged informer now. And that means that he's gotta spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder wondering if it was all worth it. ..It's a hell of a life, don't you think?
CHRISTINE: I wouldn't know.
LOWELL: (opening his locker and taking out a dead rat which was hanging in it) Did you do this?
CHRISTINE: I tell you what I think of you right to your face. A rat in your locker? No. It's not my style.
LOWELL: Style!!! (looking around) In this place, eh! You've gotta be kidding. Style!!! Listen, rats are nothing compared with what I've been through for the last two years. The guys have gotta try harder than that to keep me from being a cop! Because that all I ever wanted to be. Being a cop, you know. For me it was more than a job. It was an ideal and something to look up to. Something to believe in. And the funny thing is that I still believe in it. Even after all these dead rats and your dirty looks and your silence keeping. I still believe in the job and everything it stands for.
CHRISTINE: You believe in that? If you believe in choice, why did you go to the Press?
LOWELL: (coming up to her) What? Do you think I rushed into this? ...No. Did you think I spent months after month while my Precinct Captain is telling me to sit and wait while my charges are supposed to be checked into? And a year goes by and they're still being looked into. And the guys are still are stuffing their pockets. And my wife and my son are getting death threats on the telephone. Yeah. I spilled my guts to the Press. (a long pause) And when they gave me that gold shield, I'll be damned if I hadn't earned it. Because I had. My whole family had. A cop can't be above the law, he's gotta uphold it. And I did what I had to do. I know that now. And I also know that a cop ate his gun 'cos of my testimony. I'll never forget that. And even if I could, I've got people like you around to remind me. ...A police chaplain told me once, God forgives, cops don't.

[Laceys' bedroom]

(Mary Beth, relaxing and deep breathing, with the bowling trophy between her feet. The boys are sitting on the bed with her)
HARVEY JR: In. ...Out. ...Nice and relaxed. (to Michael who is holding the stopwatch which he looks at) You are stupid! You already let her past the fifty-second mark.
MICHAEL: Well, you're supposed to be keeping count.
(the boys fight over the stopwatch)
HARVEY JR: Give me that stopwatch!
MARY BETH: Fellas! Fellas! Fellas, this is not relaxing me. (there is a knock at the door) Argh! I'll ge...
HARVEY JR: I'll get it!
MICHAEL: No, I'll get it.
MARY BETH: (as the boys continue to fight) Both of you go get it! Go get it! (she lays down) Michael! Harvey, who's at the door?
CHRISTINE: Me. ...OK if I come in?
CHRISTINE: How ya feeling?
MARY BETH: Tired. Harvey's working late and the boys are testing to see if I really want to be a mother again. How are you feeling?
CHRISTINE: Full of Lowell.
MARY BETH: How's the case going?
CHRISTINE: Ah. ...Well, of the gang members beat up the kid's wife. So he finally testified and we're going to round up the others.
MARY BETH: Is it going to work?
CHRISTINE: Yeah. ...It seemed to be ...'til Billy got knifed for being a stool pigeon. ...Yeah.
MARY BETH: (tidying the bed) Why don't you sit down, Christine?
CHRISTINE: The consequences. You know, everything you do has consequences.
MARY BETH: (putting her hand on her stomach) Yeah. Tell me about it.
CHRISTINE: (moving into the room) I should have come the other night.
MARY BETH: Yeah. Maybe. But you didn't want to.
CHRISTINE: Well, when you're stuck with somebody like Lowell, Mary Beth...
MARY BETH: Chris, I had no right to shoot my mouth off.
CHRISTINE: Well, you're my partner. ...And you're my friend. ...And I do want to know what you think.
MARY BETH: Not all the time.
CHRISTINE: (they smile at each other) No, not all the time. (eventually sitting on the bed) Do you think that Charlie will see what I did and what Lowell did in the same light?
MARY BETH: In my opinion, Christine, turning in Hennessey took a lot of courage. ...But it's not the done thing.
CHRISTINE: Charlie says you never bust another cop.
MARY BETH: Chris, you did what you thought was right. Women have a conscience. We don't have a choice.
CHRISTINE: I think we always have a choice, Mary Beth. I do. But who's to say whether the choice we make is right or not. ...Well, maybe only God knows that. ...Yes, he'd know.
MARY BETH: I didn't mean to make you mad talking about you and Lowell in the same breath.
CHRISTINE: I understand why you did what you did.
CHRISTINE: While I've been working with him...
MARY BETH: You wanted to see why he did what he did?
CHRISTINE: (getting up) Now wait, Mary Beth! Now don't put words in my mouth! All right? You know that makes me angry.
MARY BETH: Are you gonna lose your temper again or only your mittens?
CHRISTINE: Don't push it!
MARY BETH: I'm glad you're here.
CHRISTINE: I'm glad you're glad. ...Now where did you put my stopwatch?
MARY BETH: (giving her the stopwatch) You know, I was getting worried that we were gonna have to find a back up for the back up.
CHRISTINE: Ready? We will start ...with one deep cleansing breath. Ready?

[Detectives' Squad room]

ISBECKI: (counting dollar bills) Sixteen more days. Why couldn't he stick out just sixteen more days. Personality problem.
CORASSA: We've got him out of here. What's the difference?! What's the difference.
ISBECKI: (holding up the dollars) This is the difference!!!
(Coleman comes past taking the dollars from Isbecki and more from his desk)
LOWELL: (into phone as he packs his belongings) The One-Two-Three in Staten Island. Photographic Unit. ...Nine to five. ...Yeah, I know, I won't make Chief of Detectives but I get to know my wife again. (Chris is listening and watching) ...Yeah. Right. ...Thanks. ...Me too. ...I'll see you soon if the freeway's not too bad. ...Bye now. (as he puts the photo of his wife in his bag) Well, I guess that just about does it.
CHRISTINE: Guess so.
(as he signs out, Corassa comes past rattling a tin. A uniformed officer is tapping a small box. The rest pick up the slow beat. Samuels, hearing it comes out of his office)
LOWELL: (to Chris) See you around.
(as he slowly leaves he sees Isbecki tapping a board with tributes to the dead officer on it. Samuels goes back in his office and closes the door)
CHRISTINE: Lowell!!!
(she gets up and walks up to him as the tapping continues. The tapping stops. She holds out her hand. He shakes it)

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